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How To Keep Bugs Off Your Patio

Tidy Up The Landscape

Keep the bugs off your patio and enjoy! Universal MotionScreens

Tall grass, overgrown shrubs, and moist shady areas all harbor breeding mosquitoes and other bugs. Dont wait until the day of the party to mow, as displaced bugs will simply fly around searching for a new place to hang out. A few days before the event, give the landscape a good trim to reduce insect breeding habitat, improve sunlight penetration, and boost air circulation, all of which deter pests.

Considering An Electronic Repellent

If you are not in the mood to work in the kitchen to make your own repellent for the spiders, it is just as easy for you to go and purchase a specialized electronic repellent.

Keep in mind that because these repellents are electronic, meaning that they do need to be near an outlet at all times if you want them to work as they should.

When it comes to choosing which electronic repellent you should get, you might not know what to do at first, and this can often be considerably overwhelming. Thankfully these repellents are extremely straightforward and do not require much prior knowledge of the product to use it.

As for how these products work, it is also extremely straightforward as well. An electronic repellent works by emitting an ultrasonic sound that only the spiders can hear, making it completely chemical free.

These are often best for households and areas that have a lot of stray animals.

Do These 7 Things To Keep Bugs Away From Your Next Party

Depending on the size of your bash, you may spend weeks or months planning an awesome outdoor party. The food may be sumptuous, the music perfect, and the decor gorgeous, but the guests will be miserable if they are harassed by bugs the whole time. Protecting your guests from flying pests is a consideration that you should handle well in advance of the party.

Summer pest control starts with the condition of the landscape itself. The most common summer bugs, mosquitoes and ticks, have very specific habitat requirements that you can either reduce or eliminate altogether. With these few subtle bug control elements, you can ensure your guests will enjoy a great time without suffering itchy welts and blood loss.

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Water Plants Early In The Morning

The early morning is the most efficient time to water plants because they use the water for photosynthesis, which occurs during the day. So this is good practice even if youre not worried about bugs, but it has other advantages.

Watering during hot temperatures means that during the evening, the leaves will be damp during the cooler evening, which is the ideal environment for bacteria and fungus. And since we know that dirty or dead material encourages bugs, bacteria and fungus could potentially attract bugs. To ensure that the leaves will be dry by the evening and that the plants will remain healthy, water as early as possible.

How Do I Keep Bugs Off My Patio At Night


Keeping bugs away from your patio during the night can be tricky because you cant see them to pinpoint what exactly theyre eating or doing.

So the best solution to this is to use passive approaches that dont require you to be around to keep them away.

You can start by using some natural repellents like essential oils, cinnamon powder, diatomaceous earth, borax, and simply keeping your yard clean.

Additionally, you can add in sticky tape, fly traps, and spider traps to double down on securing your patio.

These approaches work 24/7 and dont rely on you to be present or constantly monitor them.

Note that many pests, including spiders and flying pests, are nocturnal.

This means theyre active during the nighttime hours when theres no sunlight.

Theyve adapted to this lifestyle to shield themselves from daytime predators and will only show themselves after dusk. You may never actually SEE bugs on your patio furniture, but theyre there at night.

And they may leave behind webs, dead bugs, or feces. If you constantly see some kind of organic debris left behind on your patio fabric, this may be due to some kind of nighttime pest.

You should start by setting up those natural defenses and see if you can get rid of the pest.

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How Can I Keep Bugs Away From My Porch

Another great method for how to keep bugs away from the porch is to use a fan. Fans actually help with keeping the bugs at bay in two different ways. First, they help by being able to dissipate the scents and secretions of humans, and this makes it difficult for these pesky little bugs to land on you.

Making Your Deck Or Patio Unappealing To Spiders

No matter if you simply dont want spidersbothering you while you are spending time outside or you are simply trying toreduce the number of spiders that make their way into your home, the first stepyou should always take is going to be to make your deck as inhospitable to thespiders as you can.

For instance, one of the things you couldconsider doing is making sure that you dont have a lot, or any, outdoor lightson near your deck. Light tends to attract lots of different insects thatspiders prey on. Because of this, spiders will often be attracted toward thelight as well, bringing them out onto your patio.

To make sure that the spiders dont have any nooks or crannies where they can get into your house through, you will want to make sure that you fill all crevices and cracks around window frames and door frames.

This is particularly important if you are tackling the spider problem because you want to minimize or completely reduce the spiders presence inside of your building.

If you want to add a little bit of styleto your deck while also trying to make sure that it remains spider-free, youmight want to think about adding eucalyptus sprigs around the perimeter of thehouse, focusing especially on places where you do not want spiders appearing.Most bugs do not appreciate the harsh smell of the eucalyptus tree.

