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How To Keep Patio Table Umbrella From Spinning

You Have The Wrong Base And Need To Upgrade

Tri-Lock Patio Table Umbrella Insert

Your patio umbrella could be spinning because theres a problem with the base.

Since the base is the most important component that keeps the umbrella anchored in position, you need to determine if theres a problem with it and then do a complete upgrade.

Your new upgrade should have an appropriately sized hole for the umbrellas pole to fit in. And it should be heavy enough to stand up to the strong wind.

A strong base with a thumbscrew is a good investment to consider for an upgrade because it can keep your patio umbrella from spinning.

The TropiShade Cast Iron Umbrella Stand is a good example of a base you can use to keep your umbrella in position so it doesnt spin. At 30 pounds, it isnt the most lightweight model in the market, but it does feature a wide base that makes it a good solution to consider for the price point.

You will love the ring because it fits well in the hole and holds in position, so the umbrella wont turn easily even when subjected to force.

How Do You Repair A Patio Umbrella Rib

Patio Umbrella Rib Repair

  • Buy a 6 piece of 5/8ths copper from your local home improvement store.
  • Hammer it down/flatten it until it can fit over the broken parts of your umbrella rib.
  • Fit it on the broken pieces leaving enough room so you can drill a small hole in the middle of the copper piece.
  • Repairing a HoleCut a fabric patch approximately 1/2 inch wider than the hole you are patching. Apply fabric glue to facing surfaces. Be certain the patch is on the outside of the umbrella to prevent tracking water through the patch onto protected surfaces. Stitch the edge of the hole to the patch.

    Likewise, why do umbrellas break so easily? Becauseumbrellas all too often fail. Umbrellas break not only because they have to fight Mother Nature at her angriest, but also simply because of their design. There are about 150 different parts that make up an umbrella, each with the potential to snap, become inverted, fall off, or otherwise succumb to stress.

    In respect to this, what is an umbrella rib?

    Rib: The ribs run from the top notch to the seam of the canopy and support the canopy of the umbrella. The ribs are what give the canopy its bubble shape when the umbrella is open. Stretcher: The stretcher is what stretches out the canopy when the umbrella is in its open position.

    How can I fix my umbrella at home?


  • Open your umbrella halfway so that the ribs stick out at an angle.
  • Line up the small holes on the ends of the rib.
  • Insert a 24 in length of wire through both holes.
  • How To Repair A Patio Umbrella Yourself From 4 Common Problems

    Having a patio umbrella is all nice and fun until it starts to turn its back on you and cause problems. A patio umbrella is one of the most loved patio furniture since how well it transforms the look of the patio and creates a nice place to relax.

    However, most of them dont come cheap. So when they start having issues like a broken rib or string, it isnt as easy as telling yourself lets just replace it.

    What if you could fix such little issues here and there by yourself?

    In this article, were going to look at a few common problems of patio umbrellas and learn how to fix them at home by ourselves.

    All the solutions will have a video tutorial attached but the step-by-step text format is for those that know the nuts and bolts of such repair mechanisms and want to save a few minutes by skipping the long videos.

    Navigate Quickly

    • A couple of nuts and bolts


  • Drill a hole in the middle of the copper tube. That means it should be located 3? inside from each end of the 6? copper tube.
  • Take both broken pieces of the rib and mark at a little less than 3 on the ends that are supposed to connect.
  • Slide the tube over the aluminum rib in a way that the end of the rib is just about visible through the hole you just drilled on the copper tube. Youll have to hammer the tube to reach that mark. This way, insert both the broken pieces into the tube.
  • Youre good to go. Its an easy yet solid fix and itll probably last all along the lifetime of the umbrella.
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    Is Spinach Easy To Grow

    If you’ve ever wondered if spinach is easy to grow, the simple answer is, yes.

    ‘Select from one of three types of spinach. The curly leafed savoy, flat leafed, or the slightly curly semi-savoy. The flat leafed types generally have the mildest flavor and their smallest leaves are sold as baby spinach,’ explains gardening expert Melinda Myers.

