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How To Put Lights On A Patio Umbrella

Oyoco Patio Umbrella Light

When compared with other options out there, Oyocos patio umbrella lights are highly popular and have a high user rating because of the various features offered by it.

The Oyoco patio umbrella light is present in the 1st position in this article as it has a high user rating. You get a total of 28 LED lights in this patio umbrella light that are highly powerful. All of these LED lights also offer a total of 3 brightness levels for customization and flexibility. As for the brightness, it is rated at 200 lumens that is quite decent for most users.

Since Oyoco is quite a reputable brand of patio umbrella lights, you get a 1-year long warranty with it. Unfortunately, the build quality offered by it is just average and could have been much better. This unit is powered by a total of 4 AA batteries that should be easily available and easy to replace in the long run.

Best Features:

  • Uses a total of 28 LED lights
  • Offers a brightness rating of 200 lumens
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


Moonrays Umbrella Hanging Solar Lantern 8

If you dont want to purchase lights one at a time consider the 8 pack of solar umbrella lanterns. Each lantern includes a rechargeable AAA solar powered battery and a light sensor which turns the lantern on at dusk. Each lights dimensions are 3 x 3 x 6.7 inches and priced under $50 makes them about $6 per light!



As you can see there is no shortage of ways to illuminate an existing umbrella using patio umbrella solar lights. Whether you choose pole lighting, a variety of string lights, or clip on lanterns youll be able to enjoy the dining table well into the night without the hassle of cords and electricity

Patio Umbrella Table Candle Centerpiece

When using wide mouth glass jars you can also make a candle centerpiece for your umbrella table. Pasta sauce, pickle, or jelly jars work the best to place candles or tea lights in.

Use enough jars so they wrap around the pole completely. I find 6 is usually enough.

If you save the lids, you can even cover the jars so the candles dont get dirty when not in use.

I like to use votive candles in the jelly jars, but you can use tea lights also.

Good for the environment, almost free, easy to do, pretty and. can be done in 20 minutes!

Item Have Been Added To Cart

Trees are natural supports for decorative outdoor string lights, especially if you have them on both sides of a grassy area. Learn how to string lights across the backyard correctly, and your lights will look like theyre floating in the air after dark. 

  • First, measure the distance from tree to tree where you want to hang the lights. Consider how tight you want the lights pulled as you measure. Taut lights give more structure, while looser ones feel more casual.
  • Drill guide holes on the trees where you want to hang the lights. With a helper, string the lights from one tree to the next, holding them carefully to make sure the holes are the right distance apart. Mark the spots on the trees and drill guide holes.
  • Install a  into each tree at the marked spot. Install the bulbs in your string lights.
  • Thread the string lights onto the hooks. Make sure theyre securely in place.
  • Connect your string lights using an extension cord if needed. Check to be sure your string lights work properly. If necessary, use an additional hook to secure the string lights firmly against the trees.

If you’re wondering how to hang string lights in a backyard without trees, put them on your deck railings instead.

Tip: Use exterior tape in place of staples if you are concerned about damaging your railing.

A combination of hooks and staples may be the most stable option. This is often true if your string lights are hanging overhead, such as on a covered patio or deck. 

What Pole Or Frame Material Should I Use

Ainfox 10Ft Outdoor Patio Solar Powered Aluminum Umbrella ...

Choosing the material for your umbrella frame is really about deciding what your priorities are. Are you trying to match the look of your outdoor furniture set? Are you most concerned about durability in a moist or windy environment? Or, do you really want to complement the landscape and architectural design of your home? Heck, you might simply want to help your favorite canopy fabric really pop. The three primary materials used to construct patio umbrella poles and frames are wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Each material has its own benefits and characteristics, so youll have to decide which one best suits your needs.

How To Secure A Patio Umbrella

To properly secure your patio umbrella there are a few factors that need to be considered. A patio umbrella is such a practical addition to your outdoor space, and there are a few simple tips to ensure it lasts in your backyard.  The hassle of unpredictable weather means you need to know how to correctly secure your base to prevent the umbrella from being damaged by storms or strong gusts of wind. Using an outdoor umbrella cover, in combination with a secure base, will also help to maintain your outdoor umbrella in its best condition.  Check out our tips below for how to safely stabilize your umbrella so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor area.

