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How To Build A Simple Pergola

The Diy Network Design

How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

If you want to add style and architectural character to your garden, you can try this simple wooden pergola. The plans are for a 6 x 8 feet pergola with 4×4 rafters, which are pressure-treated for durability and longevity.

Since the overhangs of the pergola extend up to 20 inches, take that into account when you choose a building spot. And keep in mind that the network of rafters and beams over little protection against the sun.

Getting Started On How To Build A Pergola

Heres a summer project designed to keep you cooler on even the hottest of days. The classical columns support an overhead wooden lattice that works like a big shade tree, letting only a portion of the suns radiance shine through.

What looks like the toughest part of this pergola plans project is actually the easiestthe graceful, solid-looking columns. Theyre not wood at all but a hollow-core composite material with amazing structural strength and durability. Weve designed the pergola plans so you simply slip these columns over treated 4×4 posts embedded in concrete. When screwed to the wooden posts, these columns provide a stable, solid base for the overhead lattice framework.

These paintable precast columns are available by special order at home centers. They come in a wide variety of diameters and heights and architectural styles.

Pressure-treated dimensional 2x8s and 2x10s make up the majority of the upper framework, and the decorative end pieces are cut with a jigsaw from our pergola plans. The whole project can be built in a couple of weekends, with another weekend for staining and painting.

We built our pergola over an existing stone patio that saved a lot of patio work. If youre planning to install a patio as part of your overall project, youll need to allow extra time.

The White Picket Fence Plan

You might build this deck pergola to cover the entire deck or only a portion of it. In contrast to other pergolas, this one has a checkered wooden frame instead of boards. Moreover, some of the squares have lattice woodwork. Depending on the amount of sunlight you want, you can add a lattice to every square or only in the corners.

This Japanese-style pergola is suitable for people who have rich experience in woodworking. It features a roof with support beams with shade elements. You can space as wide as you want, depending on how much shade you need. You can make it from cedar, redwood or pine, which are perfect for a humid environment. For a fancier look, you can also build brick and stone walls around the perimeter.

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Materials To Build A Simple Pergola

  • Two 10 treated 4 x 4s for upright posts
  • One 8 treated 4 x 4 for top beam
  • Seven 2 sections of 2 x 2 for cross pieces
  • Small pieces of 1/2 x 4 to cover brackets
  • One bag of concrete mix
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Hammer and nails
  • As far as DIY projects go, this is a pretty easy one that will make a big impact. If you can dig holes, and make straight cuts through a board, you can build this simple pergola.

    This is a single post pergola, so you can put it anywhere you want. Heres the instructions how to do it:

    The Plant Deck Hangers Build

    Pergola Designs Designs no. 1757

    The Lowes deck pergola with plant hangers is a heavily customizable option that has a modern appeal with its exposed bolts and cables. Its identified as an advanced skill level plan that takes one weekend to build and will cost under $500 in total.

    Youll need to have a couple of tools handy including a circular or compound miter saw, drill and bit set, as well as some treated lumber. The image shows a pergola designed to fit a 12 x 14 deck but Lowes instructions help you to customize it to fit your property.

    They advise woodworkers to contact a local utility company to ensure that when you dig the post footings that you dont intercept any buried lines and pipes.

    Since youll be working with pressure-treated lumber, they also advise that you take some safety precautions including wearing a dust mask and goggles to avoid exposure to unhealthy chemicals. Indeed, this is a particularly professional and attractive looking option.

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    Pergola Attached To A House Plans

    These are plans for a pergola that will actually be attached to the backside of your house. It is meant to cover a patio space so it can be better enjoyed.

    I love these pergolas because they are a classic touch to any home and add a lot of style. Not to mention, pergolas make a space that is often too hot to enjoy a most enjoyable space.

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    The Backyard Bliss Build

    The Handmade Home has a motto love where are you dwell and as part of their Backyard Bliss series provides instructions how to build a pergola. These handy homeowners decided to start their project in the winter so that it will be ready for the warmer weather in the spring and summer. They used southern pine and provide a thorough review of the different sizing considerations particularly because of their tricky backyard set up. As you can see in the image, two of the posts are planted in the lawn while the rear two are against the house on the cement foundation that had previously been laid.

