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How To Do A Concrete Patio Yourself

Install The Gravel Base

How To Pour A Concrete Patio (Do It Yourself)

Fill the excavated area with 2 inches of compactible gravel. Rake the gravel smooth, then compact it thoroughly with the plate compactor. Add 2 more inches of gravel, and rake it smooth. Measure down from the layout strings and use the 2×4 with a carpenter’s level on top to make sure the gravel is level side-to-side and slopes end-to-end to follow the strings. Compact the second layer of gravel.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

One way to save money is to combine projects and hire the same contractor to do them both. While you are planning to build a patio why not consider;paving your driveway;at the same time? The same contractor you hire to pour your patio might also be able to construct a roof or partially enclose an area for an outside room effect.

How To Pour A Concrete Slab

Thoroughly dampen the gravel. Start placing the concrete at one corner of the form while a helper uses a shovel or hoe to spread it .

Pour the concrete up against the form and compact it into all corners with a square shovel or mortar hoe; with a hoe, push- don’t drag the concrete. But don’t overwork the concrete, and don’t spread it too far; overworking will force the heavy aggregate to the bottom of the slab and will bring up small particles that can cause defects in the finished DIY concrete patio. Instead, space out your placement along the form, placing each batch against the previous batch to fill the form.

If you plan to leave the dividers in place, finish, and cure the concrete in alternating sections. Once they’ve cured for at least three days, remove the stakes from inside of the remaining sections and complete them.

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Pricing Guide: How Much Does A Concrete Patio Cost

Pouring a concrete patio can cost $2,532 on average, with most homeowners spending between $1,533 and $4,740 or between $4.40 and $16 per square foot. These prices include the costs for the materials and labor required to install the concrete patio.;

Small concrete patio installation projects average around $650, while an extensive concrete patio costs $8,050 on average.;

Why add a concrete patio? Concrete is an affordable material for many homeowners, and it has many benefits, too. Its tolerant of harsh weather conditions, easy to maintain, and can replicate the look of brick and stone.;

While most homeowners pay between $4.40 and $16 per square foot for a new concrete patio, many factors can affect the total price. The cost per square foot might fall below or above the average range depending on the patios size, shape, finish, and location.;

Want to add an outdoor kitchen or fire pit to your patio? Read on to find out how much those popular patio features will add to your bill.;;

What Is Cheaper Poured Concrete Or Pavers


Concrete pavers are individually placed bricks that can provide a variety of designs and colors. Because of the nature of the labor involved and the cost of materials, a patio made from pavers can cost an estimated $4 – $20 per square foot, depending on the size and detail of the design.

Choosing a plain concrete patio will most definitely save you money when compared to pavers. However, as you add upgrades, like stamping and coloring, the prices become more comparable.

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Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Patio

  • Patio sizeTypically the price per square foot goes down as the patio gets bigger. Alternatively, for small patios, some contractors charge a minimum total rather than a per square foot price.
  • Property conditionIf you need grading, demolition or other site work, the price will go up. Also, if your property cant be accessed with the necessary equipment, requiring a pump or additional labor, costs will rise.
  • Complexity of designAdding texture, color, borders or other design features will add up. A basic shape with straight edges is easier to form, while curves are more complex and more expensive.
  • New patio vs existing patioIf you are looking to install a new patio, it will cost an estimated $3 – $15 per sq ft, and sometimes more. If you have an existing patio and are looking to refresh the look, or have repairs made to any damage, you may not have to start over. The costs of patio resurfacing are less than that of replacement, ranging between $3 and $10 per square foot.

Tip: Since the cost of your patio can vary with the size of the surface and the detail of your design, it is important to find a contractor that will give you the best result for the best price. You can find a patio contractor by using the Concrete Network directory. View portfolio pictures, contact contractors directly, and even request free estimates.

Do I Need A Permit To Build A Concrete Patio

The short answer is, It depends. If the concrete patio youre building is on-grade or less than 30 inches from the ground, you will most likely not need a permit. There is a chance that you might need to pull an excavation permit in that case to make sure youre not digging in any utility pipes or cables.;

However if the concrete patio youre building is above-grade, you will likely need a permit. Other cases where a permit might be required are if you are located in an area with development restrictions, if external structural changes that will be made to the house interfere with land zoning regulations, if you decide to cover a concrete patio, and if you decide to add lighting provisions.

Its always important to adhere to regulations when remodeling your outdoor space. With All Pro Decks, you dont have to worry about whether or not youre following all local regulations. Our team is fully trained and up-to-date on the safety regulations that must be followed in order to build a patio.

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Are You Looking For A Professional Concrete Company You Can Trust Have Questions About Your Project

With more than 75 years of combined experience working with decorative concrete, we offer customized solutions and can promise you a safe, clean, and timely process. Whether youre looking to replace your old, cracked concrete driveway, install a new pool deck, or design a unique custom porch with incorporated lighting, well give you a beautiful, functional result that will last for years to come.

