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What Is The Best Wood To Build A Pergola

Best Budget: Sunjoy Meadow 95 Ft W X 11 Ft D Metal Pergola With Canopy

How to build a Wood Pergola (Arbour)

Shape: Rectangular | Frame Material: Powder-coated steel| Coverage Area: 104.5 square feet

  • Metal may show wear faster than some wood

  • Not mildew resistant

This pergola kit is just as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. Made of rust-resistant, powder-coated metal, the Sunjoy Metal Pergola kit is great for year-round use no matter the weather. It offers 104.5 square feet of coverage, with plenty of space for a table and chairs, firepit, or space to lounge. Although pergola kits are a sizable investment for any backyard, this pick is more affordable than most.

The shape is slightly arched, which provides an additional architectural detail that many homeowners look for when upgrading their outdoor space. You can use the included canopy to provide shade or assemble it without, especially if you plan to use your pergola to grow climbing plants.

Shape: Triangular | Frame Material: Steel| Coverage Area: 52 square feet

  • Loveseat, side table, and cushions included

  • Open concept works in a variety of settings

  • Powder-coated steel frame

  • Small area covered by overhead portion

  • Benches and tables are built-in

If you’re looking to get the best of the best for your outdoor area, Backyard Discovery has a lot of great options that look attractive, are built to last, and have special features. One of their more expensive models, the Laguna Cabana with Conversation Seating, doesn√Ęt cover a lot of space but has everything you need for a relaxing stay right in your own backyard.

Cost Of Buying A Pergola

If you choose not to build the pergola yourself, hiring a professional is always an option. However, there are a few price considerations to take into account before contacting a professional.

Buying a pergola and having a contractor install it for you is the easiest and most expensive. Because building a pergola is labor-intensive and requires some skill, we would have to pay for the labor, which in some cases can cost almost as much as the pergola itself.;

Like building a DIY pergola, Ill go over a few of the most significant aspects that can affect the price.;

From experience, I found that the most common pergola types are either wood, fiberglass, or vinyl and often include an aluminum support structure.

Wood is the most expensive option, as it looks the best. However, it must be pressure treated, which can add a high cost to the project. I found that vinyl and fiberglass are also great alternatives, and in most cases, are much more durable.;

So, I dove deep into researching the costs of buying a pergola, and the estimated price came out to around an average of $3,500 in the U.S. However, the total cost could range from anywhere between $2,500 $6,000 depending on which type of material the homeowner chooses.

To put this more, in contrast, the average wooden pergola, spanning around 10 square feet, will often cost about $3500, including labor, delivery, etc.;

Why Dont Pergolas Have Roofs

Thats because the crossed wooden beams of the arbor top is meant to be for vines to grow across. Think about it, if you have leaves block out the sun, why would you need a roof?

Of course, leaves dont block out rain too well, but youre not exactly going to be sitting out in the rain, with your garden chairs cushions getting soaked through and your drink slowly topping up by the minute. If, however, sitting outside when its raining does sound appealing to you, then you might be better off with a pavilion, or at the very least, a waterproof sunshade.

Though, I have to warn you, the roof on a pavilion ruins the exotic Mediterranean look of a pergola. They only tend to look good when theyre massive. Otherwise, they tend to look a bit awkward and out of place in a backyard.

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Laying Down Foundation Posts

  • 1Place a post into the first hole. Youll want to use posts that are at least 8 by 8 inches thick and 10 feet long. Work on each post one at a time until it’s secured to the ground. Put one end of the post into a hole and make sure that it rests flat on the gravel. Hold the post in place as you move onto the next steps.
  • Posts shouldn’t go straight into the ground, because you want to minimize wood rot. Pour them in with rapid set quickcrete, or if you’re on a flagstone or paved patio, use brackets that create a gap between the surface and the post. Then the brackets are poured into the concrete, and the posts are bolted into the brackets.XExpert Source
  • Building A Pergola How It All Comes Together

    The Best Pergola Designs You Can Build

    A pergola is made up of 4 distinct parts: posts, header boards, purlins , and the top stringer boards. The number of purlins and top stringer boards will depend on how large of a structure you build, and how much shade you would like it to have.

    Starting with our material list, we always cut out all of the pieces first From there, we move on to assembly. It makes the process go smooth, and allows for better and faster assembly if the parts are all cut first.

    Posts :

    We use only 6 x 6 treated posts for strength and durability. Be sure to select the straightest posts in the pile at the lumber yard. It goes a long way in making the pergola easy to level and assemble.

