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How To Enclose A Patio With Screen

Wood Paneling With Skylights And Plenty Of Seating

Another use for shower curtains. Inexpensive Way to Enclose Your Patio

This setup is meant to fit a lot of guests. The seating is close to ensure everyone can hear and see each other as you gather. The coffee table in the center serves as a focal point and a place to rest your drinking glasses or teacups. The natural wood paneling goes wonderfully with the trees surrounding the porch. There is a doorway to the outside, but this porch isnt meant to be a main walkway into the house. Rather, this enclosed porch is off to the side of the house, where its a little more private. The lights and skylights provide light in both the day and evening hours, so you can entertain your guests anytime.

Wood And White Paneling With An Angled Ceiling

The natural wood framing and wood-colored wicker furniture coordinate well in this porch. Also, notice the angled ceiling, complete with skylights and a ceiling fan. The carpet is a nice touch as well. When youre building or enclosing a porch, weigh the cost of changing the slope of the roof versus adding on to the existing roof. In a side porch like this, its easy to create an adjoining roof with a different slope than that of the rest of the house, and it adds a lot of visual appeal.

Extend Existing Roof Cost

Consider extending your existing roof so that the patio enclosure appears seamless with the house. There are many variables that go into replicating your existing roof to extend it over the patio that you need to have a contractor visit the home, see what you already have in place, take accurate measurements, and give you a quote. A very general price would be $35/sqft. When asking for quotes, know what style of roof youd likesloping, vaulted, flat, etc.

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Classy Porch In Wicker And Wood

This enclosed porch opens onto a patio that serves as a secondary entry into the house. On one side of the room, however, is seating for four or five people, along with a lamp and ceiling fan. The white wood, red brick framing, and dark wood floors go wonderfully together. The dark floor mat coordinates well and ensures the floor wont look too dirty from taking debris in from outside. This porch shows you can even decorate the space with wall hangings and potted plants.

Wood & Hardware Patio Enclosures

Exterior: Modern Concept How To Enclose A Patio With ...

While wood frames seem the most obvious and cost-effective choice for roofing your patio, many homeowners are saying that wood rot and termite damage mean it will need to be replaced within years. They are opting for composite, metal, or vinyl roofs and frames instead. That said, you can build with treated wood and delay the damage.

Another option is custom-built wood covers. Have your patio roof and frame custom built, or order the kit and have a contractor install it for you.

Companies like J&W Lumbar offer many options when it comes to building your patio cover. Choose your wood, wood thickness, roofing option, post sizes, hardware package, and stain option to get the exact look you want.

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Modern Screened Patio With Floral Touch

Screen rooms are a popular choice among homeowners who want to enclose their patio area. This screened patio design can be a perfect alternative for an outdoor living room. You can enjoy having a conversation with your guests in this room.


  • The floral cushions perfectly match the overall design.


  • These screens are typically not always weather-effective, especially with snow.


The cost of this design is around $5,000 $10,000, considering youve already had the patio space ready.

Interview: Leon Bromley President Of Rommel Usa

“We have a second floor screened porch and we didnt want to turn it into a three-season room. We just wanted to install something that would keep the snow and the pollen out during those time and on sunny days you could still go out there, and the PES product fit that need perfectly.” Read Interview & Photos

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Large Sitting Area With Tile Floor

The layout of this room gives you and multiple people a place to relax without necessarily having to be together. The seats dont face each other and are fairly far apart. It gives everyone their own space to read or play on their device while still enjoying the sunshine from the windows. This back porch provides entry to the yard from the house but isnt set up to be a main walking path as people come home and leave.

Add The Screen Material

How to enclose screen porch. Remodeling

Stretch the screen material across the face of a panel and then down on the sides. Keep the screen tight as you staple it down to the sides. Fiberglass screen is pliable, so you should be able to wrap it back, much like wrapping a package. Keep the screen tight and flat against all sides. Cut off excess with scissors.

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Screen For Screened In Porch

Measure for the screens after the structure is completed. Buy custom-made screens for the enclosure and the doors, or make your own. If you live in the Sun Belt, you might want to consider using a sun-blocking screening material .

As an alternative to custom-made screens, you might want to consider securing the screening directly to the framing. However, this system does not allow the screens to be taken down and put back up easily.

The total cost for our patio enclosure will range from several thousand if you use less expensive materials to two or three times that amount for premium lumber and professionally made screens.

Types Of Patio Enclosures

Welcome to our guide to the types of patio enclosures including different options, cost and designs.Once the weather turns warm and sunny, people enjoy using their patio for barbecues, parties, and visiting. Yet, depending on the climate they live in, not everyone has the chance to enjoy their patio year-round.

