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How To Fill Gaps In Flagstone Patio

Random Flagstone Patio Designs

How to do pointing or fill the gaps between paving slabs or patio DIY

Sometimes, random flagstone patio designs can be the best looking and they are always your own personal design. Thats the plus. They do take a bit longer to lay than some other methods, but it is the most creative of your options. To achieve a design similar to the one shown below and for easier installation, the trick is to use mesh backed pavers.

These stones are made from slate, in random shapes and colors:;rust, brown, charcoal and gray providing for random patterns that are pleasing to the eye. The mulched garden gives a manicured effect to the whole picture.

This flagstone patio floor was installed on a mesh, just like tile for a backsplash or a wall . While it appears random, you dont have to make any of the choices, just lay the tile. Its a great idea to rim your patio with bushes they will provide a natural break and a natural separation of the areas, as well as a bit of privacy. And we love the hydrangea. If you get tired of blue, you need to know that comes from a PH level of 5.2-5.5. If youd rather the blossoms come in pink, up the PH in the soil to 6.0-6.2. Voila. Its magic.

Meshed Flagstone Pavers patio in random sizes and shapes look great and require a lot less thought than fitting them together yourself. And, a lot less time.

These stones are all in the same color palette even though there are various shades. The shapes are quite irregular and look quite dramatic together.

A good sweep tidies up the flagstone and shows off the patios new design.

How To Fill Gaps In Flagstone Patio With Polymeric Stone Dust

We use Gator Dust Bond and;Techniseal;NOCO as our primary options for filling in gaps in flagstone patio when the gaps are between ΒΌ inch and 4 inches. Here is how you can install it:;;;

  • Pour:;First, pour your stone dust everywhere you want to apply it. The flagstone should be completely dry before you start this process. Ensure it fills up all of the space that you want to fill. It wont expand in the activating process.;
  • Level:;Unlike with sand, leveling polymeric stone dust is crucial. Also, ensure that there is no dust on the stones themselves.;
  • Water:;Next you need to water the stone dust. Start at the lowest point of the surface and set your nozzle to shower or a gentle spay. Thoroughly wet the dust without letting it wash out of the joints.;

Once the stone dust has dried, it is safe to be walked on. Be sure to follow the specific instructions from your stone dust manufacturer.;

A flagstone patio can go from an eyesore to a beautiful centerpiece for your yard when you use the correct materials;and technique to fill in flagstone gaps. For the best material and more information on how to fill in flagstone gaps, contact us today.;

Flagstone Shapes And Sizes

Most people think flagstone patios are created by fitting randomly shaped stones like the pieces of a puzzle. And while there are, indeed, random designs, many pavers are specific cuts, meant to invoke a specific style or mood.

Flagstone paver designs are available as:

  • Square cut flagstone. This is a more ordered approach to flagstone patio design.
  • Random flagstone. This is the style most associated with flagstone patios fitting the stones together in a pleasing fashion.
  • Jumbo flagstone. These can be used on many applications: patios, steps, stepping stones, retaining walls, also as a general landscaping feature.
  • Meshed Flagstone Paver Tile. These are random flagstones that are already laid out for you with a mesh sheet holding them together similar to glass or mosaic bathroom tiling. While its more about the installation,; the mesh can make the job a great deal easier.; It also means the design is set for you.
  • Custom cut. If you know exactly what you want and cant find it it can be cut for you on a custom basis.
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    • Jazmine BullionJune 2, 2020

      Mulch and Dirt yards sell crushed granite. Google it or look it up on the map, and call one close by. One place quoted $65, and another quoted $85 per yard and should fill the back of a pick up truck.

      We are putting in an above ground pool, and I accidentally bought masonry sand, and then had to by bank . Bank sand is $18, and masonry sand is $25 per yard. The place I ordered the sand from will deliver in a dump truck if your within a short miles distance near them for $75.

      Can I use the masonry sand under the flagstone? And then the granite on top? Or is the masonry sand to pose-able? Like it will slip and move too much. I dont know what I can use the masonry sand for thats in the back of my pick up.

  • Jeff MathewsFebruary 25, 2018

    Dan where have you been? Ive been searching for a practical way of laying flagstone since my first home purchase in 2010. My feverish search waned over the years but the fire never went out and now here you are. Thank you so much for the information, demonstration, ideas and video. My flagstone project can now begin.

  • Mohammad KashkiMarch 6, 2018

    Very formative instruction. I got a question: can I fill the flagstone gaps with cement/mortar? I want a match with other laid area.

  • How Do You Stabilize Gravel

    Filling in the Gaps: Part 3 of our DIY Flagstone Patio ...

