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How Tall Should A Pergola Be

The Ultimate Guide To Pergola Dimensions

How To Build a Pergola | With Sails for Shade

While framing a pergola for your gardens, balconies, or decks, strategic planning is essential. You need to get the exact pergola dimensions which would cut a dash on your guests at a single sight.;

A pergola stands out to be a shadowy walkaway similar to porticos. To get an impressive outlook you need to correctly figure out the exact pergola dimensions. You also need to work out the exact suitable spot for its location.

How to measure for a Pergola Dimension?

First of all, you need to identify the right location for your pergola. It is the base for an eye-catching pergola. You should carefully plan the dimensions accordingly. The main and basic thing is to place it neither in a very compact way or vice versa. Also, it should be placed at an adequate location at the best routes which link through that passage.

There are several materials and sizes available easily in the market for your pergola. It is often possible the material you chose can offer a limited reach to respective sizes. There is no need to worry. You can go for the custom pergola dimensions with your chosen material.

What are the standard Pergola dimensions?

Unlike others, pergola dimensions are having their standard values. There are a few of these standard pergola dimensions. It depends on you how you match and put them together. The conventional size altogether is 13 feet into 19 feet. The standard is concerning the rafters on the top of pergolas.

What are the common pergola sizes?

What Angle Should Apergola Roof Be

There are so many different styles of pergolas, it is not hardto figure out what angle should a pergola roof be. For me personally, I like tohave the pergola at least 25 degrees off of the ground.

Most people find that this gives them more support and does not have the vertical or perpendicular inclination.

This is an important factor when making a decision on what angle to build a pergola at. After all, a pergola is a patio, and while not a âshadeâ it is much smaller than most of your outdoor area.

You can find many sites on the internet that will help you with this particular design. The key is to make sure that the garden is the same shape as the wall.

This means that you should plan on building the pergola out from the garden in order to reduce any build up of soil.

The most interesting part about this particular design is thatyou will have a couple options for ceiling heights. The first thing that youwill want to think about is how much soil you will need to cover the wall. Onceyou know the area, you can figure out what height ceiling you will need tobuild.

This is the most important part when making the decision on whatangle to use.

You will want to try to set the ceiling at least 3 feet off ofthe floor level. This will give you adequate height but not too much. Rememberthat you will want to have plenty of extra room on the ground for a pergolacover.

There are also plenty of options for materials that will add a little extra design element to the structure.

What You Can Do If You Already Built A Tall Pergola

If you have already built a tall pergola and experiencing zoning issues or an upset neighbor. If your pergola is more or less a straightforward structure then fixing the problem can just take a few hours to lower it.

Depending on how your pergola was built or assembled, there are 2 ways you can do.

  • First, you can cut the columns down if they are exposed. If your columns are enclosed with another material then you would have to get to the base of the column in order to detach it.
  • Secondly, depending on the materials used on your pergola, how it was assembled, you can cut the columns from the top.

If you are going to DIY this, make sure to brace everything really tight, and the structure is super secure to prevent it from tipping over or collapsing. I advise you to call the same contractor who built your pergola as theyll probably know what exactly to do.

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The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola

Tired of seeing low quality pergolas that look flimsy? Want a structure that will be sure to last for decades? We have been the leaders in this industry for many years because we get it. We are here to support you by making your plans a reality without wasting your time. From design & sizing, to building & installing, reach out at any point to see how easy it is to make your vision possible.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola .

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of E. Weber of Lyndhurst, Ohio.

Custom Thick Timber Garden Pergola Built in Western Red Cedar . Photo Courtesy of B. Barkman of Santa Monica, California.

Custom Thick Timber Garden Pergola Built in Western Red Cedar . Photo Courtesy of B. Barkman of Santa Monica, California.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of J. Turner of Santa Barbara, California.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of J. Turner of Santa Barbara, California.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of Ian Clarke of Allentown, NJ.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of Ian Clarke of Allentown, NJ.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of Jhon & Janet K. of Falls Church, Virginia.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of J. Karibian of Saint Charles, Missouri.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola . Photo Courtesy of D. Vickery of St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Traditional Wooden Garden Pergola .

Size Of The Pergola Posts And Rafters

Pea Trellis: Tall and Expandable Steel Trellis

It may seem that the ideal pergola height would always be the same. Not always.; There can be significant differences in height depending on the type and size of pergola.