Once a homeowner decides they want to use their patio more often, they need to research the types of patio enclosures to find the best options. Patios are versatile, and it seems no two are alike. A patio design depends on a homes style, size, construction, and yard size.

Enclosing an existing patio includes decisions such as the type of construction materials, screened or glass windows, how many seasons the homeowner wants to use the enclosed patio, and what weather and elements the patio will be exposed to.

Enclosing a patio provides a more functional outdoor space to relax and enjoy your home and yard. This informative guide will discuss patio enclosure types, options, materials, and costs to help you make the best decision once you decide to enclose your patio.

  • Patio Enclosure Costs
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    X 2 Extruded Aluminum Screen System

    There are two primary choices of extruded frames available for your screen wall kit. The most commonly used system is the 2″ x 2″ extruded aluminum porch and patio screening system. These frames have a .062″ thick aluminum wall making them exceptionally strong and durable when compared to products at your local hardware store. This system uses a round spline and suitable for openings up to 60″ wide x 10′ high.

    Fiberglass Patio Beams Cost

    Enjoy a Screen Porch year round with Harvey BP Enclosure ...

    These give the look of a substantial column without becoming a victim of termites or wood rot. They are lightweight, are as easy to work with as regular wood, and have corrosion resistance, high strength, and dimensional stability. Most hardware stores sell them in prices ranging from $60$370. These columns are structurally designed to bear the weight of a patios load.

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    Patio Roof Ceiling Types & Cost

    Your new roofs ceiling will need a covering to compete the look for your patio visitors. The most common is plywood or tongue and groove planks, but you could also drywall it or use the lighter gypsum board. Armstrong Ceilings has some alternatives on offer:

    • Beadboard Nail sheets of beadboard to the ceiling. Itll give your ceiling a light cottage look. $2.50$4.20/sqft
    • Metal Nail or screw in patterned metal tiles, with options in brass, copper, chrome, white, or lacquered steel. $4$9 or more/sqft
    • – 12″ x 12″ mineral fiber tiles. Apply it directly to the ceiling using Armstrong’s Easy Up installation system or adhesive.$1$2.50/sqft
    • Wood-look ceiling planks for a country home feel. $2.50$4.20/sqft

    Screen Panels For Porches

    Looking for quality screen panels for porches? Every Metro Screenworks porch screen panel comes pre-assembled and ready-to-install. We make each porch screen panel and all of our custom screens with the highest quality window screen material and screen parts. With these acrylic panels for a screened porch, you have a space that you can enjoy for years to come without unnecessary maintenance. Watch our video to learn more about enclosing a patio with a screen using our custom screen porch panels. Then shop our full inventory of porch screen panel designs below! Choose the window screen material for your porch screen panel when you order. Among our options for screen panels for patios, we offer standard fiberglass screen, BetterVue Invisible Screen or our Super Screen that comes with a limited 10 year warranty.

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    Lovely Sunroom With Attached Flower Garden

    Sunrooms can be the true add-ons to your house. It is a kind of enclosed patio designs that are created to match the rest of your house and act like a room addition.


    • The attached flower garden on both sides of the sunroom makes a lovely view either from outside or inside the room.


    • The wide screens do not provide privacy to your patio area.


    Sunroom design like this typically costs around $15,000 $22,000.

    How To Enclose Your Outdoor Patio And Alfresco Area

    How to Enclose Your Porch with Clear Plastic Vinyl – Enclosure Guy
  • Project
  • How to Enclose Your Outdoor
  • You most definitely love spending time in your outdoor patio but therell come a time when you just have to enclose it due to the unending sun, dust, bugs, birds, and noise. Bad weather conditions and environmental disturbances should not restrict you from enjoying your patio and alfresco area when you can simply enclose it with patio screens and PVC outdoor blinds.

    Benefits of Enclosing Your Patio and Alfresco Area

    There are many benefits of using innovative;PVC weather screens;to enclose outdoor areas in your home. For instance, a good enclosure system will keep off insects, rain, heavy winds, birds, dust, and the hot Australian sun from your patio and alfresco areas. The enclosure also creates a seamless flow between your outdoor and interior living spaces while protecting your home from the elements.

    Other benefits of patio screens include:

    • The enclosure provides you with additional space that can be used for entertaining guests
    • Patio screens will protect you from birds, flies, and other annoying insects
    • Youll have less cleaning to do when you reduce the amount of leaf debris and dust entering your home
    • It is an innovative way of creating privacy while maintaining your homes stunning views
    • PVC weather screens provide a controlled airflow in your home
    • Improve your homes energy efficiency

    Protect Your Alfresco Areas

    Enclose an Outdoor Area with High-Quality PVC Weather Screens

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    Screen In Your Patio Completely

    The next step up from a simple overhang is a complete screened-in patio. This requires adding wooden framing around the patio, building a roof over the space, and creating a door that opens and closes.

