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How Much To Build A Covered Patio

Cost To Build A Concrete Patio

I built a cover for my patio. How to build a covered patio DIY video.

The cost to build a poured concrete patio averages $6 to $10 a square foot. Poured concrete patios are fairly common, particularly for small spaces. This is a fast-and-easy patio to build. It is also lower maintenance than gravel while remaining inexpensive. Concrete patios can be stained in different colors. They should be sealed to prevent staining.

Covered Patio Ideas On A Budget

A less permanent but more organic and visually fascinating covered patio idea is a sail shade, also referred to as a sun sail. Just imagine a literal ships sail stretched between trees or support posts, say seven to ten feet above the ground. You can arrange them at angles to guide rainwater to the areas youd like it to end up in many sail shades are waterproof.

This type of patio cover is much less expensive than more permanent structures. With just a quick search online, you can find lower-end sail shared for $40-50 and higher-end options for a few hundred dollars.

And because an arrangement of sail shades lets air pass through and around it, this covered patio idea may even keep your party cooler than a solid patio cover. It will at least save the cost of running fans. Imagine how fun it could be to set up a pattern of brightly colored sail shades and some tiki torchesyou could have your own luau right in your backyard

Detached Covered Patio Construction Tips

Freestanding covered patios are generally more straightforward to build than attached patio covers. They are also considered stronger and safer because their cover is supported by four posts rather than other, existing structures.

Heres a quick overview of the basic steps youll need to take:

  • Select and map out the area.
  • Dig out the holes for the four posts.
  • Add gravel to the holes to prevent deterioration of the posts.
  • Place the posts.
  • Add some cement around the posts to secure them in place.
  • Cut and prepare the beams.
  • Assemble the beams and posts.
  • Structure the roof.
  • Cover the patio with the material of your choice, whether that be latticework, fiberglass, metal, wood, shades, or anything else.
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    Outdoor Lanterns For A Patio

    The cost of outdoor lanterns for the patio averages $45 to $200. Outdoor lanterns come in a range of styles and materials. Some are designed for temporary use, but most are made to be permanent. They can be hung from a patio cover or placed on poles. They have varying degrees of brightness, and many can also accommodate smart bulbs to control brightness and use from a smartphone or smart speaker. Most lanterns require professional installation.

    Dining Room Patio Cost

    How to Build a DIY Covered Patio

    The cost of a dining room patio averages $1,344 to $4,200. Dining room patios are roughly the size of an indoor dining room. The most common measurements are 12 x 14 or 168 sq.ft. This patio is for dining. It can hold a full-sized table with chairs or a smaller table and chairs with additional seating. Dining room patios are usually more formal than others. Intricate paver or stamped concrete designs are common.

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    Wood Frame With A Translucent Cover

    Patio covers made entirely of wood with wooden slats running the length of a concrete patio are simply too expensive to manufacture.

    They also necessitate a significant amount of time and planning, as well as possibly the assistance of a professional. As a result, instead of building the entire patio cover out of wood, construct only the base frame and then add a polygonal translucent ribbed panel on top for weather protection.

    Because of its durability, the type of translucent panel were talking about is sometimes used to build greenhouses. It will also do an excellent job of insulating the area covered.It is typically used in warm climates, but it works well in all climates.

    Its a quick and simple procedure. Build vertical supports out of wood with wooden planks in between.

    Lay a few more across the middle to help support the plastic panel that will go over the top. Then you just need to get some help pushing the panel up onto the support beams, attach it, and youre done! Youve finished covering your patio!

    Patio Drainage Options Cost

    Drainage is an important part of patio design. A flat patio collects water and develops issues, such as cracking or sinking. Most patios are designed to slope away from your house, which allows the water to drain naturally. If this is the case, you do not need additional drainage added, and you can install your patio right away.

    However, some patios are located on landscaping that wants to drain back toward the house. In those cases, you may need to install a drain. The most common drain is a . It may also be called a , tile drain, or pipe drain. It is a perforated pipe installed beneath the patio. It carries excess water away to another part of the yard, usually in a lower area away from the house. French drains require more labor, excavation, and trenching, increasing your costs regardless of the material.

    Drainage Option
    $100 – $200

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    Types Of Patio Covers

    The second consideration when determining the cost of a new patio cover is the type of material that you would like to use. In the Greater Seattle area, there are a wide range of options for building a good quality patio cover, including vinyl, wood and aluminum.

    Because each of these has a unique price point, the type of material youd like to use to build your new patio cover can have a big effect on your budget.

