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How To Keep Squirrels Off Patio Screen

Do You Have A Dog Try This Trick For How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Potted Plants

Can squirrels chew through aluminum screen mesh?

Next time you groom your dog, save the hair and sprinkle it on the soil of your potted plants. It only takes a little bit to give off the scent of dog and scare away any little critters that come calling. It will eventually break down, so replace it periodically. Human hair will also work if you save your clippings.

Do Not Feed The Squirrels

Squirrels are like just about any other animal: they will go wherever the food is.

Sure, it might be cute to see these fuzzy little critters amble into your yard and nibble adorably on small pieces of food. But that is the beginning of a very annoying process.

If you are trying to keep squirrels away from your deck, start by making sure there isnt a food source near your deck. That means even having an open bird feeder.

There are options that are specifically built to keep annoying pests like squirrels out, so those are okay to keep outside.

Make sure to store any pet food in your home as well. Any kind of food source that is readily available to squirrels, they will look to take advantage of.

Cutting off their food source means they will likely look to set up shop elsewhere.

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Admin Note: This post first appeared on the blog in April of 2017. I have updated the post with additional tips, more photos, a printable check list and a video for you to enjoy.

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Give Them An Alternative Food Choice

This may seem like an oxymoron, but sometimes giving the squirrels their own food supply can be the answer.

If you have tried everything to keep squirrels away and they still keep returning to your garden, try setting up a distraction station somewhere in your yard that is some distance away from your veggies.

Set up a food station with squirrel tempting treats like sunflower seeds, nuts and other treats. This will attract the squirrels away from your vegetables and to other areas of the yard.

Just be sure the station is positioned well away from your edible vegetables. Dont forget to keep water here too. ;My entire crop of tomatoes each had one bite out of them and I am sure the squirrels were mainly thirsty that day.

Dogs Are Natural Squirrel Deterrants OUTSMARTING THE SQUIRRELS
  • A dog is a great squirrel chaser, if thats an option in your backyard! Squirrels cant stand those pesky dogs!;Save the dogs hair when you brush or groom it, and use it to mulch your garden beds. The squirrels wont go near;it!;
  • Human hair helps a well, according to one reader who shares, I used to have a problem with squirrels digging up my bulbs. Now, once in the spring and once in the fall, I ask my hairdresser to save a big bag of hair for me. I lightly dig this into the soil. Squirrels can not stand the smell of humans, so they leave the gardens;alone.

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Diy Squirrel Deterrent: Grease For Bird Feeders

Squirrels enjoy eating at bird feeders just as much as the birds do, and its not so easy to find squirrel-proof bird feeders to purchase. Instead, place the bird feeder that you already own on a tall metal pole.

Use cooking grease, like Crisco, to coat the pole. If you lather on the right amount of oil, squirrels will have a hard time climbing up the pole to get to the bird seed.

Theyll likely slip down the pole with the greasy like substance all over their feet. Because the active ingredient in cooking grease is difficult to remove from their feet, they will not attempt to climb the Crisco lathered pole again.

Though this is an excellent trick to keeping squirrels away from bird feeders, keep in mind that, if ingested, cooking oils can harm cats and dogs. Be careful of where you apply it.

Wild Squirrels Ripping My Screens And Coming In My Porchplease Advise

Hello..can anyone please help on what I can do about my current situation. I started throwing food out to the tree in my backyard for the wild squirrels a month or so ago. They were cute to watch and the same two or three come by daily. Lately the one comes by chasing the others and she gets closer and closer as she watches me put food down..then i go in my porch and just watch them.Well, I went away last week for work and my husband was home but he doesnt bother with them and he noticed a whole bunch of rips/holes chewed on my screen and it was the wild ones wanting food cuz i wasnt home to feed them. Today i went on my porch and the wild squirrel was in a bucket inside my porch. Now another HUGE hole in the screen where she came in. How can I get them to stop??? Also I have a pet squirrel who stays on my porch who usually runs free in the porch but I had to leave to go to the store and locked him in the cage in porch cuz something made me worry that these wild squirrels are going to come on the screen again or come in! Do i have to stop feeding them? She was eating the nuts my pet squirrel hid in the bucket. Any advise would be appreciated. This is my parents house and i have to replace the screens asap!

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A Buy A Pole That Is Manufactured Specially To Prevent Squirrels

For example, I used to own the Squirrel Stopper Pole, and not one single critter EVER got past the attached spring-loaded baffle.

A squirrel baffle is merely a contraption that prevents squirrels from climbing up your bird feeder pole. Check out the spring-loaded baffle on the Squirrel Stopper pole below:

Squirrel Stopper Pole; ;Check Today’s Price

Not only is this pole great at preventing squirrels from climbing up, but it holds up to 8 bird feeders and looks classy in my backyard.

