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How To Do A Stamped Concrete Patio

Can I Do It Myself

How to Form, Pour and Finish a STAMPED CONCRETE Patio

Making a stamped concrete patio is a fairly simple process, but only skilled DIYers should attempt it. Thats because concrete can be a tricky medium to work with:

  • It requires a properly installed base of compacted sand and gravel.
  • Its heavy; youll need to be strong.
  • Concrete requires specialty tools to shape and smooth the surface .
  • Concrete sets up relatively quickly. Once it starts to harden, its difficult to apply the stamps.
  • A mistake in concrete is permanent.

You can rent concrete stamps at rental outlets and concrete supply stores for about $25 per day per stamp. Doing your own work saves 20% to 50% of the cost of a professionally installed slab and stamped concrete finish.

Top Stamped Concrete Contractors In Nashville Tn

If youre looking for a reliable contractor for stamped concrete in Nashville, TN, our experts at CTi Nashville can provide the perfect solution for your residential or commercial needs. We only use the best materials and techniques to create a dramatic impression on patios, driveways, pool decks, and sidewalks, and more. Call us today for free estimates.

Do I Need To Seal My Concrete Patio

Even though concrete patios arent exposed to vehicle traffic or deicing salts, like concrete driveways are, they still take plenty of punishment. Backyard barbecues, outdoor campfires, heavy foot traffic, and unrelenting sunshine can cause patios to fade, discolor, and abrade if you leave them unprotected.

Find concrete patio contractors near me.

The reasons for sealing a concrete patio are similar to those for waxing a car, wearing sunscreen, or applying stain repellent to new carpeting. Its done to enhance the appearance, keep the color from fading due to sun exposure, and protect it from stains and moisture absorption.

If your patio is located in a region of the country subject to freeze-thaw cycles, applying sealer will reduce the chance of freeze-thaw damage – the ugly surface spalling and scaling that can occur after water is absorbed into concrete and expands when it freezes. Although concrete patios arent typically exposed to deicing salts, which can aggravate the problem, they are still porous and will absorb water if left unsealed.

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Is Stamped Concrete Hard To Maintain

Stamped concrete is not hard to maintain. In fact, sweeping and wet mopping with water are necessary for maintaining a stamped concrete surface on a regular basis. You may also use a mild detergent to mop or pressure wash the floor. On stamped concrete surfaces, stop using harsh chemical cleaners.

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When Is It Time To Reseal A Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio Installation Doâs and Donâts ...

Even when properly applied to a clean well-profiled surface, a sealer will wear away over time. The average service life is three to five years, depending on foot traffic, weather, and other exposure conditions. Resealing a concrete patio on a regular basis will help to preserve its color and resilience.

There are several ways you can tell when a patio needs a new coat of sealer. Has the surface lost its sheen? Does water soak in rather than bead up on top? Is the finish beginning to show signs of wear? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, its time to reseal.

Often all you need to do is to give the concrete patio a good soap and water cleaning, followed by a light reapplication of the same sealer used initially. However, if you are switching to a different brand or type of sealer, most manufacturers recommend removing all traces of previously used sealers because the products may not be compatible. Never apply a solvent-based sealer over a water-based product because the solvent can eat away or soften the existing water-based sealer. For more information, read our guide to cleaning and sealing exterior decorative concrete.

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How Can I Change The Color Of Stamped Concrete

Depending on the desired final result, you may choose from various staining products. The product with which you choose to color your concrete should be based on an assessment of the concretes surface conditions and the degree to which you wish to change the color.


I wanted to send you some photos of what my husband and I accomplished over weekend with Direct Colors help. We have a stamped concrete border that was installed about 4 years ago. A previous contractor dyed the concrete a reddish-pink color instead of the khaki color we asked for. I was very upset after seeing the result. He assured us that the color would tone down over time. Well, after years, it finally faded to the hideous pink you see in the pictures!

I felt like I might as well have had pink plastic flamingos in my yard. A complete eyesore!! I sent pictures to your design team and explained my situation. Justin responded that the Antiquing Stain was the product we should use and assured us it would help us resolve our dilemma. After ordering several samples and conducting various experiments, we saw that your Olive Antiquing Stain was going to do the best job of getting rid of the pink. Did it ever!!


