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How To String Outdoor Lights On A Patio

How To Hang String Lights If You Only Have A Patio

How to hang string lights for your patio

The same ideas will apply! Instead of attaching the wood poles to a deck, I would suggest putting them into a planter and perhaps filling it with a small amount of cement to really weigh it down. Then fill the rest of the planter with some soil and succulents to make it pretty.

You can also use command hooks to simple drape them across the side of your house, like we did!

See how easy it is to hang string lights on a deck? We really love the effect these string lights have created on our deck and we’ve been spending so much more time outside enjoying our deck while the weather is still nice!;

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Connect & Tighten Cable

With the screw hooks in place, youre ready to start hanging the cable. Connect the snap hook* on the cable guide wire to the screw hook at one end of the span .

Run the unfinished end of the cable to the other screw hook, loop it through and then loop the cable guide wire back through another cable clip . The cable clip allows you to adjust the length and tautness of the wire. After reaching the right length/tautness, you can cut off any excess wire extending from the cable clip.

Alternatively, you could also use a turnbuckle to more easily get the tautness you want in the guide wire .

If you are making a zigzag or other pattern and need to change direction at a sharper angle then the guide wire naturally bends, you can opt to stop and start your guide wire by cutting the guide wire and using additional cable clips to make the intersection .

*Note that our 30-, 60- and 110-foot cable guide wires have a snap hook on one end and the other end is unfinished with an included cable clip to customize the length. Our 350-foot bulk reel guide wire is unfinished on both ends for more flexibility and you can buy the number of cable clips you need.

Can You Hang Lights On Stucco Without Nails

Even though you might have to use a little extra elbow grease, hanging outdoor lights on stucco should not be an issue.

I would caution you from using self-adhesive hooks on a stucco surface because the adhesive can seep through and damage the surface. When trying to avoid damaging your stucco exterior, the best kind of hooks to use are gutter hooks.

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The Easiest Way To Hang String Lights On Your Deck

Learn how to hang outdoor string lights on a deck. Its a simple task with only a few materials needed.

How To Hang String Lights On a Deck

Weve been using our deck space so much more this summer now that we can spend our evenings out here, even when the sun sets and it gets dark. Thanks to this pretty string lights overhead, weve created a really beautiful ambience and glow on our deck that keeps up out here until late every night.

Can you see the wooden stake on the top right hand side of our deck? Thats all you need to hang string lights! If like us, you dont have an sort of overheard structure like a gazebo to hang lights from, then this easy DIY will be something youll love. In only 30 minutes, youll have those pretty string lights draped over your deck or patio and you can start to enjoy them!

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Lounge By The Chiminea

Top Outdoor String Lights for the Holidays

If your outdoor seating area is under-utilized after dark, try this method for bringing light. Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick offers some simple ideas for hanging string lights over an outdoor seating/dining area, complete with a chiminea. She favors Feit Electrics warm incandescent bulbs, strung on a heavy, weather-resistant cord .

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Freestanding Solution For Hanging String Lights

If youre looking for a great way to illuminate your outdoor living areas, string lights are great option. String lights can enhance a patio or outdoor space by adding a warm glow and dispersed light, but they can be tricky to hang if you dont have trees or other tall objects to string them from.

We recently had a similar issue where we needed to utilize a freestanding cable solution in order to run string lights around the outer edge of our patio.

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How To Hang Outdoor String Lights From Diy Posts: Secure Post With Tape

Place the planter on level ground and use a level on one side to make the post plumb. Add painter’s tape across the planter on all four sides of the post to hold it in position. Allow the concrete to harden according to the manufacturers instructions before proceeding.

Arrange the planters in a rectangle no more than 10′ apart.

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How To Hang Outdoor String Lights On Balcony

Boring balconies are easily made much more special by a little creativity. This could take the form of string lights or a simple door curtain, but even if you hang string lights randomly, it will look good and then be conducive to spending time outside. You could also think about the aesthetics and placement of your other furniture, so that they all work together nicely on the balcony.

The balcony in the picture above is adorned with string lights. As you can see, the lights are randomly placed and still look fine.

How To Hang Patio Lights

How to hang patio string lights

With a little planning, patio string lights have the unique ability to make any outdoor space more exciting. We made this guide for anyone looking to get started.

