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How To Decorate A Gazebo

Ways To Decorate The Rose Court Garden Gazebo

How to Decorate a Gazebo

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The Rose Court Garden is the most popular wedding ceremony location at The Disneyland Resort, and theres a good reason. With its hundreds of blooming rose bushes, year round greenery, and gorgeous white gazebo, its one of the most romantic spots on the hotel grounds. With hundreds of weddings every year, you would imagine they all look the same, but you would be wrong! Over the few short years Ive been meticulously studying Disneyland weddings, Ive learned there are infinite ways to personalize the Rose Court Garden and make it look special and uniquely your own. Here are just 8 ways to decorate the Rose Court Garden gazebo for your wedding day.

1. Clusters of floral plus organza draping.

The flower/organza combo is probably the most popular option! For Alexandria and Stevens wedding above, it looks like they requested three small clusters of flowers in the center of the arch, and organza draping tied off with more small clusters of flowers and ribbon. They hung organza all around the gazebo, too. How romantic! Photo by White Rabbit Photo Boutique.

And if youre looking for something dramatic, consider some black organza draping. This and the black aisle runner from Kathryn and Jasons wedding looks amazing! Photo by White Rabbit Photo Boutique.

Hang Garlands On Your Gazebo

Garlands are an easy and cost-effective way to dress up a wedding gazebo. You can string the garland in any way; they can be hung on your roof to the ceiling or spun around columns and pillars. You can use garlands to enhance your wedding décor through the following:

  • You can use grapevine garlands to decorate a gazebo. It is key to create a wine-themed wedding.
  • Velvet or emerald green ribbons work great in any bridal party. They are inexpensive decorations for your gazebo.
  • Dressing up your gazebo garlands with balloons is another low-cost way of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your wedding venue.
  • Add flowers to your garland and display them on your gazebo.
  • To create an elegant and graceful appearance at nighttime, you can use garlands on your gazebo. They blend well with flowers.

Using Weight Bags For Your Gazebo

Weight bags are another excellent way of anchoring a gazebo. They come in different designs as well. You can fill the weight bags either with sands or stones to secure your gazebo.;

They usually have straps, making it easy to wrap the weight bag around the gazebo legs. The materials used for the weight bags are always waterproof and easy to use. The bags steady the pavilion when the winds come.;;You could use similar methods in weighing down an umbrella.

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Create A Starlit Ambiance

Let your gazebos backyard wedding decorations shine with some beautiful festive luminaries and ingenuously highlight the look of your outdoor gazebo for wedding. Adding romantic and fairy tale finishing touch to your space, lighting helps in creating that spark which will take your backyard wedding decorations to a whole new level of elegance. Achieve a warm, inviting ambience with our amazing collection of outdoor lights, porch lights, LED Lights With Organza BIG Photography Curtain Backdrop, flameless candles or ooze radiant colors and sparkle into your backyard wedding decorations with our innovative inflatable Color Changing Ball LED lights. Exude rave radiance in your gazebo with lanterns and create an aura of antiqued beauty by either hanging them or placing flat on the surface as a lovely accent piece.

How Do You Decorate An Outdoor Gazebo For A Wedding


For those who are planning to tie the knot in the spring/summer season, an outdoor location to conduct the ceremony is an ideal choice and it is the need of time as well as indoor weddings are more of a risk. Outdoors not only provides you with an amazing style options for backyard wedding decorations but it also manages your budget. If your wedding bells are ringing this summer, then choose an outdoor location like a garden, backyard, park, or farm with a gazebo, as it is one of the scenic outdoor wedding ideas. Need to know a little more about, How do you decorate an outdoor gazebo for a wedding? Well, keep reading as we have shared some simple yet elegant backyard wedding decorations for a gazebo that will surely enamor your guests on how beautiful your wedding venue looked that day.

With the passage of time decorating an outdoor gazebo for a wedding has changed considerably, as the major focus of couples these days is on the guest experience and event design. But there is no denying the fact, that a well decorated gazebo is the main highlight of an outdoor wedding. So, plan out some lovely backyard wedding decorations for your gazebo and make your wedding a one to remember!

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How To Build Gazebo Roof

How to build a gazebo

Building a gazebo roof can be done in several ways, but we will show you a technique that requires a small amount of materials and that will make the gazebo durable. The first step of the process is to install the top plates over the 4×4 wooden posts.

Use 4×4 beams and install them in a professional manner. Consider asking a friend to hold the beams into place, while you drive in the screws.

How to build gazebo top plate

In this image, you should notice the proper technique to join the top plates. Therefore, you have to cut their ends in an L-shape and join them together on top of the posts. After you join the top plates, you have to drill pilot holes and drive in several 6 screws.

How to build gazebo roof

Afterwards, install 2×4 rafters, to build the main frame of the roof. The procedure is straightforward, if you use the right techniques and tools. First, cut a 6×6 king post and secure it into place by installing two opposite rafters, with 4 screws .

How to build a gazebo roof

Next, install the rest of the 2×4 intermediate rafters, as in the image. Work with great care and make sure the intermediate rafters are ;placed symmetrically. Secure them to the top plates and to the king post with several 4 screws, as in the image.