How Do You Install Outdoor Umbrella Lights


  • Step 1: Detach the Umbrella.
  • Step 2: Attach Clips to Hold Light Strands.
  • Step 3: Secure With Ties.
  • Step 4: Five Clips per Rib.
  • Step 5: Attach Clips to Other Ribs.
  • Step 6: Trim Tie Excess.
  • Step 7: Wrap Collar Around Pole.
  • Step 8: Attach Light Strands.
  • Under an UmbrellaYou can simply string the lights around the perimeter of the umbrella, or for an extra pretty effect, line the inside of the umbrella by following the lines of the umbrella seams.

    Beside above, how do you hang patio lights without nails? Method 1Hanging Lights with Hooks or Clips

  • Choose gutter hooks to quickly hang lights along your gutters.
  • Opt for shingle tabs to position the lights on top of your roof.
  • Use adhesive clips or hooks if you have siding or other smooth surfaces.
  • Leave 68 in of space between each hook or clip.
  • Subsequently, one may also ask, how do umbrella lights work?

    Shining a light source through a shoot-through umbrella results in a broader and softer light. When using reflective umbrellas, photographers point their light source away from their subject into the umbrella to reflect light back onto the subject. This is typically referred to as bouncing light.

    How do you hang string lights on a fence?

    7 Ways to String Lights in your Backyard:

  • String lights along your fence.
  • Hang strings of lights from poles placed on the corners of your deck.
  • Run lights along your deck railing.
  • Hang lights back and forth along the inside your deck pergola or gazebo.
  • String lights in backyard trees.
  • The 7 Best Patio Umbrella Lights Reviews And Buying Guide

    • May 25, 2021

    If you have a large backyard in your home, then you must have a patio with multiple chairs, a table, and even an umbrella. While the umbrella can be quite helpful during a sunny day, it serves no purpose in the night. Thankfully, you can add a patio umbrella light in it based on the following features so that you can make your patio umbrella functional in the night:

    • LED Count: Most of the patio umbrella lights out there use LED lights for shining light on your patio. And if you want a high performing umbrella light, then checking their LED count is highly important as while some models offer 28 lights, others come with 44 or even 104 LEDs.
    • Brightness: You can also check the brightness rating of your umbrella light to get an idea of its performance. While some options have a brightness rating of 200 lumens, others have a higher rating of 400 lumens for brighter light output.
    • Warranty: Since a patio umbrella light gets used in the outdoors, it has to face a lot of environmental forces like rain and heat. Hence, it needs to be highly reliable and durable. Apart from getting a waterproof model, you should also check its warranty as while some options come with a 1-year long warranty, others offer a 2-year long warranty.

    Honwell Patio Umbrella Light

    View in gallery

    The is perfect to get the party started. It is suitable for your patio umbrella but also for camping or  other outdoor activities. Choose from the 16 colors palette the one to match your atmosphere. Adjust brightness, color, turn the lights on/off, while being up to 26 feet apart. The 24 keys remote control is easy to use and very convenient. Forget the worries about cables spreading all over the patio. These LEDs operate with 6 AA batteries, so you can dance under the lights without stumbling.

    How To Repair A Patio Umbrella Yourself

    November 13, 2015

    *Patio Productions is not liable for any incidents that may occur from applying techniques portrayed in these videos. We have no affiliation and are simply presenting the content.*

    If you own a patio umbrella, chances are it is one of your favorite pieces of outdoor furniture. They are extremely useful for beating the heat and make your outdoor experience much more pleasurable. When taken care of, outdoor umbrellas can last for several years, providing shade and comfort every summer. Picking the right umbrella can be a little tough, we get that. There are so many different factors that go into purchasing the best umbrella for your patio. We created the ultimate buyers guide to patio umbrellas so you can understand the ins and outs of patio umbrellas. Youll be an expert by the time youre done reading!

