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How To Restore Faded Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Expert Advice On How To Restore Faded Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

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  • How to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture

    Those of us with beautiful lawn gardens are almost always worried about how to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture. The quote which says that

    The first impression is the last impression

    and when it comes to our homes the first thing that one sees is our lawn or garden. Hence, you should pay a lot of attention to your garden furniture also considering the fact that it is not a cheap investment in the first place. And if not taken care of properly can ruin the whole look of your house.

    Patio furniture, unfortunately, has to fight all kinds of extreme weather changes and other things such as:

    • the scorching sun
    • bugging bugs and pests
    • wear and tear due to human use

    However, when we invest so much in our outdoor living space then we should take care of it as well which will be worth our effort and time.

    Some Quick And Simple Ways To Restore Your Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Aluminum patio furniture is low maintenance but even then everything demands its due attention. Try to clean your aluminum patio furniture after about every two to three weeks with a damp cloth and dish wash.


    • Never let any cleaning agent which you use on your aluminum patio furniture dry on it with a good amount of water thoroughly wash it off.
    • Secondly, avoid alkaline cleaning products they will cause instant discoloration which will be a sore sight for your eyes trust me.

    Moving on here are some ways to consider to keep your patio furniture in tip-top shape:

  • Using a damp towel clean your patio furniture for any bird poop, dust, or any food stains.
  • Gentle scrubbing to remove scuff marks. These scuff marks can make your furniture look old and ugly, remove them with a non-abrasive cleaner specially designed for powder-coated products .
  • For shine: an equal 1 part water and 1 part vinegar will prevent rust accumulation and give your patio aluminum furniture a good shine.
  • Difference Between Aluminum Furniture And Cast Aluminum Furniture

    Both are aluminum products so the main distinction lies in the manufacturing methods. Patio furniture that are designated as ‘aluminum’ usually have a hollow frame while the cast aluminum models are usually solid.

    Of course, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Hollow aluminum is typically made from a process known as extrusion, thus you will often hear it being called ‘extruded aluminum’. The process involves forcing aluminum billets through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile, which could be a round, square, or hollow frame. 

    As you can see, the manufacturing process of extruded aluminum leads to a lighter metal that is easier to handle and move around than cast aluminum. This makes aluminum furniture suitable for seniors and children.

    However, extruded aluminum usually lacks the support provided by cast aluminum furniture. Also, the latter tend to last longer and offer more complex and intricate designs. They are also less susceptible to denting.

    Metals General Guidelines To Clean Metal Patio Furniture Frames

    Metallic patio furniture looks amazing when new, but can become a point of embarrassment if neglected and allowed to rust or stain. Most frames are easily cleaned in a similar fashion, but each metal has its own characteristics and nuanced care.

  • Remove any upholstered cushions or decorative throw pillows
  • Lightly spray the metal outdoor furniture frames with a garden hose to wash away the most significant pieces of dirt and debris
  • Wipe the metallic surfaces down using a soft cloth soaked in soapy water
  • Rinse the cloth off and repeat wiping with clean water
  • Dry with a microfiber or low abrasion cloth
  • Be sure to pay attention to the underside as well as any joints. Avoid using any acid, solvent or alcohol-based cleansers or abrasive brushes or pads that may scratch the surface.

    Stainless Steel

    Hairline brushed steel frames give outdoor tables and seating a sleek upscale look. However, the slightest spot or discoloration can detract from the sophisticated appeal. Greasy hands and rainfall can result in dirty and spotted metal. While furniture made from 316 marine grade stainless steel will not rust, 304 and lesser grades that are not electrostatically polished are susceptible . Fortunately, there are simple remedies for all of these issues to keep your stainless steel outdoor furniture in good shape.

    Cleaning hard water stains off steel
  • Mix a solution of distilled white vinegar and water
  • Apply the solution to the metal with a spray bottle or gently rub it in using a soft cloth
  • Here Is The Quick And Easy Way To Clean Your Patio Furniture

    How to Fix Faded Aluminum Patio Furniture Using Just ONE ...

    Clean your cast aluminum patio furniture about every two weeks with a mixture of dish soap and water. The half hour it takes, on a slow day, will give your patio furniture years of extra life.

