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How Much Is It To Build A Pergola

Other Pergola Costs To Consider

How to Build a Pergola Over a Patio Video

A pergola is not a stand-alone structure, and at the very least it will require pavers or a deck. These will add to the cost of the project if they’re not already installed.

In general, outdoor paving costs between $20 and $50 per square metre, but some can cost more than $50 per square metre.

depends on the material it’s made from:

  • Treated pine is the least expensive option at around $200 per m2
  • Hardwood decking starts at around $320 per m2 and goes up depending on the species
  • Composite decking costs around $350 per m2

If hardwood or composite decking are too expensive, treated pine can be stained to look like hardwood as a cheaper alternative. Composite decking can be worth the extra cost because it requires little maintenance, only requiring an occasional washing down to remove dirt.

In some climates, it’s a good idea to enclose or semi-enclose a pergola, which will help to keep the rain out. In some locations, a roof can also keep the sun from shining into the pergola area. An enclosure can also be a privacy screen, or you may want to completely enclose the pergola so you can use it throughout the year.

Add up all the costs to find out how much the pergola is really going to cost. Some features such as privacy screens can be added later if they’re outside your current budget.

Measure Your Soffits To Determine The Diy Pergola Column Centers

If pergola designs include building close to the house, first measure the projection of your eaves. Keep the center of the posts nearest the house at least 7 in. farther from the house than this measurement to accurately position the column centers near but not too close to the house. Drive remote stakes an equal distance from the house, attaching a string to help mark and align the outer post locations.

To keep the posts in alignment, stake your post locations using remote stakes with a string. With the stakes driven beyond the work area, youll be able to undo the string while you dig and then reattach it later to check for alignment. To check for left-to-right placement parallel to the house, just measure the distance from one of the remote stakes and write this measurement on a notepad. To make sure the layout is square, adjust the diagonal measurements of the postholes so theyre equal.

What Other Costs Are Associated With A Pergola

Photo Credits: Backyard Discovery

Once you have the full structure priced out, it is time to look at the pergolas final costs. The interior and exterior options. These options will add convenience to your relaxation and add a touch of beauty to your already free-standing pergola, but what are those options?

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Who To Hire To Install A Pergola

As mentioned above, the installation of the pergola should be completed by a qualified carpenter or builder. The best way to hire the best carpenter or builder for the job is to view their past work on pergola installations specifically. If you like their previous work and they have solid reviews of past customers with reasonable rates, you’ve found your pergola installation expert.

The prices above are just a guide and subject to the time the article was made, if you want an accurate and up to date price, get quotes from local Carpenters today. This is the best way to get a proper understanding of the processes and costs involved for completing your ideal pergola installation, with all of the features and details you have in mind for the project. Youll be relaxing outside in your new pergola in no time – time to boil the kettle!

Cost Of Pergola Depending On Size

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pergola?

There are many sizes available for a pergola. The sizes range from a small 8×8 to an enormous 20×40! But exactly how much does it cost for a particular size? For simplicity, we will be using the traditional pergolas as an example of finding the cost of a pergola. Now lets dig in a bit more to see those numbers!

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Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build

If you have a short memory, you can review the table I included at the top of the article. In almost all situations its cheaper to build a pergola from scratch.

The low DIY material cost means that youre only out time. And to be honest, it would only take someone a weekend to get it erected. Perhaps a single day if they had a buddy help.

However, it may be cheaper to hire a contractor than to purchase some of the more expensive pergola kits. The designer kits can cost an arm and a leg. In this situation, Id just find a contractor and tell them you wanted a pergola built like the one on the kit.

With all of that being said, I recommend you try to build it yourself if youre able. Its easier than people think, and Ill be posting a how-to article in the near future.

Do I Need Council Approval To Build A Pergola

One important thing to know before you start your pergola project is whether you need council approval. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to determine, and regulations vary from state to state, so you should check with your council or pergola builder.

Depending on where you live, you may need council approval or a permit based on:

  • The size of the pergola
  • Whether it’s attached, freestanding or has a roof
  • How close the pergola is to the property boundary
  • If you live in a conservation or bushfire-prone area

Find out more about council approval for building a pergola.

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How To Build A Timber Pergola

If you are looking to add something really special to your garden or backyard then a timber pergola could be the perfect choice. These are inspired by the Asian buildings that adorn so many cities, a traditional structure that is minimized and simplified in order to create a seating area in your home. These structures are essentially permanent gazebos that can be designed in a number of styles. These offer the ideal place for dining or socializing outdoors. If you are looking to build your own pergola, here is how you should go about doing so.