Turn your dark, unused outdoor spaces into a nighttime oasis with the help of patio lights! Hanging patio lights across the backyard, deck or inside of an outdoor structure like a gazebo or pergola is a perfect way to add ambient landscape lighting for every day use, parties and outdoor events. Scroll down a little to start at the beginning or click on one of the links below this text to skip straight to the patio lights topic you’re looking for!

With a little planning, patio string lights have the unique ability to make any outdoor space more exciting. We made this guide for anyone looking to get started.

Hanging Patio Lights Guide

How to Hang Patio Lights

The installation process can vary depending on where and how you decide to hang your patio lights. To get you started, we’ve created a list of the basic steps, supplies you might need and methods to use.

Supplies You Might Need

  • Hooks- these could be screw-in hooks or another variety.
  • Zip ties

Hanging Patio String Lights Basic Steps

  • Draw a rough sketch with measurements
  • Assemble your poles if applicable
  • Hang your first patio light string with the male plug closest to your outlet.
  • Plug your patio lights in and enjoy the ambiance!
  • Where To Hang Patio Lights

    • Across the backyard or deck
    • Attached to Trees

    DIY Patio Light Pole

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    Interesting Uses For Patio String Lights

    With their flexibility and low cost, string lights offer a great chance to get creative with outdoor lighting. Here are five of our favorite uses for string lights.

    1. Illuminate an existing outdoor structure, like a pergola or gazebo, with strands of string;lights. Hang them along the rafters, wrap them along the handrails, or frame theperimeter.

    2.Create a soft garden glow by layering string lights into your landscaping. Weave;smaller bulbs think Christmas tree lights through sturdy bushes and hedges.

    3.Use string lights to create a sparkling universe of light underneath a covered porch. In;this case, more is more! Drape strands from every surface.

    4.Trees are a great natural support for string lights. Tightly wrap the cord around mature;trunks, or drape them softly from branches for a more romantic look

    5.Carefully pile string lights into wire, woven, or glass vessels. Safer than candles, this;glowing look creates soft ambiance without the flicker or fire hazard.

    How To Attach String Lights To A House Or Building

    For most houses and buildings, you should be able to simply drill a pilot hole and screw in a cup hook. Youll want to be sure you arent compromising your siding.

    My house has HardiePlank siding and we were able to screw the hooks directly into it. Theyve been in place for three years now without any problems.

    When youre just planning to drape the smaller inexpensive lights like I did on my front porch , you can use smaller cup hooks, or even try these outdoor Command Hooks.

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    Cable Suspension For Hanging Lights

    In order to create a freestanding solution for your string lights you first need to think about how you will hang the lights.

    Im my situation, I have two house walls with a patio in between. I wanted to basically follow the outer perimeter of the patio with lights, which was approximately 45 feet. In order to do this properly I needed a cable running from one wall of the house to a tree 60 plus feet away.

    The Brightech Ambience Pro Commercial Grade Outdoor Light Strand that I purchased spaces out their light-bulbs 36 apart. This is useful information when designing light coverage.

    I decided I would install 15-feet of string light on a fixed cable, and then return the lights back to the other wall of the house. I would then attach the string lights to the suspension cable using plastic zip ties.

    The cable would run from one wall of the house, past the patio, to a tree and provide string light support out to the corner of the patio, where it could then turn 90-degrees and run back to a fixed eye-bolt at the other house wall.

    The first step in doing this project is to determine the length cable youll need. Once that has been determined, you need to decide what structures youre going to use to support your cable, so you can install any needed hardware.

    Hanging Lights With Wire

    Adding Patio String Lights to the Deck!

    Whether its an outdoor patio, pergola structure, open yard, or tree-filled glade, outdoor string lights will add magic. But in order to ensure longevity , I think the best way is to use support wire.

    Using support wires isnt required. If you want to drape them through the trees, thats ok, too!. But it does relieves stress on the electrical wire and allows you to keep the lights taught above your head and all hanging the right direction.

    It is especially useful if you have long stretches of lights, like all the way across the yard or a clearing. In short, using wire to hang outdoor lights gives more stability and a cleaner look.

    You could purchase stainless steel wire and eye hooks from your local hardware store, but I found it simpler to purchase these string light hanging kits at the same time that we ordered our lights. We used three of them for ~320 ft of strung lights.

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    Editors Pick: Recommended Outdoor String Lights

    You guessed it right! There could not have been a better option for us to recommend as our top favorite other than the JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered String Fairy Lights. The reasons for suggesting these string lights the most are plenty but lets just shed lights on its most amazing features that, altogether, make it a perfect pair of lights for any occasion.

