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How To Keep Spiders Away From Patio

Get Rid Of Hiding Spots And Crevices

Make your furniture as uninviting as possible for pests by having very few places for them to hide. Insects, bugs, and furrier critters love clutter. Stacks, boxes, and debris provide lots of shade and tend to accumulate moisture, turning your furniture into a comfortable palace for pests and other unwanted creatures. 

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How To Protect Your Patio Furniture

Of course, if you have furniture on your patio like most other people, then you have already provided the spiders with a potential home. They will move in, find a spot to hide and only come out to scare you or look for food. Their new home could be in the corner, under the cushions, support bars, and many more hiding areas.

If even one spider has started making a web on your furniture, these methods will stop them in their tracks. In addition to that, you might want to get removable and washable cushions. Since they are comfortable hiding spots for pests and spiders, removing and washing them regularly should be enough of a deterrent. As a side benefit, clean, fresh cushions are better to sit and relax on as compared to stuffy ones.

Also, consider using chemical repellants, the natural methods we mentioned above, and the electronic repellants on and around the furniture. The peppermint spray is particularly popular in these kinds of situations. It smells rather nice and is effective.

Another approach is to rub citrus/orange peels on the frames of the furniture. That said, the smells of some of the other natural sprays can be a problem for users, and the chemical repellants are a potential hazard. As such, you should be careful in your use of said options.

#3 Add Plants That Repel Spiders

Add spider-repelling plants around the perimeter of your home to deter spiders from taking up residency.

Spider repelling plants for your garden include:

  • lavender

Cedar mulch also helps deter spiders. You can also shake cinnamon around the exterior of your house. Cinnamon works as an ant repellent, too! See also Plants that Repel Mosquitoes.

How Spiders Get Indoors

Spiders can fit through tiny spaces, so even a small opening around a window or door, a barely noticeable crack in your homes foundation, or an open pipe or vent may serve as an invitation to wander on in. Spiders also can make their way into a home by piggybacking onto everyday objects. Storage boxes brought in from a garage or shed, firewood or lumber, thrifted items, and even groceries and grocery bags can act as impromptu transportation for spiders.

Check Your House For Cracks

How to Keep Spiders Away From Your Deck or Patio ...

For a spider to be in your home, they had to find a way in. If your house is old, they may be getting in through an abundance of cracks and crevices. Grab your caulking gun and head down into the basement to look for cracks and then seal them.

You should repeat this around the foundation of your home, as well as at all windows and doorways. Filling any gaps, you find makes a big difference.

Beneath Sheds / Outbuildings

Ive found more yard snakes underneath my storage shed than anywhere else. Luckily, this is actually an easy problem to solve. You can simply put up chicken-wire around the foundation. Theres still the risk that theyll tunnel underneath, but a simple visual inspection can reduce the risk.

Additionally, snake barriers are powerful and not much more expensive than chicken-wire. is a good company.

Make Your Own Vinegar Spray

Mix vinegar and water in equal parts in a spray bottle. Then spray it directly onto the web or porch area. This will help keep them out as vinegar repels spiders. Easy enough.

Youll find that vinegar also helps keep other pests away from your porch also, such as ladybugs. The best part about this is that its all-natural.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Boxes

So last fall when I put the cushions away for the winter, I decided to find something that would prevent the spiders from getting into the boxes with my cushions.

I like to keep my garden organic so I didnt want to use pesticides or chemicalsand I wasnt sure there was a solution that would actually work.

But now that I have taken the cushions out of storage , I can say with confidence that it did!

So whats the secret you ask?

! I had originally bought it for my pets, but after reading that peppermint oil is supposed to deter spiders, I thought I would give it a try in my storage boxes, too.  And it worked!

Note: You can probably make a DIY version of this yourself by mixing * with some water, but I havent tried it so I cant personally vouch for it.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your House: Natural Repellents

The safest sprays are the ones made with natural ingredients. However, you never know what youre going to get with store-bought products. Ultimately, making your own spray is your best bet.

If you dont know where to even begin, here are some of the most effective spider repellents to make at home.

#1. Citrus Spray

You may not know this, but spiders detest citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit. Ultimately, since lemons are a bit more affordable, you may want to consider using them to make this spray.

Essentially, you will need a couple of lemons, some distilled water, and an empty spray bottle. Squeeze the lemons and mix the lemon juice with water. Add the mixture to the spray bottle and shake it.

You can now spray your entire home with this mixture as the smell isnt too overpowering . Just remember to take special care to get all the nooks and crannies where those pesky spiders tend to hide.

However, if you find that the spray isnt effective enough, you can use citrus essential oil instead of lemon juice. Ultimately, essential oils are far more pungent, so if you dont mind the smell, go for it.

Just swap the lemons for 10 drops of citrus essential oil and spray.