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    How To Build A Modern Pergola

    Theres nothing quite like a beautiful, modern pergola to add value to your homes exterior. When that pergola is a streamlined, two-toned piece of functional art, thats all the more valuable. In this article, we will point you to the articles that walk you, step-by-step, through the process of building a pergola that will look gorgeous and function wonderfully for your backyard living. There are a variety of methods for doing this, so be sure to browse through all the steps to see if one way matches better what you have in mind.

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    How To Build A Pergola

    How To Build A Pergola (EASY!)

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    A pergola is an open outdoor structure that is made up of wooden posts and has a trussed roof. To build a pergola you’ll need to prepare and measure a space in your yard before laying down the foundation posts. Once a strong foundation is in place, you’ll finish the project by constructing the roof. With the right materials and forethought, you can build a sturdy pergola that can add some style to your yard’s decor and can create a shaded area where you can relax and socialize.

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    Diy Pergola With Lattice Border From Ryobi Nation

    This one is actually a pergola with the built-in swing, but its design is totally inspiring to try. It has the lattice borders on its sides which will enhance the comfort when you enjoy some easy times on your patio.

    It also has such a small floating table to provide great convenience in storing some outdoor stuff around.

    The String Light Cedar Build

    This outdoor pergola is situated on a concrete slab, and its perfect if you want to create a comfortable outdoor space for your evenings and movie nights. Another thing youll notice about this pergola design is that there are two layers of lattice boards, with the second one running perpendicular to the first.

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    Set Posts In Concrete

    As you dig your holes, put the soil in a wheelbarrow and find a place to relocate it away from your site. Save any gravel or sand to reinstall pavers. You may need to move a post slightly. We shifted one post near the house to create an entry along the steps.

    Reconnect your layout string to make sure the holes are aligned. Cut your forming tubes and insert them into the holes. Level the tops of the forming tubes until theyre flush with the patio surface. If you mix the concrete on site, youll need about five bags of Quikrete or Sakrete concrete mix per hole, for a total of 30 bags. Add your 60-in. posts and pour concrete around them.

    As you set your posts, reposition your string line about 1-3/4 in. to allow for the post thickness and then align the posts with your string line as you pour in the concrete.

    Note: If you have a post thats 1/2 in. out of whack, dont sweat it. Youll be able to align the tops of the columns later when you install the overhead beam. Once the posts are embedded in concrete, let the concrete harden for a minimum of two days.

    The Fancy Seated Pergola

    How to Build a Pergola

    This pergola is extra special. It has quite a few fancy touches. However, if you are looking for something a little different then this could very well be what you need.

    It is not just a pergola. It has a seating area beneath it for you to enjoy that is actually attached to the pergola itself.

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    The Large Pergola Plans

    These plans are meant for building a large pergola. This is going to cover more than your average size deck.

    If you have a place for a large picnic area or even a really large sitting area then this might be the size pergola youve been looking for. The plans are detailed so that should help make this project a little easier.

    Set The Beam Over The Pergola Columns

    Next, slip the molded base over the top of the column and then slip the capital on as well. Its best not to fasten these in place until the project is nearly completed. Measure the length of the front and back 2×10 beams , making them 3 in. less than the outside of the column tops, cut them to length and walk it up the ladder.

    Note: If you have a column that wont quite straighten up, you can have someone push it straight up and down and then fasten it in place with the steel brackets from above.

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    The Boring To Brilliant Pergola

    I love how this pergola absolutely transformed their sitting area from a boring little backyard area to an amazing, party-worthy area.

    If you have a backyard spot quite like this, how could you not invite people over to enjoy it? They were able to extend their sitting area and throw a pergola over half of it. It is a great divider and adds a lot of charm.

    How Avo Fence & Supply Can Help

    How to Build a Pergola on a Deck: DIY Modern Pergola Tutorial

    AVO Fence & Supply has a wide variety of customizable pergola kits that would look beautiful in your garden. With styles from classic to contemporary in cedar or vinyl, theres really one for every occasion.

    With more than 40 years of experience in the Northeast, the artisans at AVO Fence & Supply handcraft each piece to suit the project you envision. Not only that, but they also offer expert advice to help your piece really stand out and stand the test of time.

    Contact AVO Fence & Supply today for your professional consultation, to make your dream pergola a reality.

