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How To Make Old Concrete Patio Look New

Glue Down The Border Pavers Over Concrete

How to Make Old Concrete Look New! Painting Concrete Patio DIY!

After setting each paver, run a bead of construction adhesive up the side of it. That will keep the sand from washing out between pavers. How to lay paving stones

To get started, scrub the border area with a concrete cleaner or muriatic acid mixed with water . Any stiff brush will do, but a deck stripping brush on a broom handle makes it easier. Hose down the patio when you’re done scrubbing the border.

While the concrete is drying, grab a tape measure and a chalk line and carefully plan the locations of the borders . Using the chalk lines as a guide, glue down the border pavers along the house and two sides of the patio . We used polyurethane construction adhesive for a strong, long-lasting bond . If adhesive squishes up between pavers, don’t try to wipe it off. Just let it harden, then trim it off of the concrete patio blocks with a utility knife.

What’s A Good Exterior Concrete Overlay Product For A Driveway

If you have a concrete driveway that needs to be resurfaced then Stone Edge Surfaces Trowel Mix is an excellent overlay you can use to achieve a brand new looking broom finish.

It’s made specifically for resurfacing concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks.

It comes in a white or grey base that can be tinted with integral pigment when you mix it.

The added micro polypropylene fibers give it added flexural and tensile strength plus more durability than other overlay mixes.

The mix has a blend of flexibilizers, plasticizers, and finishing agents that help minimize any freeze and thaw spalling & cracking on the surface.

Tools For Carving Concrete

I am using a Roto-Zip tool. I bought mine online at: /. This tool is not unlike a Dremel, just bigger and more powerful. I am using a diamond blade because concrete can be very hard. It gets harder with age.With my safety eye wear on, I set my Roto-Zip at a slight angle to the crack and began carving the crack a little wider and or smaller depending on how the vine would actually go. This tool runs at a very high speed and dust will fly. Wear protective clothing and gloves.

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Will Concrete Overlay Crack

In most cases if the sub-base prep is done correctly and any damaged concrete is repaired properly then the concrete overlay will not crack.

Any existing cracks in the concrete have to be fixed like this or there’s a chance the repaired crack could transfer up through the overlay.

If the existing concrete you’re about to overlay is still moving then the new concrete overlay will most likely crack right over the repaired cracks.

Some concrete overlays have to be kept damp as they cure so they don’t cure too fast. If a concrete overlay cures too fast it could crack from rapid curing.

This is more likely to happen on 1/4″ thick and thicker overlays.

Can You Make Cement Look Like Stone

Resurfacing a Sidewalk is Easy to DIY

Today, its possible for contractors to cast a similar spell, transforming ordinary concrete patios into natural stone of all types, using techniques such as hand carving, stamps, and texturing skins. With concrete, the entire patio can be poured in one step and then stamped or scored with a stone-like pattern.

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Failing To Set Up Proper Forms

A concrete form is a frame made of wood, in which the fluid concrete can be poured. These forms must be strong enough to hold the wet concrete in place and in its proper shape until it is dry and fully hardened.

Forms absolutely must have watertight joints to keep concrete from leaking out. They must also be rigid enough that the concrete cant bow outward. Good formwork makes or breaks the performance of a slab of concrete. A bad concrete form is a recipe for a disastrous patio project.

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Seal Over Tape With Primer

A tip I got from Peter Daich was to then go back with a brush and seal down the tape lines with the primer again. This ensures that there will be minimal seepage of the next coats of paint under the tape. The tape stays on until all of the layers are completed and comes up just before the clear coats go on. Marks red rolling stool helped my back a lot on this process! I rolled around the patio painting lines.

Once they are all painted over, the tape disappears, but its going to do its job under there and give me a gorgeous look when finished. This is a layer by layer, step by step process, but I think its totally worth the effort! I would do it again in a minute.

Taped and ready for the next coat.

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How Do You Make Old Concrete Look Better

3 Ways to Make Old Concrete Look New Again

  • Power Wash. Over time, your concrete will accumulate grime and dirt.
  • Resurface. If youre looking for a quick and easy way to improve your curb appeal, resurfacing your concrete steps and driveway is a great way to start.
  • Add Stain or Sealing Coats.
  • Revive Your Old Concrete.
  • How Do You Paint Concrete To Look Like Granite

    How to repair your Cracked Conrete and make your Patio look NEW!

    Pour the black primer into a paint pan dip a paint roller into the primer and apply it evenly all over the top of the counters. Change to a sponge brush and apply the primer to the edges and trim of the countertops. Let the primer dry six hours. Sprinkle the included minerals onto the sponge from the kit.

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    What Is The Best Concrete Patio Coating

    Types of Overlay SystemsTime: 02:24Compare types of systems and learn which one is right for your patio project.

