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How To Keep A Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

How To Keep Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

Keeping Your Patio Umbrella from Going Away In Windy Days with Rhino BaseMate

Patio umbrellas are a beautiful sight in any backyard, sandy beaches, or hotel establishment. While they offer a shield from the elements, especially sunlight, they are not immune to the deadly force of the wind.

It is not uncommon to see them stooped over, blown off or blown under into inverted umbrella.

So, how do you secure your patio in an upright position to stubbornly defy the wind? Here is a guide.

Tips And Tricks To Keep The Umbrella In Place

Accidents are more frequent if you have a patio umbrella that you dont actually use. This is because you will not pay as much attention to it as you should. So, the first thing you can do is to make sure you close and safely pack away the umbrella if you do not need it. Make sure you tie the cord around it tightly, so there is no chance of it opening, either by kids playing around it or . If your umbrella came with a cover, make sure you use this as well.

The main reason your umbrella might fall over is the base is too light, and the relatively heavy weight is distributed at the top. Thus, if you want to avoid accidents, you should make sure your base is heavy enough. We will discuss this in the next section to find out how to do it easily. This is especially the case when your umbrella does not already come with a heavy base. If it does come with a cement or granite base, you may skip this step.

Some classical-look lovers prefer to go for wooden umbrella ribs, which might blend in better with decorations. However, do note that wooden ribs are quite sensitive to strong winds and can easily break. If you do not want to compromise on quality and looks, you can go for an umbrella that uses eucalyptus in the build of the skeleton.

Eucalyptus is a durable wood that will not be as easily broken. Plastic should also be avoided, along with steel. If you want a highly reliable material, you should choose aluminum.

The Aerodynamics Of Adding Vents To Your Umbrella

In many cases, it is the umbrella lifting up, and then becoming unstable, which actually causes it to topple over. Added vents can make a big difference to how umbrellas cope with windy conditions for two reasons:

  • The umbrella shape is very similar to that of an airplane wing and as such when the wind blows it causes the wind to change direction which creates lift!
  • Adding vents reduces this lift as it reduces the air pressure difference above and below the canopy.
  • Wind does not blow uniformly and as it gets stronger it can have a greater vertical component that can push the umbrella up or down.
  • If the umbrella gets caught in an up-current then the vents act as holes, simply allowing some of the airflow to escape straight through the canopy.
  • The more vents, the more the lift is reduced and the more airflow that can escape.

    The additional benefit of the vents is that, on a still day, any build-up of hot air underneath the canopy will not get trapped as it can rise up through the vents.

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    Umbrella Base And Base Weights

    Keeping any kind of umbrella from falling over essentially comes down to weight in or on the base. If you have a lightweight base, you can always add weight to it.

    For an excellent, heavy-duty base to keep your umbrella upright, I recommend the Best Choice Products Umbrella Stand. It weighs 81 pounds but also comes equipped with wheels to make moving it fairly easy. It works for umbrella poles up to 2 inches in diameter.

    Check The Table Rings

    How To Keep A Patio Umbrella From Falling Over  Upgraded Home

    All of the patio umbrellas that are sold nowadays come with different kinds of plastic rings that are placed around the opening of the hole. The stock rings that are included out of the box are usually of generally poor quality, and they tend to wear out relatively quickly.

    If the umbrella is kept out in the sun and the plastic rings are exposed, they are also going to wear out over time. With the passage of time, these table rings will sustain a lot of damage, and will eventually crack and lose their importance altogether.

    If that happens, the umbrellas will begin to spin in one place. These rings can be readily replaced, although most people will recommend that you opt for a cone wedge instead.

    If you install a cone wedge, you dont have to worry about replacing the table rings. However, if you cant find a cone wedge anywhere, you should consider replacing the table rings.

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    Drill And Secure The Base In The Patio

    If you are going to use an external base to keep the patio umbrella firmly fixed in position, you might want to consider drilling the base and securing it firmly in the patio. There are certain bases that come with holes and screws already in the package.

    These holes can be aligned with the ones on the floor and then secure the base tightly by drilling it in the floor. You can also mount it on a deck if you want.

    This not only offers greater safety, but it also offers greater aesthetic appeal. The only downside to using this method is that you will be making holes in the patio floor.

    More importantly, in case you want to move the umbrella from one position to another, you will have to unmount the entire thing and then affix it elsewhere. However, most people dont really have to worry about unmounting the umbrella again and again.

    If the winds in your area are considerably high, you might want to consider doing this. Not only will it increase the safety of people around you, but it will also give you peace of mind that your umbrella wont fly all over.