#2. Lemon Peel

If making a citrus spray feels like too much work, there is a simpler way to get rid of spiders using lemons. All you have to do is peel a lemon and rub it on the problem areas. Make sure to rub it on your window sills, on bookshelves, countertops, etc.

#3. Peppermint Spray

What Attracts Spiders To A Home

Spiders enjoy many of the same things that you do, including food. They are predators by nature, catching their prey using a  web or by hunting, depending on the species. Their food of choice includes insects and other spiders, and even the most well-kept home can have the pests they seek. Getting rid of one source of their food is one of the first things to consider when you want to get rid of the spiders themselves. Other things that attract spiders indoors are water, shelter, and warmth. This is why you may find spiders hiding just about anywhere in your home, from the basement, to the attic, to in and around kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Catchmaster Spider And Insect Glue Trap

This type of trap is a good choice if youre tired of your spider traps catching mice instead. These traps are folded over in a way that only allows insects to enter, so your traps are no longer going to waste.

Not only are these traps ready-to-use as soon as theyre delivered, but theyre also completely non-toxic. That means you dont have to worry about keeping your pets and kids away from the traps like you would with others.

Whats even better is that youre getting 12 traps with your purchase. Now you can finally set up traps everywhere the spiders are sneaking into your home, garage, or shed.

How To Spot Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spiders can be identified through the following traits. 

  • Theyre common in warm climates. 
  • They can be found in basements, closets and attics.
  • In Southern regions, theyre black with a red hourglass shape on the abdomen. 
  • In Northern regions, theyre black or dark brown with rows of spots down the middle of the abdomen. 
  • They have a painful, highly toxic bite that attacks a victim’s nervous system. 
  • Bite symptoms tend to be present within an hour and often include severe muscle cramps, abdominal pain, weakness and tremor. They also may include nausea, vomiting, faintness, dizziness, chest pain and trouble breathing. 
  • Seek medical attention after youve been bitten by a black widow. The following first aid steps can ease symptoms and prevent infection in the short term: Wash the bite wound with soap and water; elevate the area; and apply a cold washcloth or ice pack to the area.

Spray Mouthwash Around Your Patio

How To Keep Spiders Away With Natural Remedies Only

If you dont have rubbing alcohol or essential oils, an alcohol-based mouthwash can be another effective way to repel bugs from a patio. Just load some mouthwash into a spray bottle, then spray down the perimeter of the deck, or even your patio furniture. This can repel bugs and leave a pleasant scent, but the rapid evaporation of alcohol means that regular reapplication may be necessary.

Mighty Mint Spider Repellent

Just because a product is organic and all-natural, that doesnt mean that its not effective. And thats exactly what youll notice when you use this spider repellent from Mighty Mint. This product is meant to keep spiders from entering your home in the first place.

If you want to go more of a natural product based route, then Might Mint may be for you.

Thats because its made from peppermint essential oil instead of a combination of chemicals. So you dont have to be nervous about using this spider repellent both inside your home and out in the garden.

This product is extremely easy to use too. All you have to do is use the spray nozzle and target areas of your home and yard where you know spiders tend to hide. This would be really effective in foundational cracks and around that covered patio furniture.

Unlike a lot of sprays, this spray will need to be used quite frequently if you want to see consistent results. Its a good idea to use this spray on target areas every few days until you see that spiders are no longer occupying these areas.

Sometimes, theres not much you can do to keep spiders out of your yard. If you live near the woods or where bugs seem to thrive, you might be tired of spraying down your entire property every three months.

This spray from WET & FORGET claims to keep working on spiders for up to 12 months.

Spiders Are A Part Of Life And Are Beneficial For Pest Control In Your Garden But They’re Not Welcome In Your Home These Tips And Home Remedies Will Help Keep Them Out

Natalie LaVolpe

Spiders are a part of life, and can even be a beneficial form of pest control in your garden. However, they are most often an unwelcome guest in your home.

Getting rid of spiders entirely may not be realistic , but you can greatly minimize their populations in your home by making it a little less inviting for them.

Instead of using chemicals, try any of these natural and safeyet effectivemethods of keeping these critters outside where they belong!

How To Get Rid Of Spiders On Patio Naturally

Spiders in the patio can sometimes be annoying either because they generate many cobwebs or have a phobia of them. However, most are usually harmless and serve to eliminate insects that can damage the plants so well cared for in the garden.

Although we neglect them a little, they could multiply and appear in the garden inside the house and cause annoyance. For this reason, there are various tips that allow to keep them away or, if there is an invasion, to exterminate them.

What Attracts Spiders To Your Patio

The main thing that might attract spiders to your patio is trash and other waste like leftover food. Thats why its essential to keep the space clean. If you keep clutter out, then you probably wont get spiders and all of the other tips we give you are just bonuses.