    Timberline is happy to provide you with a free consultation to determine what material is best to compliment your style and budget

    Popular patio cover options available from Timberline are:

    Vinyl Patio Covers

    Aluminum Patio Covers

    Cost To Build A Patio Roof

    How To Build a Covered Patio | DIY Porch Part 1

    The cost to build a patio roof averages $2,200 to $13,500. Patio roofs are a type of patio cover. Rather than a softcover like an awning, this is a permanent hardcover closely resembling a pavilion. These roofs can be made of many materials, with wood and aluminum being the two most common. You can also build a patio roof and it to resemble your homes roof. All patio roofs come in a range of styles, pitches, and sizes.

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    Cost To Build A Patio

    Patios are external extensions of your home that can be used to relax outside enjoying a sunrise or sunset, or for entertaining friends and family.

    Designing and budgeting for a patio can be just as fun as installing one. However, there are factors to consider when planning your patio that you might not be aware of. This guide will attempt to inspire your patio design creativity as well as alert you to the pros and cons of materials and extras.

    Tips For Selecting Your Patio Enclosure Contractor

    Before making a final selection, we recommend you have between three to five contractors who appear to match your checklist for the work you want done. Reach out to these contractors to get bids on your project. Contractors will have to come out to your home to measure the patio in order to give you an accurate quote.

    Some homeowners with the best experience in hiring a contractor to enclose their patio are able to visit the contractors showroom to see all the products and options available. Their initial home visit is also brief and informative, with the contractor answering all the homeowners questions knowledgably and offering various options that help the homeowners stay within budget rather than trying to upsell them on a more expensive product they dont want or need. A good contractor will also follow up after the home visit within 2448 hours with a design and quote or estimate.

    We suggest you look for contractors who fit in as many of the following groups as possible:

    • Licensed contractors
    • Have an A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and on HomeGuide
    • Have excellent ratings on social media sites
    • Include a clause in the contract that allows you to back out before work starts with a full refund
    • Include setup and complete cleanup costs in the quote
    • Provide excellent communication from your first phone call or e-mail

    When you’re ready, get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted patio builders:

    Daniel W.

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    What Is A Backyard Patio

    A backyard is usually a separate area in the backyard for entertaining or relaxing. It is often a hard-surfaced area covered with durable brick, natural stone, or even tile. Patios can be the perfect setting for gatherings or quiet retreats, and can be customized to suit your personal style and taste.

    How Much Does It Cost To Put A Roof Over A Patio

    Does A Covered Patio Add Value To Your Home?

    Average Cost to Build a Roof Over a Deck But we can give you an average range of prices that it would most likely fall within. They include: Adding any deck covering or enclosure will typically cost between $1,000 $10,000. Adding a covered roof to your deck will typically cost between $3,000 $10,000.

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    How To Add A Covered Patio Fire Pit

    Whether or not its safe to place a fire pit under a covered patio depends on several factors, such as how high your patio cover ceiling is, the type of fire pit you purchase, what kind of patio flooring you have, how much ventilation and airflow you have, and more. When in doubt, its a good idea to check the instructions and recommendations provided by your fire pit manufacturer.

    How To Put A Gas Grill Under Covered Patio

    You can place most gas grills under a covered patio, but they should not be used in an enclosed area without adding a motorized vent and hood. As a general rule, make sure you have at least a 9-foot ceiling or taller. Also, its best to place the grill away from the house and on an outside wall with plenty of ventilation or cross-breeze.

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    How Do You Make A Covered Patio With Umbrella

    The size of the umbrella. This is the most common type used every day. Umbrellas can be from 21 to 25 inches in diameter, depending on the type of umbrella. The most common are usually less than 30 inches. Knowing the size of an umbrella will tell you if it fits in your pocket or if you can easily carry it with you. Also, depending on the size, you know whether the umbrella fits your needs and style.

    Dirt Work And Grading

    How to Build a Grey Freestanding Elitewood Patio Cover

    In order to lay down a patio, it is necessary to first prepare the substrate. The grounds surface must be leveled, any objects removed and any necessary modifications for drainage and grading must then be made. Depending on where you live, this can either be a quick, painless and inexpensive process or a long, loud, expensive one.

    Always consult with a professional to determine what preparations must be done. A bad grade can mean a complete rebuild much sooner than you hope.

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    Lattice Patio Cover Cost

    The costs of a lattice patio cover range from $5 to $38 a square foot installed. Lattice is not technically a material because lattice can be made of wood, vinyl, , or aluminum. Lattice is more of an open-patterned style for the roof. Like a pergola, a lattice cover will not completely block the sun. Instead, it offers sections of sun and shade. To get more shade, add a cloth to the top or train vines to cover it.

