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How To Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture

You’ll Be Glad You Spent The Time Cleaning And Weatherproofing Now When You’re Sitting Wit

how to clean cast aluminum patio furniture

Get your outdoor furniture ready for picnics and parties with these clever cleaning solutions. You’ll be glad you spent the time cleaning and weatherproofing now when you’re sitting wit. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Keep your outdoor oasis in top shape this season with these patio furniture cleaning tips. Place a generous amount of detergent on your plastic scrubber.

How To Care For & Maintain Powdered Surfaces

Pressure Cleaning

This is one of the most efficient methods to clean powder coated surfaces. Its recommended that you use a low-pressure setting since high pressure may be too strong and risk damaging the finish. You should only use filtered water since rainwater and groundwater may cause staining on surfaces due to the potential fluoride, sulfur, chlorine or iron oxide in it. Filtered water and low-pressure cleaning will remove all the dirt and buildup metal items can acquire over time. This cleaning method is a terrific option.

Mild Soap and Water Cleaning

A much more traditional method is simply using a mild soap and warm, filtered water. The best soap you can use is one that is PH neutral and has built-in emulsifiers that can break down stains easily. One way to tell if the soap is mild enough is determining if the product is safe for your hands. If you have to wear gloves to protect your hands, its not safe for the powdered coat either.

Start by wiping the surface gently with a wet sponge to remove any loose debris. Next, a soft brush and mild soap can be used to scrub surfaces more thoroughly. . Rinse afterward with filtered water. Allow to dry naturally or use a clean, dry cloth to achieve a cleaner look.

Protect with Wax Coating

Simply use a light coating of high-grade non-abrasive car wax. Make sure to use a brand that has a UV blocker. Apply the wax and wipe off any remaining once youre finished to avoid permanent staining.

Cleaning Agent Warning

Cleaning Iron And Aluminum Furniture

One of the problems with aluminum furniture is its tendency to show scuff marks. You can removed these scuffs quite easily using a non-abrasive cleaner such as Soft Scrub. Keep in mind that you should never use alkaline cleaners like ammonia or TSP with metal furniture . These cleaners will cause oxidation, which is already a major problem merely through outdoor exposure. If your furniture is showing signs of oxidation, you can remove it in one of two ways: with a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water, or with a metal polishing paste.

Iron furniture, on the other hand, is subject to rust. If your furniture has become rusty, you can start off by sanding off the damaged paint and rust. Once that is done, wipe off the metal with a cloth dampened with naphtha or mineral spirits. Before repainting your iron furniture, use a rust-resistant primer when its ready to paint, make sure to use one of the many rust-resistant paints that are available.

If you dont feel up to dealing with rust removal and painting yourself, you can turn to a professional. An outdoor furniture restoration specialist will remove the existing paint and rust with thorough sandblasting, then powder-coat your furniture for a brand-new finish that will last much longer than a simple paint job will. Your aluminum and iron furniture can then be kept looking new by regular cleaning followed by a coat or two of regular automotive wax.

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How To Clean Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is made from a tropical climbing plant known as rattan and has been the go-to choice for decks, patios, and porches for hundreds of years.

The weaving technique that is used to create the wicker furniture makes it an excellent choice for your patio furniture and doesnt require much care, and is easy to clean. The following are some simple steps for how to clean wicker furniture to ensure you can use it for years to come.

  • 1 quart of warm water

From time to time, use a vacuum to get out the dust, dirt, and even spiders out that tend to settle in the crevices of the furniture throughout the year. To prevent the excessive buildup of dirt in the crevices, use a low-pressure hose every few weeks to clean the furniture.

After you hose off the furniture, inspect the weave to make sure that it hasnt moved from its place. You can use your finger to set it back if you find that it has moved.

If you determine that the vacuum didnt remove enough of the dirt, or if your wicker is heavily soiled, use a sponge and a mild oil-based soap, like Murphys Oil Soap, and some warm water to remove the stubborn dirt. Rinse it off and allow it to dry.

