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How To Replace Patio Furniture Slings

Patio Chair Sling Replacement & Repair

How to Replace Fabric on a Patio Sling Chair

The Chair Care Company makes custom;replacement slings for your patio chairs. Mesh slings are designed to be durable and withstand the elements, but over time the mesh wears out, tears or stretches and eventually needs to be replaced. Instead of replacing the entire chair, the sling fabric can be replaced, rendering the chair useful once again.

We make and install custom slings, install your factory direct slings, or make a custom sling based on your measurements and ship the sling replacements to you for installation. ;Custom slings made and installed at Chair Care’s location are guaranteed to fit perfectly.;In addition to sling fabrics, we also offer a wide array of outdoor patio furniture placement parts;to replace used, missing, or cracked parts. View these step by step instructions fromThis Old HousefeaturingChair Careowner Steve Gentino onhow to repair to repair your patio chair slings.

Selection Of Wood And Fasteners

For this project, I used pressure treated 1″x2″ wood from the local big box lumber store. An 8 foot piece ran approximately $1.50. After measuring I determined that each slat would be 27 inches wide for the seat. I was able to get 4 slats out of each eight foot piece of wood. I needed 12 slats for the seat surface, so that required three pieces of the 1″x2″.

I used self-piercing lath screws. I selected 1 5/8″ length size since that seemed to fit the depth of the metal channel in the chair.

Can Sling Patio Chairs Be Repaired

When its time to get those patio sling chairs out again, theres nothing worse than realising the fabric slings are sagging loose and need replacing. What about that BBQ party you had planned this weekend?

The slings on patio chairs can be repaired quite easily using a;screwdriver, a razor knife and pliers. The best fabrics to use are Phifertex® and Sunbrella®, which are durable, water resistant, fade and mold resistant. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to clean with soapy water.

In this article well consider how to repair sling patio chairs in more detail, what fabrics to use and how to measure up your chair for the new fabric.

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Remove Old Fabric And Prep Chair

Mine were falling apart so I removed them a few days before and glued them together as best as I could and painted them

Remove the caps off of the sling rails very carefully with a screwdriver or knife edge. .

Remove any old fabric from your chair by cutting it away with a knife and then pulling the spline out of the edges with pliers.

I found this chair at the Brimfield flea market and it was pretty beat up so a fresh coat of paint did it wonders.

I am going to be sanding down this chair and applying Rust-oleum primer and a liquid repelling barrier over the whole surface.

Replacement Slings For Your Patio Chairs

ChairCarePatio, Patio Chair Slings, Replacement Slings ...

As we get ready for summer, its an excellent time to consider upgrading to luxury patio furniture brands sold by All American Outdoor Living. But if you have a sling-back chair that has seen better days, you can use this DIY guide to save you money and refresh your chairs.

1. Remove the old plastic end caps on the patio sling rail

First and foremost, you need to disassemble your patio sling chair to install the new sling fabric. Remove the plastic end caps from both ends of the sling rails with a flat head screwdriver or pliers. When removing your old end caps, be careful because they are often dry, brittle, and easy to crack. Take care not to damage them . Matching plastic caps can be difficult to locate depending on the manufacturer and color of your frames.

2. Remove the old sling material and spreader bars

It can be challenging to get the slings out of the rails at times. If the old slings are very old and have spent a lot of time in the sun, the plastic splines will be very brittle and rigid and will possibly break in chunks when you attempt to slide the old sling out of the rail. Youll find that the new slings and splines are a breeze to install, particularly when compared to removing the old ones.

The rusty, filthy fabric can easily slip out the sling rails bottom end. Grasp the sling with your hands or pliers and pull it away from the sling rail. Someone can keep the patio sling chair in place while someone else removes the old fabric from the rail.

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How To Order The Right Size Replacement Slings

Click on the appropriate chair from the replacement sling page and have your measurements to hand.

Now select the correct sizes from our drop-down menus.;

Select the rod size, then choose your desired fabric. We custom make your replacement sling from over 50 different designs: from cane wicker fabric to solid block colors, to fetching stripes and stylish patterns. View the swatches here.

Delivery is free for orders over $150. Slings ship within two weeks and because they are custom-made are non-refundable and non-returnable once the order has been processed so it’s doubly important you get the measurements correct by following the steps above.

Let The Experts Handle Your Mesh Sling Replacement

An excellent alternative to sling replacement on your patio furniture yourself is to have a patio furniture repair company do it for you. Expert repair of mesh sling furniture is a complicated process that involves skilled craftspeople using special equipment to ensure that your furniture will endure several more years of use. The Southern Company has been in the patio furniture repair business for over 30 years and has developed a painstaking process that will ensure your furniture will look and feel like it is brand new.

