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How To Clean Wood Patio Furniture

How To Clean Patio Furniture: Metal Frames And Legs

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Our hand-woven, all-weather wicker is wrapped around a powder-coated alloy frame for superior strength.

Pair that with rustproof stainless steel legs, which will stand up to wind, rain, heat, and snow, and youâve got yourself an incredibly durable sofa!

When it comes to cleaning the metal frames and legs of your patio furniture, a gentle cleaning solution with some warm water should do the trick to remove scuff marks.

How To Clean And Restore Wooden Outdoor Patio Furniture And Bistro Set

If the season has either just started or is coming to an end, you might want to clean and renew your wooden bistro set. It is always better to be sitting on a clean chair instead of a dirty one for sure. But when you clean it, you might notice that it doesnt look just like the way it used to. The color has faded, and there also might be some damage to it. Well after a long time researching and talking to a few experts on this topic, Ive decided to write this article that will help you a lot.

So with that being said lets move to the process itself. It is not so hard at all, in fact, I believe that anyone of you will be able to do it after reading this article. If it helps you can even read it on your phone while you are doing it. First, you should clean your wooden furniture.

Cleaning And Preserving Wooden Garden Furniture

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This can be left in the garden all year round, although it will weather to a silvery grey finish. To clean it after a long winter, first remove all the excess dirt, dust and cobwebs that have built up with a stiff bristle brush.

If your hardwood furniture is a few years old and has silvered with age, you can restore it to its original colour by using a specialist product like like Cuprinols Garden Furniture Restorer. Paint it on and the wood will start to lighten in colour. Work it into the wood with an abrasive pad, leave it to work its magic for 15 minutes, then wash off.

Image credit: Cuprinol

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If you havent applied a restorer, your next job is to clean your furniture with soapy water. Rinse;and;dry it thoroughly, and lightly sand the surfaces to remove any weathered areas.

Now its time to protect your wood. This should be done every season. Teak oil will shield your hardwood furniture from the elements and keep it looking new. Using a rag, apply the oil, rubbing it in gently and following the grain. You can add more than one coat of oil, but make sure the;first one;dries completely before you apply the next.

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Using A Teak Protector

If you want the teak to maintain the honey color, you’ll need to use a teak protector. It will give the wood a layer of UV protection and prevents mildew growth. The teak protector creates a barrier between the wood and the air, preventing oxidation, which causes the wood to turn grey. These types of protectors will also protect the teak from oil stains from food and drinks. Oily foods, ketchup, and some drinks are all common items that can stain teak furniture. If you plan to serve a lot of meals on this furniture and the stains will bother you, consider using a protector.

The Spruce / Sydney Brown

Scrub With Mild Bleach

How To Clean Your Outdoor Patio Furniture With A Pressure ...

Bleach always seems to do the trick. Be careful to water down the solution so that you dont create spots of discoloration on your cushions. I recommend pouring 1/2 cup of bleach into a gallon of water. As always, never use bleach cleaning products if you are pregnant.

Important: Never use bleach and ammonia together. This is very dangerous and can produce toxic chemicals. Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. does a good job of explaining why here.

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Basic Cleaning For Teak Furniture

  • Step 1. Prepare the area for cleaning by laying down a tarp and placing your furniture on it. Then, wet your furniture with a garden hose.
  • Step 2. Choose a cleaning product. If you would like to use household items, combine two tablespoons of a mild cleanser such as liquid dish soap with a gallon of water in a large bucket. If you would prefer a cleaner formulated for teak, try our Teak Cleaner.
  • Step 3. Apply the solution to your teak furniture with a soft nylon brush, gently scrubbing with the direction of the grain to avoid scraping up the surface of the wood.
  • Step 4. Once your teak is clean, hose it down once more and allow to dry.
  • Step 5. If your teak feels rough to the touch after cleaning, you can do a light sanding with 220 grit paper to remove any rough fibers or wood particulate. Be sure to sand with the grain to avoid “scratching” the teak.
  • Step 6. To help keep the golden blonde appearance of your new teak, use a sealer with UV inhibitors to lock in the original color and prevent weathering. Sealers should be applied on new or recently cleaned teak that is dry to the touch. You need to ensure that the cleaner and sealer are compatible. If you used our Teak Cleaner, we strongly recommend using our Golden Sealer, as the two have been tested together. Sealers should be applied on an annual basis, or as needed depending on the climate and placement of furniture. .

How To Clean Patio Furniture: Teak Wood

Teak is a beautiful, natural material and the best wood for outdoor use. It starts out a warm, golden-brown color and naturally weathers into a silver-gray tone.