Is It Better To Roll Or Spray Patio Sealer

Many sealers for concrete patios can be applied using simple tools, such as a paint roller or pump-up sprayer. As a general guide, solvent-based sealers are best applied by spray while water-based sealers are best applied by roller. If the patio is textured or stamped, be sure to use a roller with a fairly thick nap so you can work it into the depressions. One of the best application techniques when sealing stamped or textured patios is to combine spraying followed by back rolling to keep the sealer from settling in low spots.

Whether you are rolling or spray applying a sealer, always follow the manufacturers recommended application guidelines and coverage rates. Often youll get better results by applying patio sealer in two thin coats, which will ensure more uniform coverage. If you apply the sealer too thickly, it will just lie or puddle on the surface rather than penetrate.

For more application tips see:Choosing the Best Applicator for Concrete Sealer

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Stamped Concrete Patio Vs Pavers

How To Form, Pour, And Stamp A Concrete Patio Slab

Stamped concrete patios give you a vast array of decorative options not possible with other patio materials. At about $15 per square foot, this is a budget friendly way to get a high-end look.

Concrete pavers are placed individually, without any grout, in intricate, stunning patterns. The individual placement of each paver makes it easy to replace any damaged areas, but the spacing between the stones also allows for shifting and weed growth over time. At, approximately, $20 for the most detailed design, it may not be the most cost-effective to install.

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Additional Cost Saving Insights

Whether to use new or resurfacing concrete is an option you might want to consider. Usually, stamped concrete is made from a newly-poured slab. However, a cost effective way to achieve the exclusive look you might favor is by applying a decorative overlay that can be added to existing concrete if its in peak condition.;

An overlay is a thin veneer that is easily manipulated for coloring and embellishing resulting in an identical appearance of a fresh concrete slab. Most importantly, decorative overlays are usually easier on the budget than brand-new decorative slabs.;;

Because stamped concrete patios will last nearly a lifetime, are captivating, and provide additional space much like an exterior living room, you can expect a considerable return on your investment.;;

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What Is Stamped Concrete Used For

Stamped concrete is a style of pouring concrete that involves using stamps to add a tile-like appearance to them. This type of concrete is often used in garden paths, patios, as well as near pools. In some cases, it can also be used as a driveway substitute, though this is relatively rare.

People like stamped concrete because it can be cheaper than traditional paving, and also is less expensive than brick-laying on a new surface. It adds style to any place, and can even be colored through a variety of different methods. The coloring is commonly added to give the surface of the concrete its desired appearance. Whether you prefer to go the more modern or antique route, there is a concrete dye for virtually every application.

What Is The Best Concrete Sealer For Patios

Stamped Concrete Patio Installation Doâs and Donâts ...

The primary type of sealer used on decorative concrete patios and other exterior flatwork is a solvent- or water-based acrylic. Acrylic sealers are easy to apply, economical, and well-suited for outdoor use because they are UV resistant, non-yellowing and breathable, which means they provide good water repellence while allowing moisture vapor within the slab to escape.

This patio was sealed with a custom-blended zero-shine sealer to give it a matte finish.

If you don’t want a sheen on the patio surface and prefer a natural look, a penetrating sealer is an alternative that provides good protection against outdoor exposure conditions without forming a surface film.

The first and most important consideration when choosing a sealer is whether the product is compatible with the decorative concrete patio surface you plan to apply it to. The type of finish you want to achieve comes in a close second. See other important factors you should evaluate when choosing a sealer appropriate for your project and budget.

Shop for concrete sealers

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How Long Will Stamped Concrete Last

In the past, stamped concrete was known for not being very durable when compared to traditional paving styles. Thirty years ago, you might have heard that stamped concrete only lasts for about five to 10 years. This had to do with the fact that it was difficult to achieve an even depth throughout the stamping process. The patchiness that often occurred during installation is what contributed to lower lifespans. These days, things have improved greatly thanks to advances in concrete technology.

If you just got some new stamped concrete, you can expect its durability to be on par with standard concrete paving. In fact, the installation processes are nearly the same between the two, with the only additional step being the physical stamping. The stamping is done when the concrete has dried slightly but is still flexible enough to create a texture with a prefabricated stamp.