A pergola with 6″ posts and 10″ deep rafters will look better taller, whereas a small pergola with 3″ post and 4″ deep rafters can be built on the shorter side.; Some of the really sturdy pergolas can be around 12ft to even 20ft tall, but of course planning permission needs to be carefully explored with these larger structures.

Here’s a fairly standard pergola showing its dimensions.

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Do Pergolas Need Footings

Benefits of installing Pergola footings with The Deck Foot Anchor. Pergolas require a minimum of three and usually four or more footings. Digging three or four holes will take you at least two or three hours depending on the soil type.

You may ask, How many bags of concrete do I need for a 4×4 post?

Remember, the depth of the post hole should be one-half of the above-ground post height. . The calculator will indicate the number of 50 lb. bags of QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete you need.

How To Install Pergola Post Brackets

View in gallery

For many people, installing a wood post into a hole with post-formulated quick-set concrete is the way to go. However, we recommend installing steel brackets for pergola posts for a couple of reasons. First, you arent wasting multiple feet of your expensive pergola post lumber by shoving it 4-6 into the ground, which gives you better height options for your pergola overall and/or a less expensive project. Second, installing steel brackets makes the actual installation of the pergola posts a much smoother and more accurate project. We highly recommend this method, although if youre bent on the post-in-concrete method, you can check that out here where we talk about installing deck footings.

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How Do You Slope A Pergola

Is there such a thing as how do you slope a pergola? Pergolas are, by far, the most popular type of pergola.

If you are remodeling or building a new home, or even if you are building a new home, then the chances are good that you will need a pergola or perhaps, a patio in some form.

As with any type of structure, there are always factors that you need to consider before getting the installation of a new pergola. One of those factors is how you slope your pergola. Not only is it a simple task but it is also quite important.

Firstly, there are some factors to consider when you are looking at the slope of the pergola. These factors will depend upon the size of the pergola and the design of the building. So, these factors will depend upon the building that you are installing a pergola in.

However, before you are concerned about the slope of your pergola, you need to be aware of what goes into planning the construction of the structure.

First of all, you should consider your use of the pergola. After all, you will want to make sure that you are making the best use of the structure. This is because it will be used in many different environments.

Secondly, you should consider the weather of the area that you live in. Also, you should plan for the weather that you expect in the future.

Therefore, the slope of the pergola needs to be based on the type of weather that you expect to see in the future.

Climbing Plants And Trailing Accessories

How to Build a Pergola With Shade

It may be that you prefer the clean lines of your pergola to be left as they are, especially if it a more contemporary design, although hanging statement pieces, canopies and drapes are very ‘in’ at the moment.

Erica built this amazing modern pergola with a hanging light centrepiece, and how fantastic it looks! But you need a bit of extra height for that.

The traditional pergola, however, can be so beautiful with;roses,;clematis;and other beautiful;climbing plants;trailing through the rafters.

Simply stunning!

It’s just a matter of making allowances for the thickness of the plants or hanging accessories when you are planning your pergola.

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Why Build A Pergola

Why not build a pergola? They add a beautiful, romantic feel to your outdoor space. They offer protection from the harsh sun while still allowing a nice breeze to drift through.

A pergola is a great spot for entertaining. If you want to entertain outside but want to stay close to your kitchen, you can plan your pergola for right next to your house.

On a hot sunny day, a pergolas open roof casts filtered light that lessens the suns intensity.

Pair your pergola with other hardscape elements maybe over your spa to add an element of design. Consider a pergola as part of your outdoor kitchen. Have it next to the swimming pool.

Use a pergola to extend your garden. Train vines up the support posts, wind wisteria or grape vines through the lattice overhead. Install a border of plantings around the pergola to create even more blissful seclusion.

Pergola Under The Stars

Dont forget about your pergola at night. Twinkling white lights strung in the lattice overhead create an outdoor bistro. Add a few friends: instant party.

Profile The Ends Of The Rafters And Crossbeams

Profile the ends of the rafters and crossbeams. Then measure 25mm down from the top and 75mm in from the outer edge. Draw a line between these points with a pencil and extend it square down the adjacent faces of the timber. Then saw off the marked wedge or if you prefer, you could design a decorative profile of your own.

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What Size Knee Braces Should I Install On My Pergola

I have a 20’x20′ pergola on a concrete patio.Construction is 8″x8″ posts sandwiched with 2″x8″ rafters.

I notice some swaying during some thunderstorms with heavy winds and I can push on a post with some effort, that moves the whole pergola.

What size knee bracing should I install ?