X Marks The Spot

The most important consideration at this stage is where you plan to place your structure. There are two factors that you should be thinking about here, the first is the integrity of the structure and the second is how you plan to use the pergola. Thinking first about the structure, it is always recommended that you build on the most even surface possible. This is not only going to save you from problems when building, it will also ensure that the pergola looks great and is not going to move over time. In terms of how you will use it, think about that area of the garden that gets the most sun and at what hours so that you can get the most out of this feature.


Sketching It Out

Erecting The Pergola

The key to getting the pergola right is to ensure that you take your time and work hard on the preparation stages.

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The Costs Of Hiring A Pergola Contractor

How to Build a Pergola over a Patio

Hiring a pergola contractor to build a pergola will likely cost you more out of pocket because youll be paying for materials and labor. However, youre also getting knowledge, experience and skill, and that combination can make hiring a pro a smart value.

When you hire a reputable pergola builder, you can be sure that the final product will be of good quality. After all, their reputation depends on it. Professionals also understand what materials work best in your area, and they are conscious of factors like maintenance that homeowners dont always think about at first. In addition, they can create custom designs that suit your home and your plans for using your pergola, and theyll make sure that the work is completed in accordance with local building codes. This can be especially important if youre constructing a pergola attached to the house or adding electrical features.

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How To Build A Diy Pergola

There are a few different ways to build a pergola. A couple of the most popular is building from a kit, gathering the materials needed, and building the entire structure from scratch.

A pergola is a somewhat simple structure however, it is essential to note that it is a very labor-intensive process. Lets start with the basics.

A basic pergola is usually 8 feet by 16 feet, and you build the support structure using six posts. The top of the pergola usually consists of 1-by-3s, which is great for hanging decorations or plants.

One of the most challenging parts of building a pergola is digging the holes for the support posts from my experience. Although you can do this manually, it is very labor-intensive.

Therefore, I recommend using an earth auger to make the process easier and less time-consuming. However, if the soil is soft, it may be more effective to dig the holes manually. It really depends on the condition of your soil at the time youll be digging.

Finally, I would recommend checking with your local municipality, as building a pergola may require a permit, especially in densely populated residential areas.

In the past, I had to apply for an outdoor detached accessory structure permit however, you should consult your local code office, as these regulations may differ by area.

What Is The Cost To Build A Pergola

If youre looking for a patio idea to add shade, structure, or definition to the space, a pergola is a great option. This could lead you to wonder what the cost to build a pergola is so you know if its inside your budget or not. Pergolas are nice for any sized yard, and they work to shade in your deck or any other relaxation area you may have. New materials and designs make them more affordable and adaptable as the years go on, so the cost to build a pergola can easily fit into almost any budget.

Pergolas come built from different materials, including vinyl with an aluminum core, fiberglass, or wood. They vary in placement, design, and size, and all of these factors will impact your final cost to build a pergola. On average in the United States, the cost to build a pergola falls between $2,500 and $6,000. Most people expect to spend around $3,500 to build a 10-foot square structure using solid wood with a traditional design.

If you choose to have a custom-made structure or a larger structure, this significantly increases your cost to build a pergola. Having a larger or custom structure or using high-end materials can easily take your total costs above $10,000. If you just want an arbor, you can pick up a kit and do it yourself for around $200. A freestanding trellis is another option if you cant cover the cost to build a pergola, and this ranges from $100 up to $1,500 or more to complete.


  • Bottom Line
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    Choosing A Site And Design

    The patio is concrete, 12 X 24, and in very good condition . After looking at some pergola pics online for inspiration, we came up with a simple design, and after pricing materials, we decided on roof dimensions of 12 X 16. We went with a free-standing design, which, in addition to looking good, requires no permit, since it isnt attached to the house. Building codes vary widely, so check with your local inspector.

    While my daughter rinsed the scuzz off the patio, my son-in-law and I went to the local home center, and managed to get everything onto my truck in one trip.

    Cut Posts With A Jigsaw

    How To Build A Pergola: Contractor Cost &  DIY Tips ...