To avoid unnecessary damage, avoid using foam cleansers because the foam can get into the woven strands and begin to collect, causing it to deteriorate. Never sit on damp wicker furniture, as you might cause the wicker to sag.

Plastics Taking Care Of Synthetic Deck Furniture

Refinishing Your Patio Furniture in 2020

Plastic is lightweight, fade-resistant and can take on many different shapes, textures and styles. It also does not require paint or sealants used by other materials. That makes this synthetic polymer easy to maintain and a great inexpensive option for outdoor furniture. Cleaning and caring for plastic furniture is really dependent on the form it takes.

Sticky spills and drips like tree sap may require commercial products , but rubbing alcohol will suffice in many cases. Regardless of the solution you choose, its important that you immediately rinse these agents away once youve cleaned the problem areas. Extended exposure to the chemicals in some products can fade plastic and shorten the aesthetic lifespan of your patio furniture.

All-Weather Wicker Cleaning woven resin furniture

In the past, natural or painted white wicker furniture was used primarily for indoor or porch seating where there was at least some protection from the elements. That was needed because organic materials were used to make the weave. Contemporary synthetic wicker, however, provides all of the aesthetic qualities of a natural weave without the vulnerability to rain, sleet and snow . Cleaning the nooks and crannies in intricate resin wicker patio furniture does take a little effort though.

  • Remove all pillows and cushions
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of superficial debris
  • Rinse the woven material well to ensure that no soapy residue remains
  • Air dry the furniture in the shade if possible
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    Remove Mold And Mildew

    Mold and mildew make the patio furniture look disgusting. Not to mention the fact that they smell bad. They are common with cushioned patio furniture, and sometimes they also render the pillows and cushions useless.

    To prevent mold growth, keep your furniture dry and free from excess moisture. That said, you should be ready to get rid of it once you notice it. For this, you will need bleach solution .

    Before bleaching the affected area, first, apply it to a small area to see how it goes. Once youre satisfied, you can move on to spray the bleach solution on the affected parts.

    When done, wash off the bleach with cold water. This will also take care of the bad smell.

    NOTE: Keep your face, hand, and body protected while using bleach.

    As earlier indicated, mold and mildew growth are commonly caused by excess water. So do everything to prevent any water accumulation inside the cast aluminum temperature. Remove foot caps or adjuster glides if present.

    How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

    Without the cushions, your patio furniture would be all but useless. Just like with the rest of the furniture, your cushions need some TLC after a long winter with the elements. Not just washing or cleaning might be needed, but some extra search to get rid of any bed bugs might be a good idea.

    On some garden furniture, especially if cushions and mattresses are left outside, check for grass stains and especially urine stains from your neighboring cats last visit. Urine stains on cushions or mattresses are easy to get rid of. Using basic cleaning ingredients is the best way to bring new life back to your cushions.

    To remove oil stains from your cushions just follow our guide here. The following steps will help you clean the cushions of your patio furniture so you and your friends can enjoy them all summer long.

    • 1 quart of warm water

    Using a spray bottle and mixing dishwashing soap, Borax, and warm water, saturate the material of the cushions. To get rid of any mold or mildew, be sure to soak both sides of the cushion generously.

    Allow the pieces to completely dry. This process should take about 15 minutes. Once the cushions are dry, use a garden hose to spray off the solution and remove any dirt. Stand the cushions up so they can dry.

    When the cushions are nearly dry, spray them with a fabric protector. The fabric protector will help protect your cushions from the elements and will make cleaning them in the future easier.

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    Wrapping Up How To Clean Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

    To enhance the beauty of your garden, try the routine cleaning of your outdoor furniture. In contrast, dirty chairs or tables would never make you feel good and even can shrink your impression in front of guests.

    We suggest you follow our step by step guideline to make your job more precise and straightforward. So, how to clean cast aluminum patio furniture will no longer be a headache.