    • Spray down your patio furniture after periods of bad weather or light use to remove caked on dirt, spider webs, bird poop and so on.
    • Scuff marks can make your gorgeous new patio furniture look old. Remove scuffs with a non abrasive cleaner formulated for powder-coated products. It’s a simple application and scrub sort of situation, but take your time with it. Too much aggressive scrubbing an actually damage the finish on your furniture.
    • An easy 50/50 mix of water and vinegar will give your dirty furniture a nice shine and protect from rust buildup.
    • Never leave cleaner on your furniture to dry. Always rinse thoroughly with a garden hose and let dry. Even dish soap left on your furniture to dry can cause severe discolouration and attract debris.
    • Tremclad Clear is recommended by Cabana Coast to protect your outdoor aluminum furniture and maintain a shiny appearance. It’s much more effective than water and vinegar .
    • If you choose your own cleaning product, just make sure to avoid all alkaline cleaning products. They will cause almost immediate discolouration, and not in a charming way.

    How To Rejuvenate Faded Metal Outdoor Furniture Using Rust

    May 16, 2021

    One of the best ways to enjoy a backyard and patio is with a beautiful, welcoming space with furniture that catches your eye. But that furniture, especially metal outdoor furniture, can take a beating from the elements and look worn and faded. Today I’m going to share with you one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your outdoor space – how to rejuvenate faded metal outdoor furniture using spray paint.

    It’s an easy project that anyone can tackle in an afternoon. Plus refurbishing faded metal outdoor furniture this way will help your wallet, costing a fraction of the price of brand new furniture.

    This post contains affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon Associates. As such, I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclosure located here.

    Here’s my metal outdoor side table. I picked it up for free last year from a neighbor through a Facebook Freebie group. It’s a small round metal outdoor side table. Very unassuming. But I see a lot of potential in it. It would be perfect in a corner of my patio to hold a small planter, or sit next to my chair for my morning tea or a good book. Or hold a Sangria pitcher and glasses for two.

    While it was in overall decent shape when I picked it up from my neighbor, I wasn’t keen on the color. I wasn’t necessarily repulsed by the color. It just didn’t do anything for me. So I decided to refurbish this faded metal outdoor furniture piece – and I’m so glad I did!

    Step 2: Remove Flakingpaint With Wire Brush And Sandpaper

    First run a briskly over your metal outdoor furniture to remove peeling paint chips and rust.  There’s a variety of wire brushes out on the market, but I ended up using brushes I already owned. 

    For the larger spots I used a retired metal grill brush.  Every year we buy a new metal cleaning brush for our grill, so I clean and retire the old one for potential cleaning or DIY projects. 

    But to get into the corners and tight, odd-shaped spots and spaces on this outdoor metal table, I used a circular metal radiator cleaning brush.  It’s actually the same brush I use to get in between the fins to clean my cast iron radiators.   

    Next, give a hard sand to the rusty areas with .  I sanded until a good portion of the rust was completely removed. 

    Honestly, I’m terribly sure this is the best route to remove the rust on this outdoor metal side table.  In hindsight I probably should have picked up a can of .

    But, I want to test it out without the rust prohibited.  Even if I get a few years out of his table before I have to re-do, I’m OK with it.

    Once you have tackled the rusty areas, follow by lightly sanding the entire faded metal outdoor furniture piece. My outdoor metal side table is small, so I just used a regular 9 inch x 11 inch piece of sandpaper.  But if you have a larger project, like an entire patio set, you might want to consider investing in an orbital sander.  

    How To Clean Metal Iron And Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

    Proper cleaning is essential to preserve the shine on metal outdoor furniture. For aluminum pieces, oxidation is the most common problem. Before cleaning, remove as much of the imperfection as possible using a metal polishing paste or a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water. Avoid using chemicals such as ammonia and trisodium phosphate ; alkaline cleaners cause oxidation.

    To protect its natural luster, wash aluminum furniture frequently and remove scuff marks with a soft cloth dampened with a nonabrasive cleaning product. Combat rust by sanding it off along with damaged paint. Wipe off metal residue with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits or naphtha. Use a rust-resistant primer before painting with a rust-resistant paint.

    Consider having your wrought-iron furniture sandblasted or powder-coated for added protection. To protect after cleanings, apply a coat of automotive wax.

    How To Restore Faded Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Every element of our house matters and is like a piece in the puzzle which completes the look. Similarly with rusted and faded patio furniture that ruined piece of your puzzle would destroy the entire look. Let us look at how we can save our picture from becoming dull.

    These methods are collected from experts so it is guaranteed that this work.