How Much Does It Cost To Put In A Concrete Patio

How to Make a Patio from Concrete Pavers

The best way to determine the cost of your project is to get quotes from concrete patio contractors near you. But, you can use the ranges below as a starting point when figuring out your budget.

Plain Design

*Calculated using: Plain – $4.50 per square foot; Simple – $8 per square foot; Custom – $12.50 per square foot; Elaborate – $18 per square foot.

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Excavate The Patio Area

Remove all vegetation in the patio area, extending the edges about 6 inches beyond all sides of the patio . Excavate the soil to a depth of 8 inches. As you work, measure down from the layout lines to gauge the excavation depth. It’s usually easiest to dig out the sides to full depth, then dig out the interior area, using a long, straight 2×4 and level to make sure the entire area is level . Tamp the soil thoroughly with a rented plate compactor.

Prep The Patio Paver Area

The prep involved will depend on your area, but basically, you will need to use a shovel to dig down at least 6 into the soil.;

If you find a lot of larger rocks as youre digging, I recommend digging several inches deeper in order to remove them.

Youll also want to make sure you get rid of any tree roots that are impeding into the space you have planned for your patio.

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Diy Large Concrete Pavers Patio

Diy patios on a budget and then day two they poured the last 5 slabs backyard patio.Extra large pavers cement slabs with 1 inch black backyard landscaping patio design.Hold each piece together for a few minutes to give the adhesive a.How to build a homemade huge paver stones and gravel patio diy project whether it s for drivewa poured concrete.

However, it does require some elbow grease and a sensible pair of safety glasses.I recently revealed our diy front porch we created out of pavers and pea gravel, you can see how our simple diy porch tuaparned out here.If not, you may immediately bypass this segment and continue to the next.If you need to make a cut in a concrete paver, the old fashioned way of doing it requires the fewest tools.

Lay the first line of pavers, using the edge of your house or walkway to guide straight lines.Nowadays, protected patio designs are.Planning to diy large format pavers for your homes surfaces?Position pavers no more than 1/8 inch apart, and tap them into place with a rubber mallet.

Take a chisel and scratch out the line you need to cut.The bigger the pavers the thicker they need to be to prevent cracking.The idea of making a patio seems hard, but i promise you its actually relatively simple to diy yourself.The preformed pavers fit together in several different orientations and can transform bare dirt into an attractive and practical.

Build Concrete Patio In A Weekend

DIY Concrete Patio (How to Pour a Slab)

Willing to build a patio with a concrete walkway that will match your landscape patterns? Then just go with this concrete patio that will complete in a weekend. For this project, you need existing dirt, landscaping fabric, pavers, bags of polymeric sand, gray sand, and base rock. Tool list here medium

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When To Build A Concrete Patio

You can pour concrete within a fairly wide temperature range, but for beginners it’s best to wait for dry, warm weather. Rain can ruin a concrete finish, and freezing temperatures can ruin an entire concrete slab. To slow the curing process in very hot, dry weather, use a shade to keep the concrete out of direct sunlight, and mist the concrete with water as needed to prevent premature curing, which weakens the finished product.

Cost By Type And Size Of A Concrete Patio

The two main factors determining the cost of a concrete patio installation are the type and size of the concrete patio being installed. Generally speaking, the fancier the design and the bigger the square footage of the patio, the higher the cost will be.

We will start from the cheapest expected cost and work our way up to luxury, one-of-a-kind custom-designed concrete patios. Somewhere in between, you will find your comfort zone matching your project budget.

Simple and Standard Design

Square or rectangle with no borders or pattern is the simplest patio design and therefore the cheapest option. Plain and simple concrete patios cost between $3 and $6 per square foot not counting preparing a difficult property for the installation.

With basic patios, contractors often charge by the job and not by the square foot so estimates can vary greatly between contractors. The standard patio doesnt require specialized equipment and highly skilled labor making the quality of work concerns less of a factor in hiring the contractor.

We highly recommend you;get several quotes;from contractors before deciding which to choose. Simple concrete patio installation cost estimates by size:

  • 10ft x 12ft patio / 120 sq ft cost an estimated $540
  • 12ft x 12ft patio / 144 sq ft cost an estimated $648
  • 10ft x 20ft patio / 200 sq ft cost an estimated $900
  • 12ft x 20ft patio / 240 sq ft cost an estimated $1,080
  • 20ft x 20ft patio / 400 sq ft cost an estimated $1,800

Stamped Concrete Patio Cost

Classic Brick

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Tips For Building A Concrete Patio

Buying concrete in dry, premixed bags makes sense for relatively small patio slabs. To get an idea of how many bags you would need, a 50-square-foot slab at 4 inches thick needs about 28 80-pound bags or 38 60-pound bags. You can buy bagged concrete a local home center or lumberyard, and you can rent a concrete mixer at any large rental outlet.

