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How To Clean Aluminum Patio Enclosures

If You Want To Use A Gentler Solution

Economical Aluminum Patio Cover

Aside from bleach, theres a natural and gentle solution you can use white vinegar and warm water. Vinegar is an effective ingredient against removing mold and mildew.

Mix white vinegar and warm water with a 50-50 ratio in a spray bottle and then spray it on affected areas. After, use a soft bristle brush or sponge to clean the stubborn mildew, moss, algae, and mold.

You can choose to rinse your enclosure or leave it to air dry. The solution leaves an acidic residue that hinders mold growth. If youre worried about the smell, it dissipates once its dry.

Environmental Black Streaking And Tar

Black streaks occur when calcium, lime, iron, and other minerals accumulate on your patios vertical surfaces and then are washed down by accumulating condensation. All vertical surfaces are susceptible, but those in cities and humid climates are most vulnerable. Cleaning them may require a trip to the store for a product specializing in the removal of environmental black streaks. Many Renaissance Patio owners swear by Gutter Zap 4 others have had success with LAs Totally Awesome.

Tar, caulking compounds, and other sticky messes should be tackled with mineral spirits. Do not use a knife or razor black to scrape off the mess, as it can damage your patios protective coding. For the same reason, you should not use sandpaper or abrasive pastes to get rid of tar or caulking. Instead, apply the mineral spirits directly to the offending substances. Wipe it off and rinse thoroughly.

Soak Manually Brush And Dry

Before you use other methods, you can first start cleaning your enclosure by hand. Youll be needing a bucket, a soft bristle brush, a garden hose, and a chamois or a sunny day.

You can first brush the screen to remove loose leaves and debris. Make sure to use a soft and small-bristled brush to not damage your enclosure. You can also use a blower to clean the roof of your screen enclosure, similar to the video above. Next, you have to clean the stains caused by fingerprints, dead insects, and weathering.

First, soak the screen and frames using the garden hose and then gently scrub it with warm water mixed with dish soap. Thoroughly rinse it afterward and check for any spots that you may have missed. After going through it again, do one final rinse. You can allow it to air dry or wipe it with chamois. You need to dry it because otherwise, there might be drip marks that will ruin your hard work.

If there are still some areas you cant clean, then youll need to resort to other methods or use chemicals.

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Can I Install The Enclosure Myself

If you are a handy individual, you should be able to do so. The average dome enclosure requires two people, 2 4 hours to install. The floor rails are mounted to a flat surface, the panels are affixed to the rail, and the roof and doors are installed. Typical Pool enclosures require 2-4 people and take one to two days to install.

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Start With A Little Deep Cleaning On Doors And Windows

Make sure youre starting with a clean slate before you moisten things up! Start by vacuuming debris from the door and window tracts in your enclosure using a shop vacuum.

You can also use a hose to blast any stubborn, caked-on debris away. Additionally, this is a good time to detail the doorway and tracks using a wet cloth.

How To Paint An Aluminum Patio Enclosure Or Lanai

An aluminum patio or lanai is a huge selling point for a home. If youve just bought a new home with one or are just looking to spruce up your current one, youll be looking into what it takes. Since its outside and metal, deciding on what paint to use and how to apply it can bring you to a standstill. Weve done all the research for you to give you an answer!

The biggest step in this whole process is the preparation of the aluminum. The overall project DIY will take 3-4 days, which is just about the same time a professional would take, but youll save a lot more money. Below weve listed the steps to follow to paint your aluminum enclosure:

  • Sand down metal
  • Paint
  • Seal
  • The steps are nice and easy to follow but will require some elbow grease. In the end, youll have a new-looking enclosure to enjoy the outdoors. Well go more in-depth about each step and talking about what types of paint to use. Keep reading to find out all this and more!

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    Protection Of The Enclosure Against Heavy Snow

    You should prevent an accumulation of higher amounts of snow on the enclosure during winter. The weight of wet snow is several times higher than fresh snow. For example one foot of new snow weights 5.2 lbs/sf while 3-5 inches of compacted snow weighs 5.2 lbs/sf and 1 inch of ice weights 5.2 lbs/sf . When removing the snow from the enclosure, it should be done symmetrically, preferably from both sides at once, so that the structure is not unevenly loaded.

    How To Build Patio Screen Enclosure

    Maintenance on you DIY Alumawood Insulated (IRP) Patio Cover kit BY:

    Lucie, viera, palm bay, and the beach towns for over 25 years.Once you have the screen enclosure framework installed, rolling the screen using spline and a rollerknife screening tool.One of our custom built screen rooms makes relaxing outside not so challenging.Our design experts can help you by building a screen enclosure to compliment your homes design and your budget.

    Our enclosed patios can be built from scratch, or installed over an existing patio or deck.Outdoor room & patio enclosures.Patio enclosures are available screened or fully enclosed using fiberglass, acrylic or vinyl products.Patio enclosures protect you and your patio from inclement weather, bugs, debris and much more.