    Woods Cleaning Tips For Wooden Outdoor Furniture

    Most wooden garden tables and seating are constructed from hardwoods that can be cleaned and cared for in a similar fashion.

  • Remove light debris with a soft nylon bristled brush
  • Clean the surface using a sponge or damp cloth with mild household soap and lukewarm water
  • Soak up any excess water with a microfiber or lint-free cloth
  • Allow the wood to dry naturally
  • If you’re letting the woodgrain patina , then you can get by with cleaning wooden patio furniture once or twice a year. If you want to retain the wood’s natural brown color, you’ll need to clean it more regularly and treat it with furniture oil and possibly a light layer of sealant . The frequency is dependent on your climate and if the furniture is sheltered. Drier climates or areas with more sun exposure will require more frequent maintenance. Spills should be cleaned immediately to minimize potential staining.


    Over time,teak furniture develops a pleasing silvery gray patina that’s cosmetic and not an indication of dryness or physical defect. Its natural oils help keep this hardwood strong and durable in a variety of environments, so there’s very little maintenance. In fact, teak is so weather-resistant that it doesn’t need to be stored over the winter or covered with protective tarps.

  • Give new teak furniture a couple of weeks outdoors
  • Clean the wood
  • Apply a thin coat of sealer
  • Wait one hour before applying a second coat
  • Wait an additional 4-5 hours before using the furnishings
  • Smoothing out weathered texture

    Plastics Taking Care Of Synthetic Deck Furniture

    Plastic is lightweight, fade-resistant and can take on many different shapes, textures and styles. It also does not require paint or sealants used by other materials. That makes this synthetic polymer easy to maintain and a great inexpensive option for outdoor furniture. Cleaning and caring for plastic furniture is really dependent on the form it takes.

    Sticky spills and drips like tree sap may require commercial products , but rubbing alcohol will suffice in many cases. Regardless of the solution you choose, it’s important that you immediately rinse these agents away once you’ve cleaned the problem areas. Extended exposure to the chemicals in some products can fade plastic and shorten the aesthetic lifespan of your patio furniture.

    All-Weather Wicker – Cleaning woven resin furniture

    In the past, natural or painted white wicker furniture was used primarily for indoor or porch seating where there was at least some protection from the elements. That was needed because organic materials were used to make the weave. Contemporary synthetic wicker, however, provides all of the aesthetic qualities of a natural weave without the vulnerability to rain, sleet and snow . Cleaning the nooks and crannies in intricate resin wicker patio furniture does take a little effort though.

  • Remove all pillows and cushions
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of superficial debris
  • Rinse the woven material well to ensure that no soapy residue remains
  • Air dry the furniture in the shade if possible
  • Technique 1: Paint Your Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Paint acts like makeup for your precious cast aluminum patio furniture. So get your stuff ready and your team be it your siblings or kids.

    Things you will need:
  • UV additive
  • Instructions:

    Step 1: Using a wire brush and with a gentle hand remove any visible surface material and rust. Make sure that you completely remove the rust without any leftovers. It may take some time and effort.

    Step 2: For the rust treatment put your rubber gloves on and scrub the framework of the aluminum patio furniture making sure that no rust treatment solution spills over to the fabric.


    Step 3: A very important step is to apply primer, this would give the paint an even look and finish. Apply thin coats of the primer so thin that it should be hand touch dry in 20-25 minutes. You should be able to paint in 1-2 hours.

    Step 4: After the primer has dried completely begin painting:

    • Use a 1K base coat single pack acrylic paint
    • When using a 1K base coat always put a layer of lacquer to protect the layer so it lasts longer
    • If you use a 2K base coat paint then you can skip the lacquer part
    • You can add UV additive where possible to protect your patio furniture from sun bleaching

    Preventative Maintenance Is The Best Maintenance

    How To Restore Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Preventative maintenance is best for your body; for your car; for just about everything, including patio furniture.

    We recommend picking up a nice set of patio furniture covers. The designs can actually be quite stylish, so you aren’t looking at dull, grey, plastic furniture covers outside your patio door.

    There’s no better way to protect your fabric from sun damage than with some nice covers.

    Why You Should Go For Aluminum Patio Furniture

    • Lightweight

    Aluminum is known to be a lightweight material in comparison to wood, steel, and cast iron. The biggest advantage of it being light in weight is that it can be transported easily and would save you a lot of money on that. Once in your garden, you can easily change the setting and move it to different places as you please.