    How To Stop Umbrella Post From Spinning Or Rocking

    If your Umbrella is able to spin in its base then it is not suitably attached. In most cases, this is due to either not using the locking mechanism on your base or because the umbrella pole is much smaller than the base tube. You can easily avoid this happening by wedging pieces of wood down alongside the post. as mentioned above) They need to be tight but be warned that it is possible to crack to the base tube if you wedge them too much!

    TIP: I would always leave an inch or two of wood above the top of the base tube to help me remove the wedge for when packing away.

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    Buy One With Air Vent Or Make One

    Most of the umbrellas have an air vent on the canopy. The purpose of this vent is to let air and heat through so that your umbrella holds well and keeps cool underneath. If your umbrella doesnt have one, you can go to the nearest tailor shop to create one.

    And next time, purchase an umbrella that already has one by default.

    How To Strengthen The Umbrella Base

    How to set up an umbrella on the patio

    We briefly mentioned above that having a strong umbrella base is the key to keeping it still during windy times. But how to achieve this? Have a look below.

    Firstly, check your umbrellas diameter more than nine inches means that you should add an extra weight bag to the base. This weight bag will make your umbrella sturdier and less likely to fall over.

    Secondly, you can use a cantilever base, which will give your umbrella an extra 125 lbs. This option is quite expensive, but it definitely works. The best part is that cantilever bases come in a wide variety of designs and colors, so you can just add some extra style to your patio.

    What if you dont want extra weight bags? Well, we also have an option for that! DIY sandbags are easy to make, easy to install, and they will definitely help your umbrella to stand still. Additionally, they can be relatively inexpensive, and you can decorate them as you wish.

    If you want to go for a more cheerful look, go for gravel. Fill up a bucket with any gravel you like and place the umbrellas pole inside. This allows you a high degree of creativity.

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    Are There Any Alternatives To Patio Umbrellas

    If you want to get more shade, there are other methods you can use. These include adding awnings, using a canvas wrapped over a patio trellis, or using a tent. With that said, most of these options are a lot more hassle-prone than a simple umbrella. If youre open to the extra work, using temporary solutions like a canvas or a party tent might be better.

    How To Keep Your Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

    Patios are a great way of having fun with our friends or to just take a few minutes by ourselves for relaxation. The options are virtually endless napping, reading, having friends over for a barbeque. But how do we keep this peaceful time free of accidents?

    A patio umbrella can not only ruin our relaxation time, but it is quite dangerous as well. The wind could tip it over and harm someone, or, even worse, might cause a fire if the grill is nearby. What can you do? There are some preventive tips that will help you keep yourself and others safe by ensuring that your patio umbrella will not fall over. So lets take a look at a couple of things you can do to keep your patio umbrella from falling over.

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    Eliminate Spinning With Umbrella Rings

    If you have a base without a thumbscrew, or no base at all, you can keep your patio umbrella from spinning with an umbrella ring. However, dont confuse these with table rings, which are designed to protect glass patio tables, not to keep umbrellas from spinning. Umbrella rings fit snugly into the hole in the middle of the table and around the umbrella pole, serving to keep the umbrella from turning while protecting the table.

    For an umbrella ring to work correctly, you need to make sure to measure both your table hole and your umbrella pole to make sure you get the correct size.

    Close It When You Are Not Using

    How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

    If you are not using the patio umbrella, it should be closed, tied, and stored somewhere safe. There is no reason to keep it open when it isnt currently doing its job. For the stand, when the umbrella isnt being used, use the patio umbrella stand cover to protect it from dust, dirt, or moisture if you are using a wooden stand.

    For through-table patio umbrellas, you should also protect the hole on the table from dust and dirt using a patio table umbrella hole plug. It is a hard habit to keep up, so if you are not fond of closing the umbrella when you are not using it, at least do it when it’s stormy or raining heavily outside.

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    How To Keep A Patio Umbrella From Falling Over

    1. Use a Reliable Patio Table

    Using a sturdy patio table can make all the difference to secure your patio umbrella.

    Not only do outdoor tables offer support for your umbrella, but they are also a great accessory for social gatherings, placing food or drinks, and much more.

    Make sure that the patio table has a hole in the middle to support an umbrella pole and is made of durable material. We recommend using this patio table made of solid cast aluminum.

    2. Invest in Air Vents

    Although most patio umbrellas feature air vents, its extremely important to check or get an umbrella that has these on the canopy.

    These vents allow air to come through not only to make your patio umbrella more secure but to also keep you cool underneath.

    If your current patio umbrella doesnt have an air vent, you can take it to a tailor or consider buying a new one that already has vents.

