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Gazebo Pictures In Backyard

Walk Me To My Garden Gazebo

Backyard Gazebo for $500 w/ Limited Tools

Want to take a walk to my garden gazebo? Who would say no? I am amazed at how a stone walkway can make such a huge difference in ones backyard.

This is one of those gazebo landscaping ideas where you say why didnt I think of this before? You wont have to make any permanent changes to your gazebo. You only need to secure some pavers into the ground.

You will first need to plan out and design your stone walkway. Decide how long and wide you want your path to be. Do you want it to lead straight to your gazebo, or have some curvature to the shape?

You can make a simple walkway from just a couple of pavers,or you can turn this into a full-on project with the help of this installation tutorial:

I would recommend you evaluate the condition of your backyard before you make any big changes to your lawn. A walkway may not cut it on its own! You may have to plant a flower bed around your gazebo and hide muddy lawn areas with river stones to make the whole landscaping come to life.

Meet Me At My Poolside Bar

Swimming pools quickly get boring if the poolside area isnt also inviting. Without a gazebo, a floating deck, or in this case, a poolside bar, your guest wont have a place to hang around. You can spend only so much time in the water before you get over it.

Having one of these socializing oases by the pool is a huge advantage. You will give your home an attractive place where you can accommodate your guests. They can comfortably sit on concrete stools submerged in water while you prepare the food and drinks for them.

What I like the most about this idea is that you can customize it to your budget. As you can see, there isnt a standard shape and design to a pool bar. If you cant build a large one, you can simply install concrete stools at the bottom of the pool and make them run along one of the sides. Then, the edge of your pool can act as a bar. Pretty neat idea!

Create A New Space For A Gazebo

Even though we suggested using a gazebo over an existing structure, it doesnt mean you cant create a whole new backyard space for it. You can learn how to create the right base for a gazebo in this blog post.

You can use your newly-created outdoor gazebo space for a variety of purposes, or just to get away from everyone inside your house. For example, a gazebo can cover a kids play area, or be used as a retreat for reading, a Zen den, a quiet space for yoga, or a simple garden getaway.

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Build A Classic Poolside

Everyone who loves to take an occasional dip in the swimming pool will love these gazebo design ideas. Having a swimming pool is already a benefit on its own. Add a gazebo next to it, and youve got yourself a winning combo.

A classic rectangular gazebo next to the swimming pool will instantly make your home an attraction. Your friends will love to hang around your house more than ever.

A solid shaded structure with a shingled roof will shield you from the unbearable heat and unexpected summer downpours. You can run under your gazebo whenever you feel exhausted from the heat and swimming pool activities.

Furnish and decorate the interior of your gazebo to your liking. There are no rules and limitations. You can opt for a dining room set, a sectional sofa, or stick with deckchairs. Those are always welcome next to a swimming pool and you can take them out in the open whenever you want to catch a tan.

Come Up With Any Favorites

The Top 80 Best Gazebo Ideas

Gazebo Designs for Backyards are special to Team Paradise. Each perfect for the families they were constructed for.

Seriously? Anyone would love one of the Outdoor Living Rooms youve just seen, right? But individual style, landscape size, and factors behind these impressive scenes determine the design elements. Thats why Paradise Restored recognized that homeowners needed to swap ideas and collaborate with designers in their properties. Sharing must-haves, dreams and ideas. Then a design/architectural plan and 3d view is developed. We work hand-in-hand with families to create fabulous gazebos in Landscape Design.

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A Designated Spot For Your Hot Tub

tracielouise / Getty Images

This gazebo is solely dedicated to housing a hot tub. The half glass wall let’s you enjoy the view while the gazebo protects from outdoor elements so you can relax in the tub day or night.

  • This coastal-style house features clean lines and a bright white exterior, and the attached gazebo mirrors the look with its matching ceiling and white trim.

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  • Freshen Up The Backyard

    A backyard space is full of opportunity. It can be a place for cozy outdoor lounging, decadent dining, and other modes of al fresco entertainment. One way for backyard entertainers to wow is by building a gazebo.

    Gazebos provide a stylish focal point for the backyard where family and friends can gather. They shelter friends and family from the elements, so a party doesnt have to break up because of a thunderstorm or blazing midday sun. No matter your entertaining and decor styles, these terrific gazebo ideas can help you make the most of your outdoor space.

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    Or Help Me Feed My Fishies

    Fond of ponds? Who isnt when they look this good? You, too, can give your garden a Japanese makeover like this one!

    One thing I love about Japan is its koi fish ponds. I could spend hours sitting next to one and watching white, red, and black spotted fishes make their way around. I must admit that building a pond in your backyard is a hefty project that will require some time and resources from you. But the end results are well worth it!