    Last but not least, we would like to recommend you to have or collect all the necessary equipment and tools that are listed above before starting your cleaning project. It will surely provide you with a quick and hassle-free cleaning experience.

    How Do You Rejuvenate Anodized Aluminum

    How to Clean Patio Furniture | The Home Depot

    Apply a commercial aluminum polish or anodized aluminum polish to the aluminum surface. This is your final polish. Squeeze a dollop of the polish onto a soft cloth and and rub it in circular motions across the surface. If you de- anodized the aluminum , use a standard aluminum polish, not an anodized aluminum polish.

    Roy Barker

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    How To Maintain Cast Aluminum Pans

    The most straightforward cleaning strategy is generally not needing to clean in the first place, although thats easier said than done. Nonetheless, an easy-to-implement best practice for cleaning aluminum is avoiding steel wool and alkaline ingredients like baking soda.

    Also, dont apply nonstick spray or run your cast aluminum pan through the dishwasher. Before hand-washing your pan, give it time to cool. Clean it with a non-abrasive scrubber and warm soapy water. Finish by rinsing the pot and wiping it dry with a clean cloth.

    If you know that you wont be washing the pan for a while, leave it soaking with water and a little cream of tartar. A final tip: every couple of months, rub one teaspoon of vegetable oil onto your cast aluminum pan to prevent food from sticking to it.

    Because its such a versatile material, there are many ways to clean cast aluminum. It wouldnt make much sense to use the same method to clean a pot that you use for making dinner and a car part.

    Although some strategies work for different types of itemsfor example, polishing with cream of tartaryoud be unlikely to apply WD-40 to a frying pan.

    How to clean cast aluminum is a question whose answer incorporates many facets. You now have an overview of strategies and considerations for cleaning a wide range of aluminum objects.

    How To Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture Guide

    Patio furniture is made to withstand the elements but, unfortunately, there isnt a self-cleaning line available.

    This means that a dose of elbow grease here and there is necessary to keep your guests from dirtying white pants by sitting on filthy outdoor cushions.

    Ive been there.

    When you know how to clean patio furniture, it becomes easier to add this task into a normal routine.

    Always refer to manufacturer instructions, but here are some good rules of thumb when it comes to keeping your outdoor living space squeaky clean.

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    Cleaning Outdoor Plastic Furniture

    Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners on plastic: chlorine and bleach may get rid of stains, but they can eat away at your furniture in the process. Abrasive cleaners are problematic as well, because they will scratch away the plastic, leaving unsightly marks and lead to more problems. If your furniture has lost its shine, try spraying it with WD-40 and wiping it dry with a clean, soft cloth.

    Instead of using harsh cleaners, opt for a mild cleanser for your furniture. If you have colored plastic, you can use a mixture of 1 quart warm water with ΒΌ cup of vinegar. For white or very light-colored plastic furniture, try 1 gallon of warm water with 3 tablespoons of automatic dishwasher detergent. The dishwater detergent contains a very mild bleach which enables it to do a good job of removing stains.

    Shaving cream can also work well to clean plastic: spray it on let it set for a few minutes scrub lightly with an old, soft toothbrush then wipe off. If stains remain, you have two options: with a wet sponge, use white distilled vinegar or baking soda. After cleaning, you can apply a coat of automotive wax for added protection.

    Repair Any Minor Damage

    Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Any MINOR scratches or dents in the powder coat can be taken care of by the homeowner or professional contractor. For larger repairs please contact a professional.

    • Use medium grade sandpaper on the damaged surface and the immediate area around it. A helpful tip place the sandpaper on the end of a pencil or narrow surface to give you more control as you sand it. Ensure all of the surfaces are smooth and any rust is removed.
    • Apply an exterior metal primer to the entire area and ensure all areas are primed and sealed.
    • Once the primer is dry, paint the primed area with exterior enamel paint to match the powdered coat.

