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How To Build A 12×12 Pergola

Pergola Cost Per Square Foot

12×12 Pergola Plans

You can build or install a pergola in virtually any size youd like, and it can be freestanding or attached to your home. Most pergolas are square or rectangular simply due to the design, which consists of rafters and support beams.

Of course, for custom pergola designs, youll pay more. For the purpose of a pergola cost estimator, its easier to project prices for a square pergola. For that reason, weve put together a chart of pergola installation costs for four different square pergola sizes.

Estimates are based on cedarwood, one of the most popular materials used to build pergolas today, at an average cost of $30 per square foot.



The Simple Backyard Curved Plan

If you dont want to bother with complex pergola plans and you have only basic woodworking knowledge, this simple backyard pergola is just what you need. The builder uses Google Sketch software to design his wooden pergola shade, and he advises that you do the same. There is also a video of the building process for your convenience.

Average Cost Of Pergola Installation

The total installation cost for a pergola ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 on average. Expect to pay from $1,000 to $5,000 for materials. The larger the project, the higher your materials cost will be.

Labor costs usually run from $500 to $1,000 but can be higher depending on the complexity of the project. You can expect to pay more for:

  • Larger structures
  • Work during the busy season

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The Modern Classic Blueprint

Design Confidential provides free woodworking plans to assemble a classically modern pergola. They estimate that it will cost between 200 and $300 to build this outdoor structure.

A somewhat sedate option compared with the other fancier alternatives weve seen, its built using a tape measurer, a jigsaw, a drill, square, sander, a nail gun and a kreg jig. This DIY furniture plan includes the finished dimensions, the tools youll need to build it, the lumber measurements youll need, a full materials list that includes carriage bolts, deck screws, rafter ties, wood filler, paste wax and finishing supplies.

They recommend that you pre-finish and pre-drill the lumber to ensure the finished product is watertight and that it assembles easily. In terms of selecting the best wood for this outdoor project, they recommend you go with either redwood or cedar to ensure the lifetime durability of the structure.

If you want to get fancier, you can use a jigsaw on the outer edges of the rafters to carve designs and ornament your pergola. This plan has very specific instructions regarding pergola post footing options, helping you figure out how to dig the footing holes, treat and lift the posts, aligning them evenly and securely so that they withstand the outdoor elements for the long-term.

Are Pergolas Worth It

Sahara 12x12 Pergola Installation and Delivery

A pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you can spend outside. Designed and oriented correctly on your lot, a pergola can cast enough light shade to make even a warm afternoon enjoyable or if you still need additional protection, you can install a retractable shade cover for more shade.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A 1212 Pergola

Building a 12×12 pergola does not cost much more than the 10×10. The 44 sq ft. difference adds a bit more room for plants and other items that would enhance your relaxation. It costs $3,780 to build a 12×12 wooden pergola and about $5,270 for a vinyl one. So for a high-end 12×12 pergola, you are looking at around $3,500 to $5,500.

The Attached Wall Shady Pergola Blueprint

For people who lack a large yawn or dont want to bother with complicated constructions, this pergola attached to the house might be just the thing. It has a roof that will provide plenty of shade for your and your plants during the hot summer days.

Again, sketchup.com offers you easy to follow plans how to construct this attached pergola.

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The Grand Arbor Pergola Design

This magnificent freestanding pergola with a canopy is ideal for large lawns or backyards. It serves two functions a shade for you and a place for your climbing plants to thrive. What distinguishes it from other pergolas out there is the retractable canopy that you can fold up easily when you dont need it.

To built this beautiful cedar pergola, you need a circular saw if you are using 1-1/2 thick lumber or 12miter saw for thicker wood.

The String Light Cedar Build

Broyhill Biltmore (now Thornwood) HARDTOP Gazebo Build. Step by Step GUIDE to build 12×12 Gazebo.

This outdoor pergola is situated on a concrete slab, and its perfect if you want to create a comfortable outdoor space for your evenings and movie nights. Another thing youll notice about this pergola design is that there are two layers of lattice boards, with the second one running perpendicular to the first.

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The Wooden Bench & Potting Table Plan

Mother Earth News provides instructions for assembling a rustic Pergola that is complemented by a potting table and bench. They describe wanting to create a structure that their plants can clamber up, saying they used grapevine, ash wood, and twisty apple limbs to make this ornamental option.

They were able to find some trash wood to use as well, saying that eastern or western, white or red cedar are good options because they are an elastic and tough type of wood with aromatic resin that naturally repels molds and insects.

The Recycled Wood Build

This upcycled wood pergola was built from a demolished deck. The woodworker wanted to make it on the cheap. He was able to pick up all of the scrap lumber for free, but did have to spend a long time extracting all of the nails and screws from the lumber.