    Health Benefits Of Spinach

    How To Keep Patio Umbrella From Spinning

    Spinach is a superfood, which is stacked with loads of supplements in a low-calorie bundle. Though dull and verdant, the types of Spinach prove to be significant for skin, hair, and bone wellbeing. These, additionally immune the body with protein, iron, nutrients, and minerals.

    The potential medical advantages of devouring different types of Spinach incorporate improving blood glucose control in individuals with diabetes, bringing down the danger of malignancy, and enhancing bone wellbeing.

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    15 Healthiest Vegetables to Lose Weight

    Eating the different types of Spinach has the following possible health benefits:

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    How Much Wind Is Too Much Wind For The Umbrella

    The coastal winds of Helsinki were a bit too much for my cranky old umbrella to handle ?

    Toni -Turboherne-

    How do you know how much wind is too much wind to keep your garden umbrellas open? For the most part, you should be able to use common sense when you close up your umbrella canopy, but there are a couple of telltale signs that it could be too windy. First, if the umbrella frame is creaking or shaking excessively, you should fold down the umbrella. Second, if the frame starts to resist weights on the base and shake or lift off the ground, you should immediately fold down the canopy.

    Baby Spinach Growing Season

    Spinach plants grow best in cool weather when planted outdoors but indoors you can grow them just about all year round as long as its cool inside your home.

    Plant spinach seeds directly in the garden in early spring when the soil has thawed out after winter and you can plant another crop in fall.

    Temperatures between 50 to 77 are ideal for growing baby spinach plants.

    If the temperature rises above 78 the plants will bolt quickly.

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    Some Considerations That You Should Keep It In Mind

    • Always consider a firm base for the umbrella. A strong table is a must to equal the level of strength for the patio umbrella.
    • Air vent is compulsory for your umbrella. An umbrella wind stabilizer will be helpful if you are using the patio umbrella.
    • If there is excess wind better to close the umbrella.

    These are some considerations that will help you to use the patio umbrella well. But it is always wise to have a look at the patio umbrella cone, umbrella table rings, structure before setting it up in the garden or any place.

    Some Frequently Asked Question

    How do I keep my patio umbrella straight?

    Why does my patio umbrella keep spinning?

    It mostly happens because the hole in the table that the pole is adjusted is too big. There is no proper gap and inequality.

    Can a patio umbrella stand without a table?

    Maybe or may not be. It depends on the size as 100+ Ibs will stand without support. However, the heavier stands need support as the firm wind can blow them away anytime.

    What do you use to weigh down a patio umbrella?

    Umbrella bases are weighted stand that helps to keep your umbrella immovable and upright in one spot. Just place your umbrella properly into the hole in the base and be sure the base is tight.

    Spanish Spinach With Chickpeas

    Keeping Your Patio Umbrella from Going Away In Windy Days with Rhino BaseMate

    1/2 cup onion, thinly sliced

    2 cloves garlic, minced

    10 ounces baby spinach, finely chopped

    1/4 cup water

    1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

    Salt and pepper to taste

    Saute onions and garlic over medium-high heat in a non-stick skillet until golden brown. Add cumin and paprika and cook for 2 minutes stirring constantly. Add water and spinach and cook until sauce starts to thicken, about 5 minutes. Add chickpeas and simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Adjust seasonings and serve hot.

    Sandra Brown is a WSU faculty emeritus is WSU Clark County Extension Master Food Preserver. For additional recipes, food preservation and food safety information visit . Have questions? Call MFP Helpline: 564-397-5366, or follow us on Facebook at

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    Harvest Storage & Marketing Tips

    • Harvest individual leaves or cut baby leaves 1 above the ground.