    Concrete patio coatings come in a variety of options and should be chosen based on the type of work you need done.

    • Patio paint is the least expensive option for bringing color to your patio. It does not handle wear and tear as well as other options and will need to be replaced more often.
    • Epoxy coatings protect your surface from water and can handle some wear and tear. This coating can also bring a bold color palette to your surface.
    • Stamped concrete overlays add color, pattern and texture to your patio, while also enhancing the durability and strength of the surface.
    • Microtoppings are a thin layer of cement that gives your concrete a new canvas for decorative ideas. Some even come pre-tinted for an easy change in color.

    How To Create Faux Tile Look On Concrete Patio

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    This project is sponsored by Daich Coatings SpreadStone. They sent me this product to try out. Im so happy to share this with you all as I love, love the outcome!

    DIY: How to tape off a concrete patio and use a concrete stone paint faux finish technique to create a stone/slate tile looking patio. A DIY project anyone can do with time and effort!

    Hey, friends! Well, Im back after almost a month of working on our patio to share with you one of my favorite DIY projects Ive ever completed. Yall have watched me DIY a lot of things on this blog, many when I was younger than I am now. Im happy to say that this 62 year old Boomer rocked this project and got it done! I wasnt sure how long it would take me and at the beginning, my disclaimer was that it might be next March or April before it all was completed, but I forged ahead and got it done. Thank goodness the weather finally cooperated and the last 2 sections were done in much cooler temps. Outdoor DIYs in 95 degree weather is for the birds!

    Heres a look at our house just after we bought it, under the deck on the patio.

    And right after getting the fence installed.

    Right after moving in.

    Ill go ahead and show you the AFTER shot now so you can get excited about this project!

    And heres the finished project using Daich Spreadstone products.

    I received a lot of product and started going through the instructions, watching the videos and unpacking the boxes to see what I had.

    Now, lets get to the project!

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    Getting A New Concrete Patio Look Without Tearing Out The Old One

    It is inevitable for a concrete patio to exhibit wear and tear especially if it is being used often and exposed to all harmful elements outdoors. However, when you start noticing signs of age or damage, do not immediately think that the patio needs to be replaced. There are many workarounds that make more sense than tearing out the concrete and replacing it with a brand new mix. Here are some practical options to give that old Dallas concrete patio a new look:

    Can I Have A Decorative Concrete Overlay

    Resurfacing a Sidewalk is Easy to DIY

    Yes, this replaced old carpet and tile in a hotel lobby.

    The project totaled 4500 sq. ft. of stamped and hand carved stones.

    The overlay material was a total of 1/4 inch thick over an old concrete floor.

    An excellent stampable overlay mix is STAMP MIX.

    This stamped concrete overlay was installed over an old, worn concrete patio that sloped towards the house.

    We resurfaced the concrete with our overlay, stamped a cobblestone pattern into it, and sloped the overlay away from the house to shed water.

    A spray down or sprayed on concrete overlay is great when you need some texture on the surface for slip-resistance or if you use a stencil to create a pattern like the one below.

    Concrete resurfacing using an overlay can make an old, cracked and pitted concrete patio look like new again.

    On this patio, I repaired the small cracks, lightly ground the surface, applied the overlay with a hand trowel at about 1/16 inch thick, then dragged a broom across the overlay to give it a broom finished look.

    I would use the trowel mix concrete overlay if you are going to diy this type of project.

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    How To Make Old Concrete Look Like New

  • How To Make Old Concrete Look Like NEW?
  • Concrete is one of the most hard-wearing accessible structure materials you can use. If your concrete is worn out, crumbling, cracking and making a bit of a mess, there are a number of ways you can renew it. Whether the concrete surface is in your garage, on your patio or around your pool, you can have it looking fresh on budget AND in a reasonable amount of time.

    Extra Design Elements To Add

    We have lots of great inspiration from home shows, and where to find similar pieces to complete your concrete patio ideas.

    I can almost feel the plans for all of the summer nights and days spent out on the patio. It is going to be your favorite place to hang out with all of these great concrete patio ideas for a makeover.

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    Secure The Concrete Pavers In Place And Fill The Gaps

    Once you have finished each section and the pavers have all been laid, make sure none of the paver stones wobble. Youll want to check this before filling the joints.

    I had about five that had some wobble and just about every time, the culprit was a raised bit of larger gravel that had been pulled near the surface. The concrete paver stone was resting awkwardly on the raised gravel.

    The way to fix this is to gently remove the paver and check for the larger gravel that is raised. Remove it and fill in the hole with sand. Carefully place the paver back down into position.

    If you dont see any gravel, then something in that spot isnt level. It could be that theres a bit of a bump, or just one edge needs a little more sand. Use the float to level it and place the paver back into place.

