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How To Build A Fire Pit Patio With Pavers

Matching Deck Fire Table

Paver Patio with Firepit

Shape is one of the features that define the uniqueness of a fire pit table. Of course, rectangular, square, and rounded tables are common.

How about if you could come up with a unique yet fantastic shape? Well, you can combine a hexagon fire pit table with Adirondack chairs to get a spot-on design match.

You can build a fire table that is deck-friendly because it uses gel fuel canisters. Alternatively, you can use pressed wood logs to make use of wood waste byproducts instead of having a gas table.

Learn more about how Marie from Interior Frugalista built a spot-on design match with DIY Adirondack Style Fire Pit.

Are Patio Pavers Safe For Fire Pits

If your patio uses pavers, its a different story altogether.

Kiln-fired brick withstands temperatures a lot higher than what your wood-burning fire pit is likely to produce. Even landscaping brick should stand up to the heat fine. Yes, patio pavers are safe underneath fire pits.

However, the heat can discolor patio pavers depending on the type of materials used. If youre concerned about discoloration, simply install a fire pit mat .

Weve covered wood burning fire pits and their danger to patios, but what if your fire pit uses a different kind of fuel?

How To Build A Fire Pit With Pavers

Does your backyard have a fire feature? You can create an elegant fire pit all yourself, to roast marshmallows on or entertain guests around. All you need are interlocking pavers that match the style of your landscape a few tools, plus an afternoon to complete the project. Here is how you can build your own fire pit with pavers.;

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Add Landscape Adhesive In Between Blocks Around Fire Pit

If everything fits together nicely, remove the top layers of wall blocks to get to the bottom row.

If your fire pit pavers are hollow like ours, fill them with paver sand as you go and brush off the top side so they are nice and clean.

Add each level of the fire pit back into place to test fit and then pull each block up one by one and add beads of landscape adhesive and press each block back into place gently.

Continue this process until the entire fire pit is assembled.

I know you may be tempted to start the fire pit right away, but be sure check the curing time on the landscape adhesive you used before lighting your first cozy fire.

Now the last and final step is to ditch the phones, put away the laptops, grab a cozy blanket and smores supplies and throw on a beanie now youre ready for some quality family time around the fire pit!

Once you build a fire pit with pavers youll answer the magic that Im talking about the brings out the connection, community, story telling and that laughter.

Even if youre not installing a new paver patio in your backyard , you can still designate a little corner of your backyard to install a DIY paver fire pit! By following this step by step tutorial, the process is easy!

How To Build A Fire Pit Patio With Pavers

Where to Build a Fire Pit: On the Patio or a Separate Area ...

Building a patio is a way to add value to your home, make your backyard more beautiful, and extend your living space to the outdoors, especially when you incorporate a fire pit into your landscape. Fortunately, wood fire pits are easier to install than gas fire pits, once there is no need for gas lines, but that doesnt mean it is easy.;

In this article, youre gonna learn more about how to build a fire pit patio with pavers and create that perfect entertaining area where you can gather with your family and friends.

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Secure The Fire Pits Base

1. Prep the Bowl- Take the bowl of your store-bought fire pit off of the stand. To do this, flip the fire pit over and locate the edge where the leg meets the bowl. It should be screwed together, so you can use a screwdriver to remove them. Simply rotate the screwdriver left to loosen the legs and take the bowl. If you have a fire pit assembly kit that you have not put together, you can use the fire bowl section without removing the legs.

2. Spray the Bowl- Then, you can spray the bowl with high heat temperature paint. This will seal the pit and help it last longer while retaining fire resistance without wearing down.;

3. Installation- When the base has been sprayed, set the bowl on the cinder blocks, laying the bases lip over the edges, so it fits perfectly. You can attach the lips of the bowl to the cinder blocks using cement or glue, but if you leave it unattached, you will be able to move it as needed and empty ashes or sticks from the pit for easy cleaning. Furthermore, if you do not attach the bowl to the base, you can replace it more easily if there are any issues.

If you want a visual representation of these steps to demonstrate how to build a fire pit on a concrete slab, you should check out this video. It demonstrates these steps and can show you what staggering looks like.

How To Build A Fire Pit Patio With Pavers Tutorial With Only 6 Steps

Building a patio can be a very good consideration when you have a plan to add more space around your house. You will have an enjoyable spot to do various kinds of activities with friends and family like having some relaxing tea times and even a fun outdoor party.