Seriously How Do You Keep Squirrels Off Your Bird Feeders

How To Keep Birds Off Your Screen Enclosure

After doing lots of research and experimenting at home, I have put together eight strategies that can help prevent and stop the carnage that squirrels can wreak on your bird food supply.

And the best news?

None of the tips below hurt squirrels. I do not agree with or recommend any strategy that puts these small mammals in danger. As I said before, I want to feed the squirrels, just not from my bird feeders.

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How Do I Keep The Squirrels Off My Back Porch Screen

  • Lagree Wyndham on Oct 09, 2017Try rubber snakes, I used them on my back porch to keep birds and squirrels. I kept a small on on top of ceiling fan when not in use and a larger on the floor. Be careful you don’t scare yourself…been there done that.
  • Bob Kilbourn on Oct 09, 2017have the same problem, wish I knew the answer. I have clear plastic panels that I put up in the winter to make the porch usable in the cold. These do stop the squirrels. this however makes the porch very hot in the summer. the problem is that once the squirrel learns how get through the screening, all the other squirrels follow!!!
  • Liz on Oct 09, 2017Here are a couple of ideas that have worked for us. Mix a spray bottle 1/2 Pine Sol with 1/2 water. From the inside of the porch, spray this through the screen. It will have a strong odor for a few days, but the odor will fade. The pine oil in Pine Sol helps it to last even through rainy weather, etc. for 2-3 weeks. All animals hate the odor of Pine Sol, even the black bears at our mountain house! Spray this also around the outside perimeter of your porch, too. If squirrels or larger animals are really persistent, you can install hardware cloth on the inside of your porch. It’s quick to install with a staple gun. Animals can’t get through this, but it allows free flow of air.
  • Keeping Squirrels Out Of The House

  • 1Fill in any holes in the attic to keep squirrels from getting inside. Keeping your home and roof in good repair will help keep squirrels from getting inside.XResearch sourceJoshua Bloom. Pest Control Specialist. Personal interview. 8 May 2020. Go into your attic to look for holes along the inside. It’s best to do this in daylight so you can see the sun shining through. Nail mesh wire over any holes you find to keep squirrels from coming in.XResearch source
  • If you don’t want to do this yourself, hire a contractor or repair person to do it.
  • 2Purchase a chimney cap for your fireplace to block an entrance for squirrels. Some squirrels will simply crawl down the chimney to get into your house! If that’s the case, a chimney cap is a solution. It closes off the chimney so the squirrels can’t enter.XResearch source
  • However, part of the cap is made from a wire cage, so the smoke will still be able to get out.
  • 3Cut branches off that hang near the house so squirrels can’t jump to the roof. If a branch is touching your roof or is very close to your home, slice it off so there’s at least 6 feet between the branch and the house. Similarly, chop off any branches that hang over your roof that a squirrel can use as a bridge.XResearch sourceJoshua Bloom. Pest Control Specialist. Personal interview. 8 May 2020.
  • If a squirrel can use a branch to get over to your home, they’ll do it. Once on your roof, they’ll often look for ways to get in, and soon enough, you’ll have an infestation.
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    How To Stop Squirrels From Climbing Your Downspout

    Squirrels have an annoying habit of claiming your home as their own. This includes using your gutters and downspouts to travel freely around your property.

    Its very common to have squirrels infesting homes in Toronto, Mississauga and other GTA cities, and downspouts are a favourite among squirrel habitats. It is important to remove the squirrels from your downspouts, by either doing it yourself or calling a professional squirrel removal Toronto, before major damage can occur.

    Squirrel Repellent To Keep Chipmunks Out Of The Garden

    1000+ images about Squirrel

    Squirrels start to prepare for winter hibernation during the fall season, which means that you need to get on top of your pest control home remedies during the late summer months.

    Chipmunks usually search for bulbs and other seeds in your garden when theyre in preparation mode, which means youll have to break out a good squirrel repellent recipe.

    Mix a few drops of detergent or dish soap with a few tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Once youve maintained the right fluid consistency, pour the mixture around the yard as a way to keep squirrels out of your garden.

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    How To Protect Your Patio From Squirrels

    After weeks of planning, youve finally bought the perfect patio furniture. Youre ready for days of lounging by the pool and outdoor entertaining. Sadly, pests like squirrels can ruin those perfect plans in a flash. From digging up your vegetable garden to chewing your patio furniture, squirrels can be a pain. They may seem innocent and fuzzy, but squirrels can reap havoc on your yard.

    How To Keep Squirrels Away With Bulbs And Plants

    Use bulbs as a way of keeping squirrels out of the garden.; Some plants that repel squirrels are beautiful to see, but many of them are actually unappealing to squirrels.