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    Small Diy Pergola By Diy Network

    If you have a quite large patio and find it quite tricky to cover it all with a huge pergola, this one shows you how to make it simple. You just need to build a small pergola to shade the seating area of the patio.

    Since we mostly spend the time on our patio set, its such a good idea to just place a pergola on top of it. Its easier to execute and, of course, saves lots of money.

    White Pergola With Glass Roof

    The stunning white pergola with a glass panel for its roof which will give your backyard a superbly beautiful touch. With its design, the pergola provides a great shade while still lets the sunlight to come through indirectly.

    Then, the white curtains are also added to enhance its beauty and comfort at the same time. You can include it in your DIY pergola ideas list if you are willing to spend a lot for your project.

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    How To Build Your Pergola The Simple Steps To Success

    Over the years, we ended up creating quite a few more pergolas for friends, neighbors and family. Below, we share the simple secrets and tips we have learned over the years to create a beautiful structure that lasts. All of course, with keeping an eye on the budget!

    Here is a look below at our biggest keys to success, step by step:

    #1 Choosing The Right Lumber

    Building a strong, attractive pergola all starts with choosing the right lumber. One thing we have learned is that 4 x 4 posts are simply not strong enough to hold up over time. Nor is wood that is 1 inch thick or less for the top of the structure.

    We use only 6 x 6 treated posts, and 2x treated lumber for building our pergolas. Although there are thinner and less costly options, the thickness of 2x lumber gives the piece massive long-term strength and durability.

    As for what type of wood to use, we have found treated lumber to be the most economical and durable choice. By far! Cedar is an option, but the cost of cedar is astronomical. And in many cases, cedar will still warp and twist.

    Treated lumber has come a long way in the past few years. Its also extremely versatile. It can be left to weather to a natural grey patina, or painted or stained to match existing colors. And it builds one beautiful, strong and affordable pergola!

    What Does It Cost To Build Your Own Pergola

    The Kitchen Island Plan

    How to Build a Pergola

    Another unique option, this outdoor kitchen pergola provides a shaded area as well as a work island for food preparation and serving.

    The countertop includes a sink as well as drawers and cabinets- the countertop can accommodate a miniature refrigerator as well as an icemaker. Built from resilient cedar this outdoor cooking station is a unique build and perfect for backyard barbecues and parties.

    The downloadable blueprints run to 14 pages and provide comprehensive instructions regarding the tools and materials that you need, a cutting list and articulate assembly directions.

    Ron Hazletons website is a home-improvement resource that provides instructions for creating a freestanding, hurricane-resistant pergola that can be tucked away in the corner of your yard.

    He recommends designing it with enough interior spaciousness that you can accommodate garden furniture and perhaps even a hot tub. His instructions will walk you through assessing for electric, water and gas lines prior to inserting posts into the ground.

    As well, a video guide walks you through aligning the back corner stake, tying markers down to figure out post positions, marking post holes, digging the post holes with a post hole digger, pouring in the dry concrete mix, attaching temporary supports, installing the carriage bolts, and finally attaching the cross beams with hurricane-grade clips.

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    Plans For A Large Wooden Pergola

    Pergolas can be small for a swing or aslarge as a deck. You can make it as huge as you want it to be or just as simpleas something to hang your plants on. This is a plan to construct a very largewooden pergola.

    This can be a structure placed on your deck,near your pool, as the highlight of your garden or a venue for an event orparty. But no matter what or how you want to use this pergola you will surelylove its wide roof area with plenty of promising styles to create.

    The Diy Freestanding Garden Blueprint

    This freestanding garden pergola has a 10 x 10 feet base, but the plans allow you to modify it to any size your want. For an 8 x 8 wooden pergola, the beams and crossbeams will be 10 feet, while for a larger the beams will measure 14 feet. There is a handy pergola building guide and detailed schematics so that it wont be difficult even for an amateur to build this garden structure.

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    Easy Diy Pergola Projects That You Can Build On A Budget

    Create shade and a great outdoor living area with a DIY pergola. Here are 24 easy ideas to build it on a budget!

    A pergola is an outdoor construction that gives shade in your backyard. Its usually more than just shade for a walkway and you can create a whole living area for your family outings in the backyard. Weve picked only the easiest ideas that will help you build a pergola yourself . Check these out!

    What’s Inside?

    How to build a beautiful DIY pergola Free building plan with step by step drawings and lots of detailed photos.


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