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How To Get Rid Of Backyard Flies

Create A Soda Bottle Trap

How to get rid of flies in backyard / fly control outside

Take an empty plastic bottle and cut off the top third of it. Put sugar water in the bottom third and then place your cut piece back on top, but turn it upside down so that the top of the bottle is facing the liquid. This way, youre creating a sort of funnel. The flies will work their way into the bottle, but wont be able to get back out, Rollins says.

Install An Outdoor Fan

These irritating insects cant even fly in a light breeze, let alone a gust. Therefore, installing a fan near your backyard is an efficient means of getting rid of flies in the backyard because the wind forces them to go in the opposite direction.

Installing an outdoor fan may appear to be a weird technique, but it works brilliantly, especially if you do not have a severe infestation.

Simple And Effective Ways To Repel Flies

4. Try some pest repelling plants.

This is one of the greenest ways to get rid of flies in the backyard! There is a large variety of plants that are not just easy to grow, but can actually help you repel biting bugs such as flies and mosquitoes.

Place these plants around your common areas such as patios and decks and see what a difference they can make.

If you cant plant them directly in the ground, try using planters or containers. The strong smell they give off are sure to help. Lemon balm is the perfect example of a natural fly repellent and one that is so easy to grow.

Plants that act as fly repellents include:

citronella plant

lemon balm

5. Try some essential oils.

Essential oils are a great way to repel flies from your backyard. Not only do so many of these oils smell great, but they are a natural way to repel all sorts of biting bugs. When it comes to using essential oils to repel flies, you can do this a few ways.

You can make a fly repelling spray using the oils, but I think the most effective is diffusing the oil in your space or even heating it in an oil warmer. Just a few drops of essential oil can make a huge difference.

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Using Sterno To Keep Flies Away

The flies are instantly deterred once you light the Sterno gel. Theyll stay away as long as the gel keeps burning, which is several hours.

Keep in mind that if you have a large gathering or an 8-person table like ours, youll need a place can every few feet.

To dress it up, I removed the outside label and placed it inside a heat-safe decorative vase before lighting it.

Not only does this serve as decor for your tablescape, but its also a great way to make sure that no one happens to bump into the can of Sterno since it gets very hot to the touch.

All Sterno cans come with tight-fitting lids that you remove before lighting the gel, but be sure to save them so that you can reuse the canned heat for other outdoor dining occasions.

When Do Black Flies Arrive

15 Tips to Get Rid of Flies in Your Garden

Most prominent beginning in about the middle of May, and continuing to make the outdoors a miserable place to be well into June, or even July, black flies do not spread disease among humans, though their bites are painful, itchy, and slow to heal. They can cause severe allergic reactions in some, up to and including death. Because black flies tend to swarm their prey, a single victim can receive numerous bites in a short period of time, increasing the likelihood of a dangerous reaction. For this reason, some US states try to control black fly populations for public health.

Unlike mosquitoes, which breed in stagnant water, black flies lay their eggs in clean fast-running water, such as rivers and streams. Female black flies lay hundreds of eggs in or near the water, so they are very common in wooded areas near bodies of water.

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Common Types Of Flies

The house fly is the most common fly species found in human habitations and has spread all over the world. The female house fly lays batches of about 100 eggs on decaying organic matter, garbage or feces. Adult flies feed on a variety of liquid or semi-liquid substances . House flies carry pathogens on their bodies and in their feces which can cause food contamination and thus can transfer food-borne illnesses.

Another common fly is the fruit fly which is a common pest in homes, restaurants, and other places where food is served. The fruit fly is also considered a pest due to its tendency to infest places where fruit is found. Getting rid of fruit flies can be difficult, as larvae may continue to hatch in nearby fruit even as the adult population is eliminated.

When the flies are outside you can at least go inside to get away from them. When they invade your space inside, however, you then face many problems with hygiene, cleanliness, and overall aesthetics of your home.

Many modern bug and fly repellents use chemicals and pesticides that do more harm than good, especially if you use them in your kitchen a common place for flies to hang out. However, there are natural ways to deter flies without using chemicals.

Here are five of the best natural options to get rid of flies and keep them away.

Understanding The Black Fly Life Cycle

Depending on the weather, adult black flies appear in mid-spring. They emerge from water, where eggs and larvae overwintered. Adult black flies can live from two weeks to nearly three months.1 The adults mate near the water where their larvae developed, but female black flies need a blood meal to lay their eggs. Similar to female mosquitoes, black fly females seek out animals including birds, pets and humans to get the blood they need.

After feeding, females lay up to 800 eggs each in unpolluted, moving water.1 Eggs are laid on the water or just below the water’s surface on aquatic plants and rocks. After hatching, larvae attach themselves to rocks or vegetation in the stream. Depending on the species and water temperature, black fly larvae can take from 10 days to several weeks to mature, pupate and become adults. When heavy rainfall keeps streams moving, several generations can occur per year.