    Hire a professional to build you a fish pond running alongside your garden gazebo. You will get to lean over the railing of your gazebo, like on the balcony, and observe and feed your fishes directly from above.

    Not convinced yet? Wait till you hear this! This is one of the rare gazebo landscaping ideas that will actually increase your property value. So, think about it this way. You wont be wasting your money on a water feature, but rather investing it!

    Make Movie Nights Magical With An Outdoor Cinema Space

    Timber Frame Style Pavilion Gazebo for Backyard or Patio – post and beam

    Youve got the shelter, shade, and comfortable seating now all you need is a big old bowl of popcorn and a blockbuster to boot. We love the idea of transforming a garden gazebo into a home movie theater, especially when it comes to cool evenings and entertaining guests. Providing you wait until its gone completely dark so you can see the screen, you could also do this with your pergola, making it an easy option whatever your setup might be.

    Find out how you can transform your gazebo into an outdoor theater with this handy guide.

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    A Gaming Gazebo For Family Fun

    Making a gaming gazebo is a good idea for getting the kids involved, as it could provide the perfect place for them to enjoy their favorite table games such as air hockey, pool, or ping pong.

    You could also add other game equipment to the gazebo, like cornhole or Nerf hoops , and if your kids are more into electronic activities, you could always add a beanbag corner so that theyre included too.

    Narrow Backyard Into Rustic Modern Gazebo

    The Shrivers had a narrow strip of yard with a fence seemingly too close to build anything. Also, a huge side lawn. That is where a design pro comes in handy. This Gazebo plus Pergola effect added an extended living room for total enjoyment of the space. Complete with gas fireplace, TV screen, and lighting, it becomes plain-old-cozy. Turning the side yard into a putting green created-fun-for-all and bonus, maintenance became a breeze. We like the clean lines of the rustic-modern style as well. This once unused space . . . is transformed.

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    Surrounded By Enticing Flowers

    This must be one of the most beautiful gazebo landscaping ideas on my list. It is cheap and it works so well! I cant think of a better way to integrate your garden gazebo into the landscaping than with vibrant flowers.

    Plant flower beds all around your traditional gazebo. You will first need to turn the soil over. The best time to aerate the oil is when it is moist, but not wet. Add 2 to 3 inches of compost to the soil, and plant your flowers, herbs, and shrubs in a beautiful arrangement. Dont forget to water your plants well at the end!

    If you dont like the idea of digging into your luscious lawn, you can plant flowers in large planters instead. Take a look at the picture above. You will achieve the same floral aesthetic, just in a different way.

    Place the prettiest and best-scented flowers at the entrance. Highlight the area withsolar lights to make your gazebo noticeable at night, as well.

    You can decorate your curb and walkway with flower beds, as well. Get the rest of my curb appeal ideas here!

    Pergola With Swinging Bed

    Backyard Discovery Brookdale 12 x 10 All Cedar Wooden Gazebo

    Two pergolas flank the pool house to create a pair of outdoor rooms. The far pergola houses a casual living room. The second pergola includes a swinging bed hanging from the perlins. Raised planting areas create a protected ambience and foster privacy in the pool zone. Sod ribbons on the raised-bed stairs soften the hardscape.

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    Gazebo Landscaping Ideas With Pictures For Your Backyard And Garden

    Dont know how to make your garden gazebo look good in your backyard? Are you running short of gazebo landscaping ideas?

    We have all been there! Coming up with a good design idea is sometimes more difficult than executing it. Buying a gazebo from a review list is easy, making it look good in the garden, not so much!

    Whenever I have a creative block I like to get inspiration from other people. I figured I could be that person for you.

    Thats why I wanted to share these 14 gazebo landscaping ideas with you to get your creative juices flowing! Lets get to it!


    What a beautiful sight to see! These gardens have fully embraced their gazebos. The growing vines are gently hugging them and making them part of the complete scenery. Who wouldnt want to have such a peaceful corner in their backyard? Lucky for you, achieving this gazebo landscaping design is easy!

    For this project, you will need a metal gazebo frame decorated with swirling wires. The good news is that these gazebo frames are cheaper than wood and vinyl ones. They dont feature a roof and sides so they have less material and are also easier to put up.

    Install your gazebo directly on the lawn or on a concrete slab, whichever you prefer. It doesnt matter where you erect your gazebo, as long as it is anchored to the ground. Gazebo frames are light and can get blown away easily!

