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How To Build A Wooden Pergola

Building A Wood Pergola

How to build a simple wooden pergola

Building a pergola is a wonderful way to bring shade and shelter to a backyard concrete patio and a great upgrade to your outdoor living area. For those who feel up to the task and would like to try and build one yourself, we have included several DIY tips for building a wood pergola in this post to help.

How To Build A Diy Wood Pergola For A Swing

Follow this tutorial to learn how to build a DIY wood pergola for a swing. These pergolas are perfect for an outdoor patio or garden.

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Wooden pergolas can be a great option for your home. They are a simple, yet ornate structure that can enhance your yard.

However, you may be wondering why you should build a pergola since most pergolas dont do a very good job at keeping off the sun or the rain. What is the point of a pergola?

What Is Best Way To Seal A Cedar Pergola

The best way to seal a cedar pergola is prior to assembly. Its always easier and less messy to seal a pergola prior to construction.

If your pergola is already constructed, you can still simply use a rag, paint brush, roller or sprayer to apply wood sealer or Linseed oil for a clear seal. Just make sure and protect anything around the pergola, that you dont want to seal, with a cover.

Most stains also contain a sealer to help protect the stain and wood from fading, so you can likely skip this step when using a quality stain.

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Why Do You Want A Pergola

  • To create a shaded area
  • To eat or prepare meals
  • To practice your hobbies
  • To add to your outdoor space
  • To add green to your garden

The reason behind your kiosk, pavilion or pergola will help decide the best location for its installation. As for the ideal dimensions, they must respect the urban planning rules of your city or neighbourhood. They should also consider the standards of the Quebec Construction Code.

The Partial Shade Blueprint

Pergola ideas: We built our pergola with a wood base and ...

Rona provides a template for this basic-style weekend project pergola, saying its ideal to shade a walkway, complement a backyard deck, or situate in a garden for the benefit of plants. You can even try hanging flower pots from it.

When it comes to constructing a freestanding pergola, they recommend you contact your local building office to see if you require a permit or not. As well, its recommended that if you are drilling posts, that you connect with local utility companies to ensure you wont be cutting into any important underground connections.

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The Garden Party Backyard Idea

This patio pergola is a backyard option designed to jazz up your outdoor area. Its perfect for recreational use, though My Outdoor Plans cautions that youll need to judiciously place it, otherwise there could be negative landscaping consequences.

It makes sense to do your homework prior to beginning one of these woodworking projects- there are so many different styles available to choose from that many builders often decide to mix-and-match elements from different design plans.

The materials list helpfully includes all of the different items youll need to assemble this particular pergola, including wooden posts, support beams, carriage bolts, shading elements, screws, slats, braces, and footings. They cautioned that if your home is in a particularly windy area, you might need to embed the posts in concrete or even lock down the entire structure with braces.

The Western Red Cedar Bench Plan

This western red cedar option includes bench seating and is marketed as a defining enhancement for an outdoor living area. It has an L-shaped layout that is two level.

The downloadable PDF provides comprehensive instructions for assembling the main pergola, the seating area and the bench. A helpful video walk-through provides additional feedback for woodworkers looking to embark on this fun, DIY project.

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The Recycled Wood Build

This upcycled wood pergola was built from a demolished deck. The woodworker wanted to make it on the cheap. He was able to pick up all of the scrap lumber for free, but did have to spend a long time extracting all of the nails and screws from the lumber.

They decided to install this option on their outdoor deck where a preassembled gazebo had been situated for number of years. The roof eves beams have cut off ends that fill the gaps and hide the hangers and its strung up with Christmas lights that provide attractive evening ambiance for backyard barbecue cookouts.

How To Build A Pergola Setting The Posts

How to build Wooden PERGOLA

We will use a 6 x 6 post and we want the height to be 10 feet. So for a post anchored to the concrete you will need a 10 foot 6 x 6 and if you are sinking them in the ground you will need a 12 foot 6 x 6.

If you are sinking them in the ground, dig a hole with your post hole diggers and shovel, 2 feet deep. Set the post in the holes and pour in a bag of Quikrete. Soak it with water. Now take your level and make sure your posts are level. Once they are, brace each one on at least 3 sides with your 2 x 4s by nailing them to the 6 x 6s and staking the 2 x 4s into the ground.

If you are attaching them to the concrete, first set the ones that will go in the ground, into the ground. Next, place your post anchors where they will go and attach them with some Tapcon screws. You will need to pre-drill the hole with a hammer drill and a masonry bit. If you dont have a hammer drill, you can use a regular one, but as you are drilling make sure to make a hammering up and down motion to help the drill bit perform better. Next attach the 6 x 6 to the post anchor. This will depend on the type of post anchor you use, so follow the instructions that come with the anchor. Now level the post and brace it with 2 x 4s.