    There are some bulbs and plants that squirrels really avoid due to their taste and smell. ;Planting this type of bulb near your vegetable garden can do a good job of keeping the squirrels away.

    A few ideas for squirrel repelling bulbs are daffodils, hyacinths, allium, lily of the valley, peppermint and geranium.

    Squirrels arent the only thing that plants will repel.;Lots of plants are great at repelling insects. See my list of mosquito repelling plants here.

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    How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

    Q: We live on a cul-de-sac on a wooded lot with a creek, and love the country living. There are families of deer, coyote, fox, beaver and all sorts of birds. The problem? Squirrels. One year, they ate through the top of a new sofa on our front veranda. They devour fresh pumpkins and routinely dig up and redistribute my bulbs. Recently, my husband installed new screens and a new ceiling to the screened porch on the back of our house, giving it a finished, beachy, outdoor-family-room feel . We discovered this week that a squirrel ripped through one of the screens and clawed or chewed its way into the ceiling. Our son caught it bringing in nesting materials and chased it out, but it keeps returning. What can we do to keep squirrels from tearing our screens and destroying our porch ceiling?


    A: The easiest solution is to call a pest-control company to assess the situation and figure out remedies physical changes to block the squirrels entry, not just trapping, which is a temporary fix at best.

    For your specific situation, Hurley suggests installing plexiglass over the surface where the squirrels are getting to your screens. Plexiglass is tough and slick, and because it is clear, it wont be very noticeable. A squirrel has to have framing to run down, he said. If you coat the beam theyre running down with plexiglass, it will prevent their claws from digging in.

    The Top 4 Ways To Stop Squirrels From Climbing Your Downspouts

    How to keep squirrels of your deck

    Make Your Own Squirrel Repellant

    You can combine red pepper and petroleum jelly and spread it on the insides of your downspouts. This may help in detracting squirrels and making it slippier to climb.

    However, it can be difficult to coat the insides of the downspout, especially if a squirrel has already established its den inside. You must also be very cautious of squirrels running out of downspouts and potentially

    Use Mothballs

    Mothballs are another alternative you can try to get rid of those squirrels. You can toss a few mothballs in the gutter and at the bottom of the downspout.

    This method may be worth a try, but is only a temporary solution to the problem. Mothballs are also very toxic not only to humans but to other animals as well, so it is important to make sure pets, children, or other animals do not consume them.

    Install Wire Mesh On Your Downspouts

    Wire mesh can be installed on the entrances of your downspout to prevent them from coming in. It may be risky to do so, since squirrels can bolt out of the downspout and surprise you if youre unprepared.

    Another major drawback is that it will be harder to clean out your downspout if the wire mesh causes debris to get stuck inside the downspout.

    The best and safest option is to call a professional. Professional wildlife removal companies will be able to get rid of your squirrels with high success.

    Unlike the other methods, professionals will be able to provide more permanent solutions to your squirrel problems.

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    Why Are Squirrels Tearing Up My Patio Furniture

    Usually squirrels create nests out of leaves, twigs, animal fur and other natural materials. When they cant find these materials in the wild, they might decide to tear up your patio cushions and steal the padding inside.

    They could also be looking for a warm, safe place to nest. So if you notice a squirrel has already chewed a hole in an outdoor cushion or pillow, be sure to check that no one is sleeping inside.

    How To Keep Squirrels From Eating Pumpkins

    So you’ve decorated your fall porch with pumpkins, and the next thing you know they’ve been devoured by squirrels. Although not their favorite food, they are handy at just the right time of year when squirrels are fattening up for winter. Here are a few methods to try to keep them from destroying your pretty fall display:

    • Spray the pumpkins and surrounding area with a repellent, like Liquid Fence.
    • Tuck some dog hair around and beneath the pumpkins.
    • Scare them off with a motion-activated air blaster. Although, you might want to warn visitors of its presence and be sure to remove it before trick-or-treaters show up.
    • Rub the pumpkin with a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar and even tuck the soaked cloth nearby. Reapply often.
    • Mix a solution of 1 part eucalyptus oil and 10 parts water and spray or wipe down the pumpkin. You can also try peppermint oil.
    • Add an owl decoy to your decorations to scare them off.

    If you’re looking to keep them from eating your pumpkins while they’re still growing in your garden, try some of the suggestions at the top of the page.


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    Fertilize With Bone Meal

    Bone meal has an odor that is offensive to squirrels, and they will avoid flower pots and garden where they smell it. For best results, sprinkle bone meal on the surface of the soil. Dont mix it in; just leave it on the surface.

    Youll have to apply another dose when the first gets watered in. As a bonus, bone meal helps your plants, so it is a win all around.


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