They decided to install this option on their outdoor deck where a preassembled gazebo had been situated for number of years. The roof eves beams have cut off ends that fill the gaps and hide the hangers and its strung up with Christmas lights that provide attractive evening ambiance for backyard barbecue cookouts.

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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Pergola Built

The starting costs to having a high-end pergola built is around $3,500 as well. However, you do need to factor in options, the painting which could cost you an upcharge of almost 7%. You also need to factor in delivery and installation. Delivery and installation vary depending on how far the crew needs to drive to deliver and the time taken to put the pergola in place.

The This Old House Design

How to Build a 12x12 Pergola in 2020

If you have a garage door that you want to ornament with the pergola, This Old House has you covered. They use pressure-treated lumber and milled brackets to construct an attractive canopy over a garage door. Many people, they say, disregard garage door entrances, but with a little know how you can add some architectural splendor to this typically generic entryway point.

The Workbench Magazine provides the means to assemble a pergola awning. This is a different style option, obviously, with the structure hanging over a back patio door rather than standing on support poles. An ornamental and attractive accouterment you can add to your home, it may be less practical and functional than other options weve seen.

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The Pergola Project: What We Learned And What It Cost

Are you planning on building a giant cedar pergola in your backyard with only your spouse as your workmate?

Well before you run out to your pile of lumber with your saw and goofy grin, let me share some of the things that Mr. Suburble and I learned in our pergola adventure.

First off I have to explain the birth of this pergola. Mr. Suburble and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year, and while we originally threw around the idea of going away, somehow we landed on gifting each other a pergola in the backyard. Going against my typical nature, I reached out to local contractors to get quotes on having THEM do the work for us.

The quotes were nutty. We decided to put on our steel-toes and get to work.

First, we had to set our post bases in concrete. Rather than sink a huge beam into a sonotube of concrete, we opted to use Simpson Strong-Tie post bases to attach the beams. Mr. Suburble fashioned up his version of sonotubes and set them into the earth. The bases were then set into the pipe full of concrete.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Pergola

Pergolas are an excellent choice to shade a backyard patio, fireplace, or fire pit. On average, adding a pergola will cost around $3,500 for a professional installation, and most spend between $2,000 and $5,000 for the project.

Likewise, how much does it cost to build a 12×12 pergola?

Some examples: 10 x 10 open-roof wooden pergola, $3,000-8,000. 12 x 12 solid-roof wooden pergola, $10,000-25,000+ 12 x 12 aluminum or vinyl pergola kit, installed, $6,000-8,000.

Similarly, how much does Home Depot charge to install a gazebo? A gazebo costs $150-$15,000 depending on the size, shape, materials used, complexity of design, and brand name. Simple canvas-roofed gazebos cost $150-$600. These can be purchased at home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot and at discount department stores like Target .

Correspondingly, does Home Depot install pergolas?

Pergola DesignsThe Home Depot installs both wood and metal pergolas, along with wood pavilions. Our local installers will handle all the project details while you enjoy the benefits of your new outdoor structure.

How long does it take to install a pergola?

Installation Time for a Pergola, Patio or Verandah is Usually Between 10 and 12 Weeks! Installation time for a pergola, patio or verandah can vary depending on a number of factors, but it will usually take between 10 and 12 weeks from the initial consultation for your project to be finished.

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The Diy Freestanding Garden Blueprint

This freestanding garden pergola has a 10 x 10 feet base, but the plans allow you to modify it to any size your want. For an 8 x 8 wooden pergola, the beams and crossbeams will be 10 feet, while for a larger the beams will measure 14 feet. There is a handy pergola building guide and detailed schematics so that it wont be difficult even for an amateur to build this garden structure.

The Arbor Seat Blueprint

Backyard Gazebo for $500 w/ Limited Tools

This Pergola arbor seat was built to exist in an apple orchard. The builder designed it for his wife who wanted a meditative space for quiet contemplation outside. The instruction plans walk you through how to create the uprights, the latticed backs, the seat back, the sides, the seat base, and the roof. Prospective builders comment that theyve seen similar looking builds at their elderly relatives homes

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What Is The Point Of Having A Pergola

A pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you can spend outside. Designed and oriented correctly on your lot, a pergola can cast enough light shade to make even a warm afternoon enjoyable or if you still need additional protection, you can install a retractable shade cover for more shade. via

Building A Diy Pergola

Instead of spending too much on buying a pergola, this creator shows how to make yours from home. For this build, you will need a couple of power tools to make the job easier like a jigsaw, drill, and miter saw. The creator starts off with building a solid foundation and then the rest of the build. I would highly recommend this video for beginners.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pergola Yourself

The average cost for building a pergola in the U.S. is $2,500 to $6,000. Most homeowners spend around $3,500 for a 10-foot square pergola with a traditional design made of solid wood.Pergola Costs by Material. Material Cost per Foot Average Cost for 10-foot Structure Cedar $25 $35 $3,000 Redwood $40 $50 $4,500.