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The Backyard Bliss Build

The Handmade Home has a motto love where are you dwell and as part of their Backyard Bliss series provides instructions how to build a pergola. These handy homeowners decided to start their project in the winter so that it will be ready for the warmer weather in the spring and summer. They used southern pine and provide a thorough review of the different sizing considerations particularly because of their tricky backyard set up. As you can see in the image, two of the posts are planted in the lawn while the rear two are against the house on the cement foundation that had previously been laid.

The Backyard Roof Design

If you want a video walkthrough, this design comes with a helpful instructional video guide. The printable instructions cover how to build out this shady structure and even customize its dimensions for the best fit.

We found that the instructions were particularly helpful with the initial difficulty of installing vertical posts that are all the same height.

Indeed, the thorough design plans provided by Mother Earth News cover the installation of the pergola posts, how to make pyramid cuts, how to place the cross beams, shaping the lap joints, raising the roof boards, installing the lattice panels, and applying the finish.

They used peeled polls from foraged wood, though they remarked that this can be a little bit difficult because this found wood can be irregularly shaped.

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When Trying To Decide The Length Of Pergola Posts Needed For Your Wood Pergola Kit There Are A Few Things To Consider

Best wood for pergola posts. Now that you know various ways to safely anchor a pergola to the ground, it’s time to continue with your construction project. Each company come up with their best value for money design and claim to be the best. Select the site for the pergola and mark the placement of the four posts.

We also stock additional accessories for you to upgrade and give your new pergola, or existing one, a new appearance. Finding the best material for pergolas is more a matter of finding the right one for you. Throughout the year, british weather throws a fair few challenges the way of our outdoor furniture.

So, to do a good job, your wood needs durability rot, insect and moisture resistance as well as density and scratch resistance. Cut joist beams from 2 x 10 boards to span the pergola posts. Pergolas are instant gathering places and provide a beautiful boost to the exterior of your home.

When we prefer to choose the wood material as the construction material of the pergola, we have to consider first the condition of our space where we are going to install or place the pergola. Immediately recognizable by the distinct red hue, western red cedar is our number once pick as the best wood for an outdoor pergola, pavilion, or any other outdoor structure.simply put: To ensure the best one for your specific needs, evaluating essential factors will help you choose a.

Wall Mount Pergola Kit with SHADE SAIL for 4×4 Wood Posts

Pin on outdoor

The Plant Deck Hangers Build

How To Build A Wooden Pergola

The Lowes deck pergola with plant hangers is a heavily customizable option that has a modern appeal with its exposed bolts and cables. Its identified as an advanced skill level plan that takes one weekend to build and will cost under $500 in total.

Youll need to have a couple of tools handy including a circular or compound miter saw, drill and bit set, as well as some treated lumber. The image shows a pergola designed to fit a 12 x 14 deck but Lowes instructions help you to customize it to fit your property.

They advise woodworkers to contact a local utility company to ensure that when you dig the post footings that you dont intercept any buried lines and pipes.

Since youll be working with pressure-treated lumber, they also advise that you take some safety precautions including wearing a dust mask and goggles to avoid exposure to unhealthy chemicals. Indeed, this is a particularly professional and attractive looking option.

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How To Build A Pergola Finishing Up

If you are painting your pergola you can fill in any holes from your recessed boards with a little wood putty. Otherwise paint, sand or leave the wood as is.

Also always protect your outside wood with paint or a sealer.

Now break out the steaks, invite your friends over and enjoy your new pergola! See learning how to build a pergola isnt so hard.

Building A Wood Pergola 5 Simple Steps To Success

#1 Select The Right Lumber

Creating a sturdy, long-lasting pergola all begins by selecting the right lumber for the project. To create a wood pergola that will stand up to the rigors of outdoor life, that means staying far away from wood that is too thin, or wont hold up over time.

Thick, rough-sawn cedar is a beautiful look, but can certainly be expensive. Treated lumber is an excellent, durable, and cost effective option to cedar for creating a strong and beautiful pergola.

Treated lumber is by far the most economical choice of all. Although prices have soared over the last year, it is still the best option when it comes to creating your outdoor masterpiece. Although cedar is rot resistant, it can still have warping and failure issues if too thin, or if not treated or stained. And the price of cedar? Well, astronomical is probably the best description of all!

Treated lumber has come a long way from the wavy, warped board available years back. Not only can it be left natural for those who want the a weathered look, it can also be stained or painted to match any decor. Rough-sawn untreated pine is an option, but it must be stained or painted.

The rough texture of rough-sawn wood will hold up better that planed wood. If using untreated wood, the posts should always be mounted above ground.

#2 Use Sturdy Posts

Like any structure, a pergola is only as strong as its framework. And for a pergola, that means investing in thick, strong posts and frame boards.

