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How To Close In A Patio

So You Want To Convert Your Existing Lanai Into A Year

How to Adjust a Patio Screen Door for smooth sliding!

In our last article, we discussed;How to find the right sunroom contractor in Tampa, Florida?;In this article, we are going to discuss how homeowners can enclose their already existing lanai or patio and transform it into a spacious patio enclosure that;will offer year-round use. Many Florida homeowners;already have an outdoor lanai or patio attached to their home.;Even though most outdoor patios already have existing roofs, they;can be limited in how and when they can be used. In some ways, they can be a waste of space and offer very limited protection from the outdoor elements. An excellent way to make the best and most use of your outdoor patio or lanai area is to enclose it with a high-performance glass window wall system that will provide you with the same great views from the comfort of being indoors.

Whether it may be;rain, pollen, lawn mower debris, humidity, bugs or the heat from the Florida sun, there are many different things that can hinder the use of your outdoor lanai or patio area. By enclosing your existing lanai or patio and converting it into a high-performance glass patio enclosure or glass room enclosure you will now be able to get year-round use out of this area of your home.

Lock In Sunlight All Winter Long Without Casting Darkness On Your Wallet

Your favorite cable TV show declares that “winter is coming,” and this time it happens to be right. As the darker season approaches, you may find yourself wishing you could bottle up all that summer sunshine for future use. But you don’t have to jet-set to the Caribbean every time you’re craving a dose of vitamin D. Adding a sunroom can create a miniature oasis of welcome warmth right in your backyard!

A sunroom can be as simple as screening in a porch or adding a roof to your pre-existing patio, or as elaborate as constructing a from-scratch Victorian solarium replete with fancy scrollwork and fainting couch and there are so many options in between! If cost considerations have prevented you from sunbathing all winter long, you may be surprised to learn how affordable it can be to add a room that always looks on the bright side of life. Here, the cost experts from HomeAdvisor help you weigh your options:


Dealing With The Porch Demolition And Levelling The Floor

Our porch area is directly below what is now our dining room. The ceiling was made from exterior vinyl and the walls were just random pieces of tongue and groove. We pulled all of that down in a couple of days.

Surprisingly, there was a bit of insulation behind the boards, but it wasnt doing anything to help with air flow or heat retention and loss.

Most of it was installed incorrectly. Its too much to get into here, but choosing the right insulation for your space is a big decision.

I mean, you only really have the walls open enough one time during your project.

So you really want to arm yourself with all the best information when it comes to convert porch into living space.

I also think that its where you want to spend whatever budget you have to get the best results.

If you are still wondering if turning a porch into a room, let me say 1 thing: your home will only thank you.

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How Do I Plan A Patio Layout

Designing a patio layout should be determined by how you want to use it and therefore the furniture it will house. So, if you plan to entertain regularly, you will want to consider what patio furniture you need a dining set, a lounging set, or both how big you need the furniture to be in other words, how many people you might want to regularly host on it and whether you need to incorporate patio cover ideas such as pergolas.

Then you need to plan for the negative space on the patio or, the gaps and spaces between the different furniture, and between the furniture and the edges of the patio. Ideally, you want these negative spaces to be 3ft or 1m wide.;

This gives you space to comfortably move around the patio without it feeling or looking cluttered and, especially if your patio is raised or terraced and doesn’t have railings, means furniture and those seated on it are unlikely to topple off it.

The simplest way to design a patio that suits your needs exactly is to draw it out to scale. That way, you can plan in patio planting ideas such as beds, borders and pot positions right from the start, and even factor in space for any outdoor kitchen ideas you may have.;

Using rope, you can create the boundary of your patio in your existing yard, too, to double check its dimensions.

Pick Brick For Character And Style

‘We love Belgian Vande Moortel bricks, and have created quite a;few patio schemes recently using these. The Ancienne Belgique range is a particular favorite as they are the most delightful size, full of character and charm.;

‘We also often choose Durlston Driveway and Stableyard cobbles and setts from Allgreen Group to add interest and pattern in paving.’ ;

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Add In Elements Of Ambiance And Comfort

Patio furniture layout also incorporates your own sense of style. Once youve found the best placement for furniture, add accessories and pops of color that speak to your personality. Greenery and lighting may take up some extra room within your space, so make sure to account for that in the layout. Balance a patio set with comfortable throw pillows, store accessible hosting supplies like wine glasses and mugs, or show off your DIY prowess with bits of art and handmade home goods. Add scented candles and pockets of outdoor lighting for a final warming touch.;

Where To Position A Patio

There are three factors that will influence this choice: how you want to use your patio; where it will look best in your garden’s design overall; and whether it is overlooked or not.

