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How To Build A Screened In Patio

Factors To Consider Before Adding A Screened In Porch

DIY How to build a screened in patio room

Your outdoor living space is important just like your indoor living space. So, before you decide to a screened in a porch, you need to take some factors into consideration. Even though you do not spend long hours on the porch; you still need to make as comfortable as possible since its also an integral part your living space.

The good thing about a porch is that you can actually modify or add one without changing the structural aspect of your home. Therefore, before you change your existing porch to a screened in one or build a new one, you need to consider following points.

The Purpose of the Screened In Porch

You have to figure out the reason why you want to have a screen in porch. The purpose of the porch will greatly determine the size and functionality of the porch. Will you be hosting guests and parties in there? Or, do you want a spot where you can spend a quiet time without external interference?

If you expect to be entertaining more often, you need to install a porch that will be enough to allow free movement and still give the occupants a sense of being outside. A small screened in porch might feel restricting and crowded which will beat the initial idea of creating an outdoor experience while indoors.

More so, if you have children and you want them to play in the screened in outdoor space, you have to make the porch large enough to create a sense of freedom and an outside feeling that allows them to run and play.

Consider Water Drainage

Diy Screened In Porch Plans: How To Build A Screened In Porch

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Porches have flooring, a roof, posts, and often a hand railing and balusters. With so many structural elements, it may seem like a simple matter to staple down screen material across the front of your porch.

One of the joys of fair weather seasons is relaxing on a porch and talking with friends, swinging, reading, or listening to music. Check out these 20 DIY Screened in porch plans and choose your preferred project to build.

How To Build A Screened In Porch On Concrete Slab

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Build Your Own Modern Wood Privacy Screens

Want a nice, modern looking privacy screen while still being on a budget? Then this great DIY tutorial it just for you! It offers step by step instructions on how to build your very own back porch wood screens. These easy to construct hanging screens were built from scratch, by hand, using wooden planks, to create a lattice effect. They look great, dont they?

And for an extra layer of privacy, there are curtains. In the case you want to host a private patio party or just relax in a quiet, you can achieve even more privacy. This is one of our favorite ideas.

Diy Screened Porch System

Tucson Screened Patio

Screen Tight is a cleverly designed, all-vinyl system that consists of two main components: a black base strip and a snap-on cap trim, which comes in white, grey, beige, and brown.

The base strip is screwed in place around the perimeter of each opening that will be screened. It comes in 8- and 12ft. lengths, and in two widths for attachment to 2×4 and 4×4 framing.

Molded into the surface of the base strip are two grooves, which accept the rubber spline that secures the screen in place. Once the screens are installed, the cap trim is snapped on to conceal the base strip and screen spines.

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Building A Deck With A Screened In Porch

If you dont already have an existing deck, the construction for a new screened in porch is much more expensive. The average cost to build a deck starts at $25 per sq. foot with most homeowners spending around $4,380 to $10,080 total.

Of course many factors go into your final cost, but an average construction estimate to build a brand new screened in porch will cost around $30-60/sqft. This is for a basic setup, if you plan to add additional screened in porch features such as lighting, fans, furniture, and fireplaces, the prices increase accordingly.

What About Windows Or Doors

Windows are slightly easier to install than sliding glass doors, but it does all depend on where you live.; If you’re in an area that gets very cold during the winter months, I recommend installing permanent sliding glass doors and adding curtains instead you can decide on many types of draperies and curtains. This way there’s no chance of them getting stuck shut with ice. If you’re installing doors, you’ll want to make sure and add a door handle or knob of some kind so that it will be easy to get in and out.

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Cost Of Installing Screened In Porch

The cost of putting a screened in porch will depend on various factors which include the size of the porch, the location of your home, materials to be used, contractor charges and the amenities to be added such as fireplace, seats, etc. Also, the cost will depend on whether there is an existing porch or deck or any other feature that has to be removed to accommodate the installation of the screened in porch.

The square footage of the porch will determine the cost of installation. For a 200 square foot screened in porch, the cost of materials needed for an existing porch will range will from $450 to $690. If you hire a professional porch builder, expect to spend $290 to $350.

