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How To Make A Patio Dog Potty

Where Should You Place A Dog Potty Area

HOW TO: Build a DIY Dog Porch Potty / Easy and Simple DIY Porch Potty

Where you place your dog potty will have an impact on the rest of your yard. Here are a few thoughts to consider.

  • Convenience Place your doggy potty space in a convenient location with easy access for you and your dog.
  • Smell Although you should place it in an area with easy access make sure its not too close to outdoor living spaces. You dont want your dog going poo right next to where you are having dinner.
  • Weather Think about what the weather is like in your area. If you live in a snowy place dont place the dog potty area too far away from the house. Snow will make the potty area less convenient if you have to shovel a long path to get to it. If you live in a hot area, place the potty area someplace where it is shaded from the sun.
  • Vegetable Garden Dont place the potty area near or uphill from an edible garden. You dont want to chance contaminating your garden with dog poo.
  • Grading Pay attention to the slope of your yard. Make sure to place your potty area in a spot that is also sloped away from your house and other areas you plan to use. Otherwise you may get pee runoff near your living areas.
  • If you live in an apartment or simply dont have a large yard these potty are ideas may not work for you. If that is the case check out our post on Dog Patio Ideas For Small Spaces

    Maintaining The Potty Yard

    Its important to maintain the potty yard. If its not cleaned regularly, your pup may not want to use it. And it will stink.

    Youll need a pooper scooper and a waste can with a liner to clean up Fidos feces.

    You should also hose down the area once a week. Wetting the urine will make a horrible stink, but it should resolve when it dries again.

    You may even have to replace some of the pea gravel or other surface sometimes.

    A Place For The Puppies To Go: Potty

    Posted by: Summer BaltzerMay 10th, 2013

    About four months ago, my parents adopted an adorable brother and sister puppy pair from the local shelter. After months of painstaking potty training, Max and Ruby are finally trained to go outside on the front yard grass. Unfortunately, the grass is very unhappy about this. Also, I think my parents are tired of hanging out on the front lawn in their bathrobes at 5 in the morning when the puppies wake up, and theyd love for the dogs to take themselves out. However, with only access to concrete in the backyard, the puppies are resistant and the cleanup has become well, lets just say yucky! Here is where necessity has become the mother of invention. Enter a solution that makes the puppies, my parents, and the front yard grass happy: the homemade potty-pad!

    Yes, there is only concrete in the backyard, but my parents would not be deterred by this. Rather than bust up the concrete, and at great expense I might add, they decided to plant right on top of it. One of the things I love most about this approach is that you could use this on an apartment balcony or a small deck. Just make sure you have a 6-inch base for the grass to take root. Plus, you dont really even need to have puppies as an excuse to pull this off! This could be great idea for anyone looking to add a little patch of green to their concrete paradise.

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    Avoid Health Concerns For Your Pup

    When your dog has to go and you cannot take them out, they are forced to hold it for as long as necessary. When they do this, they are not only making themselves uncomfortable, but they can begin to pose serious health risks to themselves. It is suggested that dogs need to urinate about five times a day depending on the dog, age, and other factors. When they are not allowed to potty as often as they need to, even when they can hold it, is when the risk for health issues begins to set in.

    Developing a urinary tract infection can be a common, painful, and serious side effect of forcing your pets to hold their urine too long. If left untreated, a urinary tract infection can lead to urinary stones that may require surgery. This type of infection is caused by bacteria that build up in their urine.

    Watch how much and how often your dog urinates. If they have a UTI, they may urinate much less at a time or less often. At other times, a dog with a UTI may have to urinate much more frequently. Urinary tract infections can cause a lot of pain for your pet, but there are other signs that a UTI may be affecting your dog:

    • Crying or straining when trying to urinate
    • Accidents inside the home or other indoor places
    • Licking their urinary opening often

    How To Get Your Dog To Use A Dog Potty Area

    How to Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area on Concrete in 2020 ...

    So now that you created this great potty area how do you get your pup to use it? Its easier than you think. Just follow these tips and they will be using it in no time.