To get a better understanding of the Southern Companys reslinging process, take a look at this video:

If you have questions about sling replacement or repair of your mesh sling patio furniture, visit our website }} or call us at 800-622-9201. We would love the opportunity to answer your questions and add another satisfied customer to the list!

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Where Can I Buy Replacement Slings For Patio Chairs

So, youve decided that your patio chairs need a refresh with some durable new slings. How do you go about doing this? You can buy one of the robust fabrics we mentioned above and make your own, or you can make life easier and order a replacement sling.

Theres a great choice of online stores that sell standard size replacement slings. Some sites let you search by model of chair, or you can measure your sling chair for a bespoke replacement. Well look at the best way to get the right size sling in a moment.

American Slings is an online store that sells all sorts of chair parts, including slings. Theres a choice of fabrics and colors, and you can order up to four free samples to help you decide.;

Slingfabslets you order five swatches, and they have some great prints to choose from. Slingmastersis another online sling replacement site, and is a family business thats been repairing yard furniture for almost 40 years.

So, there are a lot of specialist sling retailers out there, and theres a great choice of fabrics. If you prefer to use a local store, take a look on or similar, and see if theres anyone in your area that deals with chair repairs.

Put The Assembly Back Together

How to Replace Sling Fabric on Patio Furniture

Trim down any extra spline and place the caps back onto the sling rails.

Screw the sling rails in about half way all the way around.

Now, you need to place the tension bar. There are a few methods I have found for doing this. I saw people use some type of spreader tool or jack clamp or even a car jack. Not everyone has something like that lying around so we are just going to use a good old fashioned rubber mallet to get the job done. Start by slightly bending your tension bar and then slipping it into the holes on either side. Then cover the bar with some sort of fabric and start pounding it back into a straight position.

Finish screwing in your sling rails and attach any additional hardware and then your chair is complete!

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How Do You Measure A Fabric Patio Sling Chair

If youre buying your replacement sling online, its important to order the right size.

Some websites will give the option of ordering by model, but most ask for the chair measurement. Whats the most reliable way of measuring your sling chair? Grab that tape measure, and heres what you need to know:

  • Unless your chair is already in pieces, always measure the sling while its still attached to the chair. This is because older slings can stretch and sag, but if you measure them when theyre on the chair, youll get the size you need
  • Most sling chairs have a rail on each side with an opening, which is where the sling slides in. Find the top bolt for both rails, and measure between these. This gives you the top width measurement
  • Repeat at the bottom of the chair, measuring again between the two slide rails. This gives you the bottom width measurement. Never assume that tip and bottom are the same
  • Next, measure the length of the chair by measuring from the top rail to the bottom rail, following the contours of the chair. This is the length measurement
  • If your chair has separate pieces for the back and the seat, measure each one in turn, as above. You should end up with six measurements in total
  • Its the same process for swivel chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans and loveseats
  • If you have an older style chair where the sling fits between rods at the top and bottom, you may need to contact the store to discuss
  • Homecrest Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

    Homecrest replacement cushions usually have a pocket on the back and possibly the front that slips off the frame to keep the cushion in place. Our outdoor patio furniture collections reflect a variety of styles including deep seating dining and café.

    Show Products In Category Homecrest Replacement Slings Outdoor Furniture Cushions Outdoor Recliner Outdoor Furniture

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    Making Your Own Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

    Patio furniture replacement slings are easy to order, and with the stunning collection on sale here at Sunniland Patio, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to colour, design, size and texture. But if you’re one of those people who like to fix everything themselves you might be up for the challenge of making them yourself.

    So if you’re thinking of going the whole DIY route and want to make your replacement sling from scratch, well where do you start?

    Whether You Re Relaxing On Your Patio

    Replacing Fabric on a Sling Patio Chair Fun Diego Family ...

    Homecrest patio furniture replacement slings. Replacements for our outdoor furniture are available in both current and discontinued products. The homecrest end cap replacement part will fit multiple homecrest models. Order replacement chair slings for patio furniture.

    Whether you re looking for slings cushions pillows paints or parts with homecrest outdoor living s exclusive replacement program you can easily revitalize your existing homecrest outdoor patio furniture. Homecrest outdoor furniture end caps are only available in clear color. This does not apply to all homecrest models but a majority of them.

    Homecrest replacement cushions for homecrest outdoor patio furniture if you have homecrest outdoor furniture with a removable cushion then you are sitting on a really comfortable and well made chair or chaise lounge. Homecrest outdoor living offers over 20 collections in our casual outdoor furniture line. Chair parts and more.