    How Much Does A Retractable Patio Cover Cost

    A professionally installed 10×10 sunroof costs between $1,746 and $3,796. A professionally installed roof with a 10×10 grid will cost around $1,800-2,200. To professionally install a 10×10 uninsulated roof in Newport, it will cost between $3,609 and $5,020.

    Step by step metal roof installationWhat is the proper way to install metal roofing? The correct method of installing a metal roof over a heated room is to lay plywood or OSB sheeting, then dip and water at least two rows of roofing felt, and then the metal roof.What are the best tips for metal roofing installation?6 Tips for installing tin roofs Preparation It is important that you measure the roof to get the right amount of material. Border

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    K Aluminum Patio Covers

    Moreover, the cost between the 4K and the other companies is quite little, in comparison. 4K aluminum patio covers come in four colors to choose from. The powder coat used is a Jotum material but before the powder coat is applied, the aluminum will first receive a coat of Gold Chromate for pre-treatment. unlike other aluminum patio cover manufacturers, 4K offers this material as a corrosion inhibitor even to the inside of each part, where youd never expect to see it. Thats just one aspect of this material that takes it from the Mercedes Benz of aluminum patio covers to the Rolls Royce.So when we ask ourselves how much do patio covers cost we must ask ourselves first, what are the qualities of each patio cover being compared here.

    4K lattice patio covers

    Covered Patio Lighting Ideas

    Contemporary Patio Cover, Kitchen and Firepit

    Patio lighting adds to the overall aesthetic but is also important for safety reasons. Fortunately, lighting up your patio is much easier when you have a cover to work with. The covers structure provides opportunities to hang a wide range of lights from the beams, whether they be twinkly string lights, an eye-catching chandelier, or anything in between.

    Battery-powered LED candles or lanterns are another great lighting option for your covered patio. They can also help create a more romantic and cozy atmosphere.

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    Patio Screen Enclosure Cost

    While you can screen a covered patio, you can build a screen enclosure for the patio as well. This has an average cost of around $20 to $25 a square foot for the enclosure. In this case, you build a frame over the entire patio, which has some type of screen. Many screens provide shade when used on the upper portion, particularly if you choose an option designed to help filter light.

    Screen enclosures can have doors added. This allows you to enter and exit the patio easily from the house or yard.

    Patio Enclosure Heating & Cooling Costs

    Ductless mini split – Consider installing a ductless mini splita small heating and cooling system with an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units . Hardware stores have them priced from $660$4,500.

    Portable unit – An alternative is a portable unit that can vent the air through a window, but some of these can take up a lot of valuable floor space. Youll need one thats

    • Less than 8001 BTU for 200sqft or less – $234$550
    • 800114001 BTU for 200sqft or larger – $280$700

    Insulation is a big deal for a fully enclosed patio. Add insulation to your roof and in your drywall, and choose weatherproofed/insulated windows.

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    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • Permit. To build any type of structure on your property, including a covered patio, you need to obtain a permit. Check with your local town or city hall to find out more information.
    • Cushions. Ensure that any patio cushions or furnishings you use are meant for outdoor use if you intend to leave them outside.
    • Resale Value. Patios and outdoor living spaces can increase the value of your home. The amount varies, depending on the patio type you build.
    • Sun Exposure. When planning the position of your patio and the cover, consider the sun exposure and shade and what you plan on doing there. While covers provide some shade, the patio can still become overheated in a very sunny area.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Covered Patio Table

    How to build a patio cover

    The total cost of a covered terrace can be determined by the surface, the existing structure and the additional finishes. A 10′ x 30′ x 15′ x 20′ patio that can accommodate dining room chairs, table, and small sitting area with a simple patio awning can cost about $20,000 depending on the home’s configuration.

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    Outdoor Patio Gazebo Cost

    The cost of building a gazebo on your patio averages $7,500 to $10,000. This makes the total cost of a patio with a gazebo between $9,228 and $15,400. Gazebos offer more shade and protection than pergolas. However, they do not have louvered options that allow light and breezes in. They have varying wall types, from screens to fully formed walls with windows. The more structure a gazebo has, the higher its overall costs.

    Covered Patio With A Fireplace Cost

    The cost of an outdoor fireplace is $1,500 to $20,000 on average. This makes the average range of a covered patio with a fireplace installed between $4,524 and $38,792 for a living room-sized patio. If you choose to install an outdoor fireplace, you want a larger patio, designed to be an outdoor living room or kitchen. This gives you plenty of room to install the fireplace and have seating and entertaining areas. Smaller patios may not accommodate both comfortably. Outdoor fireplaces can run on both wood and gas/propane.

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