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How To Decorate Your Patio

Have It Made In The Shade With A Pergola

LEARN & DO How to Decorate Your Patio this Spring – Martha Stewart

If you will be spending a lot of time on the patio during the summertime, it is of critical importance that you furnish yourself with some shade. Erecting a pergola structure;over your patio is one way to accomplish this. Cover the pergola with something so that it can cast shade. Some pergolas have retractable awnings. But nature-lovers sometimes prefer to grow vines up their pergolas and let their foliage supply the roofing that will cast much-needed shade. Wisteria vines are commonly used for this purpose.

Perfect Your Patio With Shabby

Image credit: David Giles

A paved balcony can make a great garden substitute in flat. Make the most of the extra space and furnish with slimline colourful furniture that wont overwhelm the patio. Foldable pieces, such as this teak table, are ideal as they can be folded down to create space when not in use/to suit the situation. Use the ledge beneath the balcony to house plants and bring the all-important natural element to your miniature garden.

Create A Relaxing Meditation Space

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Give your outdoor living space a facelift with a calming meditation space. Find a secluded spot in your yard and set up large pillows and blankets for lounging and a table for incense. If your relaxation station is near a tree, hang decorative ornaments or a swinging chair for some extra flair.

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How To Use Plants To Decorate Your Patio

So your brand new patio is completed; the pavers are pristine, the patio furniture is assembled, and youre ready to reopen your space to guests. If the space still feels like its missing something, chances are that your patio is sorely lacking in greenery! Potted plants add life, colour, and dimension to outdoor living spaces, but its not always obvious how to use them to reach your patios fullest potential. Here are a few tips that designers use for decorating patios with potted plants:

Take A Dip In The Pool

How to Decorate Your Patio with Plants

Swimming pools often go hand-in-hand with patios, especially if you live in a hot climate. But that raises the question of how to furnish your patio area with some privacy. Plants are one option. But;landscaping around swimming pools is tricky, because there are a number of factors to consider to ensure that you get the right plant for the spot. In this slide, a hedge of shrubs supplies the homeowner with privacy.

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Surround Paving With Raised Flowerbeds

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

If you only have a small garden, swap grass for a patio to create the perfect area for alfresco dining. Raised flower beds surrounding the patio are a clever way to add a splash of colour, that will make you feel like youre dining in the middle of a meadow. Paint the walls of the planters white to attract the light, helping to make the space feel bigger.

Know How To Deal With Uninvited Guests To Your Patio Meals

This spread of tea and dessert treats suggests a wonderful time on the summer patio, doesn’t it? And the flowers on the table are a nice touch. But bees can be drawn to those flowers. And those pesky yellow jackets are sure to horn in on the desserts in late summer, claiming their share. Make sure you know how to treat insect stings, just in case your flesh gets in the way of one of those stingers.

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Elevate A Dining Area

Image credit: Colin Poole

Add interest to a raised patio by dressing it as the main social spot within the outdoor space. In this garden a natural wooden table is paired who two contrasting styles of chair clear glossy acetate chair, sometimes called a ghost chair, contrasted with two stylish green chairs with a matt finish. This mishmash of materials and colours gives the garden a modern and contemporary look.

Grow Your Garden Vertically

How to decorate your patio on a budget

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Whether youre looking to expand your garden without taking up horizontal space or searching for small backyard ideas, wall planters are terrific for changing your outdoor area on a budget. The experienced carpenter will love this custom DIY vertical planter. But if youre looking for something simpler, drill plastic planter boxes or pots into a wooden pallet to place against your house.

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Green Patio With Shade

yeap, adding the shade to a patio is always a great idea which will make it way more inviting for everyone. Here, the beautiful patio on a budget ideas is completed by a portable shade made of fabric and steel frame.

The green nuance around the patio looks so gorgeous which makes it feel so refreshing.

Add A Stylish Statement To Your Patio Decorations

The key to taking a patio from good to great is adding a showpiece that draws the eye. Some great patio ideas include hanging plants, lights strung over a railing, or a few cute sculptures, most of which can be found at something like a garage sale, or on your local Craigslist. If youre willing to spend a little more than you expected, flagstones, fire-pits, fountains, or a trellis can all be great showstoppers.

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Create A Focal Point With A Warming Fire Pit

Image credit: Polly Eltes

Fire pits are THE garden must-have right now, as we look to use out outside spaces more whatever the weather. Build your own design incorporated into the patio paving to get the exact size and shape to suit. No matter how big or small your patio, its always good to create a focal point to give the space a sense of purpose. Benches either side of a warming fire pit help to create an inviting place to relax and spend some downtime in the garden no matter how chilly it gets.