    Our outdoor patio furniture collections reflect a variety of styles including deep seating dining and café. The frames are well made but the fabric sling will wear out over time. Homecrest replacement slings if you have a single layer mesh sling from homecrest use our custom sling system to order your replacement slings.

    Whether you re relaxing on your patio. To determine the correct homecrest end cap to order compare the extrusion shape.

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    How To Order A Mesh Sling Replacement Kit

    You do not have to be a home repair expert to replace your patio furniture slings. All you need is our kit, some spare time, and a few tools.

    First, we will need the measurements of your furniture. Its important that you measure your furniture according to our guidelines so that we make the slings the proper size. You must measure the actual chair, chaise or ottoman.

    ***Please note: Removing the old slings from your furniture and measuring them will not provide accurate measurements as slings stretch over time!

    Next, choose your new sling fabric. We offer a wide variety of fabrics from solid colors to florals to modern patterns. We will cut the fabric according to your specifications.

    Complete this form and follow the instructions for the sling measurements.

    Each of our replacement slings are sewn with a double hem on four sides using Gore Tenara thread. Gore Tenara is a premium thread made of durable fibers. Exposure to the sun, rain, snow, salt and cleaning chemicals will not cause it to degrade.

    Your kit will also include 2 plastic sling rods or spines that you will insert into the left and right sides of the replacement slings. We will ship you the sling, the rods/spines, and easy to follow directions for installing the fabric onto the frame.

    Patio Sling Chair Replacement

    We not only guarantee the lowest pricing, but we guarantee the highest quality available to replace patio slings bought at a major retail store. We make Home Depot replacement patio slings for outdoor patio sling and garden furniture, Lowes patio slings for outdoor garden and patio furniture, Walmart slings for outdoor patio and garden sling furniture,; Sams Club slings for outdoor patio slings and garden furniture, Sears slings for outdoor lawn and garden furniture, Kmart slings for lawn and garden outdoor furniture and a handful of other large retailers sling furniture collection replacements. Our sling fabric is known for its durability, texture and quality and is superior compared to big box store slings!

    Patio Slings | Outdoor Replacement Slings & Repair

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    How To Measure The Replacement Slings Correctly

    Next you need to get the right measurements. Here’s how:

    Measure The Width

    First, we’ll start measuring horizontally from rail to rail. Start about two inches from the top and take the measurement. Then take the same measurement in the middle of the sling and the bottom.

    We do this to compare these measurements and see if the fabric size varies or not.

    Sometimes you will find that there’s a little more variation between the 3 measurements but as long as it’s not more than a 0.5″ between them you can just stick to the average. If you do see a bigger variation that is more than 0.5″, order it! That’s the safest option!

    Measure The Length

    Now measure the length of the sling which is going to be taken from up at the top edge of the fabric right on the rail and all the way down.

    To be safe you can add an eighth of an inch longer than shorter because it’s easy to tuck that into the rail.

    Measure The Rods

    With our new slings, we provide new dowels , you also measure these as well, to see what size they are you can compare them to drill bits.

    Most of the time they’re either going to be the 7/32″ or 1/4″ which is the two sizes we offer with our;replacement slings.

    Samsonite Steel Frame Glove Style Furniture Sling Installation Procedure Instructionsplease Read Carefully Before Viewing Installationvideo

    Replacement Sling Cover for Patio Furniture — Make Your Own

    Replacing your Samsonite Slings can be facilitated by reading and adhering very closely to these instructions.; Is it a task to put them on ?; It can be considering most people do not do this every day and therefore they are unfamiliar with the procedure.;

    Keep in mind that you want the material to be tight.; If it is not tight, then from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint, you are not going to be pleased with the product or the end result.; Therefore, to this end -; instructions must be followed.

    Because you want the material to be tight, you do not pull the sling on like you do a shirt or blouse but rather you must muscle the new sling over the bucket frame, and occasionally “bump” the sling on .; Before you say, oh no…. I could never possibly do that … we assure you that you can by following closely with these instructions.; Now, this does require a small amount of physical strength, therefore if one is quite aged or with physical limitations , we do suggest you acquiring some assistance.; On a rare occasion someone will contact us and say their replacement slings they ordered are too small or too large .; If they ordered the correct model, which is our first order of elimination, this is extremely unlikely.

    Is there any difference in the material or sling manufacture process today from 40 years ago ?

    What is the Warranty or Guarantee

    Detailed Installation Instructions BEGIN HERE

    For Care and Maintenance Guide of the Frames – Click HERE

    For Chaise Lounges

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