  • Thanks Alaska Man. How long should they be from the longest end of a 45 degree cut?Jul 7 ’20 at 17:00
  • 1I am not an engineer. i know longer is better but You do not want to completely block off the ability to walk through and you must consider hitting your head. I do not know the height of you pergola. Take 2×4 and hold it up to get an idea. i would see what it looks/feels like if starts about 5 or 6 feet away from the top if the post. Too short will not provide enough resistance to racking but i do not know what too short is, Others will.;Alaska ManJul 7 ’20 at 17:14
  • Thanks again. I shouldve mentioned the posts are 10 long. 6 rafters means the higher rafters are 9.5 from the ground, while the lower rafters are 9 from the ground.

That’s a beautiful pergola, and to preserve its style I would use the same timbers as you used for your posts. I’d make the vertical and horizontal legs of the triangle 1/3 of the post height, unless that causes serious headroom interference, then reduce a bit to no less than 1/4 of post height. Much less than that and you won’t see much benefit.

+ Pergola Plan Designs & Ideas

how tall should my climbing pole be for cucumbers

A pergola is a garden structure with a trelliswork roof that creates a shaded passageway, outdoor sitting space, or walkway.

They are built from vertical posts and frequently include an open lattice for trained vine plants. The word pergola originates from the Latin pergula which loosely refers to a projecting eave .

These decorative yard designs are frequently built from wood, though there are fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride options available as well.

Their roofing grid can remain open are be covered with weather-resistant canvas or vinyl sheeting for enhanced outdoor protection. They can also be either freestanding or attach to the side of your house.

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Planning Permission For A Pergola

A question I’m often asked is, ‘Do I need planning permission for a pergola?’

Building regulations can sometimes be difficult to find, and even more tricky to understand!

It is fine to develop your property. ;However, there are quite a few exemptions that require planning permission before you begin. ;

Having said that, most pergolas should be fine.

The first term that you need to understand is ‘curtilage’: the land within the boundary of your house.;

On the ‘Planning Portal’ of the government website, pergolas are not listed, per se – sheds, decks, conservatories and summerhouses are, but not pergolas.

The Planning Portal is a really good place to start if you are adding any sort of outbuilding to your property, with interactive guides for houses and terraced houses, and information on flats and maisonettes.;

Links to these pages, and the interactive guides, can be found below. ;They are in an easy to understand format, and you should be able to find out everything you need from here, although I have listed the main points, too.

Even so, we have to take into account this phrase…

…”and many other kinds of structure for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse.”

…so it would be wise to take heed of the points listed within the planning permission guidelines. ;

Route To Your Pergola

For me, the route to each Pergola is straight forward as they will be over the patio areas right outside the backdoor for each accommodation. I did, however, have to consider the post locations as for a conventional rectangular shape they would make access a little awkward. As I am self-building I have adapted my design.

Other things to consider regarding placement and access are:

  • Avoid building near immature trees that may interfere with the structure as they get bigger
  • Will guests or family take a shortcut through your favourite flower bed?
  • Are there any hazards that will make the placement dangerous to visitors; steps, rocky ground, protruding tree stumps, low hanging branches, etc.

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Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Build A Pergola

This is only really a question if you are thinking of a wooden structure. For the modern Vinyl, fiberglass or even metal structures then buying a kit or custom design are the only options.

If you are comparing like for like in wood, then Homeadvisor suggests in most cases a kit will be cheaper than a DIY construction. It will certainly be quicker to construct and many of the headaches involved with a self-design will be avoided.

Obviously the compromise is in being constrained to the designs and sizes available to buy. If, however, you are comparing the costs of a DIY project to a custom pergola built by a pro then DIY can be significantly less. As the structure is relatively simple, there are many free plans available online that include, how to, sizes and quantities.

How To Square A Corner

How to Price Out and Bid a Pergola in Landscaping

The easiest way to ensure a pergola is square is to use the 3-4-5 Method. To be certain two lines are 90° to each other, measure 3 feet on one line and place a mark. Then measure the other line 4 feet and make a mark. Measure diagonally between the two places you have marked. If it is a perfect 90° for a plumb square it will be exactly 5 feet.

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Trust Outback Landscape With Your Pergola

At Outback Landscape, we love enhancing properties with beautiful pergolas. Our pergola design and construction experts would love to meet with you and discuss your pergola design needs.

Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we serve residential and commercial properties in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Pocatello, Idaho, as well as Bonneville, Madison and Bannock counties.

Call us at 208-656-3220 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our team members.


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