We recommend using a gentle soap and warm water to clean teak. It may be tempting, but itâs best to avoid using a power washer to clean it. It can deepen any natural cracks in the wood, letting water and erosion in.

If mold has grown on the surface of your teak furniture, add a small amount of bleach to your cleaning solution . This will break down the mold, making it easier to remove.

To clean your teak furniture, youâll need a few extra tools to make sure you get the best results possible.

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How To Prevent Rust From Forming

In most cases, getting rid of rust is quite easy. The same goes for preventing it from forming in the first place though, so might as well make yourself familiar with some of the things that you can do prevent oxidation and keep your patio furniture rust free.

Start here:

  • Protect it from moisture Cover your patio set when not in use to keep it dry. You could also store it inside, such as in a shed or your garage, if you have the space.
  • Dry off furniture right away It doesnt take long for iron oxide to form, so if your patio furniture does come into contact with moisture, dry it off immediately with a clean towel.
  • Use a rust-resistance paste wax Pick up a bottle of rust-resistant wax and give your patio furniture a good rub down. This provides a protective barrier between the iron and the outside elements, and as a bonus, it also keeps your furniture looking extra glossy and clean.
  • Keep your furniture clean Set aside some time at least twice a year to give your iron patio furniture a thorough cleaning. Warm water, a gentle detergent, and a clean rag are all that youll need, after which you can dry the pieces off with a towel.

The more extensive the rust damage, the more youll have to do restore your furniture. However, most instances of rust can be easily removedand preventedwith a bit of care, so stay proactive and keep an eye out for any rust that does form so that you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

Rinse Your Wooden Outdoor Furniture

How to Restore your Teak Patio Furniture

Take your water hose and rinse your table, chairs, etc. with it. Just like I have mentioned before, you do not want your furniture to get dry while the soap is on. So if its really sunny and warm outside, make sure to do this in a shady place or wait until the evening or the next morning to do this. Again you should make sure to get all the soap of.

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How To Clean Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics and cushions can be trickier to clean than hard surfaces. Some fabrics, like the all-weather Sunbrella fabric on our patio cushions, have been designed to withstand tough conditions and offer an easy-to-clean option. This premium material is also mold and mildew resistant, making it the best choice for your products.

Unfortunately, theres no one-size-fits-all solution for cleaning outdoor fabrics. Refer to the manufacturers care instructions to ensure youre using the correct cleaning products for your fabrics. You should also spot test in an inconspicuous location to ensure a new cleaner will work with your fabrics.

Remove Old Finish And Rust

Clean the metal with a vinegar and water solution or use water with a mild detergent and a scrub brush or rag to remove dirt and grime. Use a bleach and water solution or a commercial mold remover to remove any mold or mildew.

You need to remove both the old paint and rust for new coats of paint to adhere properly. Keep in mind that you dont have to remove every bit of the old paint. The surface just needs to be free of loose flakes of paint and other debris. Sanding and scraping the surface also raises the surface a bit for better paint adhesion.

You can remove both rust and paint using a stiff wire brush or an electric drill equipped with a sanding pad and abrasive discs. Emery cloths can be used when there is minimal rust. Emery cloths work well because they are sturdier and easier to use than sandpaper on items such as railings or fences because of their flexibility. Paint scrapers come in handy as well. Remove sanding dust as you go.

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Keep Up Preventative Maintenance

Even though we mentioned keeping your patio furniture dry, you should periodically wash everything to make sure that it is clean.

When you wash your furniture, look for any rust spots developing and treat them immediately. Use a small wire brush to get the rust off and then treat it with a bit of touch up paint and, at the very least, make sure to use paste wax.

S To Pressure Washing Your Patio Furniture With Ease

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning: How to Clean Your Patio ...
  • Make sure to place your patio furniture on flat surface and spray away from your homes windows and doors.
  • Attach a low pressure spray 25 or 40-degree nozzle to your pressure washer lance/wand.
  • Unlike pressure washing your car or boat or grill, with patio furniture you want to pressure wash;top down.
  • Usually no detergent required but if really bad you can use detergent on the plastic or harder surface of the furniture. If the cushions are being stubborn use a brush to spot clean by hand.
  • Rinse and flush away with low pressure spray.
  • You can use a higher pressure/turbo nozzle for the tables or iron furniture.

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See What You Can Do Patio Furniture Cleaning Results

1. Wood Chairs;

Power washing wood patio chairs make them look inviting, new and beautiful. There is really nothing like freshly pressure cleaned wood surfaces. Just take a look how much better yours will look:

2. Plastic Chairs

This is the chair I grew up sitting in in the summer months enjoying barbecues and parties. These chairs have a tendency to attract dirt and grime and turn nasty real quick. Good thing they are easily cleaning with some high pressure water.