How to build gazebo roof

How to build a gazebo roof plans

Extraordinary Gazebo Decoration Ideas

Gallery featuring pictures of 32 extraordinary gazebo decoration ideas, a dazzling array of surprising accessories you can use to highlight your own space.

Welcome to our gallery featuring;clever gazebo decorations!

Gazebos act as a fabulous backyard getaway when you are looking to relax outside. A gazebo can be a place for you to gather friends and family for a fun outdoor party or the spot where you go to forget the rest of the world and enjoy a beautiful day alone.

There are plenty of ways to enhance your gazebo and make it more personal. You can transform your ordinary gazebo into a personal escape and a calming, customized space with simple touches. These additions may include anything from a wind chime to flower pots. There is no limit to the types of decorations you can find and incorporate into your gazebo area.

These additions and enhancements will surely take your gazebo to the next level of personal customization. Let your personality and interests shine through with help from special features and additions. Find unique and interesting compliments that fit your design style and let visitors see your personality.

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Wellbeing Hammock By Ilse Crawford For Nanimarquina

The Wellbeing hammock is born from the pen of designer Ilse Crawford. From Nanimarquina, the fabled Spanish brand specializing in textiles, this signature piece is perfect for welcoming a sense of rest and wellness hence the name. Made for both indoors and outdoors, it flaunts an informal yet elegant aesthetic to add a rare warmth and peculiar softness. The sense of its gentle swing lies in its comfort. Made with artisanal techniques, its a resistant and functional tool that ensures stability through wall attachments.

Pair Logs With Stones

Wedding Ceremony Decorations : How to Decorate a Gazebo for a Wedding

Another neat aspect of working with tree logs is that you can blend in different materials to create a unique look. You can add other elements of nature, such as rocks, to make your own garden oasis.

In this gorgeous gazebo, they used logs of different sizes to keep the theme going. But they also paired the logs with stone flooring and a rocky fireplace to seem even more rustic. I really like the drapes, as they contrast with the rough design, giving it a soft touch.

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Using Brick Weights To Secure Your Gazebo

This is similar to a weight bag or plastic, just that you are the one making the concrete weight by yourself. The following steps will show you how to go about it.;

Materials Required

Many of the materials you will use are handy and not costly.;

  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Masonry adhesives or epoxy resin
  • Bricks

Clean the surface. The surfaces to be glued must be clean and dry to get a strong and long-lasting bond. For the adhesive to work well, you have to make sure the surfaces you are applying it to are free of dirt.;

Apply the adhesive to the surfaces. Apply the adhesives to the brick and concrete. Carefully align the bricks to ensure that they glue firmly to the concrete.

Glue the bricks to the post. Glue the bricks to the post as you carefully arrange the bricks to make a pillar around the post.;

Trip To The Playhouse

If youre a fan of playhouses for kids, heres your chance to create something as cute in your own yard!

The folks who designed this white gazebo did a great job of balancing the right amount of cheer and elegance. The stripped rail enclosure implies both privacy and coziness, while the pointed roof emphasizes the classic vibe.

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Gazebo Decoration Ideas For Your Garden

Adding an outdoor gazebo into your garden creates an appealing focal point and makes for a fabulous place to relax and entertain family and friends. There are plenty of ways to enhance your gazebo and transform it into a space youll adore with simple and attractive touches. Perhaps youre looking for inspiration on how to decorate your gazebo for an occasion; whether it be a special birthday or even a wedding party.;Weve compiled a list of 10 gazebo decoration ideas to inspire you so you can bring this amazing garden feature to life. Whether you own a small gazebo or a large one, there are plenty of ways you can make the most of it; while having lots of fun decorating it!

Sprinkle The Magic With Flowers

32 Extraordinary Gazebo Decoration Ideas

The beauty of flowers is impeccable, so play with these beauties and adorn them in your gazebos backyard wedding decorations in various styles, theme, and design. Whether you get the real or imitation flowers they will surely add a romantic and elegant touch to your backyard wedding decorations. Frame the spot where you are taking the vows with lovely flower arrangement, decorate the entrance of gazebo with large flower bouquets, line flowerpots&floor standing pedestal risers on the walkway, aisle, or perimeter of the gazebo. Create small flower arrangements for the corner posts in the color of the fabric or loosely tie lovely flower garlands from one post to the other and bring whimsy into your backyard wedding decorations.

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How To Anchor Gazebo Without Drilling

We all enjoy the perfect shade that gazebos offer, either on a hot or rainy day. Securing your gazebo from the effects of various weather conditions without having to drill into the ground is easy. Luckily, it is a simple task that you can do by yourself.

The best way to anchor a gazebo without drilling is to use leg weights. They are practical and versatile ways of securing your pop-up gazebos. Several types of leg weights out there can help secure your gazebo in different weather conditions.;

Your choice of leg weight depends on your personal preference. Some weights are more suitable than others, depending on the floor upon which they are used. Here, you will find the best leg weights to purchase and a DIY to follow to make your weights.