    Variety of colors and modes: Who wont get bored of having to look at the same steady outdoor lights on every occasion? Well you dont have to worry if you have this set at your assistance because there are a number of color options to choose from and even a multicolor string option too. Whats even better is that you can simply turn the entire vibe up to match it with the events nature from 8 different lighting modes that these lights provide.

    Solar recharge: Getting rid from the old school stresses like putting things up on a charge or arranging the required batteries is not something you should be doing. This is a lighting set that you need if you want to save time and go along with the modern times. An efficient solar panel providing energy for these lights is what makes these our favorite even more.

    Other than that, these lights have the ability to last long and bear harsh weather conditions without having you bear even a bit of loss when it comes to their performance and brightness. What else a good string lighting option can come with, that too, at such a reasonable price.

    Choose A Staple Brand Of Lights That Are In Stock All Year

    I have tried pretty much all big brand lights out there but I now only buy my outdoor lights from Home Depot ;because they keep them in stock all year . If you buy off brand string lighting, you will run the risk of the lights not being available for replacement bulbs or if you want to add more strings over time. I also buy two extra boxes for replacement bulbs because at $12.00 a box, its cheaper for me to just buy more string lights than buy replacement bulbs.

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    How Do You Hang Outdoor String Lights Without Nails

    • As per above, using screw eye hooks is perfect for hanging lights to make them hold up to outdoor elements.

    I hope I’ve answered your questions so you can get started with your lights!

    You guys should have seen our west-facing . We went from avoiding it completely, to being outside any chance we get!

    It’s the perfect time to give your home a little curb appeal! Get ideas for front yard landscaping as well as what to avoid with your landscaping project!

    What projects are you working on currently? I’d love to hear about them!

    String Light Cord Isnt Long Enough


    If your light cord isnt long enough to reach the corners of your deck or patio, you can buy yourself some length by using cord to attach the strand to an eye hook. See the deck railing section above for a visual. You can also buy length with a carabiner.

    Now go hang some lights and enjoy your outdoor spaces!

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    Best Places To Use Industrial Led String Lights

    • spanning a long distance between trees, posts, or buildings
    • restaurant patios
    • over a deck or patio without a roof
    • windy locations

    But as you might predict, industrial-quality LED string lights are also the most expensive. If youre on a tight budget, you might want to consider something inexpensive, like this basic set from Target.

    How To Hang String Lights Over A Deck

    If your deck has a railing, you can attach DIY posts to the existing railing to extend their height. The ideal height will probably be eight or nine feet, depending on which style of lights you choose, and how much you want to swag them.

    Then use cup hooks or screw eyes to attach the light strands to the tops of each post.

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    Finishing Steps To Hang Your Outdoor String Lights:

    • Do not insert the bulbs until the strings are hanging up the way you want them. Inserting the bulbs should be your final step.
    • You can stain the wood if you like. . We wanted our posts to match my diy picnic table project so we went with Minwax Espresso Stain.
    • Hang a screw at the top of each post so you can secure the lights to it.The lights have a spot at each bulb location that you can hook onto something.
    • Start with your power source and place your first planter and post close by. Hook the lights leaving enough string to reach the power source safely.
    • Pull the string to the next post and hook it on. Let it dip slightly as you dont want the line too tight and it looks prettier if there is a slight dip.
    • Continue on until your lights are all hooked up and hanging the way you want them. Keep in mind you can use trees and different posts or hooks on a roof line to also help hold the string lights up.
    • Insert a couple of light bulbs and plug the end in to make sure all works. Then add the rest of the bulbs and smile! You did it!

    Coaxial Staples Work Best

    The Best Outdoor Patio String Lights + Patio Reveal ...

    Coaxial staples are the best things to use if you are securing lights to wood like the side of your home or trees.

    As you can see above, the cord is secured by the staple opening.

    You can buy Coaxial staples at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.. in various sizes. Just check the size of your string light cord to get the right size.

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    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights Without Trees

    Basically, any object that can be used as a hook to hang string lights. They dont always have to be hung on trees. The only prerequisite is that they are not too oblique so that the weight of the collected lights does not cause them to fall. Some objects which do work well for the purpose are: walls, posts, canopies, pergolas and rather high fences.


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