Celebrate Spring On The Patio With Potted Bulb Plants

10 Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Patio or Garden Fence

Bulbs such as tulip plants are to spring what fall foliage is to autumn. Make sure you will be able to enjoy some of your favorite spring-flowering bulbs from a comfortable seat on your patio. If you live in an urban area and cannot grow the plants in the ground around your patio, simply grow them in containers, as in this photo.

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Tips On How To Arrange Patio Furniture

When considering the best patio arrangement ideas for your space, its easy to get caught up in the but Im not a designer way of thinking. Preparing your deck or patio for hosting and dining simply comes down to a basic understanding of how to arrange patio furniture to best complement your home and lifestyle. Borrow a few tips and tricks from the pros and patio layout ideas will come naturally.

So why is patio setup so important? Your deck furniture layout dictates how you and your guests flow throughout the space, utilize the furniture and patio, and even how you view the property itself. It enhances views, inspires a sense of calm and balance and welcomes guests to enjoy an evening of relaxation.

When just getting started, consider these ten tips for how to arrange patio furniture with ease and style:;

Bonus Idea: Decorate Your Camper A Camping Quote

After I published this article, a reader sent me this photo of how she had decorated her camper door with a camping quote.; She actually did this one herself by making a template using some designs she found online, tracing it onto the door with carbon paper, and then coloring it in with Sharpie pens.; However, you can also find vinyl ones online if that sounds easier to you.

Would you like to share a picture of your campsite?; You can add it to the comments below!

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Take Indoor Interiors Out With Homely Accessories

Image credit: Max Attenborough

In addition to considering the aesthetics such as wood panelling on walls and floor tiles, think about taking the indoor accessories outside too to create a more homely feel. Outdoor rugs and cushions are both becoming increasingly more popular, as a great way to inject an artistic flare to garden spaces. Theres no harm in taking your existing accessories outside, permitted the weather stays fair to prevent damage. However you can purchase accessories especially made for outdoor purpose, which is preferable.

Working With Small Spaces

How to Decorate Your Patio for Fall | The DIY Mommy

Small decks, balconies, or yards should not limit your design vision when arranging patio furniture. Little details such as adding an indoor/outdoor rug differentiate the hosting space from the rest of the patio. Small bistro sets or three-piece wicker collections are great for reading nooks or having coffee with a friend. Most importantly, accentuate the balance and open space of the area by leaving room for movement in and out of the dining area.;

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Ways To Take The Edge Off Your Patio

If you are not a green thumb, have little time for plant care, or simply are not in love with growing plants, you may well wonder, “Should I even bother incorporating plants into my patio plans?” Here is one argument that may sway you: Plants help soften the harsh, straight lines of a rectilinear patio. But if you are dead set against growing plants, there is another way to “take the edge off”: Build a patio with a rounded edge, as in this photo.

Outdoor Garden Decor Ideas

Garden statues add a personal touch to your outdoor space. Put a gnome under a tree, stake plastic flamingos around a kiddie pool, light a path with a solar-powered lighthouse or tuck a pretend turtle under leafy plants.;

Landscaping is also important when you’re looking for outdoor garden decor ideas. Plant a flowering tree, shrubs or beds of annuals, bulbs and perennials.

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Seasonal Simplicity Summer Series

Im back again for another week of Kristas Seasonal Simplicity Summer series! This time were all about simple summer decor in our outdoor spaces. Patios, decks, backyards bring them on! You can find everyones gorgeous outdoor inspiration at the end of the post, so be sure to visit around. ;It will definitely make you want to get outside and start decorating!

Outdoor Patio Ideas That Will Excite And Inspire You

15 ways to decorate your patio for $ 50
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The Spruce / Almar Creative

Do you enjoy dining outside? Some people are more die-hard outdoor dining enthusiasts than others, to be sure. But almost everybody can remember a pleasant experience at some point in their lives that involved sipping on some coffee, tea, beer, wine or other beverage in an appealing outdoor setting, whether it was at a friend’s house or at a cafe. And now you want a patio of your own.

Or perhaps it is reading a book or chatting on your smartphone that you find enhanced if the experience occurs in an open-air setting? Regardless of the activity, improving your outdoor space is the key factor in making it possible for you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.;The ideas illustrated here will help you cover all the bases in planning your new patio.

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Color Tips For Patios

Finally, make your patio pop with color. Pick a unified color scheme and start decorating. You can spray paint plain terracotta pots and fill them with colorful blooms or throw some bright pillows on your furniture. You could also put up a tapestry or flag if youd prefer to fly your colors instead. These are just a few colorful patio ideas, a lot of it can be up to your imagination.