Black fly larvae transform into flying, biting pests.

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How To Get Rid Of Flying Bugs In Your Yard

A swarm of flying insects in your yard can be a big nuisance. Flies, wasps, gnats, and other bugs can make it difficult to enjoy the cool atmosphere on your yard. It is essential to take the time to understand what you are dealing with when you have this problem.

These pesky bugs not only produce an annoying buzz but also carry diseases that can affect your health. Fortunately, there are many ways you can eliminate these pests in your yard.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of flying bugs in your yard for good. Lets dive right in.


Protecting Against Black Flies

How to get rid of flies in your yard.

Not all black fly species bite humans, but those that don’t are nuisances just the same. They buzz around eyes, dive up noses and fly into ears often converging in cloud-like swarms. When black flies bite, they slice into skin and inject toxins that encourage blood flow and trigger allergic reactions in some. The swollen bites itch and hurt for days or even weeks. In severe black fly infestations, birds and animals may die from blood loss.

Effective control combines residual insecticides with treatments that clear outdoor areas so that you can enjoy your home:

and kill black flies by contact. Then they keep protecting against new black flies for up to three months. Treat lawns, trees, shrubs and flower gardens to reach adult black flies in their hiding places. Both these products also kill and control biting mosquitoes and aggressive yellow jackets, too.

Always read product labels thoroughly and follow instructions.

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How Ehrlich Gets Rid Of Flies

Homemade traps are a simple solution to repelling flies. But, if flies start to become a constant nuisance, its best to call a pest control professional that can perform services to eradicate the fly infestation. Our fly experts can properly identify the type of fly, therefore guiding them to fly breeding sites and areas of fly activity. Just because you’re seeing adult flies does not mean you have found the breeding site. It is essential to locate the breeding site to fully eliminate the infestation.

Your Ehrlich specialist will inspect likely breeding sites such as drains, broken tile, and other areas that collect moisture. Once the survey of your premises is complete and the breeding site has been identified, your Ehrlich expert will recommend a fly control treatment program specially for your needs. Depending on the type of fly that is infesting your property, treatment may include one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Housekeeping and hygiene recommendations

What Causes Flies Outside

Of course, one sure-fire way to help keep flies away is to get rid of whats attracting them.

There are several things that attract flies that are often overlooked. Below is a quick checklist of items to keep in mind

  • Make sure all trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean up any spilled sofa or sugary liquids that might have occurred outside.
  • To avoid house flies after an outdoor party with food, be sure to keep all doors and windows sealed tightly as much as possible.
  • As much as we love the four-legged family members, if theyve had any outside potty breaks it can attract flies just as quick. Make it a point to scan the yard so that the coast is clear.

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What Does A House Fly Look Like

Houseflies are typical insects, with the scientific name Musca domestica. They are black, with six legs. Their bodies are also divided into the head, thorax, and abdomen. Apart from the fact that they have a pair of wings, they also possess compound eyes.

Most adult houseflies are not big, measuring ΒΌ of an inch in length. They also have stripes on their back, which could be black. Houseflies cant bite you or your pets and barely cause skin irritation when they land on you.

Compound eyes help insects see an image multiple times and sense when something is approaching them from any angle. The compound eyes look red, with a bulge.

Houseflies have a sucking mouth part which they use to take in food. If you closely observe a housefly when it is feeding, you will see it sucks on food and does not chew it.

How To Repel Backyard Flies Fast

Pin on Gardens

11. Keep window screens in good shape.

If your patio or outdoor dining area is screened in, it is important and a good idea to keep the screens in good shape. Quickly patch any holes or tears where flies can enter.

If you notice any fraying or other damage to the screen, be sure to replace the screen as soon as possible. Keeping your window screens in good, working condition will help keep a protective layer between you and the flies.

When using any outdoor areas that are screened in or sectioned off, dont get into the habit of propping open doors. Instead, remember how important it is to create this barrier between you and the bugs.

12. Try a light trap.

This is a more expensive option, but you can invest in light traps. These look like a light that when plugged in, will attract the fly and then zap it.

The zap will kill any flies it comes in contact with. While an effective way to trap flies, the light and zapping noise could be annoying while you are enjoying your outdoor space.

13. Make your own bug repelling spray.

You can use a spray bottle, essential oils and witch hazel to make your own effective bug spray.

The nice thing about this method is this recipe is chemical free AND takes care of pesky flies! Take a look at how to make your own bug repelling spray below.

This simple recipe can help keep biting bugs away so you can enjoy your time outdoors. It takes just a few ingredients and a few minutes to make. See the full DIY Bug Spray Tutorial here.