3. Vinyl or Other Material Chairs

These chairs get dirty and you dont notice until you half clean them. If you own these type be sure to use some detergent to make cleaning them easier.

4. Tables

Just imagine having guests over and serving up a feast when this table dirty. Disgusting. But with a little power washer love you can make your patio table looking amazing like when it was new.

5. Picnic Table Bench

Do you have a picnic table in your backyard? If you do then like the wood chair example above you can freshen it up with ease to make it look shiny and alive again. Use your pressure cleaner with the correct nozzle to do this:

Effects Of The Elements

The great outdoors can take its toll on your furniture. Everything from weather to regular use can breakdown the surfaces of your porch swings and coffee tables. Here are a few of the biggest issues your wooden furniture may face:

  • Moisture: Your patio pieces endure rain, harsh sunlight, temperature fluctuations and damaging insects, which can result in fade and rot if left unchecked. Cleaning outdoor wood furniture helps preserve the look and integrity of your seating and tables so you can enjoy them, season after season.
  • UV rays: While basking in the sunshine might feel lovely for you, its less than ideal for your furniture. The UV rays can cause fading and discoloration, as well as a loss of shine on polished wood finishes.
  • Insects: Wood-boring insects such as termites and carpenter ants can eat through your patio seating. Aside from looking unappealing, these bugs can compromise the safety and strength of pieces over time by creating tunnels throughout the wood.
  • Normal wear and tear: Oils from food and drink spills, bird droppings and even sunscreen can cause permanent blemishes and corrosion. The normal small movements anyone makes while sitting can erode the finish on your furniture over time, making it more susceptible to damage from the elements.

Wooden Seating Set

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How To Clean Teak Patio Furniture

Teak wood is an ideal material for your patio furniture because it is durable and doesnt take much in the way of cleaning and maintenance. Teak patio furniture will either be treated with teak oil or finely sanded to show off its natural form. Even though teak is naturally resistant to rot and mold, if not properly cleaned, mildew can still form on the surface of the furniture.

  • 1 gallon of warm water

To prevent your teak patio furniture from becoming discolored and succumbing to mildew build-up, make sure you are cleaning it on a regular basis. The following tips are based on one of our natural homemade deck cleaner recipes and will provide you with ways to keep your teak furniture looking like new.

Teak Furniture Cleaning Recipe #2

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 gallon of warm water

Use one of two easy homemade cleaning solutions either vinegar and warm water, or chlorine bleach, laundry detergent, and warm water. Apply the homemade cleaning solution to the furniture using a soft plastic brush, making sure to scrub the wood as you go.

Avoid using a metal brush as it will damage the woods surface. Remove water stains from wood before cleaning. Allow the mixture to sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water.

If your teak furniture has seen a lot of exposure to the elements, youll want to look for a more aggressive, store-bought solution to clean the pieces. After cleaning, you may want to make furniture polish to bring back the shine to your teak furniture.

Why Clean Teak Patio Furniture

How To Clean Patio Furniture (Plastic, Wood, & Metal) | Sears Knowledge Center

Teak can withstand many of Mother Natures extreme highs and lows without cracking or warping. Its also resistant to mold and rot. However, this doesnt keep mildew from accumulating on the surface of your teak.

If left unattended, mildew can discolor teak garden furniture, causing the wood to become darker in irregular splotches. Cleaning your teak can help remove mold and mildew before it takes hold, preventing this irregular discoloration.

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Apply Exterior Spray Paint

To ensure that your metal furniture will stay looking good for years to come, choose an exterior spray paint.

In the same way the Rust Reformer was applied, apply 2 coats of spray paint, using long strokes, pulling the trigger slightly off the piece and releasing the trigger at the end of the stroke.

Additionally, make sure you hold the paint can 6-12 inches from your furniture and do 2 light coats.;

In my opinion, nothing is worse than trying to rush a project by applying the paint to heavy and then getting runs in the finish.

Also, I must say that I love the trigger pull of the Universal spray paint. I found that I had much less hand fatigue.

In fact, I wish all spray paint cans had this feature.

For the leg and arm piece of this chair, I chose a contrasting color.

Simple Tips For Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture

Teak furniture is generally weather-resistant. However, that doesnt mean you wont notice the effects over time if you skip a few too many cleanings. One noticeable effect is the color.

New teak is golden-brown, where older, worn wood develops a silver-gray patina. Keeping it clean prevents this from happening, and cuts out all the extra steps of refinishing the wood.

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