How you want to use the patio: if it’s only for dining, a shady spot will suit, but if you are a sun worshipper, then you will want to position your patio in a sunny spot. Conversely, if your entire backyard is sunny and you want to create a dining area in a particular area of it, you can use clever garden shade ideas to perfect the space.

Where it will look best: traditionally, patios are just outside the door to your backyard for convenience but there is no reason, especially in a large space, not to have more than one garden. And, of course, if your only sunny space is at the end of the garden, and you can plant around the patio sympathetically to create a lovely view of it from the house, this may be your best option.

Patio positioning for privacy: patios need to feel private but that doesn’t mean that you have to position it for privacy in your backyard as it is there are plenty of garden privacy ideas you can employ to create a new, secluded space.;

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Features Of An Enclosed Patio

Wall material using reclaimed storm door is one way to enclose patios creating a solid wall of windows while maintaining an open feel of the outdoor space. You may keep one door on its hinges to function as entryway.

Frame material popular choices for a patio frame enclosure are aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum is preferred for its strength and durability, but it tends to get hot causing the entire patio to become warm. Vinyl on the other hand, requires less maintenance and it is not prone to scratches and dents.

Pre-constructed window wall system this window wall system is customized and fabricated to fit openings of your patio which you want enclosed. There are several window panels designs to choose from such as sliding panel or swing to open panel; each type allows maximum air flow to the enclosed patio area.

Outdoor curtains and drapes porch outdoor curtains and drapes add elegance and creates a whimsical and welcoming atmosphere. A very specific type of a porch curtain is the mosquito netting curtains which keeps the mosquitos and other insects away; plus, this costs less to install than screen enclosure.

Benefits Of An Enclosed Patio

How close can a patio heater be to a TV?

Privacy and extra security Enclosing your patio will give you an additional privacy and enhance the security for your home. You can enjoy the outdoor beauty and tranquility of your surrounding without having to compromise privacy. You can relax and be at ease while keeping out mosquitos and unwanted insects which can ruin a lovely evening outside and can help protect your health and well-being.

Increase in property value An enclosed patio is a great option to get more value for your money and a better return on your home investment. Adding an enclosed patio is much more practical in time and cost and will provide an aesthetic appeal for your home, adding more recreation space which can help sell your property quicker on the market.

Extra storage space Enclosed patio can also be very functional as it can be used to store large furniture, yard work tools, gardening supplies and a place to store firewood.

So for the next outdoor project to add to your home, building an enclosed patio might be exactly what you need for that additional place to entertain, or that extra space you need for storage; and maybe one of our design ideas might be just the one which will interest you. For more related designs check out our gallery of backyard pavilion ideas.

See more

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Get Enclosed Patio References

When selecting a dealer to work with on a patio enclosure project, its essential to make sure theyre reputable and that you can speak with previous customers. No matter the size or cost of your project, knowing that youre working with a company you trust and one that uses the best products available, will ensure you end up with the perfect enclosed patio. Also, if you have friends, neighbors, or family who have completed a similar project, ask them about who they worked with on their enclosed patio.

Available Screened In Patio Meshes

  • Copper mesh – $6.50/sqft – Not very strong. Can corrode.
  • Brass mesh – $6/sqft – A bit stronger. Can corrode.
  • Stainless steel mesh – $1/sqft Strong. Will not rust or tarnish, or be physically damaged from impact.
  • Bronze mesh – $0.85/sqft Will discolor. Tougher than brass and copper.
  • Vinyl-coated polyester mesh – $0.58/sqft Strong. Will not corrode.
  • Aluminum mesh – $0.28/sqft Very strong. Easy to work with.
  • Fiberglass mesh – $0.15/sqft – Easily torn. Fire resistant. Will not rust or corrode.

Some mesh types are better than others. For example, Stoetts screen mesh is made of a PVC polyester-coated fabric which is 200% stronger and lasts three times longer than fiberglass. Because you have to have Stoett screens installed by a local authorized dealer/installer, prices can vary, but they say a typical job can cost $200 – $15,000, depending on how much screening you need and how many individual pieces need to be custom fit and installed. Available meshes include:

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Why You’d Want To Enclose A Porch: 3 Reasons

There are several reasons why youd potentially want to enclose your porch.;Here are a few of them:

  • An enclosed porch is safer from the elements. When your porch is enclosed completely, you dont have to worry as much about wind, rain, snow, and UV rays. While all of these can still potentially get in a little bit, depending on the type of enclosure you choose, the risks are much less significant with an enclosed porch.
  • Enclosed porches are free from bugs. Mosquitoes carry diseases and other bugs can be annoyances, but with an enclosed porch, you dont have to worry about any of this. You can sit outside without concern and without being bothered by flying creatures, too.
  • Its safe for pets and kids to play on enclosed porches. Your whole familyeven the furry memberscan spend time outdoors getting some fresh air when you have an enclosed porch.