Ultimately, you will find that patio decor does not have to be expensive or time consuming. All you need to make a big impact are some bold plants and stylish d├ęcor. Most of which can be easy to find for less with just a little extra effort. If youre in need of space for any extra pieces of outdoor furniture, use our Self Storage Calculator to find right size storage unit for your stuff.

Patio Ideas For An Inviting Outdoor Space You’ll Never Want To Leave

You don’t need an expansive backyard to create an attractive patio. With the right planning and pieces, even a small space can become an outdoor retreat. First, ensure privacy by choosing an area alongside your house or fence, or consider adding a trellis for a more secluded feel. Then furnish the patio space with a set of chairs and a table with an umbrella. If you’re working with limited square footage, consider a bistro table set. Add an outdoor rug and mounted lanterns to amplify the cozy atmosphere.

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Make It Modern With Contemporary Colours

Image credit: Nick Pope

Grey is still one of the most popular colours in all aspects of interior design. Take the colour out to the patio by way of polished concrete or grey porcelain tiles. This garden welcomes coordinates the colour scheme with grey shutters and doors. The glass-topped pedestal table and finely woven chairs have an almost weightless feel, and look crisp and fresh against all the gardens greenery which is located around the patios boundaries. A large white parasol creates the sense of a specific dining zone, while also providing shade on sunny summer days.

Create A Focal Point Like Gazebos Or Canopy

How to Decorate a Patio

Make sure that your patio or backyard has a focal point. In that way, it will not just look like an outdoor living room. It has to have a unique design that is perfect for all occasions. For instance, you can install a gazebo or a decorative canopy to make it look pristine. In that way, it looks different from your living room but it gives the same relaxing ambiance.

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Paint The Floor With Funky Designs

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The patio floor is often overlooked but it too can be a focal point if you know how to make it pop. Paint it a fun and cheerful color or use stencils with funky shapes and designs. Its a great replacement for the rug which is not exactly a great idea, given how easily it attracts dirt out here.

Incorporate A Garden Canopy

Image credit: Dan Duchars

It goes without saying that patios are a go-to spot for alfresco dining, but rain or sometimes sun can be a problem when entertaining outside, so garden shade ideas are a must. A simple homemade canopy made of a swathe of flowing fabric can offer a stylish covering, and gives a somewhat nautical vibe to a outdoor area.

Looking at other fabric-based garden accessories a hammock is another indulgent option for a relaxed patio. It works for small and large spaces alike, and makes a lovely place to snooze in the shade on long summer days.

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Keep It Functional And Family

Image credit: Emma Lewis

If youre looking for garden ideas with a more traditional design direction, why not use garden furniture to set your desired atmosphere? Consider teaming wooden benches with relaxed soft furnishing for a patio haven thats very shabby chic or, by contrast, set out a vintage-style iron bistro set with slatted chairs and patterned seat covers to capture an effortless French farmhouse look for lazy Sunday lunches outdoors. If you have a brand-new kitchen extension, but the garden beyond doesnt quite match up , a little streamlined modern furniture can work wonders.

Make The Patio An Extension Of Your Indoor Space

41 Best Patio and Porch Design Ideas

Image credit: Darren Vhung

Create a patio garden that looks nothing like your traditional idea of a patio garden! Installing sliding doors means you can roll back the doors from your kitchen-diner and increase space with a seamlessly adjoining al fresco space beyond; make the tiles match up perfectly to create a fluid dining area. You could move the table and chairs out easily for fuss-free and family friendly weekend meals.

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Grow Fragrant Flowers For The Sweet Smell Of Success

Here is something that neither cactus nor barberry offer your patio: sweet fragrance. The latter is precisely what the owners of this patio have chosen. It is festooned with fragrant flowers. The wonderful smell coming from flowers such as Easter lilies adds to your quality of life on the patio. What floral smells attract you the most? Be certain to include some of them in your patio plantings.

Affordable Ways To Update Your Patio This Summer

I was not paid to write this post, however it may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of my links, I may make a small profit at no expense to you. For further information, please view my policies.

If you are here, you might be looking for inexpensive ways to update your patio this summer.

Or maybe youre looking for some affordable ways to refresh your patio but youre feeling a bit lost.;

You are in the right place!

Watch the video instead!

I understand that it can seem overwhelming because well its outdoors.

But patio decor doesnt have to be scary!

Here is the secret to patio decor

The trick is to think about your OUTDOOR decor exactly the same way you would INDOOR decor!

And consider the weather in your part of the world.

Yep, thats it!

But how do we put that into practice?

Lets dive in and take a look!

Whether you are a die-hard entertainer, or just want to create your own little private patio oasis, these affordable patio update ideas will help you create the perfect outdoor space that you will want to enjoy all summer long!

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