    Header Boards:

    The header boards are the double set of boards that attach to each side of the post. We secure ours with 10 bolts at each post. It takes a total of 8 bolts to attach all 4 header boards. With a basic jigsaw, decorative cuts can easily be cut into the ends.

    We always use 2 x 8 or 2 x 10 boards for the header boards. They add strength and a beefy look to the finished pergola. You need a total of 4 header boards for a four post pergola.


    The purlins are the main crossing boards of a pergola. We use 2 x 6 lumber for the purlins. This makes a huge difference! Many store-bought kits or commercial units skimp and use smaller boards. But 2 x 6 boards add big strength to the piece.

    Stringer Boards

    Putting It All Together

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    Resistant Wooden Pergola With Summer Kitchen

    From that moment on, you have to think about the roof.;You can simply attach a canvas roof to protect you from the sun.;But if you want more durable and fixed construction, then go for a wooden roof.;It would be better to choose a sloping roof to prevent the rain from stagnating there, during bad weather.

    After having made your pergola, you can finally start to personalize it.;For this, you can already repaint it with colors or decorate it with patterns.;You can then arrange it according to what you are going to do with it.

    Above all, be sure to have chosen the right type of pergola according to its usefulness.;The back-to-back or wall-mounted pergola is essentially decorative and is also suitable for taking advantage of additional living space.;That is to say that you can arrange it to be able to enjoy your meals outdoors or simply to use it as protection for your flowers.

    The wooden arbor is timeless and very resistant.;It is a natural insulator, which, moreover, allows climbing flowers to grow throughout wooden pergola construction.;So, take your courage in both hands and embark on this practical and pretty project.

    When Should You Re

    Youll know when you need to do it because youll notice that water doesnt form droplets on the outside. The pergola itself just gets wet. That usually happens about a year after the last time it was sealed.

    Now, Cedar and Chinese Cedar are excellent for being resistant to rot and to moisture-loving fungus like mildew, but if you want your pergola to continue looking neat rather than worn-down, then sealing it once a year is the simple way to achieve that.

    If your pergola is looking a bit dirty or weathered already, then the best thing you can do is hire or buy a pressure washer. If youve ever seen this cheekily-named subreddit, youll know just how incredible power washers can be at cleaning just about anything. Itll do the trick far better than anything else for cleaning up your pergola to make it look like new again.

    Youll even find for the most part, that when you think the wood on your pergola is faded, its actually just dirty. When all that dirt comes right off with a pressure washer, the woods true color will be restored once again. Then all you need to do is let it dry out thoroughly before sealing it again.

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    Best Vinyl Pergola Kit

    The dirty secret of vinyl pergola kits is that many require you to purchase extra lumber for the core structure inside the vinyl shell pieces. That is not the case with the Dura-Trel Kingston Pergola Kit , which comes with metal posts that fit inside the vinyl for extra durability.

    Particularly lightweight and easy to assemble, this is also one of the few kits that doesnt require at least two people to put together. The crisp white vinyl is fade-resistant and maintenance-free. Once this pergola is assembled, youll have lots of time to unwind in its shade.

    Pergolas Are Easily Installed

    How to Build a Pergola – 2.Measuring Wood for Pergola Base

    Easy installation is also an attractive factor. Its not out of the realm of possibilities for you to do it yourself if you have some basic DIY skills. The ease of installation also contributes to the low cost and limited hassle of having a professional do it. Pergola installation is usually less involved than that of a .

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    Can A Pergola Be Attached To A House

    It sure can. Again, youll want to secure it to the floor with metal brackets, and then secure it to your house with a ledger board, lag bolts and so on.

    Its a complex woodworking project, because youre using your house as support instead of two of the pillars, so Id just recommend having your pergola right next to your house if you want to achieve the same effect without having to call out a professional when it inevitably gets too complicated.

    However, I do get that a pergola can look amazing when attached to a house. It emulates the look you see here in these photos:

    Thats in Crete, in Greece. You have to remember though, your house looks a whole lot different to those buildings.

    In reality, just having your pergola right next to your house, with all four legs secured to the floor is actually going to look better than if you had it attached to your house at the top.

    The two pillars on the inside actually look good, and not having them gives more of a sensation of being on your patio than being in an outdoor social space next to your house. It feels less self-contained, if that makes sense.

    How To Maintain Or Restore A Pergola

    First of all, youll want to make sure you re-seal your pergola once a year. Its actually expected of you to do that, in the warranties of most pergola manufacturers.

    Dont worry, its super easy though. Youll need some step ladders and this Thompsons Water Seal to be able to do it. It only takes one coat, so you can get it over and done with pretty quickly. Its not like an extensive project or something.