  • This one is gross, but if your pup has eliminated elsewhere pick it up and place it in the potty area. Dogs will go where they smell poo.
  • Clean up any poop in the rest of the yard.
  • Start your training first thing in the morning when you know they need to pee. Bring them out on a leash to the potty area. Give them the potty command and wait for them to go. Since they have not relieved themselves all night they will go quickly. Make sure to praise them for going in the potty area as soon as they start to go.
  • For the first week or so each time your dog needs to go potty bring them out on a leash to your new potty area. Give them the go potty command.
  • Praise them every time they use the potty area.
  • Most dogs are smart and want to please so they should learn pretty quickly.
  • If they do go in an area you dont want them to, clean it up quickly.
  • If your puppy is not potty trained yet check out our post on Potty Training a Puppy: Made Easy. Here we will show you our tips and trick for easy potty training

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    Cheap Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat For Puppies And Small Pets

    Well maybe not all options need to be complex or DIY. This Artificial Grass Bathroom is a cheap and cheery option to get you and your Pup through a week or two of indoor or porch potty toiletting.

    Its flexible plastic, and gets delivered fast. This is great option for a temporary porch or indoor potty.

    This is a great short term solution and could even be appropriate for travelling or staying at a pet friendly holiday rental.

    How To Make An Outdoor Dog Potty Area

    This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

    Its not too difficult to make a potty area thats exclusively for your dog to use.

    And there are many reasons why such a potty area is desirable.

    My dogs have a potty yard that weve fenced in ourselves.

    Its easy to clean because its not as large as the play yard.

    By the way, if youre having trouble potty training your puppy then you might want to check out our post on how to potty train you puppy.

    In about 2 months were moving to a new home that doesnt have a specified outdoor dog potty area.

    Guess what? Todays post is all about how to make an outdoor dog potty area.

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    Why Do You Need A Balcony Dog Potty

    Sometimes, it can be difficult for different reasons to go for a walk with your dog, especially for working people. Also, the area where you live may not be suitable for going out in terms of climate. On the other hand, your apartment may not be suitable for taking out your dog. Many different additions can be made to these conditions. When we consider all these conditions, the idea of practicing our dogs at home may be more reasonable, especially for people who have difficulty getting their dogs out due to the reasons mentioned above. For this situation, you should first apply indoor toilet training for your dog. Therefore, you will need a balcony dog potty, which will facilitate satisfy your dogs toilet need.

    Hydroponic Grass In A Storage Container

    The Porch Potty The Original Grass Litterbox For Dogs

    Bean the Chihuahua lives in a high rise apartment and needs somewhere to conduct his business.

    Because Bean is so small he doesnt require a large space. This ingenious design has you grow your own hydroponic grass , and simply place it in a cut-out storage container.

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    Fake Grass Patio Potty #2

    Similar to our previous entry, but with a few clever shortcuts.

    You can use a drip pan from a water heater, a piece of plywood of the same size as the drip pan, and a hose for draining water to create this porch potty.

    This drainage system allows you to flush after the dog pees by simply pouring water on the grass it cleans and drains the mess through the drain pipe.

    Seven: Attach The Top Frame

    Pull out your 1×4 wood pieces and 1-5/8 inch construction screws. Starting with the short sides first, attach the framing pieces with a screw on both ends. The measurements should allow all four sides to sit flush with each other, and measure up exactly with the 2×6’s underneath. These framing pieces help hide the edges of the hardware cloth, and also make the box look more polished.

    Here’s what the contraption looks like after attaching your 1×4’s and hardware cloth! All it needs now is sod!


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    Easy Steps To Teach Your Dog To Go Potty On Cue

    This page may contain affiliate links. We earn a commission for qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Our mission is to help save dogs’ and cats lives through our educational content. To help us create more veterinarian- and trainer-approved content, please consider buying one of our web-books for yourself or as a gift.

    Weve all been there tapping our foot waiting in the dark or the rain for our dog to do their business. Dont they know weve got things to do and people to see?

    Teaching your dog to go to the bathroom on cue can be helpful in saving you time, as well as helping you potty train your pup. Its easy as a puppy to get distracted by the sights and sounds outside and forget the purpose of the outing in the first place sometimes they need a little reminder. Let’s put it on cue!

    How Do You Train A Dog To Poop On Concrete

    The Adventures of Kym &  Dustin: D.I.Y

    To start with you need to reinforce each stool with treats or praise. The better the reward the more eager hell be to repeat the behavior. If hes not feeling inclined to poop in his new spot, place some feces from the day before there. If it smells like hes used it as a toilet before, hell be more likely to use it.

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    Diy Dog Toilet With Real Grass And Drainage System

    This ingenious solution does require some tools and DIY knowhow. It has real grass! Your puppy wont notice a difference while you are trapped indoors.

    The instructions are detailed. The grass is held up by a lattice framework made of wood. The drain is large and clean. You will need to replace the grass fairly often however.

    Because the dog gets to sit on natural grass it means there is less chance of confusion when you transition back to outdoor toilet times.