    • Durability

    Pretty much everyone is well aware of this very great quality of aluminum that it does not rust, unlike iron or steel. Materials like iron or steel rust very in a short span of time when they are in contact with moisture and can be a piece of costly furniture to keep outdoors. Similarly wood is also not a good option as it gets faded after some time due to exposure to direct sunlight and can get cracked and needs high maintenance.

    Aluminum whose upper layer does oxidize but it only adds to the advantage as it protects the inner layers of that piece of furniture.

    • Versatility

    Aluminum you may think is only used to make furniture but that’s not the case and it is used to make many items for decoration purposes. Another great advantage is that its melting point is not as high as iron or steel which reduces the cost of energy used to make materials from it. And because of this quality, it can be easily molded into different shapes.

    How Do You Restore Faded Metal Patio Furniture


  • Take off cushions and wash/rinse aluminum patio furniture well – I like to use a rag with a little soapy water.
  • After furniture is completely dry, wipe a section with a thin layer of car wax; note that it will dry within a minute or so.
  • Using a clean dry cloth, wipe off wax entirely.
  • Apply a quarter-size amount of fine-cut automotive rubbing compound designed for use on aluminum onto a terry cloth rag. Rub the compound in a circular motion over areas with medium oxidation. Let the compound dry, then wipe it from the surface of the furniture, using a clean terry cloth towel or microfiber cloth.

    Furthermore, how do you remove heavy oxidation from aluminum? If you are cleaning a large aluminum surface, soak a cloth in vinegar, then wipe it across the oxidation. Scrub with a soft-bristled brush, then wipe away the vinegar and lifted oxidation with a damp cloth. Don’t use abrasive materials like steel wool or sandpaper to scrub the surface of the aluminum.

    In this regard, how do you refurbish aluminum patio furniture?

    How to Refinish Aluminum Patio Furniture

  • Thoroughly clean your aluminum patio furniture with your garden hose nozzle turned to its highest pressure setting.
  • Remove existing finish.
  • Remove rust from aluminum furniture.
  • Spray on primer in a back and forth motion.
  • Paint using a spray paint formulated for metal.
  • Does WD 40 Remove rust?

    How To Clean Wood And Wicker Outdoor Furniture

    Rescue dull, dirty wood or wicker furniture with these easy cleaning strategies. To remove grime, use a mild oil-base soap, such as Murphy Oil Soap, mixed with warm water. For a DIY cleaning solution, mix 1/4-cup ammonia, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 1 quart of warm water. Commercial wood cleaners are also effective for cleaning patio furniture, but be sure to read directions carefully. Wicker and painted woods might require diluting the solution.

    To protect your patio furniture, regularly wipe down wood to remove dirt, debris, and excess water. For hardwoods, consider annually sanding and applying a fresh coat of protective finish, such as oil, stain, or a polyurethane coating. Hose down wicker every few weeks to prevent dirt buildup in crevices.

    How To Restore Faded Cast Iron Patio Furniture

    There comes a second in the lives of all house or house dwellers once they understand they simply MUST do one thing about their decor how to restore faded cast iron patio furniture. That stained brown sofa, battered chair, and tattered orange shag rugs from school days have gotten to go how to restore faded cast iron patio furnitureSome folks have a pure knack for house adorning. They love shopping by how to restore faded cast iron patio furniture magazines. They make weekly dates to observe their favorite decorating reveals on cable TV. They even get pleasure from going to decorator how to restore faded cast iron patio furniture houses to see the newest types, from wallpaper and upholstery material to ingenious window treatments and delightful floral rugs. The purpose is that any and all of those, and more, can encourage a home decorating challenge.You’ll be able to seek for varied matters, visit particular interior decorating internet sites how to restore faded cast iron patio furniture, and even take an “online tour” of mannequin houses and present homes. For instance, several paint manufacturers and residential enchancment stores now provide applications in how to restore faded cast iron patio furniture which you’ll be able to try out totally different color schemes for varied rooms. Many of these sites provide electronic mail newsletters and other helpful notifications to maintain on top of decorating tendencies.

    How To Clean Outdoor Patio And Deck Furniture

    Regardless of whether the outdoor furniture on your patio or deck is made of wood, aluminum, wrought iron, or plastic; it takes a lot of abuse from the elements including sun, rain, snow, and extreme changes in temperature.