Moreover, a patio is considered an easy addition to your house that you can even build by yourself. You can simply use easily available and cheap materials like brick, pavers, and woods to build the base of a patio without hiring a pro.

After you have the base of your patio, the very next step is to add some pieces of furniture, d├ęcor items, and other additional elements. Of course, the furniture like chairs and table are the obligatory stuff to complete the feature of the patio. Then, you may need some other additions to enhance its beauty and comfort.

A fire pit sounds like a very good idea to make your patio look and feel way more inviting. It can warm your patio area while having an intimate outdoor family gathering when the temperature feels cold.

You dont have to spend a lot of money to add a fire pit to your patio since you can make it by yourself. Check out the tutorial on how to build a fire pit patio with pavers which is so tempting to try.

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Create A Rounded Edge With Silicone

Run a healthy bead of silicone around the perimeter. Tool it into shape using a 3/4-in. dowel with the end cut at 45 degrees. While youre tooling, let the excess spill over onto each side of the bead. After the silicone dries, those two lines can easily be pulled and scraped off. Black silicone works best because you can clearly see any excess that needs to be removed. Dont use silicone on the inside edges. The silicone would make the form walls harder to remove, and those edges will be covered by the burner anyway.

How To Build A Simple Concrete Paver Fire Pit In About One Hour

Building A Paver Patio With Gas Fire Pit | Schifsky Companies

I love easy home projects especially when they dont require spending money. This DIY fire pit was completed in about an hour and we used left over material that we had on hand. Score! Let me show you how to build your own concrete paver fire pit.

Before I get started, I want to disclose that this is probably one of the easiest ways to build a fire pit. Does that mean its the only way or the best way? No. This tutorial is how we built a fire pit in about an hour with concrete pavers we already had on hand. Now that you know that, here we go.

Im no stranger to repurposing old concrete pavers. As a matter of fact, in our previous home , we took the concrete pavers from the front flower beds and used them to dress up the existing fire pit with pea gravel and pavers.

See how we created a large border around the fire pit? Wait until you see the finished product.

Speaking of repurposing concrete pavers, we did something similar in our current house when I created a DIY outdoor table to hide the grinder pump well.

This was a fun project. As a matter of fact, Im going to use the same principals I used to build this DIY outdoor table for the DIY fire pit. Lets be honest, it kind of looks like a fire pit with a wood top, right?

Let me show you where we are going to put the fire pit.

One of the selling points to this home was all the beautiful live oak trees.

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Mark Your Patio Space

Begin by determining where youll lay your paver patio. Many homeowners prefer to place their patios directly off the back of their home or along the side. This will allow for easy access from your back or side door.

Next, decide on the size and dimensions of your patio. Once youre happy with your decision, use a tape measure and marking spray paint to mark off the work area.

Can I Build A Fire Pit On Top Of Patio Pavers

Yes, but you need to observe a number of things. First of all, if the yard has not yet been built, its recommended that you build the pit first, and then build your yard around it. This allows you to save on materials, make cleaning easier, and protect your patio from the heat of the outdoor fire pit.

If your patio has already been built, you have to insulate it from the heat emanating from the fire pit. This can be done by filling it with sand and rocks. Or, you can use a metal disk, which by the way, will make cleaning easier.

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What Is The Best Material For The Base Can I Use Sand

Sand or gravel, if one of the two is not available to you, no problem, you can choose only one of them. The ideal is to use a combination with both as it makes the base fit better and makes it easier to level it.

Hard rock, gravel, or sand werent meant to reach high temperatures and can spark and explode if your fire gets too hot. For this reason, its recommended that you place materials such as lava rocks or lava glass beads on its base. These materials will attenuate the heat that reaches the sand and the gravel.

Can I Build A Fire Pit Myself

How To Build A Fire Pit Patio With Pavers

We highly recommend you not to. It is essential that you know what types of materials to use when building your fire pit. Forest accidents, skin burns, and heavy environmental fines are just some of the problems you can face if you are not extremely careful. The price of doing the project yourself is just not worth the risk.

Whenever possible, hire qualified personnel or companies to work on your fire pit project. At JS Brick we have 20+ years of experience providing paver Installation, supply, and maintenance services in Sarasota and surrounding cities. For a free estimate on your fire pit project, dont hesitate in leaving us a message or a call.

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How Do You Build A Fire Pit With Pavers

The fire pit pavers are placed on the patio and held in place with Rapid Set mortar mix to a complete circle. Move to the second layer and hold the pavers in place with mortar to the first ring. Complete the paver layering with a third ring. Line the inside of the fire pit with;high-heat furnace cement. This requires 48 hours to settle before use.