    A Midcentury Modern Twist

    Design by Cathie Hong / Photo by

    This gazebo combines Caribbean elements with a touch of midcentury modern design. The cherry wood boards create a beautiful contrast with the black gazebo, while the outdoor sofa anchors the space.

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    This A-frame gazebo not only adds visual appeal but also doesn’t impede views of the beautiful tall trees in the backyard. The white brick column and walls keep things private and still allow the space to feel open and airy.

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    Wild Rose Country Home / Instagram

    During the fall, a gazebo with walls or curtains can protect you from cold wind while still allowing you to enjoy the crisp fall air. This backyard features a fire pit area right off a gazebo that has privacy curtains and lighting for nighttime s’mores.

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    Its 5 Oclock Somewherehead To The Gazebo Bar

    Planning for some tiki time? Cocktails with friends? Post-game cold ones? A gazebo or pergola is the perfect place to start your very own bar. Whether you choose to DIY the whole thing or make use of ready-made counters and kits, you can create the ultimate social setting, which is great if youd rather be making a mess outdoors than indoors!

    Impress Your Dinner Guests With An Outdoor Eatery

    Backyard Discovery Gazebo Kit 12’x12′. Review & Build

    Another great one for those who love to entertain, an outdoor dining area provides the perfect opportunity to cook up a storm in true style. Whether you have a built-in pizza oven, a countertop hotplate, or just a good old grill, incorporating a stylish seating area is a great way to make use of your gazebo.

    With an outdoor dining area, one of the best things is the ability to customize it to suit your individual style. In creating your very own Backyardland, you can opt for traditional style, modern minimalism, or even eclectic inspiration for a quirkier space.

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    A Gazebo To Transform Your Patio Or Deck

    An existing patio or deck is a practical place to install a gazebo, and the reason is twofold. First, since the patio or deck is usually right next to your house, it makes it a natural extension of your living space. Second, it means you dont need to create a new base to install your gazebo, which means you will save some money on your overall backyard investment.

    As protection from the elements over a patio or deck, there are a number of backyard gazebo ideas that you can emulate for your home. You may simply want to utilize a gazebo as an outdoor living room for the family. Simply mount a flat panel screen to an external wall of your house for television viewing, movie nights, gaming nights, or karaoke nights.

    Additionally, you can use a gazebo as part of your plans to build an outdoor kitchen. Although appliances and fixtures made for an outdoor kitchen are designed for weather resistance, a gazebo can be used to keep the chef protected from the elements, or to cover an outdoor dining area.

    Also, if youre a member of the growing remote workforce, you can utilize a gazebo as home office space. Furthermore, that outdoor office space can be used as a study area by children and young adults who are being home schooled, learning remotely, or simply need to get their homework done.

    Get A Full View With A Sun House

    Cant get enough of your pretty garden? Why not build yourself a sun house with a full view of your property. No matter which way you look, you will always catch a glimpse of the surrounding nature.

    Even though it may not look like it, this is one of the most dynamic gazebo design ideas you can try to achieve. Heres why:

    A gazebo that is fully covered in glass, from top to bottom, will always keep you invested and interested. In the daytime, you can sit on a comfortable rocking chair and watch the birds fly by. And when the night comes, you can take part in stargazing with your significant other. It doesnt get any more romantic than that!

    Most importantly, your solar house will always keep you warm and protected from unexpected rain and high winds. As an added bonus, you can plant cherry tomatoes and peppers in your sun house. It is essentially a greenhouse that can be a start to your gardening adventures.

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    Gazebos Come In All Varieties

    Gazebos make sense. A gazebo with a fireplace wall will keep you warm and toasty while giving you breathing room from inside routines. Enjoy the next eight properties as they show off the beauty of Gazebos with focal point fireplaces. Picture yourself relaxing in these peaceful settings with loved ones, neighbors, friends, and family pets. Want to see the entire property?

    Create A Unique Aesthetic With These Backyard Gazebo Ideas

    Elegant Round Wooden Gazebos for the Backyard

    Summer will be here before you know it. Soon, youll want to spend a lot more time in your yard, getting fresh air and enjoying the outdoors. But right now, youre probably looking out your window at your backyard space and thinking that its time for a backyard makeover. When you make a gazebo the centerpiece of your plans, youll open your backyard space up to infinite possibilities.

    Whatever your style, a backyard gazebo can add to your backyard aesthetic and give it additional curb appeal. But a gazebo is more than just ornamental. It is a functional, versatile structure that provides shade, protection from the elements, and can serve a variety of backyard purposes.

    Once you start using your imagination, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can use the following guide to learn more outdoor gazebos find suggestions for how you can use them to upgrade your backyard space and get some inspiration for backyard gazebo ideas.

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