    Here are some tips on how to clean and protect the furniture on your deck or patio to keep it looking like new.

    How To Redo Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

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    Patio furniture has to face four seasons and all sorts of inclement weather. These punishing conditions can quickly degrade the surface and structure of any material. Metal furniture stands up better to harsh conditions, but ferrous metals like iron and steel can rust. Aluminum does not rust, and cast aluminum has a strength comparable to ferrous metals. If your cast-aluminum patio furniture has become weathered with time and use, you can redo it with the right materials and technique.

  • Sand your cast-aluminum patio furniture with moist, 120-grit sandpaper, or a handheld rotary tool with a 120-grit sanding accessory, until it has a dull, even surface.

  • Spray off any sanding debris with a garden hose.

  • Dry the surface of the furniture with a clean cloth.

  • Clean the sanded surface of the furniture with mineral spirits applied with a clean cloth.

  • Move the furniture to a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

  • Put on a respirator.

  • Spray a coat of epoxy primer over the entire surface of the furniture. Allow the primer to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Spray a coat of polyurethane topcoat paint to the entire surface of the furniture. Allow the topcoat paint to dry completely according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Things You Will Need

    • 100-grit sandpaper or handheld rotary tool with fine-grit sanding accessory

    • Garden hose

    • Polyurethane paint



    Dos And Donts Of Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor furniture is built for the abuse it takes all spring and summer, but it does need some TLC to keep it looking its best and increase its longevity. An important part of cleaning outdoor furniture is removing dirt, dust, and stains that accumulate, along with keeping metal free of rust and oxidation. Wicker collects dust and dirt in the weave, slings accumulate oils and sunscreen, and glass tabletops trap debris in the grooves and show water stains. Fortunately, there are some cleaning techniques that when applied regularly will restore the beauty of your furniture and keep it in commission for years to come.

    How To Renew Faded Plastic Garden Furniture

    How to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture [Video ...

    Kal Kozomos

    9 July 2021

    The weather is incredible; it’s a heatwave . You’re planning to throw a BBQ for friends and family and it’s going to be awesome. Well, that is until you uncover your garden furniture and notice the plastic is looking shabby, faded and frankly drab.  Cue one of the many WD-40 uses!  Go into the garage, shed, cupboard under the stairs; wherever your trusted can of WD-40 lives, and follow the below instructions to learn how to restore your faded plastic garden furniture in time for summer!

    Cast Aluminum Furniture Care & Maintenance

    With simple, regular maintenance and care, cast aluminum patio furniture will provide years of enjoyment. Although patio furniture is designed specifically for outdoor use, years of exposure to sun and rain will take their toll—Over time, aluminum furniture can become weathered, and the shine can fade if not taken care of. Here are the steps you need to follow to clean and maintain your cast aluminum furniture.

    Why Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Fades

    So, why does cast aluminum patio furniture fade? The answer is found in one word – oxidation.

    Although cast aluminum chairs don’t rust like iron and steel, they can be affected by oxidation. This occurs as they are exposed to the elements, specifically sunlight and water.

    You can view oxidation as a type of corrosion that ruins the look of your cast aluminum patio furniture. It is similar to rusting, but instead of destroying the metal material, it destroys the finish. So it’s not really the cast aluminum material that is affected but the beautiful shiny finish. 

    Of course, it will take years before the furniture becomes weathered and the shine starts fading. 

    However, it is important to understand that oxidation is a natural process and is bound to occur sooner or later. But it can be delayed through proper furniture maintenance. 

    The Right Tools & A Little Elbow Grease

    The best approach to keeping your patio furniture looking good is regular cleaning with an appropriate cleanser — this will prevent the build-up of difficult to remove grime and stains and make it easier to keep your furniture looking new. Keep in mind that no matter what your patio furniture is made from, you should avoid harsh chemical cleansers. You should also avoid rough scrub brushes except in the case of rusty iron furniture. And if the finish on your metal furniture seems too far gone, then consider having it refinished by a professional.

    Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Is Faded

    • Christel on Mar 24, 2018I would clean it, give it a light hand-sanding and then use spray paint made for metal furniture to bright it up. LOTS of colors, textures, even metalics to choose from.
    • Jewellmartin on Mar 24, 2018Clean and sand all the metal parts. Tape off glass, plexiglass, and plastic. Paint with Rustoleum paint for aluminum. Add an outdoor clear sealer. Then mend or repair all the materials. Best wishes! ??
    • Shoshana on Mar 25, 2018If you notice that there is slight discoloration on you aluminum furniture, then it should be washed with mild soap and warm water. It helps to add a gentle natural acid like lime or lemon juice, vinegar or cream of tartar.