How To Decorate A Gazebo For A Wedding Ceremony

Windproof Gazebos is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

Follow this guide to learn how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding ceremony. You have lots of options available to you, so whether you’re working with a small budget or have exacting tastes, you’ll find a wonderful mix of decorations to bring your vision to life.

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Shop Pergolas And Gazebos Today

Hopefully, these gazebo and pergola decoration ideas have sparked some inspiration! Now that you see some of the great things you can do with your structure, its time to get started. Use your imagination, and youll be amazed by how quickly you can completely transform your space.

Dont yet have a pergola or gazebo? Youre in the right place! We have a wide variety of options for every style and budget. Take a look through our variety of outdoor products today. If you’re not quite sure what you need, give us a call! We’re happy to answer all your questions and help you place your order.;

Hanging Flowers Basket On The Gazebo

How to Decorate a Wedding Gazebo

Flowers are a great way to makes your gazebo beautiful on a wedding occasion. It is because flowers have different colours that make them worth hanging. And flowers can easily radiate their beauty on any object that they are hanged on. You can get a flower basket and look for tiny ropes to hang the basket to the gazebo. After that, you can put the flowers inside the basket. The suspended flower will create beautiful scenery for your gazebo and wedding.

Also, the combination of flower and organza is perhaps the most common pop-up gazebo wedding decor. According to, you can use clusters of flowers to decorate the wedding arch and drape the organza all around the gazebo to serve as a backdrop. It provides a romantic touch to the wedding. If the gazebo is painted white, you can use colourful organza like pink to contrast beautifully with the gazebo. You can also use black organza draping if you want bold and striking wedding decor.

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Diy Leg Weights To Anchor Your Gazebo

If you want to get your hands on a little project, this is one way to achieve that. Making the weights by yourself can help you save some money. With a DIY weight, you get to decide how much each leg is going to weigh. If you like DIY projects, be sure to check out our article on how you can make your own gazebo cover!

There are two methods we would recommend here. You should go for whichever one you think is more convenient or appropriate.

Consider Thematic Gazebo Wedding Decorations

A gazebo is a quaint outdoor wedding idea for a ceremony or reception. Even climates that are cooler can enclose a gazebo within a larger wedding tent. Small weddings with immediate family may be able to cover an open area with heavyweight plastic and bring in seating to accommodate 10 to 20 people in cold areas. Themed ideas include:

  • Garden wedding – Use stepping stones to lead up to the gazebo steps, hang cascading floral arrangements from the roof, and cover the floor in rose petals. Large fabric butterflies are also appropriate.
  • Christmas wedding – Hang snowflake or icicle lights around the gazebo, wrap the gazebo in greenery, decorate Christmas trees inside and outside the gazebo, and use large red and gold bows on the gazebo pillars.
  • Halloween wedding – Decorations for a gazebo can be large spiders with webs across the gazebo roof, a fog machine in the background of the gazebo altar area, and carved jack-o-lanterns lining the railing.
  • Fall wedding – Corn shocks can border the gazebo stairs, pumpkins can be placed almost anywhere, and baskets of apples and pears can sit on the steps of the gazebo itself

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Your Guide To Decorating Your Gazebo For Christmas

Last Updated on By: The Backyard Gnome

If you are looking for new and exciting ways to be festive this holiday season, consider decorating your gazebo!;

If youve read our previous article on how to winterize your gazebo, youre already ready to go. If not, dont worry, well give it a quick recap.

Overall, this article will contain lots of great ideas on how you can decorate your gazebo Christmas-style to be the talk of the neighborhood!

Taotronics Led String Light

First, though, we need to go over a few things about what you need to do BEFORE you go all out and decorate your gazebo for Christmas.; If you feel like youve done all that due diligence, then just skip on ahead.

Lets begin!

Colourful Garden Patio Gazebo Decor On A Budget

outside wedding gazebo

by Cara Baker | Aug 2, 2019 | Garden Design

Im writing this on the hottest day since records began after sitting outside on this balmy night, when I suddenly realised that Id pimped up my garden patio with some colourful gazebo decor at the beginning of June, and had rudely not shared it here on the blog. So I thought Id better do something about that!

This post contains affiliate links. Which means if you click on them and make, a purchase I get a small amount of commission.

We bought our rattan garden furniture in the late summer of 2017 after waiting for our patio to be paved. This was part of the landscaping of one half of our garden, which you can read about here.;

As the table and chairs had cushioned seating, we wanted to be able to provide shelter for them from the rain, and also create an outdoor room that we could sit in whatever the weather. So we decided to buy a fabric gazebo to house our patio set!

We erect the gazebo in late spring and then pack it away again at the end of summer. We did leave it out until the beginning of November one year, which proved great for our fireworks/halloween party, however, Andy decided we wouldnt do that again, after several hairy nights hanging onto the gazebo during the countless storms we had on the run up to it.

First I added an outdoor rug that Id previously used on a garden bar area which Id created on another part of the patio.

The No Smoking sign was from Etsy which I hung up with a piece of flexible wire.

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