    Ditch The Grass Try A Simple Diy Dog Toilet Made From Mulch

    How interesting is this idea! They used liner and mulch instead of grass. This is simple and easy and you dont need to worry about changing any real turf.

    They use a pond liner as a waterproof liner to contain any excess liquid.

    Using bark that is not dyed is better. In the unlikely event that your dog decides to eat some mulch certain colorants can be toxic to dogs.

    This one intrigued me but does seem a little like it might smell after a while particularly in warm weather. Some dogs also chew everything so make sure your dog does not like to eat mulch.

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    To Make Life Easier For Older Or Disabled Pets

    Not all pets are able to just get up and go. There could be numerous reasons why your pet may have an issue going outside to do their business five times a day or more. Old age is one of the most common reasons that our canine companions lose the ability to urinate frequently.

    When our pooches begin to hit a certain age, their bodies begin to slow down. For many dogs, this means a lot of muscle stiffness, joint pains, and maybe some arthritis. With any of these conditions and many others, simply going outside to use the restroom can be painful for your pet.

    Rescue animals can also have some issues with making it outside in time. These animals are amazing creatures who have often times been through horrible ordeals. This hard life can sometimes leave dogs scarred on the inside or outside. Giving them an indoor option not only makes things much easier on them, but it also makes your life easier through less accident inside the home and messes to clean up.

    Artificial Grass Vs Sod Vs Mulch

    DIY Balcony Dog Porch Potty

    Which material should you choose to provide filling your dog potty? Each has their own pros and cons, and ultimately itll be up to your taste. Captain Patio isnt going to presume anything about how you should set up your outdoor space!

    Dog Potty Artificial Grass Pros

    • Mostly permanent

    Dog Potty Artificial Grass Cons

    • Doesnt really look like grass
    • Dogs arent always fooled

    Dog Potty Sod Pros

    • With proper maintenance can last a long time
    • Dogs will treat this like any other grass

    Dog Potty Sod Cons

    • Requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance
    • Can easily die if you dont take care of it

    Dog Potty Cedar Mulch Pros

    • Cheap

    Dog Potty Cedar Mulch Cons

    • Youll need to replace it every year or so
    • Dogs dont always take to it

    I chose mulch for a couple of reasons. Basically, I had some spare materials lying around from another patio project and my dog seemed to take to using it fine. If I had a picky canine companion, Id probably go with one of the artificial grass options.

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    Why Should You Have A Designated Doggy Potty Area

    Than you walk in this area or maybe your kids play in the area. Chances are they are going to pick up some of the contaminates. Dog feces are full of bacteria that can cause you to get sick.

    Lets face it kids are not known to keep their hands out of their mouths. Why take the chance of them getting sick when you can simply create a area that is off limits to the kids.

    Have Dog Behavior Problems Learn About House Training

    After having a clear puppy feeding schedu le throughout the day you can plan your next step for your housetraining mission on the potty training. An adult dog goes on average every six to eight hours, while a senior dog might need a bathroom break every four hours.

    1 have dog behavior problems learn about house training. 1 so be patient, but dont lose faith.

    App allows you to id dog breeds with a photo dog breeds. A newly adopted, older adult dog may need potty training if he is not already house trained.

    Best litter box for pugs in 2020 dog litter box best. A puppy thats just two weeks old has a couple of months of training ahead of them.

    Crate training 101 dog training tips puppy training. A ten month old puppy may be able to be potty trained in under a week!

    Finn puppy dogtricks dogtraining bulldog. After having a clear puppy feeding schedu le throughout the day you can plan your next step for your housetraining mission.

    How does my dog talk to me dog communication cat. An adult dog goes on average every six to eight hours, while a senior dog might need a bathroom break every four hours.

    How long do female dogs stay in heat what you need to. An older dog that has never been properly housebroken can take up to a few weeks or several months to potty train.

    How long does it take to potty train a german shepherd. Having an older dog who isnt housetrained is frustrating, but most older dogs can be potty trained within a couple of weeks.

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    Self Draining Diy Porch Potty With Durable Artificial Turf

    This self draining puppy potty is a surprisingly quick build! It uses durable artificial turf. You can just hose it down at it is good to go!

    A combination of metal lattice and a PVC sheet are used to create the draining slope and support the grass.

    There is even a red gnome for your puppy to aim at! You can find out more about the build here.

    The nifty angled PVC sheet allows gravity to pull away the urine and naturally drains it out through the lowest corner. An extra spray down in summer with a nearby hose helps ensure everything stays super fresh and eliminates and chance of a urine smell.


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