    3. Be Prepared For Powerful Winds

    Sometimes all the added protection isnt enough when a powerful wind storm hits. If you live in a windy area that frequently has high winds, be proactive to avoid unnecessary damage.

    Its best to find an area close to a fence or building structure that will block winds from your patio umbrella. However, if there is a large wind storm coming we recommend closing your umbrella and storing it inside to be safe.

    4. Avoid Wooden or Plastic Frames
    5. Get a Heavy-Duty Base

    The most important accessory to have in order to keep your patio umbrella from falling over is a heavy-duty base.

    Choose The Right Base

    If you dont want to go through the hassle of tightening the nut again and again, you might want to opt for a better, more secure base. The base in which the umbrella is secured is perhaps the single most important component of the entire structure as it offers support for the entire umbrella.

    When looking to buy a base for your umbrella, you need to make sure that you buy one that is heavy and has an appropriately sized hole. This will ensure that the umbrella remains firmly fixed in place despite the heavy winds.

    The sheer force and the pressure applied by the outdoor elements can uproot the whole umbrella if you are not careful. In most cases, manufacturers that make bases also offer complementary umbrella models that will go well with their base.

    If you are looking for an umbrella and dont know which one to go for, just choose the one that the manufacturer recommends. The only downside to this is that it wont come with an additional set of weights.

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    Buy An Umbrella With Air Vents

    One method of keeping the umbrella in position is by having air vets in them. So instead of the wind blowing the umbrella right off, you can be assured that the wind will blow right through the vents.

    Thus, your banners and the umbrella are safe from any sudden rush of wind in the area. Plus, the air vents will not ruin the shade you can even create the vents yourself. All you need is a pocket knife, and you can make small openings on the umbrella.

    How Much Does A Good Umbrella Cost

    Best Patio Umbrella Reviews รข How to Choose the Best Patio Umbrella

    Were going to assume that youre going to invest in a metal umbrella, for reasons weve already explained. A metal patio umbrella is typically priced between $75 to $300, depending on the metal used as well as the design of the umbrella. The umbrella itself is not the only thing you should get, though.

    To complete your umbrella, you will also need to get an umbrella base and a patio table, too. Umbrella bases can cost between $50 and $160. If you get a metal patio table, you can expect to pay between $70 to $700 depending on the size and design you choose.

    Obviously, there will always be outliers when it comes to patio furniture pricing. Its possible to find a dirt-cheap patio table set at a yard sale or at Goodwill, if youre lucky. Its also possible to splurge on a luxury table setting from Crate and Barrel, if thats your thing. Its up to you to figure out what your budget and taste will be able to afford.

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    How To Keep Patio Umbrellas From Falling Over

    Many of us arent big fans of chasing runaway patio umbrellas. So, you need to know how to keep a patio umbrella from falling over. One thing that could really help is getting patio umbrellas that withstand wind – a special thanks goes out to Captain Obvious for this wonderful advice.

    Seriously speaking, you have two possible options:

  • Tweak the baseIf your patio umbrella comes with a hollow plastic base , you can use different materials to fill it with – water , sand , or concrete . Additionally, you can throw some sandbags on top of the base if the wind is really strong.
  • Tweak the canopy

    Most importantly, be sure your patio umbrella canopy is not tilted during strong winds. Lowering the canopy can also significantly decrease the chances of your patio umbrella falling over during high winds.

  • Stone Counter Weights For Offset Umbrellas

    These stone counter weights can be purchased at any local home improvement store or landscaping supply. Available in many sizes and weights, you will have to determine what works best for you. Some will have designs on them and they can be available in many colors.

    If you purchase plane stone weights, they could be very unpleasing to the eyes compared to some of the other counter weights in this article.

    Total cost of this kind of weight will be less than others. They will be hard to move when needed as they have no way of making them weigh less and they will have no handles.

    Corners will have some sharp edges if a person was to fall on them, serious injuries can occur. Many will use this type of weight for an easy way to balance their offset umbrella with great results.

    • One piece for each corner
    • Do not have to purchase a medium to fill

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    Purchase A Quality Base With A Thumbscrew

    Chances are you already have a base. Or maybe your base is old, or the thumbscrew no longer works to keep the umbrella from spinning. Unfortunately, this does happen. Still, the best way to keep your umbrella from spinning is a solid base designed to fit your umbrella pole with a heavy-duty thumbscrew.

    One I really like is the TropiShade Umbrella Stand. Not only does it look great it fits umbrellas with multiple pole sizes including 1 3/8 and 1 1/2. Plus the heavy duty screw keeps your umbrella secure and free from spinning.


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