    • Harvest the entire plant for bunched spinach by cutting the whole plant right below its crown. Spinach that is cut above the crown of the plant will regrow and be ready for harvest again in about two weeks. The yield and quality of the second cutting will be somewhat reduced.
    • Smooth leaf types of spinach are easiest to wash but require more material per bag because they pack more tightly. Savoy types are usually darker green and offer greater heft and loft once bagged, but require more careful washing.
    • Store washed spinach at low temperatures and high humidity for 10-14 days.

    Ways To Store Spinach After Harvesting

    There is nothing better than a good harvest, and a healthy garden keeps your kitchen well stocked with food. Unfortunately, fresh veggies only last so long after picking. Here are a few ways to store your spinach leaves to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

    • Freezer bag

    Spread some paper towels in the bottom of a storage container. Go through your fresh spinach leaves and toss out the bad ones. Place the leaves in the paper towel-lined container, pop a lid in place, and store them in the fridge for about seven days.

    Check the spinach during this time for freshness. Toss out leaves as soon as they begin wilting or rotting, refresh the paper towel with new sheets, and do not wash the leaves until youre ready to eat them.

    Freezing is a great way to store spinach long-term. While they arent tasty in a salad, frozen spinach works well in hot dishes and smoothies.

    To freeze the leaves, rinse and dry them thoroughly with a paper towel. Set the leaves in a freezer bag, press out the air, and seal it shut before setting it in the freezer. Unblanched frozen spinach lasts up to six months.

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    Umbrella Base And Base Weights

    Keeping any kind of umbrella from falling over essentially comes down to weight in or on the base. If you have a lightweight base, you can always add weight to it.

    For an excellent, heavy-duty base to keep your umbrella upright, I recommend the Best Choice Products Umbrella Stand. It weighs 81 pounds but also comes equipped with wheels to make moving it fairly easy. It works for umbrella poles up to 2 inches in diameter.

    Ways To Prepare Spinach

    How to Keep a Patio Umbrella from Falling Over

    A garden overflowing with healthy vegetables and leafy greens is a reward within itself, but what do you plan on doing with all that spinach? Here are several ideas for preparing spinach to ensure none of it goes to waste.

    • Sauteed

    If you prefer eating your spinach raw, consider replacing iceberg lettuce on your sandwiches with fresh spinach. You still get the texture of leafy greens but with more nutrition.

    Spinach is also great in a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and other ingredients and a terrific addition to smoothies for an extra kick of nutrients. If you enjoy eating cooked spinach, try adding it to soup, stew, stir fry, scrambled eggs, and omelets.

    To prepare a spinach side dish, heat some olive oil in a saute pan and add some freshly chopped garlic. After cooking for one minute, toss in about a pound of prepared spinach leaves and pack them down into the pan with your hand.

    Flip the spinach a few times with a spatula, cover the pan, and cook them for a couple of minutes or until wilted. Drain the excess liquid and season them to taste.

    There are many benefits to eating spinach, and the flavor is only one of them. Not only that but there is more than one type to choose from to suit your tastes.

    Unlike Popeye, who eats spinach straight from a can, its easy for you to grow fresh spinach in the garden or on your patio to enjoy whenever your heart desires.

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    How To Grow Spinach The Right Way

    Quick Navigation

  • Q: Its starting to snow. Will my spinach die?
  • Spinach is one of the best cool-weather crops that you can grow. It produces huge yields of nutritious, delicious green leaves that are a worldwide staple in salads and most dishes you can whip up in the kitchen. But do you know how to grow spinach?

    Rich in complex B vitamins, as well as vitamins K, A, and many more, spinach is one of the healthiest greens available to us. Its rich in iron and manganese, and has a reasonable amount of fiber for a leaf vegetable. King of the salad greens, it is also a fantastic addition to most cooked meals, and can even be added to smoothies for an added vitamin boost.

    Not only is it a phenomenal food, but its reasonably easy to grow, provided that you follow a few basic steps. So lets talk about how to grow spinach, and the best ways to produce a big supply of this nutritional powerhouse!