A Comfy Enclosed Rooftop Patio

back porch enclosure

This roof deck patio may be small but it offers the most privacy and the best views. You can easily dine, read, or have a nap comfortably on this space without any distraction.

Overlooking the green views afar, this roof deck patio can be enjoyed throughout the year thanks to the enclosures.


  • The shades of orange used in this room make the space look warm and inviting.


  • The planter doesnt make any essential touch to the whole design.


To build this kind of enclosed patio designs in your home, you may need to prepare for $13,000.

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Glass Patio Enclosures Prices Or Solariums

Installing a solarium costs anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000, including labor and materials. The price becomes a bit higher than a typical patio enclosure since it has walls and a roof made entirely of glass. Similar to the cost of installing a conservatory, solariums allow sunlight to flow in during warm days. They often made to accommodate indoor gardens or plants.

Note that in most areas, solariums that are used to grow plants need good ventilation to keep the temperature consistent.

Plan Now: Turn Your Porch Into An Enclosed Patio

It may be cold now, but this is the perfect time to start planning for ways to enjoy the warmer temperatures come spring. If youre tired of looking at your back porch as it has turned into a resting place for kids toys, mismatched furniture, or a place for anything that doesnt fit in the garage, there is hope. What about turning your uninspiring porch into a beautiful living space? Patio enclosures can transform the outdoors into a beautiful indoor/outdoor space to be enjoyed by all. Here are some things to consider when drafting your enclosed patio plan.

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Lovely Sunroom With Attached Flower Garden

Sunrooms can be the true add-ons to your house. It is a kind of enclosed patio designs that are created to match the rest of your house and act like a room addition.


  • The attached flower garden on both sides of the sunroom makes a lovely view either from outside or inside the room.


  • The wide screens do not provide privacy to your patio area.


Sunroom design like this typically costs around $15,000 $22,000.

Factors That Determine The Cost To Enclose A Patio

How to Install a Sliding Patio Door
  • Materials Used in Making Enclosure: There is a wide array of materials that you could make use of in creating the enclosure for the patio. Some people use bricks and cement, as a means of integrating the patio as an extension of the home interior, the cheapest of all means, which would cost you $0.15-$0.3 for each kilogram, with bricks costing an average of $0.5-2.00, depending on type.

Some make use of thinner materials such as nets or screen panels which costs about $2-$15 for each meter, and in further cases, there even are instances where people make use of costly glass panels to allow ample light through, with offering a full list of glass panels, with theirs costing $39 to $49 for each panel.

Should the porch or patio not have any roofing prior, people tend to use G.I., or galvanized Iron sheets or a roofing material which is similar with the rest of the house, which would cost around $5-10 per square meter. For glass panels, there also are specialized glass roofs that match the walls. Some people could also get creative with the enclosure, and use metallic panels with a set of holes, wood, so on and so forth.

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How To Adjust Patio Doors

Your patio door makes strange sounds while opening and closing? Poorly adjusted doors can negatively influence various aspects of the protection and insulation of a house. But adjustment can easily be performed by laymen and without professional window fitters. To adjust common patio doors you will only need this manual and a few tools. Carefully read through all steps, before you start to adjust.

  • Allen keys, screwdriver and pincers
  • Tape measure or yard stick
  • Ladder

Patio Enclosure Additions Costs

Solar panels – Add solar panels to the roof to benefit from the suns power and lower your utility bill. See our article on solar panels here.

Ceiling accessories – Wire items into the ceiling:

  • Recessed light fixtures $4$370
  • Hanging light fixtures $14$5,000
  • Ceiling fans $60$3,000
  • Heaters $90$770

Windows – You may want to go all out and install additional support frames and drywall, along with removable windows. You can buy these in glass, acrylic, or plastic, depending on how much heat/cold you want to keep in the enclosure and how much UV protection you want.

Misting system – Wrap a misting system around the roofs eaves. Complete kits are available that range from $16$30.

Natural light – A skylight or two with UV ray filters can keep the patio filled with natural light. $30$1,850

Drainage – Of all the additional options, especially if you live somewhere with heavy rainfall, consider the addition of gutters to direct rainfall away from the patio area. You can buy vinyl gutter kits with everything you need for $220$590, and your contractor can install them for $60$90/hour.

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Framing Versus Block Or Brick

A balcony enclosure is not the same structure as a full-size house that has an extremely heavy roof or even a second level above it. In short, the walls of the balcony enclosure do not support tons of weight, but they are still limited in some aspects because they are part of the balcony, which means the support of the balcony as it juts out from the building is the support you have to work with. Although some enhancements can be made to shore it up, the best option for balcony enclosures is to use wood framing, just like wood is used in a typical home. Full-height block and brick walls are too heavy to be considered for the walls of a balcony, because they would put too much weight on the base.


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