For large slabs, consider ordering ready-mix concrete delivered by a concrete truck. Ready-mix is more expensive than bagged concrete, but it’s far more convenient, and you don’t have the labor of mixing the concrete or the concern of getting the mix just right. Discuss your plans with local concrete companies to compare costs and to make sure your site is suitable for ready-mix delivery.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Deck

How to Make Concrete Pavers | DIY CONCRETE PATIO PROJECT

Concrete is not the only option for your patio, but it may be the most cost-efficient. Decorative concrete on your patio can mimic the look and feel of many other surfaces such as pavers and wood decking.


A wood deck can cost $15 to $35 per square foot. This cost is related to labor, the materials chosen , and the amount of detail involved in the design. Although a wood deck can give you an attractive finished product, it can be an expensive option when compared to the features offered with a concrete patio.

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Faq About Concrete Patios

1. What are the advantages of a concrete patio?

A concrete patio has many benefits:; Its an inexpensive material. Its easy to maintain. It can withstand harsh weather conditions. It can replicate the appearance of other patio materials, such as brick or cobblestone.

2. How much does a cement patio cost?

The terms cement and concrete are often used interchangeably, but theyre not the same thing. Cement is an ingredient in concrete and cant make up a patio by itself. When someone refers to a cement patio, its actually a concrete patio.;

Cost Of Diy Concrete Patio Installation

Pouring concrete yourself can save you between $2.50 and $9 per square foot in labor costs. For a 100-square-foot DIY concrete patio, you could save between $250 and $900.;

If you dont have experience working with concrete, its best to hire a professional for this home improvement project. Pouring the concrete yourself could lead to expensive mistakes, unprofessional results, and possible damage to your skin.;

Pouring concrete is also a labor-intensive and time-consuming project. A concrete contractor can help take the burden off your hands. Otherwise, asking a friend for help can make the job less complicated.;

The bottom line: Even if you have experience pouring concrete, hiring a professional saves you time and helps you avoid expensive mistakes. If you dont have any expertise pouring concrete, its wise to call in a professional and not attempt the project yourself.;

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You Can Build A Diy Concrete Patio Step By Step

It’s easy to pour and build a backyard patio made of concrete in this How To article. On a small scale, concrete is fairly easy to work with, but installing an entire patio can be a challenge. It is possible to build an attractive concrete patio yourself, but careful planning and preparation is necessary. Be sure to place all the concrete at once; a big patio can be broken down into smaller manageable sections using 2×4’s.

Once concrete is in place, you’re stuck with it forever; replacement is costly and difficult. Planning is essential for a perfect DIY conrete patio.

Build and install forms, making sure they’re level and properly graded for drainage. To prevent rain puddles from forming, design a 2% slope . Place and level a 4″-6″ bed of gravel; you need a gravel base in areas of poor drainage or freezing temperatures. Be sure to compact the gravel base and rent a compacting machine if necessary.

Check gravel thickness with a homemade template that extends down from the tops of the forms 4″ of the finished patio; when it just touches the top of the gravel, the base is thick enough. A taller slab will be stronger- we recommend 4″ thick. Let the gravel extend under the edges of the forms.

If the patio will abut an existing concrete patio or slab, install isolation-joint strips. Attach the strips flush with the top of an existing slab using hardened concrete nails or construction adhesive.

Concrete Patio Cost Per Square Foot

Concrete Patio Resurfacing Yourself Patios

While the material cost is low, a concrete patio can cost up to $28 price per square foot depending on the finish you choose.

  • Concrete slab with no design: $3-$6 per square foot.
  • Simple coloring or stamping: $7-$15 per square foot.
  • Custom design with multiple colors: $12-$28 per square foot.

Some homeowners choose to outline their concrete in brick or stone. This carries an additional cost.

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Pour The Concrete Into The Forms

If youre using a wheelbarrow, build a temporary ramp over the forms so that the wheelbarrow wont knock them out of place. Start in a corner and dump the loads of concrete against each other. Have a helper with a shovel spread the concrete into corners and against the forms and expansion joints.

Lay a wide board across the forms so you can reach the interior of the pour. If the concrete causes the wire mesh to sing, pull it up with a rake so that its in the middle of the slab.

Work a shovel or rake up and down to remove air pockets, especially alongside the forms.

Cost To Pour Concrete Patio Slab

Expect to pay $30 to $50 per hour for the installation alone. Your contractor will determine the specific labor cost based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Urban or rural location
400 $3,000 – $10,000

Neil Halasz, Artisan Construction Services, Inc.

Size is the most significant cost factor to consider when you estimate the price of a new concrete patio. Large spaces can become expensive quickly but offer more outdoor area for relaxing and entertaining.

Once you know the slab’s location, measure the perimeter to determine a square footage estimate. That will help you determine your budget for material and labor. If you have a consistent square footage, shape and design in mind, you can get more accurate quotes from professional concrete installation companies.

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