Therefore, the overall cost to screen a 200square foot porch comes at an average cost of $1057. The lowest cost you should expect to spend to screen an existing porch is about $4.19 per square foot. The average cost per square foot comes to around $5.29 while the maximum you can spend is approximately $6.32 per square foot. As mentioned, these costs are for an existing porch that needs to be screened in.

If you are building a new screened in porch altogether, the cost will definitely be higher than that of screening in an existing porch. To build a screened in porch with screens, doors, windows and a roof, expect to spend in a range of $5000 to $30000.

Screened In Porch Materials & Cost

Building A Screened In Porch Under An Existing Deck.

Your screen material options are listed below in order of their cost for materials alone, starting with the most expensive. Your contractor will let you know about the most suitable options for your area because of the climate, etc., but pay particular attention to selecting materials that will stand up well to the elements.

Screen Material
Fiberglass mesh $0.15/sqft

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Consider How Long Youll Be In The Home

If you plan to sell in a few years, then investing in a material that saves you maintenance costs over the next thirty years doesnt make as much sense. Decorative frills and electrical features can be nice additions, but they do add up quickly. They also typically dont improve your return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

Install The Roof Boards

To bevel the first roof board, set your table saw or circular saw to 23 degrees and rip a bevel on the groove edge of the board. Align the board with the ends of the trusses and nail it with 16d galvanized nails. Install the remaining boards, making sure to snug the joints tight before nailing them. Let the boards hang out past the last truss to form the gable end overhang.;Cut the last board on each side to fit at the peak.

When you’re done installing the roof boards, snap a chalk line at the gable end and saw them off to leave an 18-in. overhang. Finish the gable end overhang by installing a pair of rafters and the 1×3 trim. Hold the gable end rafters tight to the underside of the cutoff roof boards and screw through the roof boards to hold the rafters in place. Then cut 1×3 trim to cover the end grain of the roof boards. Extend the trim around the corners and return it along the roof edge to the house.

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Add Flower Pots To A Lattice Privacy Wall

This adorable DIY tutorial shows you all the steps in creating your very own privacy wall with flower pots. The latticed wall will give you an extra layer of security, while the potted plants will add some charm into the backyard area.

This would be an especially cute idea for a patio area that is furnished with some outdoor furniture and barbecue pit.

Fill In The Porch Gable Ends

How to Build a Screened In Patio (With images)

Cover the triangular opening in the truss above the house wall by building a 2×2 frame and nailing 1×6 tongue-and-groove boards to the back. Then slide the frame into the opening and screw it into place. Fill the triangular space above the outside wall with a 2×4 frame .

Then staple screening to it and cover the screens with stops, just as you do with the walls below. Practice on scraps to make accurate patterns for the steep angles. Then transfer the angles to the actual framing members. You may have to cut these angles with a handsaw; they’re too steep for a miter saw unless you build a special jig.

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Connect Fence Boards To Posts

The next step is for you to connect the fence boards with galvanized steel connectors. This fence will stay attached permanently throughout its lifetime, so do it right the first time. For best results, you should have at least one of these connectors every five feet around the entire perimeter of your porch.;

Go ahead and nail each board into place with galvanized nails or screws this simply keeps them connected permanently to the posts.; For added protection, I also like to put a wood block on top of the post beneath all my fence boards .;;

How To Screen In A Porch

With this screen on your porch, you can be sure of keeping away bugs, flies, and mosquitoes. You’re going to start off with these materials; rip-resistant screen, paint, lath material, screws, 2×2 pressure-treated boards, 2×4 pressure-treated boards, nails, screen door kit, and primer.

Then Install the Plate, Install the Top Plate, Install the Wall Studs, Install the Top Rail and Balusters, Frame the Door, Prime, and Paint, Attach the Screen, Hang the Screen Door.

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Use Wine Bottles To Build A Privacy Wall

Just because you are adding a wall for more privacy doesnt mean it has to be boring. Look at these varying colored bottles twinkle in the sunlight.

This is a more artistic way to efficiently construct a privacy wall that only adds more intrigue into the space. Better yet, you can use your own bottles so start saving them now! Building this maybe cheap but is not easy. You would need to figure out how to drill holes in the glass bottles, and drill a lot of them. So;check out this funky DIY Bottle Wall tutorial;for any help.