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    How To Protect Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

    Aluminium is a well-known metal utilized in patio furniture for various reasons. It is sturdy, adaptable, and requires little or no maintenance for the owner. It is common knowledge that aluminium does not rust. There is a one of a kind science behind this material. On exposure to air, aluminium will build up a tiny layer of oxide on its outside. This oxide layer acts as an obstruction which shields the metal from the components and forestalls corrosion. This quality is the most engaging trademark with regards to picking a material for making open-air furniture. It will withstand any atmosphere and any measure of precipitation. Aluminium porch furniture is a reliable choice for outside living.

    Some Supplementary Tips You Should Follow

    • For the best preservation of your patio furniture, you should provide deep clean four times in an entire year.
    • Try to give a routine clean once a week. It will make your work more comfortable during the deep cleaning.
    • Casted Aluminum furniture comes with a natural luster. To protect it, you need to use soft cotton cloth instead of any rough cleaning brush.
    • If you are willing to give paint, then must use rust-resistant paint. Before that, dont forget to use a rust-resistant primer.
    • For better protection, you can go for either iron or automotive wax coating.
    • You can go for mild soap or dishwasher as a cleanser.
    • You may go for matching enamel paint
    • If you paint, then allow it to dry for 24 hours before reusing.

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    Refinishing Rusty Old Patio Furniture

    Outdoor furniture getting rusty is a common occurrence and can be fixed quite easily. Although buying new furniture to replace older patio furniture is fun, its not always in the budget. If thats the direction you choose to go, check out our selection of wrought iron patio furniture.

    Alternatively, if you dont want your furniture to rust no matter how long its kept outside, take a look at our outdoor aluminum furniture. Cast aluminum is lightweight and never rusts. If youre looking for low maintenance furniture, thats the direction to go! But maybe youd rather refinish your current furniture, rather than buy new stuff.

    Buying new patio furniture isnt cheap, we get that. Luckily, removing rust and refinishing patio furniture is actually a pretty simple task! Its also much cheaper than buying new. Were going to give you some general steps and recommendations to make sure your patio furniture refinishing experience is a breeze.

    Before you get started:

    Its always a good idea to utilize protective equipment. We recommend goggles, gloves, and a respirator mask. Better safe than sorry!

    Cleaning With Warm Water

    How to Clean Patio Furniture – Sears

    If there is no powder coating then it will be exposed to water and rust. It will disrupt the color combination and will cause the furniture to feel rough, pitted. So, to clean this furniture, its better to fix a schedule as to when to clean.

    Therefore, when it is time to clean or if you notice any kind of discoloring, try to wash it warm water mixed with a little soap. You should avoid strong substances like vinegar and soda water. Instead, you should use lemon juice.

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    What Is Cast Aluminum Furniture

    Cast aluminum furniture patio furniture is any furniture made from cast aluminum. The process involves pouring molten aluminum into a mold. The use of specific molds allow a more intricate and consistent design to be achieved.

    Unlike hollow aluminum furniture, cast aluminum can take a beating from heavy winds and wont corrode when exposed to moisture, like other metal types. They also require little-to-no maintenance.

    How cast aluminum is made

    Cast aluminum is simply aluminum that has been casted.

    Casting, itself, is a process that involves pouring hot molten aluminum into a mold and allowing it to solidify.

    Below are the steps that lead to the finished product.

  • First, the pattern for the shape of the furniture or frame is made and then carved in wood.
  • Next, the pattern is fed into a molding box that contains the casting sand which makes up only half of the mold. After the pattern is pressed into the sand, the upper half of the box is filled with additional sand.
  • After some time, the pattern is removed . Then the sand is given some time to dry, and eventually for the mold.
  • Next, molten aluminum alloy is fed into the box and then given sufficient time to cool.
  • The solidified metal usually reveals a lot of imperfections after the sand have been removed. Thus it may be sanded to remove some of the rough edges.
  • Next, the parts are then put together and welded to form the furniture. Some manufacturers may also sand the weld to make it look seamless.


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