Other things that can provoke spiders are dirt and cracks. Spiders thrive in dirtier environments, so if you dust off surfaces and sweep the floors, you will be less likely to house some unwanted animals. Cracks in the floor or walls can also invite spiders, as they may be entering the patio from under the house or from the grass. Buy paste at a hardware store and fill these unwanted openings so that nothing can travel through them onto your patio.

Unused space can also provoke spiders. If no one has set on your patio couch for two years, some spiders could likely have made it into an arachnid motel and be lurking in between the cushions or hanging from webs underneath it.

That being said, were not going to force you to go outside and sit on your patio every single day to keep spiders away. Instead, just shake out the cushions every once in a while. Even if you cant use your patio regularly, you should still maintain it regularly if you want to keep out spiders.

Different Types Of Spiders

We do have plenty of spiders in the UK, but one thing to be thankful for is that they rarely bite, and those that do won’t cause any prolonged symptoms.

Some of the most common house spiders that you might find in your house include Giant House Spiders, Daddy Long Legs, Hobo Spiders, Zebra Jumping Spiders, Cupboard Spiders, Money Spiders, Lace Web Spiders, False Widow Spiders and Cardinal Spiders. 

If you’re wondering how to get rid of Wolf Spiders or Brown Recluse Spiders, the methods are the same as with any other spider. You should take additional care when dealing with this poisonous species – their bite is venomous! 

Nature Shield The Best Natural Spider Repellent

This is a natural product that blends different essential oils to develop a highly effective repellent. It has the ability to repel spiders and other unwanted pests for 5 days.

How it Works

The product has a strong scent that will keep the spiders away. Its garlic smell is so strong that all the spiders will disappear 15 minutes after its application.

How to Use It

Once you obtain a homogenous mixture, you should use a sprayer to apply in all the regions infested by the spiders. If you realize that you have more spiders by the end of 5 days, you should repeat this procedure until you achieve your desired results.

  • Requires numerous repeat application before you achieve desired results.
  • Has a strong garlic scent which remains after application.

How To Apply It

Spray the peppermint oil solution around the inside of the box, paying extra attention to the areas where the critters can get in. I didnt attempt to coat everything since that would take a lot of spraying!

If you have any big gaps, soak some cotton balls in the spray solution and stick them in the holes.

I also sprayed the cushions lightly before putting them in the box. If youre worried about marking the fabric, you might want to test a small patch before doing the whole cushion.

Then just pop them in the box and close the lid. And youre done!

How Do You Go About Removing Spiders

Effective Ways to Keep Spiders Away From Your Deck or ...

Of course, if you are dealing with anything that resembles an infestation, no matter how much you might not want to do it, it is important to get in contact with an exterminator who can remove the source of the infestation, typically being a spider nest, and making sure that all the spider eggs that may be lying about are eradicated.

If you are sure that it is not an infestation of your deck or patio, there are about three main types of spider repellents that you can consider.

There are all-natural repellents, typically made from household items that you should have little to no trouble finding. There are going to be physical repellents, such as plug-in repellents, that you need to have a physical space for if you want things to work as they should. Finally, there are insecticides, which work on spiders despite the fact that spiders are technically not considered insects.

With that being said though, the firstthing you will want to do, if you want to minimize spider presence as much aspossible, is ensure that your deck is not a suitable living area for spiders ofany kind. There are a few different ways that you can go about doing this.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The House

There are a number of effective, lethal methods of indoor spider control

  • Spider traps and sprays are generally preferred as foggers are ineffective at getting rid of spiders. Most spider-killing formulas are based on pyrethroids, chemicals made in large part from plants in the chrysanthemum family. 
  • Spider traps such as glue boards are non-toxic and cost-effective, but can be less effective against larger infestations. Place in corners, along walls and any locations where you’ve seen spiders.
  • Spider sprays kill on contact and are easy to use, but leave a residue. Spray along baseboards, under furniture and in corners.
  • Natural spider repellent is non-toxic and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, but can have a slightly higher cost and require reapplication more often. 


How To Keep Spiders Away From Your Patio

There are natural, chemical, and electronic methods to chase away the current spider population on your patio and to keep it from coming back. Most of them include making the deck less habitable to spiders, whether natural, chemical, or otherwise. However, since they are all listed and explained below, you can choose which ones to use or avoid.

Do You Have Spider Webs On Patio

Several natural and artificial methods allow you to eliminate spiders that can accumulate and cause great discomfort. If there is an invasion, it is best to apply insecticides and if the problem may not be resolved, hire a fumigation service to eliminate the problem at its roots.

Although, in most cases, follow some recommendations to prevent them from increasing or simply wanting to get rid of spiders once and for all. Most of the methods are effective, and if done properly, in no time, you will have these insects out of your patio.