    But after a while, common problems can arise, such as broken strings, torn fabric, and bent poles. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources for learning how to fix your outdoor umbrella. A simple search on Youtube will give you hundreds of user-created videos that provide great tips, advice, and tutorials.

    We have gathered a few of our most useful favorites here so you can keep enjoying the cool shade and keep living the

    Choosing String Vs Disc Light Depending On Umbrella Type

    String lights and Disc lights have their own advantages and disadvantages and you might choose one depending upon your needs aesthetics vs performance. But theres one more thing that you need to consider, which is the type of your umbrella

    Basically, we have two types of umbrellas Regular and Offset.

    Though I prefer offset umbrellas all the way when it comes to lighting, it faces limitations. Typically, you cant use disc LED lights on offset umbrellas as theyre installed on the pole, and the pole of an offset umbrella sits aside, so it wont serve the purpose of lighting.

    Good quality LED strip lights are your best bet for offset umbrellas, which by the way, look really class and aesthetic of offset umbrellas.

    On the other hand, you could use both strip and disc lights on a regular umbrella as the design is friendly to take advantage of both.

    If you must install disc umbrellas on an offset model, look up a little if theres any disc light thats friendly to install on an offset umbrella. That might be a tough search but you could be in luck.

    How To Choose The Best Umbrella Lights

    Making an informed decision is mandatory to ensure you dont throw your money out the window. So here we are, to help you see the light among this plethora of options available on the market. We break down the most important features you need to analyze before purchasing your very own umbrella lights. You may be all about style, but there are some essential technicalities to consider too.

    Honwell Patio Umbrella Lights

    Lighted Patio Umbrella Providing an Amusing Nuance  HomesFeed

    While most options out there are quite simple with a single color light, the Honwell is the only option in this article that offers a multi-color LED design that is quite unique.

    This Honwell patio umbrella light is present in the 3rd position in this article as it is one of the only multi-color LED lights out there. It offers a total of 16 colors to the user that can be controlled using its remote controller unit. This unit also allows you to change the brightness of its 20 LEDs if needed during the night.

    Speaking of the brightness, you get a brightness rating of up to 250 lumens with this patio umbrella light that is quite decent. Another great thing about it is that it offers a great build quality with the light unit as well as the remote unit. Just like most other options out there, it is backed by a 1-year long warranty for peace of mind.

    Best Features:

    • Uses a total of 20 LED lights
    • Offers a brightness rating of 250 lumens
    • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


    • Includes a remote control unit
    • Comes with a high brightness rating


    Brighten Up Your Patio Nights With The Best Umbrella Lights

    Oh, the summer days drifting away to the summer nights. That cozy feeling you get spending time in your patio in the warm breeze of the sunset. Those conversations with friends extending long into the night. Precious or fun moments deserve to be under a spotlight. But also, because it aint too much fun to stumble around your own garden when stars dont shine too bright. That is why having umbrella lights can be both practical and decorative.

    Add a spark of style to your patio with one of our recommended umbrella lights. If you want to add a romantic light or a bright one, suitable for reading outside, you have plenty of options. We put together a list of 4 best lighted umbrellas. If your garden already features a solar umbrella, check out our selection of lighting options to match. Feeling overwhelmed by the topic? Our guide can shed some light on the most important features to consider.

    Ecogecko Quantum Outdoor Led Umbrella Patio Cordless Deck Light

    budget friendly outdoor option for your deck area

    I love this model because it is cheap, works incredibly well and can be used for many different things.

    Sure, you can put it on the umbrella pole, but you can also take it with you camping or on a late night walk.

    I find that it fits most umbrella poles those with a diameter of 1.0 to 1.6 inches at least on those that Ive tested it out on.

    The light has a total of 24 LED bulbs, which gives you 100,000 hours of illumination. Plenty to get you through those warm months.

    It comes in two colors: white or silver. So, get one to match your outdoor furniture.

    Use regular AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. You get 30 hours of light from fresh batteries.

    Whats to like about this one: Easy to install, gives off a LOT of brightness and easy on the bank account.