    Patio screen enclosures keep you cooler during intense summer months.Place the screen over the framework and insert spline into groove with hand to get started, ensuring the flat side of the spline is against the framework.Screen room bronze screen room with knee wall enclosing an existing front porch.Screen room sandstone screen room with knee wall enclosing existing covered patio.

    Screen room white screen room with a solid knee wall and gable roof.Screen room white screen room with picket railing system enclosing a covered front porch.Screened in porches utilize your existing foundation or deck.Screening in a patio keeps harsh weather from ruining your outdoor experience.

    You will need to hire an engineer.

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    Cleaning Aluminium Frames On The Outside

    Follow these simple instructions for cleaning aluminium on your external door and window frames:

  • Use a hose to douse your door or window frames with water. This will remove much of the superficial dirt, making the job a lot easier.

  • Scrub the frames with a detergent solution or a special aluminium cleaner. Make sure to follow the directions on the label and test any product on a small area

  • Wipe down the frames, from the top to the bottom. Use a damp cloth. This method will prevent gravity from pulling the dirty water onto the cleaned portions.

  • Rinse with clean water. Be sure to rinse away any dirt or cleaning product residue.

  • Tips For Cleaning Your Patio Screen Enclosure

    That attractive pool or patio screen enclosure keeps out leaves and gives you a wonderful sense of privacy. It turns your outdoor space into a personal getaway as you gaze across the yard and up at the beautiful Florida sky. In a perfect world, youd never be looking through streaks or dirty spots. In reality, cleaning your patio screen enclosure takes a little work, but the right strategies keep this backyard chore manageable.

    Spray, Scrub and DryJust like washing the windows, cleaning your patio screen enclosure is important because it keeps a sparkle in your view, but it also helps extend screen and frame life. The actual job of cleaning your screen enclosure only requires a sunny afternoon, the garden hose and a mix of mild dish soap and warm water. Soak the enclosure first, and then give it a thorough scrub with a soft bristle brush. Spray everything down for a final rinse with an eye for any stubborn spots that might need a second pass. Finish up by snap-drying the screens to shake off excess water, or wipe them with a chamois. Otherwise, drips might leave streaks that undo your good work.

    Know Your Limits

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    X3 Aluminum Screen Frame

    Increasing the size of the frame to the stronger 2″ x 3″ posts allows you to increase the size of the openings while still maintaining up to a 40psf snow load rating. They are similar in style and function to the 2×2 system, but can support more roof load due to the larger construction. These systems have engineering available, so the preferred choice when a building permit is needed.

    Use A Pressure Washer

    How to clean a screen patio enclosure

    For those grimy areas that dont want to budge, you can use a pressure washer to clean it. To eliminate stubborn stains and mold, power wash your enclosures screens and frames. This is considered one of the most convenient methods to clean screen enclosures and great for hard to reach areas.

    The high pressure combined with hot water usually eliminates most of the mold and grime on the screen. But before turning it up, start with a low pressure so your screens wont get damaged. You can also use this method to clean your pool deck, under-truss lanai, and porch. If you dont have a pressure washer, you can rent or buy one from a hardware store.

    Heres a video of how to clean a screen enclosure with a screen roof, specifically a pool cage, using the two methods mentioned above.

    First, apply a cleaning solution on the screens. For the next two steps, youll need to soft brush the inside and outside of the screens. After, youll need to power wash the screens with medium pressure. Then youre done! You can let it air dry or use a chamois to wipe excess water.

    But scrubbing and power washing can only remove most of the mold, algae, or mildew. To clean these leftover grime, youll need to use chemicals.

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    How Do You Clean Aluminum Screen Enclosures

    cleanscreen enclosurescreens

    . Besides, how do you clean algae from a screen enclosure?

    A solution of half vinegar and half warm water is the right concentration to take care of problem areas on your pool deck or screen enclosure. Using a sponge or scrub brush dipped in the vinegar solution, clean away visible mold, mildew or algae. If you like, you can skip the rinse and leave the solution to air dry.

    Likewise, how do you clean a dirty patio screen? Clean porch screens with warm water and a nonammoniated all-purpose cleaner using a scrub or utility brush, washing the mesh as well as the frame. Rinse the screens thoroughly with a garden hose, and allow them to air dry. Between deep cleanings, whisk away dust and dirt with a hand-held vacuum or a soft counter brush.

    In respect to this, how do I clean my aluminum pool cage frame?

    A great way to maintain your enclosure is to wash it with a mixture of mild soap and water. You can use dish soap for this purpose as well. During the cleaning process, try stroking the enclosure with a soft bristle brush. Always scrub with an up and down, side to side or in a front to back manner.

    How do you pressure wash a pool screen enclosure?