    With all the pavers set as you need them, you can start filling in the gaps. Use the square nosed shovel to scoop the sand or paver dust and place it into the joints, but only add about ½- ¾ of the paver dust/sand.

    Try to distribute it evenly between them. You can use a hand spade and/or a broom to help with this.

    Now finish filling in the gaps with your decorative top layer. I used marble chips.

    Spread these evenly throughout, but be sure to leave them recessed about ¼ from the top so you dont end up with a big mess of overflowing joint filler.

    Those are all the steps! Now youll be ready to entertain on your new concrete paver patio!

    How Do You Make An Old Concrete Patio Look New

    How To Pour New Concrete Over Old Concrete | Stamped Concrete Patio

    3 Ways to Make Old Concrete Look New Again Power Wash. Over time, your concrete will accumulate grime and dirt. Resurface. If youre looking for a quick and easy way to improve your curb appeal, resurfacing your concrete steps and driveway is a great way to start. Add Stain or Sealing Coats. Revive Your Old Concrete.

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    What Can You Do With A Cracked Concrete Patio

    Resurfacing the concrete on your own is another inexpensive, semi-structural option to repair the concrete to the full depth of the crack. This option is best for best for cracks 1/2 or wider because it can be difficult to force the new concrete into a narrow crack all the way down in a six-inch-thick concrete slab.

    Does A Concrete Overlay Last

    A concrete overlay will last a very long time if the surface it’s being applied to is prepared properly.

    The existing surface has to be clean and sound with no loose or flaking areas of concrete.

    Deep spalling and cracks have to be repaired first.

    You may have to treat the existing concrete first with a concrete densifier and hardener if your concrete is really old and porous.

    And… you have to mix and apply the concrete overlay according to the manufactures specifications.

    Then you need to seal it with a concrete sealer to protect it.

    If you do all of that, your concrete overlay will last a long time.

    We installed a thin coating of concrete overlay to brighten up and restore the finish on this pool deck.

    The process included:

    • Thoroughly pressure wash the existing concrete to clean it, then let it dry.
    • Dampen the concrete and squeegee on the first layer of concrete overlay to prime the surface
    • After that was dry, slightly dampen again and squeegee on another thin layer, then immediately drag a broom across the “wet” overlay to texture it with a broom finish
    • Let the entire surface completely dry overnight
    • Apply 2 coats of concrete sealer

    This concrete was just worn looking and didn’t need any repair. If it did need some crack or spalling repair we would have done that after pressure washing.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Resurface Concrete Patio

    Nationally, the average cost for concrete resurfacing is $3 to $10 per square foot, depending on the condition of the original concrete and local labor costs. For smaller projects, some contractors charge a flat fee of at least $500 to $1,000. The new concrete must also be sealed, which costs $20 to $80 per gallon.

    How Much Does A Concrete Overlay Cost

    How To Stain A Concrete Patio

    When you look at the cost of concrete overlay material, it’s going to depend on what your using it for.

    There’s concrete overlays for very thin micro-topping finishes of 1/16″ or less, most of the time this is used to get a smooth appearance. There’s overlays made for resurfacing 1/8″ to 3/8″ for broom finish and there’s overlays for stamped concrete appearances.

    There’s other overlay material used just for deep repairs and others used for getting a polished concrete floor look.

    At a bag of micro-topping concrete overlay is about $80.00 per 37 lb. bag, and will cover 300 – 500 square feet.

    The 1/8″ – 3/8″ bag of concrete overlay is about $36.00 per 50 lb. bag, it covers 48 square feet at 1/8″ thick.

    A 50 lb. bag of self-leveling overlay mix is about $30.00 and covers 50 square feet at 1/8″ thick.

    Labor prices will vary depending on the amount of prep, repair, and type of overlay finish you’re going after.

    Smooth and broom finishes will generally run $5 – $10 dollars per square foot and stamped overlays can run between $10 – $20 dollars per square foot. These prices include both labor and materials.

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    How To Make Concrete Patio Pavers

    Living in a shipping container house? Then transform it into normal housing by adding a paver patio. Use the wood slats to make the pavers patio forms and next fill them up with concrete to make pavers. The concrete patio pavers will cost you $6.20 per square foot, and a solid cedar deck will be ready at $30 per square foot. homemade modern

    How Do I Put Grass In My Concrete Yard

  • Remove loose pieces of concrete.
  • Spread topsoil over the concrete.
  • Spread a starter seed fertilizer over the topsoil.
  • Combine the fertilizer with the topsoil.
  • Plant a grass seed that is hardy and low maintenance.
  • Broadcast the grass seed with a hand or mechanical spreader, depending on the size of the lawn.
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