This means that you can expect it to last for anywhere between 10 to 25 years, as long as you maintain it well. In some cases, it can even last longer than standard concrete, simply due to the sealers used to lock in color.

Washing And Cutting Stamped Concrete

Your contractor will wash and cut the concrete slab once the concrete is ready, which is usually 12-24 hours after the concrete is poured. Although you may not want saw cuts, as they may take away from the natural look, they are absolutely necessary. Be sure to discuss the location of saw cuts with your contractor prior to pouring the concrete so that you are prepared once the process begins. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, you will see the integral color with accents of the release color. However, final colors will not appear until the concrete is sealed and fully cured.

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Application Of Color Hardener

There are two different ways in which color hardener can be applied: either as a cast-on color or integral color. Integral color refers to the process in which one dyes all the concrete volume in the base color at the same time. By introducing the color hardener to the mixture and enabling all of the concrete in the truck to be dyed, the entire volume of concrete can be colored. Cast-on color refers to the method in which the surface of the concrete is colored to match the base color of the concrete.

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How Do Sealers Improve Patio Appearance

How to Build a Stamped-Concrete Patio Floor | HGTV

In addition to protecting colored concrete patios from fading, a sealer can also enhance and intensify the color. Depending on the type of sealer you apply, your options range from a natural matte finish to a high-gloss sheen.

Chemically reactive sealers are nearly invisible because they penetrate into the concrete, making them great choices for concrete patios that are stamped to replicate weathered stone. Water-based acrylic resin sealers will provide greater color enhancement and a low-gloss satin finish. And solvent-based acrylic sealers and epoxies will give concrete a high-gloss wet look and significantly deepen the color. There are also sealers specifically formulated to enhance the beauty of natural stone in exposed aggregate concrete .

Here are several examples of stamped and stained concrete patios that were enhanced by the application of a sealer:Tiered Concrete Patio Mimics Grouted Stone

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Stamped Concrete Patio Cost

Stamped concrete can range in cost from $8 – $18 per square foot. The cost difference is dependent on size and details you are looking to include in your design. The most affordable stamped concrete uses a single pattern and color. The more patterns and colors you look to include, the more expensive it will become. If you would like more detail about the costs, visit our stamped concrete cost page.

Mix The Thin Finish And Texture Pave

Mix the Thin Finish and Texture Pave

For the stamping layer, apply a thin bonding layer of Thin Finish®, and a thicker layer of Texture Pave®. To mix the Thin Finish, follow the same instructions and water ratio used for the skim coat. The texture pave is mixed similarly, but will be thicker to create a stamping layer, mix four quarts of water per 55 lb. bag. This mix should also be thoroughly mixed first, allowed to set for five minutes and mixed again. Because several batches are required make sure the four quarts is exact to ensure consistency.

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Design & Plan For New Stamped Concrete Patio

In this project our crew starts with a wooden deck, planter boxes and a flagstone pathway. The homeowner had approached our crew and team about six months ago in March 2021. The homeowner wanted to repurpose this area and make it more usable. The wooden deck had become unsafe and was just unsightly.

The homeowner wanted to make use of the “planter box area”. She had not really utilized the planter area and the sandbox. Her children had outgrown. The plan, tear out the existing wooden deck and planter boxes and replace with a stamped concrete patio.

The new stamped concrete patio will go from corner to corner of the home encompassing the entire back of the home. A new landing and steps will bring guests and company down to the patio safely.

Smooth Out By Floating Squeegee Across Surface

The Stamped Concrete Patio Iâve Been Waiting For

Apply the Thin Finish and Texture Pave

Wet the concrete substrate thoroughly. Leaving dry spots will create puddles when stamping. Squeegee off excess water . Squeegee on a layer of Thin Finish. Work in small sections, and apply the Texture Pave. Set the gauge rake to 1/4 of an inch. Pour out the Texture Pave and spread one bucket at a time. Use the gauge rake to spread and always keep the handle at the same height so the product spreads at the same thickness. Smooth out the lines by floating a squeegee across the surface . Don’ t forget to paint the sides, and allow the texture pave to set up before stamping.

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