    The best long-term solution for driveway stabilization includes digging down 8 to 12 inches below the surface of the driveway, removing all roots and plant material, and thoroughly compacting the soil with a plate compactor or roller. On top of this compacted sub-grade layer, put down a 4-inch layer of coarse gravel.

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    What Is The Best Material To Put Between Flagstone

    by Kelly Fruit | Feb 11, 2020 | Landscaping |

    We recently redid the gravel between a flagstone patio at a home this week and it prompted the question as to the best material to put between flagstone. Whether you are just starting out with a brand new patio or redoing an old, tired one, filling in the gaps between the flagstones is a necessary task to ensure the flagstone stays put and doesnt promote weed growth.

    What Is The Best Filler For Flagstone Patio

    best fillerflagstone

    Get Sandy. Sand is traditionally used between the cracks of pavers. The small granules fill in the gaps between the stones without leaving spaces. Brush the sand into the flagstone gaps with a push broom.

    Subsequently, question is, what is the best thing to put between paving slabs? Method

    • Use a completely dry surface.
    • Put together a 4:1 mix of builders sand and cement
    • Brush across the whole area using a softer brush, filling all slab gaps evenly.
    • Compact the mix into the gaps with a trowel.
    • Repeat as above until all gaps filled and mix brushed off slabs.

    Beside this, what kind of mortar do you use for flagstone?

    Thinset mortar is the same type of mortar that is used in traditional ceramic tile installations. It is a combination of sand, cement and polymers. You can trowel it on using a notched trowel with a size that is dependent on the size of the flagstone with which you are working.

    Can you use polymeric sand with flagstone?

    Polymeric sand, or poly-sand seemed great at first. As easy to install as regular sand, almost. You simply sweep the material into the flagstone joints, lightly hose down, then it solidifies. Well, it’s fairly easy, but you have to be carefulthe sand is mixed with a binder.

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    Tools Needed To Build Your Stone Patio On A Gravel Base:

    • grabo, the hot new vacuum lifter that makes lifting flagstones a bit easier. My review can be found HERE.
    • hand tamper (might want to rent a plate compactor too, depending on how large your project is.
    • dead blow type mallet. Many types to choose from.lately I mostly use my rawhide mallet, but the rubber headed modern style .deadblow is in my tool bucket too, and Ill use whichever is closer on hand.
    • 4.5 angle grinder, with diamond blade. keep this on hand for cuts that the hammer wont successfully make, or that will take too long with the hammer.
    • knee pads dust mask ear protection
    • 4 level
    • square trowel, for smoothing out stone dust to level the flagstones.
    • rakes, shovels, pick-maddock, wheelbarrow, 5 gallon buckets and shop broom.

    Any More Pro Tips For Using Stones To Fill Paver Gaps

    How To Lay a Flagstone Patio (Part 2of2).MP4

    Some filler stones are lower in maintenance than others. Black beach pebbles, being larger and heavier than the other choices, require the least maintenance; they are a distinctive look usually fitting for a modern or Japanese-style;garden.

    Pea gravel, on the other hand, will not break down but will inevitably move around due to people and pet activity, and garden maintenance routines. Pea gravel will also need a refresher at some point.

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    The Real Problem With Polymeric Sand

    In addition to the nasty haze staining your flagstones surface, the toxins that leach out into your lawn and garden, the environmental impact and the wasted financial resourcesthe technical problem, the reason why polymeric sand ruins patios and walkways is this: polymeric sand makes it too easy.

    Polymeric sand makes people think that they can cheat, that they can get away with wider joints than they would otherwise. Fact is that you simply can not use polymeric sand as a replacement for taking your time and doing the job right. You could a) hire a professional. b) take your time, read all the above articles, and educate yourself well enough to try your hand at a hard task or c) go ahead and live in a lame world where you dont need to fit your flagstones together rightyou can just fill the spaces in between with plastic! Doesnt sound too ingenious, when stated that way, doesnt it?

    Kind Regards,

    What To Put In Between Flagstones

    Related Articles

    Flagstone paths and patios bring the look of natural stone, but the irregular pieces of rock mean you’ll have gaps to fill. You have several options for filling the spaces between the flagstones in your landscaping. The material you choose depends on the desired look and how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Compare the features of each filler before you close up the gaps in your flagstone walkway or patio.

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    Polymeric Sand Cracks Up Leaves A Nasty Haze All Over The Place And Is Overall A Wasteful Expensive Mess And A Disappointment I Just Do Not Recommend Polysand Or Anything Similar For Use With Flagstone

    I like to get creative with my flagstone work

    and then I build stuff like this from the leftover fragments of unused flagstones. You should check out my dry stone sculpture gallery and then follow, share, and like on social medial. Thank you very much. Im not kidding, go do it

    Now about weedswhat can I say? Life happens. Every once in awhile, you may have to pull out a weed. Acetic acid can also be sprayed into the stone joints, deterring weed growth. Another method is to simply pour boiling water on the unwanted plants. Simple, right? Theres other ways to deal with weeds, but this article is getting long. Just dont spray any poison into there, please and thank you. Againdo not spray round-up or any other poison unto your patio. Especially if it is a patio that I built for you seriously, that will not go over well at all. Send me an email, if you need weed care advice. I am always happy to help.