Which Is Better A Gazebo Or A Pergola

12x12 Timber Frame Pergola Diy Pergola Plans Uk Modern ...

Theyre most popularly used over patios and garden walkways, and are traditionally used to grow climbing plants that bring the pergola to life. A gazebo, on the other hand, features a full roof and will very often have walls that provide much more shelter. How much does a pergola cost? In the UK, the average cost of a pergola is about £2,500.

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The Backyard Bench Plan

If you have a deck or a patio that gets too sunny in the summer, then this backyard pergola with a bench is perfect for you. It has adjustable roof panels so that you can control the amount of light. Moreover, its made from cedar with 4×4 feet posts. If you want something fancier, you can use a jigsaw to cut decorative ends on the rafters.

How Do You Make A Simple Pergola

How to build a pergola

  • Lay the three upright posts for one side of your pergola on the ground.
  • Lay a rafter in position, jutting 200mm from the edges of the outer posts.
  • Cut out the housing with a saw, wood chisel and mallet.
  • Profile the ends of the rafters and crossbeams.
  • Use the rafters as a guide to help you mark out the post holes.
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    How To Build A 1212 Pergola Plans


    The first step of the pergola project is to layout the posts. Use batter boards and string to layout the location of the posts. Apply the 3-4-5 rule to every corner and then measure the diagonals to make sure they are perfectly equal. You need to make adjustments until you get the desired result.

    There are a few ways to secure the 6×6 posts into place. You can set the posts in concrete or you can use adjustable anchors and pour footings. Dig the holes 3 deep and about 12-13 in diameter. Compact a layer of gravel to the bottom of the holes and then fit the tube forms. Fit the posts, align them and plumb them with a spirit level. Fill the forms with concrete, while the posts are locked into place with temporarily braces. If you use anchors, you need to align and set them into concrete. Fit the posts after the concrete dries, using lag screw.

    Smart tip: Read the local building codes, so you dig the holes at the appropriate depth.

    Use 2×8 lumber for the support beams. Make decorative cuts to both ends of the beams. You can use a large circular item so you can draw the curved lines. Get the job done with a jigsaw and then smooth the edges for a neat result.

    Fit the support beams to the top of the posts. Use a spirit level to plumb the support beams and then clamp the beams into place tightly. Drill pilot holes through the beams and through the posts. Insert the 9 carriage bolts and then tighten the nuts.


    Step : Building The Rafters

    Building a Yardestry Gazebo from Costco!

    Support beams

    Use 2×8 lumber for the support beams. Make the decorative cuts to both ends of the beams with a jigsaw. Smooth the cuts with sandpaper.

    Fitting the support beams

    Attach the beams to the posts, making sure they overhangs 12 on both ends. Leave 3 1/2 from the top of the posts to the beams. Use a spirit level to make sure the beams are perfectly horizontal and then clamp them into place tightly. Drill pilot holes through the beams and posts and insert 9 carriage bolts. Secure the bolts with a nut and use a washer, as well.

    Building the rafters

    Next, build the rafters from 2×6 lumber. Mark the cut lines and get the job done with a circular saw. Use a chisel to remove the excess and to clean to notches

    Fitting the rafters

    Fit the rafters to the top of the support beams, every 24 on center. Use rafter ties to secure the rafters to the support beams.

    Fitting the top slats

    In order to create the actual shade to the pergola, you should attach the 1×2 slats to the top of the structure. Cut a wood block at 5 3/4 and fit them between the slats to create even gaps. Drill pilot holes and insert 1 5/8 screws to lock the slats into place tightly.

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    Diy Pergola Plans: How To Build A Pergola For Your Home

    Published: Jul 31, 2021 by Allison · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads

    A pergola is a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters. In laymans terms, it is a cool place like a patio for relaxation. If you are looking for DIY pergola plans, you are in the right place.

    In this article, we have put together a compilation of some of the best videos and tutorials that will teach you how to build a pergola for your home. As hard as it may seem, building a pergola is actually very easy with the right tools, materials and guide handy.

    Diy 10 X 12 Pergola Plans

    Heres an even smaller pergola for people who have limited space and want to build a pergola. Do your measurements and see if this pergola would fit, if it doesnt you can try reducing dimensions until it fits. This video tutorial does explain the building process, you only get to see the skeletal structure of how it was made.

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