    How Do I Set The Led Light On The Patio Umbrella

    Patricia J. Moore

    An outdoor space is not completely useful until you can enjoy it at any time of the day, regardless of the sun is there or not. And what if you can illuminate an area at night with the same tool that you used to get shade in the daytime, the opposite?

    Setting up LED lights in your patio umbrella is the magic were talking about here. Its an easy way to revamp an outdoor area.

    They look pretty amazing and theyre useful from the functionality perspective as well. LED strip lights kind of look like a part of the starry sky over it.

    Few top-end patio umbrellas come with LED lights pre-installed while others dont. The models that come with light pre-installed costs quite a lot that so many people dont go for them. But isnt it possible to experience that luxury of illumination without spending that much?

    Yes, you can always buy aftermarket lights and install them on your patio umbrella. Heres how you do that

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  • Flower Centerpiece For A Patio Table With An Umbrella Pole

    So what do I do to create a centerpiece on my umbrella table? I recycle, reuse and repurpose.

    If you have read my blog for awhile, then you know I like finding ways to reuse items that go into the trash or recycle bin. I have also been know to use Mason Jars and drinking glasses from my kitchen cupboards to make these fast and easy centerpieces.

    For this table, I saved pretty turquoise wine bottles until I had 6. I placed them around the pole so the bottles touched each other to wrap snug around the pole. Doing this also hides the bottom of the pole.

    Fill the bottles with water and flowers and you are done.

    Depending on the size of your bottles, jars or the cans you use, the wrap around the pole centerpiece doesnt take up much room either which is nice when your table is small.

    When the party or dinner is over, you can move the bottles inside to use individually around your house or placed in a grouping on a table or sideboard.

    Does A Patio Umbrella Need A Base

    Most patio umbrellas need a base or you risk losing not only the umbrella but your table and everything on it with the first gust of wind. However, there are designs out there such as the Cantilever design that will already have a base.

    The size, shape, and weight of the base will depend totally on the size of your umbrella canopy and where the umbrella is to be used.

    Candle Patio Umbrella Lights

    If you enjoy being in the presence of 100% natural light, then candle lights are the way to go. Candle lights for umbrellas typically consist of many tea-light holders attached to a pole-mounted decorative frame.

    To keep the wind from blowing the candles out, you will commonly see these units equipped with clear tubes that are placed over each candle.

    The tubes, or windbreakers, can be easily removed to light or replace the candles.

    Related Guides:

    Minetom Rechargeable Solar Led Umbrella Pole Light

    This is a high powered light in a solidly constructed frame. This pole light easily grasps around the umbrellas pole and snaps into place and doesnt require any tools or wires. Its 24 LED lights are brighter than normal LED lights but arent glaring and run times on a full charge range from 6 8 hours.

    It is powered by 3 AA rechargeable batteries and a solar panel which are included. Priced around $30 the Solar LED Umbrella Pole Light will last up to 5000 hours!


    Check Out All Of Our Patio Lighting Ideas

    What Kind Of Patio Umbrella Stand Or Base Is Appropriate

    Belham Living 9 ft. Collar Tilt Lighted Patio Umbrella ...

    Once youve determined the style and size of your patio umbrella, youll need to figure out what kind of base you want or need. Choosing the right base or stand is critical to ensure that your umbrella is stable and upright under calm conditions and does not fly away when theres a gentle breeze. Center pole and cantilever umbrellas can use either mobile or fixed bases, but the latter is more appropriate the larger the umbrella is and the windier the setting.

    Multi Colored Patio Dimmable Led Umbrella Lights

    They come with a handy remote that allows you to choose from 12 different colors, along with 10 different brightness options.

    Thanks to the handy solar panel, you dont need to constantly change the batteries or worry about running an extension cord outside, simply install, wait for some sunlight and youre good to go.

    Led Lighting Power Sources

    The final aspect of choosing is the lighting power source. At present, there are four primary light power sources for this kind of lighting and these are:

    • Solar-powered umbrella lights
    • Batteries
    • Electric Mains

    We will discuss each of these lighting power sources individually, helping you to understand their benefits and downsides.

    Lightsea 8 Mode Patio Umbrella Lights

    These Amazon Choice umbrella lights are absolutely stunning and available in 2 different color options, warm white & ice blue.