    Finally, polymeric sand is an acrylic product. Plastic. Really, do we want to build plastic landscapes? A bit of a philosophical question, really. Please consider it for a minute.

    if you are looking for one-on-one help, I do offer phone/email consultation services as well as site consultation services.

    Thanks, good luck and happy hardscaping!

    Originally published at on May 9, 2013.

    Best Flagstone Patio Photo Galleries

    How to Fill Gaps in Flagstone Patio

    The Muskoka Rock company has some of the best flagstone designs and design ideas on the internet. Its natural the tony Muskoka Lakes area of Ontario is full of raw materials. Some of the best flagstone that money can buy: Muskoka Rock Company Gallery

    Select Stone Supply has another amazing patio designs gallery full of ideas for your own flagstone patio. Again, in Ontario. The fact is, the geological region known as The Canadian Shield produces a great amount of flagstone and is known for its granite: Select Stone Supply Gallery

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    An Easy Stone Project Without Mortar

    • Pin
    • Skill Level: Beginner
    • Estimated Cost: $3 – $5 per square foot

    Laying flagstone patios in stone dust or sand, as opposed to mortar or concrete, is known as dry-set or sand-set. Dry construction is much easier for do-it-yourselfers because you can build directly on the ground, while mortared stone requires a concrete slab foundation to prevent cracking in the mortar. For a lasting installation, a dry-set stone patio does need a foundation, though. It’s best to start with several inches of compacted gravel, followed by a layer of stone dust, also called decomposed granite, or DG.

    The DG is pulverized stone and contains small pieces along with gravel-size and sand-size particles. The variation in particle sizes allows the material to compact well. And while it is still loose, you can use it to level the stones, just as you would with sand. You can buy flagstone and DG at local stone yards and landscaping materials suppliers.

    When choosing stone for the project, select the largest stones you can maneuver by hand, and choose them for consistent thickness and appearance. The stones should be at least 1 1/2 inches thick for strength; 2 inches thick is better. Note that “flagstone” merely describes the stones’ wide, flat shape; flagstone comes in many different types of stone.

    What To Fill Gaps With In Flagstone Patio

    These are your choices. You can use:

  • Nothing
  • Elfin Thyme also for the rustic look
  • Polymeric sand
  • If you decide to fill in the grout at a later date, you will need to clean out the channels first.

    Different ways of laying flagstones to build a patio see above and below.

    This is a great example of four different, very pleasing installations using different stones, different fillers, different patterns. The combinations become almost endless.

    For a more rustic look, you can let the grass grow in between the stones or fill it up with Elfin Thyme .

    The only thing about the grass is, you do have to keep it tidy and clipped. But it sure looks great.

    As youve seen through these photos and examples, you can pretty much deck out your patio in any style or design because the category of flagstone patio designs is so wide your choices are really varied and there is something for everyone. And every climate and every size patio or yard. Do think about your use of the space and what would be best suited to that. These are durable, natural stones that will bring you enjoyment for a very long time.

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    How Do I Fill Large Gaps In My Patio

    Filling large gaps in a patio is a time consuming job that just has to be done, so whats the best way of going about it?

    When youre laying a new patio, you can fill large gaps between patio pavers with either regular sand, a DIY mix of concrete and sand, or polymeric sand. These can be applied using a trowel and packed down with a screwdriver, then finished by brushing over the gaps with a broom.

    In this article, were going to look in more detail at what to fill large patio gaps with, how to do it and answer some of your popular questions about the process

    Everything You Need To Know About Filler Stone For Paths

    Seal Gap In Foundation and Concrete Patio or Sidewalk

    When laying a path with pavers, you have a choice to fill the gaps with grout, ground cover plants, or filler stones such as gravel or decomposed granite. As a garden designer, I often advocate filler stones, which are permeable as well as a design element;to create a coherent look for a path.

    Is filler stone the right choice for your path or patio? Read on for everything you need to know.

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    How To Fill Gaps In Flagstone Patio

    If youre having trouble keeping up with the weeds in your flagstone patio, the solution is to fill in the gaps. Adding new material to fill in patio gaps wont just make maintaining the patio easier, it will also make it more beautiful, level, and safe. You can do this project all by yourself. Heres what you need to know to fill gaps in your flagstone patio.;


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