How To Keep Snakes Away From Your Patio

Your patio or deck area should be a place of refuge for you Ive often joked to folks that my outdoor space is like a second church! However, if there are pests of any type in your yard that come near that deck or patio, it is time to take action. Now, its one thing to have field mice, worms, , and cicadas in your yard.

However, if your outdoor space is home to dangerous animals such as snakes, your sense of urgency is heightened. The good news is that its not as tricky as you think to solve your problem. Grab your copy of Indiana Jones, were going to explore how to keep snakes away from your patio.

First, lets take care of the basics.

The Area Around The Furniture

Spiders like areas with debris and dirt. They love to see discarded pool toys or backyard game components that havent been touched in weeks or months. They mean places to hide, places to catch prey, and places that arent usually moved or jostled. This is why keeping your patio clean is a great way to deter spiders. If you have stuff sitting on your patio that isnt used often, put it in storage. Get a dedicated sealable bin for toys, gardening tools, or other outdoor accessories. 

If you have a woodpile near the patio, move it away from the house. Sweep up. Even spray the patio off, if its dirty enough. A nice, clean area is no spiders idea of an ideal home. 

Crucial Tips When Youre Shopping For Spider Repellent

You should never ignore the following when you want to buy a spider repellent:

  • Manufacturers notes. Always take your time to read the application and safety guidelines. If the product that youre are targeting lacks this crucial section, you should either consult the manufacturer or stop buying it altogether.
  • Possible Allergic Reactions. If you have any family member that has an allergy history, its important to seek advice from your allergist before buying any product. The professional will advise you on the ingredients to avoid when selecting your ideal product.
  • Location of Use. You should only buy a product if it will be effective in specific locations. Some manufacturers design separate products for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ease of Application. How easy is it to use this product? If you lack adequate time for application, then youre obliged to only select a product that is easy to apply. For example, there are numerous plugin products that will require a few seconds to apply. If you have a tight schedule, you may consider products such as plug-in ultrasonic repellents.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your House

As far as pests go, spiders are among the easiest to controlonce you find them, that is. Here are three simple steps to help control the spiders that are already in your house and keep the rest where they belong: outside.

  • Seal off entry points.

    Since spiders can easily find their way indoors through the smallest crack or crevice, add or replace weather stripping around doors and windows, caulk holes and gaps, and repair or replace torn and damaged screens.

  • Create a long-lasting bug barrier.

    To get rid of both indoor spiders and many of their food sources, apply Ortho┬« Bug B-gon Lawn & Landscape Insect Killer Ready-to-Spray around windows, doors, cabinets, and baseboards, as well as along your homes entire foundation. Spiders wont be able to cross the barrier and survive. Plus, its non-staining, odor-free and protects for up to 12 months when applied to non-porous surfaces.

  • Eliminate outdoor hiding places.

    Fewer spiders outside lead to fewer spiders trying to get inside, so get rid of the places they like to hide and lay eggs. Trim overgrown plants, pick up and dispose of trash and debris, and move stored lumber and firewood far from your house. Then, apply Ortho┬« BugClear Lawn Insect Killer1 on your lawn, ornamentals, and flowers to kill spiders and other listed bugs outside before they can come inside.

  • Keep The Surrounding Area Clean

    How To Keep Spiders Away From Home?  Garden Is Love

    Cleanliness is essential. Keeping the surrounding area clean will prevent spider making a web or having a permanent residence inside your bedroom.

    Keep an eye on the spider webs under the bed and hard to reach places in the bedroom. Regularly vacuuming and dusting keeps the area clean and reduces the chance of spider to be in the bedroom.

    Homemade Spider Repellent Spray

    In addition to keeping your patio and furniture clean, you may want to try a repellent spray. You may even have everything you need in your house already. All it takes is some essential oils and water. But not any essential oil will do. Spiders dont like citrus, cinnamon, or peppermint. For best results, mix 7 or 8 drops of essential oil with every 1 cup of water. You can put this in a spray bottle, shake it up, and give your patio a spray every few days.  

    In all honesty, there is no guarantee that this will work. Many people online claim that it works like a charm while others say it has no effect. Ive never tried this method myself, but I thought it worth mentioning since its so easy. Then again, not even commercially-made spider sprays are guaranteed to work, which is what well discuss next. 

    Why Do Spiders Come Inside

    Believe it or not, spiders don’t always come inside. In fact, only 5% of house spiders have ever been outside.

    House spiders grow in numbers when egg sacs are carried in on furniture or building materials. From there, they mate and generally live in or under the same house throughout their entire life.

    You may be wondering why you see more spiders at certain times of the year, especially if they’re not coming from outside. There’s an explanation for that – male spiders come out in search of females during the mating season. This is usually late summer, but it varies for each species.  


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