    A. Use a mild soap and water mixture, such as dish soap. Using a soft bristle brush, scrub from side to side, up and down, front and back, and then rinse the screen soap free with a garden hose. After rinsing, snap-dry the screens to shake off most of the water then allow them to air dry.

    Cleaning Screen And Sunrooms Glass Acrylic And Screening

    The glass panels in your sunroom can be cleaned with vinegar and newspaper or with any of the commercial glass cleaners. Avoid using solvents, abrasives, or razors to remove paint or other stuck-on gunk from your windows. And powerwashers do not help and could potentially damage window panes.

    Glass cleaner should never be used on acrylic or polycarbonate panels designed to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Clean them using only mild detergents and water. Rinse thoroughly to prevent soap buildup which can attract dirt.

    The fine mesh that surrounds Renaissance Patios screen rooms can be removed during winter if you will not be using the room. Clean them with soapy water and a hose before reinstalling.

    Routine cleaning and maintenance will keep your Renaissance Patio looking new and providing decades of family fun. If you havent had one installed yet, contact us to explore the possibilities of creating your very own backyard oasis.

    Ready to talk to an expert about your new patio?Get your custom quote or call us at

    Renaissance Patio Products manufactures beautiful high quality, affordable, durable patio covers for homes across the United States. Let us connect you with one of our patio dealers today and make your patio your new favorite space at home.

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    How To Reduce Leaks And Maintain Your Aluminum Patio Roof

    • at4:50 pm

    Rule # 1 Never use Tar products to seal this type of roof as it rarely fixes a problem and it must be thoroughly cleaned before it can be properly repaired.

    Rule # 2 It must be kept clean and free of limbs or leaves. Because leaves and debris stop the water from flowing normally through the gutter and downspouts.

    I recommend making a deal with your lawn guy to keep it clean. If you have trees nearby or overhead.You are at potential for leaks. If homeowners keep them clean this roof is the perfect patio roof system.

    Structural Panel roof systems can be damaged from excessive handling and should use caution walking on the panels . Best to use 2 or 3 sheets of plywood to protect the top aluminum skin.

    We recommend cleaning the top thoroughly and chemical clean all the connections so the are free of oil or any other contaminant. Then apply a liquid sealant, fiber mesh, and sealed again over the mesh. Here in the Florida area a reseal will last about 6-8 years. If kept clean and gutter and spouts work you can get much longer.

    How To Clean A Lanai Pool Enclosure

    Aluminum Patio Cover in Upland California

    If you have an outdoor living space, you know how difficult it can be to keep it clean. Whether it be a porch, a patio, a veranda, or a lanai, youll want to keep the area tidy, especially if you have a pool.

    Check out our helpful tips for keeping your outdoor spaces clean so you can get the best use out of them. Keep reading to learn all about lanais and how to maintain them.

    What is a Lanai?

    The word lanai is used to describe a type of covered or enclosed porch. Lanais are typically a combination of a porch and covered patio area as they are designed in a house floor plan and often have part of the roof over them.

    Lanais are very popular in places with tropical climates, like Hawaii and Florida. They can also be furnished as if it is an additional room in a house.

    Many homeowners add a screen enclosure to their lanai because it offers a great way to experience the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of your own home. A lanai enclosure is a good option for creating an additional outdoor living space thats perfect for relaxing, or entertaining family and friends.

    Benefits of Adding a Screen Enclosure to Your Lanai

    The screen allows people to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, all while keeping out bugs and debris. Especially for homes with a pool lanai, a screen minimizes the amount of maintenance required to keep the area clean, while maximizing visibility to the beautiful outdoors.

    Clean Lanai Surfaces with the Wet & Forget Xtreme Reach Hose End
    • Aluminum

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    How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Lanai

    You can paint your lanai yourself or hire a professional. While you save more money doing it yourself, it could be in your best interest to hire a contractor if you have a large enclosure. On average, per square footage, it will cost between $1.15-$2.50. For example, if your space is 125sq ft, it will roughly cost $312.

    Find out your square footage by multiplying the length by the width of the room. Youll be able to get quotes from contractors based on the square footage and compare them to the price of buying the materials yourself. All and all, doing it yourself in a smaller space can save money and expect to spend anywhere between $180-$230.

    Get Someone Else To Do It

    After doing all these and you still cant get your pool cage to shine, you might need to call a professional to do it for you. If you also dont have the time, hiring a contractor will help make your life easier.

    If you choose to clean your own pool, theres a risk of damaging the screens or frames. Using a pressure washer improperly or scrubbing with the wrong brush can easily damage your enclosure. You will also have a hard time removing mold and debris in the high-up places. Be careful when climbing the ladder or balancing on walk boards.

    To avoid the risk of damaging or getting injured, hire experts who have the experience and tools to get the job done correctly and quickly. Its the best method for those who have a budget or dont want to go through this hassle. Check for local screen enclosure contractors near you.

    The time will also come that your screen enclosure is beyond cleaning and is due for restoration. You can get a quote from a contractor in your area.

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