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How Far Apart Should Pergola Slats Be

The 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 shade slats are designed to be installed with 8 3/8 spacing between each slat. Shade slats are designed to extend approximately 8 1/4 past the last rafter. Measurement includes the pre-installed pergola ends. Your goal is to ensure that all the shade slats overhang equally to the eye.

The Freestanding Classic Design

How to: Build a Rowlinson Verona FSC Wooden Pergola with a Canopy

This classic freestanding pergola shade offers a sitting area for relaxation and protection against direct sun rays. You can add furniture to transform it into a dining area or a lounge. The builder recommends that you use cedar, pressure-treated lumber, or Sienna Brown treated wood, which is his choice. He also uses Thompsons wood protector products to protect the construction from UV damage and harsh weather conditions.

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Adapting The Free Pergola Plans

The example design is just that, an example, with easy to change elements to suit your own unique style preferences and situation. Simple or elaborate, large or small, build it as you wish!

The free pergola plans will still work for any shape or size, even if the look is significantly different – using thicker wood, making rafter tails longer, changing the shape of the structure and the decorative rafter tail ends, having rafters running in only one direction and closer together, using a raised rafter style, or having rafters sitting fully on top of the supports. There are so many things you can do.

See Adapting The Plans for more ideas and details.

Here is one that has been adapted from the free pergola plans, with raised rafters, and purlins for extra shade…

Ray adapted the corner pergola plans to fit around his pointed decking area.

Many people make the changes in this way and create amazing structures. The instructions for making a triangular pergola are freely available.

How To Attach A Wood Pergola To House

If you would like to have your wood pergola attached to a house, you will need to install a header board with lag bolts along the length of the house where pergola is built.

Make sure to use the appropriate hardware for attaching to the home. For example, if you have a brick home, make sure to secure the header board using lag bolts made to hold through brick and other stonework.

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Catalina Cabana Pergola 4 Piece Sofa Seating Group With Sunbrella Cushions

View in gallery

This type of pergola is a very unique one because it has built in seating. The seating is a steel furniture frame and has 4-piece sofa cushions. The seating also fits 6 people comfortably. You can tell by the design that its meant to be near a pool, or a certain corner of a backyard. It is a barnwood stained cedar, which means it has a beautiful color and it is very sturdy.

Resistant Wooden Pergola With Summer Kitchen

Build a Pergola

From that moment on, you have to think about the roof. You can simply attach a canvas roof to protect you from the sun. But if you want more durable and fixed construction, then go for a wooden roof. It would be better to choose a sloping roof to prevent the rain from stagnating there, during bad weather.

After having made your pergola, you can finally start to personalize it. For this, you can already repaint it with colors or decorate it with patterns. You can then arrange it according to what you are going to do with it.

Above all, be sure to have chosen the right type of pergola according to its usefulness. The back-to-back or wall-mounted pergola is essentially decorative and is also suitable for taking advantage of additional living space. That is to say that you can arrange it to be able to enjoy your meals outdoors or simply to use it as protection for your flowers.

The wooden arbor is timeless and very resistant. It is a natural insulator, which, moreover, allows climbing flowers to grow throughout wooden pergola construction. So, take your courage in both hands and embark on this practical and pretty project.

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How Do You Build A Pergola Without Digging

pergola footings without digging Pergola Footings that Install with an Impact wrench & support 19,000 lbs. Minimum Diameter. Back fill holes or around forms. Mix And CONTINUOUSLY pour cement. Remove Sod and organic material at locations of pergola footings. drive the auger down into the soil. Attach 6×6 post saddle to footing.

How To Build A Wooden Pergola

Step 1

With a string line I plotted post holes measuring about 2.3m wide. I dug 500mm deep x 350mm wide holes and then used the string line to help set the post stirrups to the right heights. I used the quick set cement as it sets quickly and you don’t need stirrup bracing. Lastly I covered the concrete with a 3cm topping of sand and cement mix to a neat dome.

Step 2

I sat the post on the first stirrup, propped it, then bored bolt holes through them. I then tightened them on making sure the post was dead straight. I did the same with each post making sure they were all lined up.

Step 3

The first end fascia beam was next. This beam was wider so the post had to be cut 90mm higher. I leveled the fascia top height against the house and attached a support to the steel stud with tech screws. I checked out a 240mm x 35mm seat on the top of the post for the beam to sit on, sat the pre-cut beam on the post, clamped it, bored and bolted the beam to the post and secured the beam to the house joist hanger. I did the same to the other end fascia.

Step 4

The inner posts were 90mm shorter, but the same process was used. All check outs were sealed before bolting together. I used stringlines and levels to keep level lines between posts.

Step 5

Step 6

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