This can prevent many different pests from trying to settle inside or near your home, not just spiders, so keep this in mind.

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How Do I Keep Spiders Off My Patio Furniture

Spiders are one of the most common pests youll find on your patio furniture.

You can use an assortment of home remedies to naturally manage and control them found throughout this page.

But for spiders specifically, you can use a combination of essential oils, vinegar spray, sticky traps, and regular cleaning.

Tarping your furniture to keep spiders out and cleaning it with a vacuum to suck up all the eggs helps. It also destroys their web and forces them to migrate elsewhere.

Continuing these practices can help keep them off your outdoor furnishings.

Note that spiders are especially tricky because they hide upside down- under your patio chairs, tables, BBQs, trash cans, and more.

Do a thorough evaluation and see if you can find their hiding places.

Abandoned webs, debris, and spider eggs are all common signs that spiders leave behind. Since theyre nocturnal, they only come out at night which makes it even more difficult.

You should start with regular cleaning.

Combine that with some equal parts vinegar and water and spray it into the hiding places on your future. Vacuum regularly and do a complete cleaning.

Keep it free of debris and webs. Watch out for damage on the fabric because vinegar is acidic, so always test it on a small portion first.

You can keep spiders away by using a patio cover thats snug and placing sticky traps around your patio set in a rectangle.

When spiders try to crawl up, theyll get caught in the trap.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs On Your Balcony

Keep Mosquitoes Away with Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

There are a variety of different DIY home remedies that you can use to control, eliminate, and deter pests on your deck or patio.

The trick to doing this is simple.

Scan through these different techniques and try a few out. See what works for you. There is no single solution that works for everyone.

Thats why you should use a combination of them for the best results possible.

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Paint Your Home Lighter Colors

Studies show that bugs see dark and bright colors more easily, which is why people are often advised to wear light-colored clothing to repel them. The same principle may work for your home.

Choose lighter shades of paint color for your home’s siding, doors, trim, and other features such as fencing, patio, and decking to make it less attractive to mosquitoes.

And if pesky birds are a problem, avoid paint that is the same color as their favorite foods.

Just be sure the paint job fits into the neighborhood and enhances your home’s beauty. Bugs are a pain, but hurting your home’s value is more painful.

Natural Store Bought Repellents

The store will likely carry a few natural repellents. While these will likely work just fine, you need to take the time to look over everything.

You want to make sure that everything they are using is, indeed, natural.

Sometimes things claim to be natural but dont necessarily only include natural ingredients. For this reason going ahead and checking for yourself is always to best.

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Other Products To Enhance Your Backyard Dcor

In some cases, people may be hesitant to take measures to bug-proof their backyard because theyre afraid all such measures involve things like chicken wire and heavy uses of pesticides. But nothing could be further from the truth. Most backyard pest control methods can actually make your yard more beautiful by encouraging plant growth that might otherwise be stunted by bugs.

Still worried about your yard not looking great? Theres an easy solution to that. Try a few of these products to take your backyard décor to the next level.

All of these different types of décor will look amazing, and some of them will even help protect you from bugs as well. Whether you use fences, furniture, umbrellas, fountains or more, it just goes to show that you dont have to sacrifice style or comfort to get rid of the bugs that have been bothering your yard.

Plant Herbs Or Spices

How to keep Bugs Off Patio

There are plenty of pest-repelling plants you can grow outdoors.

Some of the most popular choices are basil, peppermint, marigold, citrus, onion, garlic, lemon, lime, jalapeno, tea trees, and thyme.

Place them strategically around your patio furniture to create a barrier of protection. Some of the most popular choices are.

Plants can be an organic method to keep bugs off your patio sets and dont require anything but regular TLC.

The best part about using plants is that guests wont even know that you have a bug problem- theyll just think the plants are there for garden decor unless they have a keen eye.

You can repel all sorts of common bugs in the garden like bees, spiders, aphids, ants, snails and slugs, and even wasps.

Dont overlook what plants can do- especially herbs or spices that release a strong aroma in the area. This scares away a bunch of pests and keeps them away. Its a natural way to get rid of outside pests.

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Get Patio Plants To Keep Bugs Away

Nature has provided plants with a variety of natural defenses to repel insects, but theres no one perfect solution to using plants to keep bugs at bay. You would need to use fairly specific patio plants to keep bugs away, depending on the pests youre most concerned about. For example, ants avoid chrysanthemums, flies steer clear of basil, and moths are not fond of lavender.

To keep mosquitos away from your patio or deck, you can use:

  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Citronella

Keep in mind, while a lemon scent can repel mosquitos, it might entice bees. That means a little planning is necessary. But with some thought, this can be a helpful, natural way to keep bugs away.