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    Good Products At Amazon For Growing Spinach:

    Downy mildew, powdery mildew, white rust, anthracnose, cercospora leaf spot, spinach blight, fusarium wilt

    Do Patio Umbrellas Need A Base

    I can picture it now sitting out in the heat of summer, shaded by your patio umbrella whilst sipping a glass of lemonade. Then suddenly the wind gets up and your umbrella starts spinning then flips over taking your table of drinks with it.

    Patio umbrellas need a base thats appropriately weighted for the diameter of the umbrella, with table center umbrellas needing less support. For example, a table center umbrella measuring 4.5 feet requires a 20 pound base, and a freestanding 4.5 foot umbrella needs a base weighing 40 pounds.

    Lets look at some tables showing what weight of base you need for which size of umbrella, and consider how to attach your umbrella to the base to stop it spinning or toppling over in the wind.

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    How To Grow All Spinach Types

    Spinach is tasty, healthy, and one of the easiest plants to grow, no matter which one is your favorite. Here is how to grow spinach in the garden or container and how to care for your plants as they grow. The process is similar to growing different types of kale plants.

    • Mulch

    Its best to plant spinach during the cool time of spring, late summer, or fall. First, prepare the garden bed or fill a raised bed or container with potting soil.

    If you plant spinach each year, make sure to rotate your crops to prevent downy mildew and other diseases that overwinter in the ground.

    Sow the seeds one inch apart in rows that are 14 inches apart. Cover the seeds with a half-inch of dirt and give them water to moisten the seeds without washing them away.

    Keep them damp to encourage germinating spinach seeds and thin the seedlings after they begin sprouting.

    Spinach plants love sunshine so make sure to plant them in an area where they receive six hours or more of full sun every day. They are also heavy feeders, so use a well-balanced fertilizer or spread manure and compost through the soil when planting.

    Consider spreading mulch over the soil after the spinach germinates to retain moisture and halt weed growth, and make sure the plants get an inch and a half of water each week.

    There Are Loose Bolts That Need Tightening

    UV and Wind Resistant Tilting Patio Umbrella – Umbrellas Collection | CorLiving

    The umbrella is likely to spin because the bolts that are supposed to hold it in place are loose. Apparently, this isnt just an installation caused by the improper fixing of the bolts when you first set up the umbrella.

    Using the umbrella for an extended period might also cause the bolts to loosen up a bit with time, especially if its subject to contact external force from the wind. Fortunately, the problem with loose bolts is something you can fix on your own.

    Inspect all the bolts that secure the umbrella to find the loose ones. Now tighten the loose bolts to keep the umbrella from spinning. If it happens that some bolts are too loose because of the excessive spinning of the umbrella, consider replacing them with new ones.

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    How To Keep Your Patio Umbrella From Spinning

    Apart from keeping your umbrella from flying away, another issue is keeping it from spinning. Sure this isnt a dangerous issue but it can be quite annoying at times especially when youre just trying to have a conversation but your umbrella wants to furiously spin.

    Here are some ways you can fix that!

    • Use the correct base

    Every base has a different size for the pole while every umbrella has a different pole size. If the size is too loose, the umbrella will spin a lot more and could even spin out and if its too tight well it wont fit.

    If you get the perfect size, the umbrella will sit in it all snuggly and wont move around much.

    • Tighten the umbrella in place

    If you look at the bottom of your umbrella, you might see a knob. This knob helps to keep the umbrella secured and prevents spinning. Make sure to screw the knob in to keep the umbrella in place.

    You can do it freehand, which isnt recommended as it isnt entirely secure or you can do it using a few tools which is much better! Tightening it is quite easy and can be dont quite quickly and will help a lot in keeping your umbrella in one place.

    • Use a through-bolt

    Imagine a stick was spinning and to stop it you just put your finger on the side of the stick. Well, you can do the same thing with an umbrella using a through-bolt!

    This solution should only be done if the above ones didnt work for you as this involves quite a bit more work. However, you can always adjust the tightening and it does help a lot.


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