Attach 2x2s Over The Framing

How to build a screen porch – Howard County, Maryland

After you stretch and staple each section, cut off the excess screen with a sharp utility knife. Then cover the edges with 2×2 trim pieces. We screwed these on to allow for easy removal for future screen repairs, and the trim covers the staples along all of the edges. Frame and screen the outer gable end following Figure C.

Screen door details:

If you use a wood door like ours, start by trimming it just enough to fit in the opening. Then set it in place and mark the door for final fitting. Use a sharp plane or belt sander to trim the door. You may have to repeat this process a few times to get a good fit.

Nail 1/2 x 2-in. wood stops to the framing at the door opening. Then hang the door using galvanized or brass screen door hinges. Mount a latch and door closer to complete the job. Plus, check out these other 10 inviting screen porches, rooms and lanais.

Additional Information:

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Old And New Screen Porch Ideas

If you dont have a historic, character-rich exterior, dont worry. A screened-in patio porch idea is the perfect idea to incorporate architectural salvage pieces to infuse an air of antiquity in the space. You should get a beautiful ornate door that offers both colour palette inspiration and an old-world personality. This idea is best if you are designing it within a new build.

Does Adding A Sunroom Increase Taxes

So Does a sunroom addition raise my property tax? Long story short yes, adding any square footage onto your home will increase property taxes, but it will also increase resale value. At the completion of the project, the county may send a tax assessor out to determine the additional value of the home.

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Screened In Porch Ideas & Cost Guide

If you are looking for screened in porch ideas and cost to build one, youre in the right place. Our guide includes all the information as well as free contractor quotes.

Outdoor spaces are welcoming, inviting and a good spot to enjoy the weather and a break from the indoors. This is the reason why people put up porches, , and pergolas, to maximize and make the most out of the warm seasons. However, some elements such as insects, debris and other unwanted objects can make you outdoors stay in an open porch undesirable and uncomfortable.

A screened in porch came as a solution to this unfavorable conditions that you might be subjected to when you sit on an unscreened porch. This amazing idea of screening your porch ensures that you get to enjoy your outdoor space without interference from unwelcomed external elements. A screened in porch is an external structure similar to a porch, attached to the exterior of your house and covered with window screens for added protection and privacy.

Screened in porch allows you to enjoy your time outdoors and enhances your stay in the outdoor space. Having this kind of structure is like getting an opportunity to have an indoor experience while outside. It is simply an extension of your indoor living space only that it allows you to connect to nature and take in a breath of fresh air.

Bronze Mesh Screen Cost

How to Build a Screened In Patio

Another metal in the alloy category, this is a combination of copper and a number of other metals including aluminum, manganese, zinc or nickel, and tin. Like brass, the same discoloration will occur over time, but it is not affected by exposure to salt, making it another option for coastal homes and businesses. When bronze is new, and before any discoloration has changed its appearance, it is the same color as a new penny. Bronze is also much tougher than brass and copper and is quite stiff, which makes it more challenging for the installer when it is used for screening a porch. Bronze screen mesh costs on average $0.85/sqft.

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Notch Supports And Add Header

Use the Speed Square to measure your desired pitch of the porch roof, measuring down from the roof ledger board. A standard is 1:6, or dropping 4 inches for every 24 inches of horizontal run. With the circular saw, cut down and then notch the tops of the two-by-twelves to accept a two-by-ten header board . Screw the header beam in place with lag screws.

Tips When Selecting Porch Contractor

Once bids start coming in, our guidance would be to never select the cheapest bid to get the job done. Better contractors are worth more, and those who are Better Business Bureau A+ rated and have good reviews online are likely to cost a little more.

You are buying yourself peace of mind when working with a company who sends clear and concise communications, is fully licensed and insured, finishes on time, and finishes on budget, like Capnovate Construction in Elmwood Park, NJ, with Average project completions 92% on time and budget. Companies like that who consistently deliver excellence will always bubble to the top.

In summary, we suggest you look for contractors who fit in as many of the following groups as possible:

  • Licensed contractors
  • Have an A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Have excellent ratings on social media sites
  • Include a clause in the contract that allows you to back out before work starts with a full refund
  • Include setup and complete cleanup costs in the quote
  • Provide excellent communication from your first phone call or e-mail

Hire your porch contractor today, and enjoy a new bug-free existence.

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