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Best Way To Keep Flies Away Outside

If you have a fly problem outdoors once, theres a good chance youll have one again. The best thing you can do to prevent another infestation is to create an unwelcoming environment.

Start by eliminating scents that may attract them. Clean up after your dog. Keep your outdoor garbage cans covered and cleaned regularly. If you have a compost pile, consider covering it.

Next, get rid of any standing moisture. It creates a rich breeding ground for flies. This can even help you with mosquito control in your yard. Take care of any leaks that may be causing standing water puddles.

Mow your lawn regularly and get rid of any debris or brush that has built up around your house. Long grass and weeds also attract flies.

Ready to start your pest control project?

Hacks To Get Rid Of Circling Flies On Patio

  • Wrapping Up
  • Flies will always look for dirty places to hang around but this might not be why they are circling a patio. Circling flies can be quite annoying and they can cut your time under the patio short. While they can be easily controlled if you are using a screen door, the same cant be said if your patio is outdoor.

    These pesky flies are always going to disrupt your time under the patio and circling flies specifically have been found to be quite annoying. Catching flies outdoor can be quite a bit of a problem.

    If you are planning to have an outdoor party anytime soon then you need to figure out ways to rid your patio of circling flies. Hover or circling are large common flies and they can become a nuisance indoors or outdoor. Circling flies on the patio do look similar to blowflies but they are not filth flies which means they might not be caused by dirt.

    Circling flies can be called cluster flies or attic flies although fliers can stay in the air for too long, these seem to have more stamina for that. You can always find them near flowers so if you do have some planted near your patio then circling flies are unavoidable.

    Flies are always attracted to places where they can lay their eggs and that means if your patio furniture is made with wood or there are any gaping holes. Hence, this article contains hacks to help you get rid of circling flies on your patio.

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    How To Check For Outdoor Flies

    When checking for outdoor flies, look for potential food sources and try to find where the flies are laying eggs. If youre trying to figure out how to get rid of flies on patio areas, look for what could be attracting them. Think about the materials that typically entice flies, including alcohol, food spills, dirty surfaces, pet waste, and sticky surfaces from drink spills. Flies are also attracted to birdhouses and lighting.

    Outdoor files use small cracks and crevices to enter your home. Look for cracks in doors, holes in screens, and other damage where flies can gain access. Flies might also hitch a ride on your pet when they go inside especially if they have any food caught on their coat.

    Understanding The Lifecycle Of Flies

    How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Backyard

    At some times of the year, it’s be nearly impossible to eradicate flies from outdoor environments. From spring to fall in North America, the common housefly is actively breeding, reaching a peak of activity during mid-summer. The species requires only moisture and some decaying organic matter in order to breed and thrive. During the warmth of summer, even just a pile of dead leaves moistened by rainfall can quickly become a breeding ground for flies. Unless you live in the middle of an enormous asphalt parking lot, it will be nearly impossible to avoid flies entirely during the summer months.

    A mature female housefly can lay up to 500 eggs in its short lifespan. The eggs hatch into larvae within a day, and in as little as a week those maggots will proceed through the pupal state and hatch into flies. A day later they will be breeding adults. Eradicating flies entirely is not a battle you can win in the warmth of summer. The best you can hope for is to repel the bugs from the areas where you want to enjoy outdoor recreation and to reduce the overall number of outdoor flies by controlling the feeding and breeding opportunities.

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    Other Ways To Get Rid Of Circling Flies On The Patio

    My favorite sounds too simple to you right. Though it works for me. It will also work for you.

    Though, herere other ways you can get rid of your circling flies.

    Some of my friends have tried this other 3 ways and it worked for them. The 3 ways are what Im about to share with you. It will also work for you when you apply any of them.

    The persistence disturbance of circling flies can be annoying, so getting rid of them isnt negotiable.

    Here are some other ways to get rid of circling flies.

    • Bug zapper

    This method has worked for my friends very well. They used to keep flies away from their patio.

    Every time I visit, I always see Bug zapper lights hanging on their patio. One day I have to ask what is the essence of the light? Thats when I was told its used to get rid of circling flies around the patio.

    They usually hang it around the entrance of the patio. The light beautifies the patio. If you dont know you might think its for beauty.

    Basically bug zapper lights at the patio serve two purposes. To repel fries around the patio, also beautify the environment.

    How does bug zapper light get rid of flies at the patio?

    Get a bug zapper light and switch it on. The on bug zapper light put it at the entrance of the patio.

    You get 2 4 bug zapper lights and hang them at the edges of the patio. Put them on.

    Naturally, light attracts flies. Once the bug zapper light is on, flies will fly close to the light, trying to see what is shining.


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