    Simply use the provided connectors to attach the string lights down each rib of your umbrella and youre good to go, no need to remove them after each use as the umbrella closes safely with them attached.

    They are not as bright as the hockey puck designs, but if cozy atmosphere is what youre looking for, these are the ones for you.

    These lights are battery-powered, so you will need to have a steady supply of ideally rechargeable batteries to hand.

    With the supplied remote you can adjust the lighting mode, as well as the brightness.

    Its worth noting that these lights are not ultra-bright, but rather a more subtle variety of illumination for a romantic dinner or playing cards under the stars.

    How To Replace Umbrella String

    Replacing an Umbrella String is a simple job that has a lot of steps, so we definitely recommend watching the video. All youll need to replace the string is a Philips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and your replacement string.

  • Remove the umbrella fabric from the umbrella skeleton
  • Remove the crank casing at the bottom of the umbrella
  • Use the needle nose pliers to remove the cotter pin and then unscrew the nut, then remove the plastic cog and washer try to keep everything together so reassembly is easier
  • Next, remove the crank handle from the umbrella shaft it should come out with a little force next, pop the rivet off the side of the umbrella shaft
  • Reach up to the umbrella hub and unscrew the plastic casing it keeps the umbrella ribs attached so be careful they dont fall off remove the broken string
  • Feed your new string through the string hole in the umbrella hub tie a knot at the bottom so it cant be pulled all the way through
  • Pull the string through and up to the top of the umbrella and through the pulley
  • Feed the string back into the pulley and down the hollow umbrella tube
  • Pull the string out of the crank hole and feed it through the crank handle tie a knot at the bottom so it cant be pulled through push string back into the shaft and reattach crank
  • Reassemble your new and improved umbrella!
  • Flame & Shade Patio Umbrella

    The Flame & Shade umbrella with LED lights combo is a little different from the other garden umbrella lights in our top 5 best umbrella lights list. This product is a full patio umbrella complete with pre-fitted LED lights.

    Whilst more expensive than simply purchasing a LED light system you can attach yourself, when you invest in this patio umbrella with lights youre getting a high-quality, long-lasting powder-coated umbrella that comes with some nice features.

    It includes a crank handle, allowing you to open and close the umbrella mechanically rather than having to use force to get the umbrella up. It also features a tilt feature, allowing you to angle the umbrella depending on the angle the sun is coming from. This is an extremely handy feature and one not often found in cheap patio umbrellas.

    The other added benefit is it comes complete with the LEDs pre-fitted, which includes both a rechargeable battery pack and a solar panel that will charge the battery during the day.

    This saves you the hassle of trying to string your own LED lights up or getting them tangled when you open and close your umbrella that wasnt designed to include lights.

    Patio Umbrella Solar Led Lights

    Way back at some point in our pre-parenthood lives , we bought a patio umbrella that lacked a little pizzaz.  Our patio table was one of our favorite relaxation spots, but also had little light in the evening.  Without an outlet handy in the middle of the patio , we opted to string up 2 sets of fancy new LED solar string lights with zip ties and dropped the solar panels out of the umbrellas vent.

    Suddenly, most of the lights stopped working.  When I investigated, I found the problem

    While Fix the Patio Umbrella Lights was on the to-do list, I happened upon this set of solar patio umbrella lights for around $30 at Lowes .  Id looked before, but sets like this were in the $100 range for a pretty low-quality light so I jumped at the deal.

    After removing the old lights , I was left with a blank canvas on our standard-issue patio umbrella.

    As a side note, this umbrella is a budget one ordered from patioumbrellas.com years ago.  They have since been bought by Hayneedle and this umbrella now cost MUCH more than we paid , so !  It has held up well for an inexpensive umbrella and is just now getting some small thin spots.  We used to close it for the rain, but found that keeping it open is better since it can dry faster.  We had mildew stains long, long ago, but after trying everything to remove them, it turned out that it just needed some sun.  I wouldnt say that we abuse the thing, but we dont baby it either.

    and a clip that holds the solar panel to the vent of the umbrella .


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