    Transfer your mark completely around the post using a combination square thats set from the bottom of the post. Cut the post with a 10-teeth-per-inch wood blade in your jigsaw. Youll need a fresh blade for every post you cut. We found the jigsaw a lot safer, quieter and less dusty than a circular saw. This composite polymer is only about 1/2 in. thick but pretty hard, so expect to eat up a new blade on each column.

    Note: To make cutting the columns easier, lay them on sandbags or mulch bags to keep them from rolling or vibrating as you cut.

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    Tips On How To Create An Accurate Estimate

    Tip #1: Have a clear idea of your design. The design of your pergola has a significant impact on the cost. Many contractors require you to have an idea of what you want before they can give you an estimate.

    Tip #2: Know what materials you want and any extras such as aesthetics and roofing. In our research, this was found to be the most significant factor in the cost of the pergola.

    Tip #3: Other things to consider include extras such as , enclosed areas, or hardscape patios. These factors will also have a significant impact on cost. For example, paving can add complement the pergola and ranges between $20 and $60 per square metre.

    Do Pergolas Really Block The Sun

    Pergolas are not designed to completely block the sun, but to provide relief from direct sunlight, while allowing air to circulate freely. The lattice cover is made of beams over the top that may or may not be louvered. A specific type of pergola known as a ramada boasts a completely enclosed roof with open sides.

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    How To Build A Pergola: Contractor Cost & Diy Tips

    Find out how to build a pergola by reading our useful DIY tips, the cost of materials and of hiring a contractor. We also included 4 free quotes.

    Do you look at your backyard and feel something is missing? Or is the summer season here and all you want to do is sit and relax outdoors as you soak in the beautiful warm weather? The answer to your missing link is pergola.

    This simple structure can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful place with just the right appeal. It will provide you with the perfect spot for relaxing and entertaining during the warmer season. Not only does a pergola add functionality to your outdoor living space it also adds an aesthetic appeal to your home.

    One of the best ways to create an inviting mood for your home that reflects your personality is through landscaping. A well a landscaped home reflects your style, warmth, and hospitality. Adding a pergola is one of the ways that contribute to landscape enhancements in your home. This addition gives your family a spectacular spot for outdoor living space. In fact, it is one the simplest and versatile structures that transforms your outdoor space into a functional one

    Specialized Woods Like Ipe And Teak

    How to Build a Pergola

    If youre ready to pay more upfront for a very durable and long-lasting pergola, consider using specialized woods like teak or ipe. These with other exotic woods can easily resist cracking and rot for a long time, and theyll outline cedar and other softwoods. However, the availability and the type of wood you want will factor into the cost to build a pergola, and these types of wood are at the higher end, starting at $55 a square foot.

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    Nine Things To Consider Before Building A Pergola

    Pergolas act as focal point in your landscape. When planning to put one, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Even though the process of building a pergola is considered to be uncomplicated and no so expensive you still need to plan, research and prepare adequately just to make sure you have chosen the one.

    Here are factors that should not be overlooked by homeowners when planning to put up a pergola in their homes.

    The Available Space

    Before you pick up building materials and get down to the business of setting up a pergola, you need to factor in the available space in your yard. This will ultimately determine the size of the pergola you will build.

    Most pergolas are about 9 feet by 12 feet in size. However, the size of the pergola will depend on the size of the area you have. Itâs essential to come up with a pergola that accentuates and complements your yard instead of crowding it or making it look cramped up. Also, keep in mind that a larger structure will require more framework support which occupies more area.

    When choosing the size of the pergola, factor in your space, and design a pergola that will not only sit perfectly in your yard but also suite your style and design. Having a huge pergola attached to a small home will look out of place and ridiculous. So, work with your space and set up something that balances your home and outdoors.

    The Uses of the Pergola
    Find Out About Permits
    Underlying Utilities
    Consider the Building Materials


    Is It Hard To Build A Pergola

    Building a pergola can be a simple to challenging building project depending on what plan you pick so make sure you know your skill level before starting. All the free pergola plans include building instructions, lists of tools and materials that youll need, diagrams, and photos.

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    Cost To Build A Pergola Diy Vs Hiring A Professional

    At its most basic, a pergola consists of support columns and some type of roofing. It seems like a fairly simple structure, and that apparent simplicity tempts a lot of homeowners to try their hand at building their pergola themselves, especially if they believe theyll save money with a DIY pergola kit. While a do-it-yourself approach often seems cheaper, you may find that hiring a professional to build a pergola offers better value for your money.


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