Keep Water Bugs Away With A Natural Solution

Baking soda and powdered sugar are the only two ingredients you need when trying to learn how to keep water bugs away. This is an extremely simple, two-part mixture that specifically targets water bugs.

Just mix together equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar and sprinkle it on the areas where you see lots of bugs. Youll be thrilled once you see your patio responding so well to an easy, natural solution.

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Clean Out Your Deck Box

The first thing is to simply clean it out.

The only reason ants are in your deck box is because theyre eating something in there.

Or theyve made a colony out of it, which is highly unlikely.

Find out what theyre eating and get rid of it. Do a thorough cleanup of your storage box.

Sticky substances will leave residues behind that ants may eat.

Youll also want to check for other food sources, like dead bugs that they could be eating. If theres some other pest living in the box with the ants, they could be feeding off each other in some symbiotic fashion. Clean it out of all living species completely.

Use Citronella Candles And Torches

1 simple trick to keep bugs away from your porch light

Some homeowners often overlook citronella as an option to keep pests away from their patio. Citronella candles and torches have a reputation for being effective at warding off mosquitos, but theyre also effective at discouraging flies and similar critters. In addition to filling the air with scents that discourage pests from bothering you, burning citronella can add natural ambient lighting to help illuminate your patio.

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Invest In Outdoor Fans

Have you ever noticed that bugs hate to fly around in a strong breeze? In fact, the only times I had been able to truly enjoy the porch came when the winds were high and leaves were flying everywhere. I considered ceiling fans to keep the air moving, but didnt want to deal with the regular maintenance and the way they might clash with the look of the skylights in the porch roof.

Instead, I chose a small, antique-style oscillating fan that looked lovely on small outdoor table. The breeze generated was just enough to make the bees think twice about going for my iced tea.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs On A Balcony Naturally

So, you have some bugs on your balcony that you need to get rid of.

Flying pets. Crawling ones. And maybe even both.

In this article, well cover these topics:

  • The most common bugs on balconies youll come across
  • Ways to get rid of balcony bugs naturally at home
  • How to control flying pests and crawling pests
  • Managing bug problems on the deck, porch, and patio

And more!

Sound good? Lets get your balcony bug free.

There are many different bugs that infest balconies, decks, porches, and yards.

The reason behind this is that your yard provides the plants and food that attracts bugs.

And once theyre there, theyll start migrating to other parts like your balcony- especially if it provides a bunch of hiding places.

Here are some of the most common ones and their respective guides to control them:

You can zone in to the specific pest you want to eliminate using the links below, or you can use this guide as a general outline of controlling, managing, and eradicating pests from your balcony.

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Keep Your Balcony Clean

Guess what? A balcony, patio, or porch that has nothing for pests to eat or hide in cant harbor any bugs!

Keeping your balcony free of plant debris can make all the difference. Even if you dont grow plants, be wary of loose leaves, pollen, and flowers that fly off and land on your deck.

Plant foliage is THE main attractant for a whole host of different species, so you want to make sure you dont have any loose leaf litter.

Keep your balcony clean by removing this junk. Do basic cleaning every week to keep it nice and tidy. Maintenance is key to keeping it pest-free.

Consider doing the following:

  • Vacuuming or blowing any leaf litter
  • Keeping your plants pruned
  • Remove any plant matter thats bound to become fodder
  • Build a small barrier around your balcony to prevent leaves from blowing in if youre on the first floor in an apartment or condo
  • Throw away all the unnecessary clutter (old BBQ grills, torches, water fountains, wind chimes, debris, laundry lines, or other storage junk you put on your deck.
  • Dust or vacuum the balcony regularly
  • Dont use bird feeders, birdbaths, or store pet food on your balcony
  • Set up an awning to block out bugs

Keep Bugs Away From Your Patio

How to keep summer bugs off your patio

Spending time relaxing outdoors with family and friends is one of the summers most fun activities. Thats why its never a pleasant experience when you have to worry about mosquitoes, flies, gnats or other pesky insects ruining your day. There are several tips, tricks and products you can use to help keep those annoying pests far from your porch or patio, so you can spend less time swatting and more time enjoying the warm summer afternoons.

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Common Signs Of Pests On Outdoor Furniture

You may easily come across visible bugs on your patio furnishings, or you may just notice debris or remnants left behind.

There are telltale signs of a bug problem that you can recognize:

  • Spider nests
  • Pigment streaks
  • Leaf litter or plant foliage

Since many different bugs are commonly found on patio sets, its hard to pinpoint the exact pest without solid evidence. And some are nocturnal so you only see them at night.

But any kind of debris or dirt left behind is a sign that SOMETHING is infesting your outdoor furniture.


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