How to Build a Fire Pit Patio with Pavers

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Heres Some Basics About Installing Fire Pits In Your Backyard On Different Ground Covers:

  • When installing a fire pit on your existing paver patio, cement the bottom layer of fire pit blocks to your patio to avoid it shifting around. For the bottom of the inside of the fire pit, youll want to either cut out the pavers to reveal the paver sand & gravel underneath OR install fire rated bricks on top of the blocks to protect them.
  • When installing a fire pit on top of grass or another dirt ground cover, youll want to dig out the ground approximately 7 inches and fill with approximately 5 inches gravel for a good fire pit base. Tamp down the gravel several times and make sure its nice and level. Wet down with a garden hose to compact the gravel base even more.
  • When installing a fire pit in a new paver patio , install your fire pit before adding the rest of your pavers. Youll cut the pavers around the fire pit so its nice and snug and and built into your paver patio.

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Building A Fire Pit On An Existing Paver Patio

If you are building your fire pit on an existing paver patio, the process is similar. The biggest difference is that you dont have to dig where you are going to install it. Just position the blocks, make sure they are aligned and touching each other. Fill with the material, as explained in the steps above, place the metal plate . Finally, follow the rest of the steps .

For a portable outdoor fire pit the process is even simpler, just choose where you will place it and be sure to isolate it from the pavers.

Diy Propane Fire Pit Table

Circular Fire Pit Kit DIY – How To Install On Paver Patio In Your Backyard

This good-looking design features a DIY gas fire pit on one end and a small table on the other end. There is also a bottom shelf under the table that comes in handy for storing snacks, drinking glasses, or other items.

Built from lumber, the table can be stained or painted to match any outdoor decor. The lumber used for this build is cut into short lengths, so its easy to recycle leftover lumber from another project to create this propane fire pit table.

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Can A Fire Pit Damage Concrete Patios

Whats better than a patio at dusk in early Summer? A patio at dusk in early Summer with a fire pit.

Nothing complements a slightly cool evening better than the crackling of burning firewood in the moonlight.

Let me set the scene for you the flames dance joyously on the wall of your house, the smoldering wood fills the the air is filled with the smell of charred oak.

And thenBOOM!

Shrapnel falls all around you and your heart is about to burst out of your chest. The heat from your outdoor fire pit just caused your patio to explode. Is this a work of fiction, or can a fire pit damage concrete patios?

Long-time reader Stefanie H. had the same question:

Hey Captain! My wood burning fire pit is causing my grass to die and I was hoping to move it onto our patio. Is this safe?

Stefanie H. Atlanta, GA.

Well Stefanie, Captain Patio is here to give you some guidance. Are you ready? The answer isit depends.

Some fire pits can seriously damage your concrete patio, others are remarkably safe. But even if you have one of the dangerous units, you can take steps to mitigate the problems.

Lay Landscape Fabric And Gravel Base And Compact

Next, make sure the dirt inside the trenched area is level and then put down landscape fabric.

Then bring in your 3/4 minus gravel and spread evenly. We did 4 1/2 inches of gravel base. Once this base is compacted it ended up around 4 inches.

Once you have the gravel spread evenly to the retaining wall, use a Plate Compactor to press the gravel together. You can rent this at a local tool/equipment rental shop.

If your paver patio is small, you could get away with tamping the gravel by hand.but its not fun and this was well worth the rental fee.

It is;best to compact in a circular;fashion and compact your entire gravel base at least 2 to 3 times. This makes sure that the gravel is completely compact and adds life to your paver patio.

When using the plate compactor, you should compact in 4 increments if you plan on having a gravel bed more than 6. You lose the ability to compact lower layers when you go over 6.

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How Many Pavers Are Needed For A Fire Pit

After deciding where to build your paver patio with firepit and how big you want it to be, sit down and quantify the materials required. The length of the paver fire pit multiplied by the width gives its total area in square footage. A 15foot long patio that is 10foot wide is 150square feet. Dividing this total square footage with the surface area of each paver you intend to use gives the total number of pavers required.

Using a ready to install DIY fire pit patio kit with instructions works better. A circular fire pit measuring 37inches in diameter takes 12 pavers of 12 inches for each ring. For three layers of paver rings a total of 36 pavers with a perfect fit can be supplied with instructions and support for building the fire pit.


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