    The framing is wrapped with durable screen material and then finished with trimming for a neat and tidy final look. Adding a good screened porch to your patio completely changes the look and feel of the space and makes it more enjoyable during the evening on warmer days.

    Youll love being in the area when mosquitoes and other pests are out and about, and you may find yourself using your patio much more often as a result.

    Screened-in spaces arent cheap, though, and will cost much more than simply adding an overhang would. If this is an option youre considering, be sure to talk with local contractors to learn what costs you should expect and consider all the different options available.

    Create Holes For The Bolts

    Have an assistant push one of the screen panels tightly up against the floor and ceiling nailing boards. Using the six-foot step ladder, drill two holes at the top of the panel, all the way through the panel and the nailing board behind it. Back on the ground, do this again for the floor section. Repeat for the second panel.

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    X3 Aluminum Screen Frame

    Increasing the size of the frame to the stronger 2″ x 3″ posts allows you to increase the size of the openings while still maintaining up to a 40psf snow load rating. They are similar in style and function to the 2×2 system, but can support more roof load due to the larger construction. These systems have engineering available, so the preferred choice when a building permit is needed.

    Use These Tips When Choosing A Porch Enclosure

    Screen Rooms Tallahassee: Glass Patio Enclosure Project.
    • Go for the Most Space You Can Afford and Accommodate: he most prevalent mistake Mary and I have discovered is that many people build or install an enclosure that is not large enough. Under most circumstances, you won’t regret having a larger enclosure. Consider how much space you have available and determine how you will be using it. Mary and I prefer to have both an enclosure and open space for grilling and sitting out under the stars.
    • Tips on CostCost is always a consideration. If feasible and within your budget, opt for a higher quality enclosure. It will last longer and wear better than less expensive models. This could possibly save you money in the long run. Respect your budget though!
    • Choose Your Best Location: If you have options, locate your enclosure for enjoy privacy. In addition, consider the movement of the sun across your enclosure. Try to avoid the heat of the sun or winds, if you can.

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    How To Enclose A Covered Patio Into A Room

    Enclosing a patio or porch can be a complex process. Here is a basic breakdown of the steps involved:

  • Framing: A contractor will build a frame to structure your enclosure. Typically this starts by attaching posts to the corners of the porch and determining how many frames youll need. They will make sure the width of each frame is the same as the width of your screening. Then they screw the bottom of the frame to the floor of the porch or patio, then screw the frames together from the inside for extra stability.
  • Screening: For this step, the screen enclosure installer will roll out your screening and staple it along the sides of the framing every few inches, cutting the excess material. Theyll also pull tightly to avoid wrinkles.
  • Roofing: If theres not already a roof, theyll add one to provide shade and protect the porch or patio. Depending on the pitch of your roof, there are different material options, including shingles and tile.
  • Flooring: Consider adding floor coverings for both aesthetics and functionality. For example, if you want to use the enclosure year-round, insulated flooring may be a strong option to consider. Or if youre looking for comfort, consider carpeting the floors.
  • Let the professionals at PAsunrooms do the work and transform your space. Our experienced team will create the perfect patio enclosure to match your tastes and style. Call us at 717-564-2244 or complete our online form to schedule a free estimate.

    Porch With Blue Stone Tile And Fireplace

    While this picture looks nice, it doesnt do justice to how much seating you could comfortably place in this area for you and your guests. Besides the style choices of stone tile, white paneling, and wood ceiling, the first thing your guests will notice is the brick fireplace. This is sure to serve as a major focal point for your gatherings and ensures you can use this room year-round. The skylights and nearly full-wall windows provide plenty of natural light during the day, while the recessed lights take over at night. And the ceiling fan keeps the air moving comfortably. This is truly a room you could spend all day in.

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    Porch With Brick Wall And Wood Beam Ceiling

    This porch features a lot of coordinating colors and patterns: dark furniture on red tile against a brick wall with taupe paneling and natural wood ceilings. It also features a ceiling fan and recessed lights. The one detractor here is the footpath that goes past the furniture. If you can, leave the walkway open. This is an example of someone adding a porch rather than converting an existing porch. You can tell by how theyve used their existing exterior brick wall and built around it.

    Sitting Area By Sunken Kitchen

    How to Replace a Patio Screen

    This porch features retractable screens to open it to the house or close it off. With this layout, you can cook and serve your meal with your kitchen and the outdoor eating area being as close to each other as possible and practically being one room. If you live in an area with the right climate, this is the perfect reversal of an enclosed porch.

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