    Optionally, you can use this All in One Thompsons Stainer and Water Sealer to restore to your cedar that warm reddish color that we all know and love.

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    Staining Or Sealing Right Away Wood Type Matters

    Pressure treated pine requires that you install the pergola, then let the wood dry out completely before staining or painting. You will see it turn from green into a golden brown when the pressure treatment has dried. This could take 2-4 months depending on your location.

    If you order a cedar pergola you can stain the lumber before or after installation, and you can stain or seal right away. So if you want to stain or seal right away, cedar will be your best choice.;;

    Trust Outback Landscape With Your Pergola


    At Outback Landscape, we love enhancing properties with beautiful pergolas. Our pergola design and construction experts would love to meet with you and discuss your pergola design needs.

    Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we serve residential and commercial properties in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Pocatello, Idaho, as well as Bonneville, Madison and Bannock counties.

    Call us at 208-656-3220 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our team members.

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    Can A Pergola Be Built On Decking

    Yes, it can. Its actually advisable to do that, because you can secure it to the ground with metal brackets far more easily than if you were just going to put it straight on grass.

    The only real way to secure it on grass would be to put down cement posts down in the ground as a foundation for its legs, so you can actually use metal brackets to secure them.

    That, of course, is extra effort. Especially because it involves digging.

    Select A Spot For The Pergola

    The location is important because it will affect how the pergola posts are mounted. Is it going over a deck? Will the posts need to be sunk in the ground? Do you plan to put the pergola over a concrete patio? All of these are viable options, but each one requires a different method for setting and securing the posts. Decide where you want the pergola to be before you start buying supplies, because it will affect what you need to get the project done.

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    Cost Of A Pergola Kit

    Buying a pergola kit is one of the best ways to build a DIY pergola; however, it is often more expensive than building one from scratch.

    The average cost of a pergola kit could span anywhere between $400-$800 and usually has a cover that retracts.

    It is essential to keep in mind that this is the cost of an aluminum pergola, as the price increases if you use wood.

    Because of the steep cost of lumber and other materials, a wooden pergola kit could cost upwards of $1200 for a pergola spanning 10 square feet. One of the most popular types of wood used is often an expensive product; however, it is one of the most durable.

    The type of roof used for your pergola also plays a significant role in the price. For example, a 10-16 square foot cedar pergola with a pitched or lattice roof could cost anywhere between $5,000 $8,000.;

    Building A Pergola: What To Expect

    How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

    In order to get started with your pergola build, youll need to contact our landscaping professionals. Our expertise is unmatched, and our long list of repeat clients proves were the ones for the job.;

    Our extensive process is thorough for a reason. We want to make sure you get the best results and the absolute vision you dream of when you picture your backyard. Our process consists of the following:;

    While it may seem intensive, youll understand exactly why when youre elated with the project turnout.;

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    Make More Shade Using The Best Pergola Materials

    Its clear that aluminum is the more cost-effective material choice when it comes to building a pergola. Although would will look attractive, it requires much more intensive care and upkeep over the years. In addition, wood is susceptible to a wide range of issues, such as water and pest damage.

    Dont waste your time and money on materials that wont last. Instead, install an aluminum pergola with the help of your local landscaping company. With an aluminum pergola as the focal point of your backyard landscape design, you can count on the structure to last for years to come and provide your yard with the shade required to escape the sweltering summer sun.

    Hiring How To Find A Great Contractor

    When shopping for a contractor, not just anyone will do. The last thing you want to do is trust your backyard build to someone youre unsure of. Instead, take the time to do your research and hire a reputable company. How do you determine reputability? Ask friends or family whove had similar work done for recommendations. In the absence of personal recommendations, look to expert resources such as Angies List, or local Phoenix company directories.;

    Its important not to hire the first company you speak with. Instead, speak to a few different contractors or companies. Meet with and request quotes from each one, and dont be afraid to ask questions. Ask about the process, the timeline, and the partners the company associates with for completing projects.;

    When it comes to your backyard landscaping projects, Straightline has you covered. Our team of experts not only excels at what they do, but they also love taking your visions and bringing them to life. Let us take your backyard and turn it into the oasis you always knew it could be. Contact us by phone, email, or fill out our online form to get started today you wont be sorry!

    It also complements a pool you can create a seating area underneath to relax before and after swimming. If you have a smaller yard or want to simply create an entertainment space, then an extension of the home makes the most sense.

    Theres one more consideration youll want to keep in mind, and that brings us to the next question.

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