    How Do You Remove Oxidation From Metal


    Iliyas Etherton

    How to Remove Oxidation From Resin Chairs

  • Fill a bucket with warm water.
  • Wash the chairs thoroughly using a scrub brush to remove any dirt or other buildup.
  • Rinse the chairs with clean water and thoroughly dry them off with a towel.
  • Apply the car or boat polish to a clean rag and begin rubbing the oxidized areas.
  • Dalibor Botsch

    Cleaning Your Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Oakville Home LeisureOutdoor Furniture Maintenance

    Cleaning Your Aluminum Patio Furniture is Easy!

    Outdoor furniture is exposed to all kinds of painful stuff, like:

    • Rain
    • Pests
    • Kids

    When you invest in furniture that really makes your outdoor space a livable extension of your home, it’s worth taking the time to preserve your investment.

    Technique 2: Automobile Wax For Shine

    If you think that painting is not possible at the moment and you need a quick fix before the evening get together at your place then you can try out this method.

    Things you’ll need:
  • Automobile wax
  • Instructions:

    Step 1: With a stiff wire brush remove all the unwanted rust and debris from the exposed surface

    Step 2: Wear your rubber gloves and dip a soft sponge in a marine aluminum cleaner, scrub with it around the frame of the furniture.

    Step 3: Take warm water and completely rinse the furniture making sure no chemical is left behind

    Step 4: With the help of a towel dry totally

    Step 5: To add extra shine take a cloth and apply a very thin layer of automobile wax

    Step 6: With a light hand clean the automobile wax with another clean piece of cloth

    Use Tarps If Covers Are Not Available

    How to Fix Faded Aluminum Patio Furniture Using Just ONE ...

    Patio covers can be a little expensive, so I would understand if you were reluctant about purchasing one. Luckily tarps are cheaper and also work well at protecting patio furniture from the elements. 

    Just like covers, tarps can trap moisture, so make sure you choose something that is breathable. I highly recommend using vinyl tarps, although plastic ones can also be used. 

    Also, make sure you secure the tarps well with ropes, so they don’t get blown away by rain or boisterous wind. 

    That said, patio covers are still better than tarps when it comes to protecting outdoor furniture, but I will always choose one than using nothing. 

    There you have it – how to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture.

    New outdoor furniture can be quite expensive, especially when it’s made from a high-grade material like cast aluminum. Why not restore your existing furniture and save more money. 

    The methods above can also be used to fix any second-hand cast aluminum patio furniture that looks a bit faded. You don’t always need to go for the new stuff. 

    I hope you found this article useful and can now refresh your dull patio furniture. Make sure you apply the other maintenance methods mentioned. It will really go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of your investment. 

    Let me know if you have any more questions, and I will be glad to respond. Till then, stay safe and remain blessed!

    Adding Shine To Aluminum Patio Chairs

    Aluminum patio chairs are popular as a practical and aesthetic outdoor furniture option. Aluminum chairs are regarded as the ideal exterior/open-air furniture, as they can withstand harsh temperatures and offer years of use with minimum care. Aluminum patio chairs could be either painted or unpainted. The painted variety is treated like any other painted metal surface and cleaning it occasionally with mild soaps and water is sufficient. Every few years, it can be re-painted to add some shine to the weathered surface. However, painted patio chairs aren’t very common. Patio chairs made from unfinished aluminum are regarded as the more upmarket choice. They have a distinct styling advantage, having a characteristically shiny exterior.

    Though these chairs do not rust, they are vulnerable to oxidation. This is natural, since they are exposed to external climatic changes. Oxidation can be understood as slow corrosion that eats into the brilliant shiny finish that a patio chair should have. Oxidation is known to cause pitting on the chair. Oxidized aluminum chairs have small specks on the surface that ruin the polished appearance. To keep your aluminum chairs shining forever, you would have to develop a combined strategy, i.e. Regular Cleaning along with Specific Shining Techniques.

    Recommended Regular Cleaning of Aluminum Chairs 

    Cleaning the Chair

    Tending Scraped Surfaces

    Restoring the Shine

    Waxing the Chair

    Alternative Shining Methods


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