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How To Make Patio Curtains

Build Your Own Modern Wood Privacy Screens


Want a nice, modern looking privacy screen while still being on a budget? Then this great DIY tutorial it just for you! It offers step by step instructions on how to build your very own back porch wood screens. These easy to construct hanging screens were built from scratch, by hand, using wooden planks, to create a lattice effect. They look great, dont they?

And for an extra layer of privacy, there are curtains. In the case you want to host a private patio party or just relax in a quiet, you can achieve even more privacy. This is one of our favorite ideas.

What You Will Need For The Project

  • One 6′ x 9′ drop cloth for about every 5 to 6 feet you want to shade
  • One package of clip-rings for each drop cloth
  • Optional: tie backs
  • Lengths of half inch metal poles to act as outdoor curtain rods
  • Hooks for hanging the metal poles
  • KILZĀ® primer and white spray paint for protecting and painting the poles
  • An alternative idea is to simply purchase tension rods which would even be easier than the metal rods. No hooks or painting would be needed.

Add A Curtain Rod To Your Gazebo

If your gazebo frame is metal youll have to get creative. Zip ties will be your friend. Dont worry, no one will see them once theyre camouflaged.

It wasnt easy to get this hung by myself but a girl will do what she has to do to get the job done. ;I propped one end on the rail while I securely fastened the other. Leave it a bit loose until both ends have been zip-tied.

Hang the curtain rod away from the frame a bit so the drop cloth curtains wont get hung up when you open or close them.

  • Our heavy-duty zip ties were white so I got out my handy black sharpie and colored them in place.
  • Dont forget to slide on the curtain ring hooks before you zip tie the second side.

Ok, hard part is done, the rest goes pretty quickly. ;I had already washed and dried my drop cloth so I was ready to hang them.

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How To Make Outdoor Drapery Panels

Theres something special about outdoor drapes. They can take your backyard and make it feel more like a tropical spa. Drapes around a porch or pergola provide privacy and make a space feel more finished. In our second project from the DIY Porch Makeover Series, were going to show you how to make your own outdoor drapery panels.

When it comes to selecting fabric for your outdoor draperies, its all about the look youre going for. We chose a Sunbrella Sheer fabric to give a soft ethereal look. If you want heavier curtains for privacy, Sunbrella Upholstery fabric would be a good choice or if you want something to make a bright statement, try P/Kaufmann Outdoor. Whatever fabric you choose, just make sure that it is meant for use outdoors so your curtains can handle the weather.

Instead of using a traditional curtain rod, we opted to use something a little sturdier for the outdoorsstainless steel tubing. The tubing we used is actually marine tubing hardware. Since it was made for a marine environment it will be durable in all kinds of weather conditions and it gives finished product a really nice look. We attached the tubing directly to the wood trim on our porch with mounting bases. This tubing would also work great for curtains around a pergola.

In this video, you will learn how to measure for outdoor curtains, seam and hem the panels, install the rods, and install the curtains.

After The Plastic Variety Failed Us In The Texas Summer Heat We Switched To Bamboo Roll

Inexpensive Patio Curtain Ideas

They were very similar to these:

They worked for a time, but the biggest issue was if the wind picked up, anything above 5mph, I had to hustle outside to roll them up, or they would bang against the patio supports and break.

Surprisingly, the heat was also tough on them.

Bamboo grows outside, ergo , I thought they would hold up better.

Texas summers can be brutal. The heat can warp, mangle and melt all sorts of things you wouldnt expect .

The actual bamboo ones were better, but were more expensive.

I wanted to keep things inexpensive.

I couldnt justify keeping any kind of shade if they needed to be replaced so often, not to mention needing special care.

OMT! is a busy gal I gots more important thangs to be worrying about .

When we took down the tattered shades last winter; I decided ENOUGH!

Into the trash they went and the hunt was renewed for inexpensive patio curtains.

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Ordo You Have A Neighbor That Is Basically A Peeping Stalker Simply Because You Have Dragged Your Feet Putting Up Any Sort Of Privacy Curtains For Your Patio

Sensing a pattern here?

Its time to do this thang, but not before a classic Oh, Mrs Tucker! story.

A few years back, we had a neighbor whom I nicknamed Cletus.; His creep factor from 1-10: 253.;

Our yard sits a bit below his and hed stand on his backyard patio and stare into our backyard patio, or worse, into our house.;

I often let him know I didnt appreciate his creepiness, Texas-style.;

He always seemed to get the message, but soon enough Id find him standing there, waving like wed never had several conversations about personal space.


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How To Make Extra Wide Drapes For Sliding Glass Doors

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I know this post is way overdue and many of you have been writing to me asking me to explain how I made the extra wide drapes to cover all the sliding glass doors in my house;that I wrote about in this post.

If I only had to make two panels to cover one door, I would have had this posted sooner, but I had 4 doors to cover and I lost my production line mojo back in June!

When I started researching ready made white drapes for sliding glass doors, all I could find was ugly custom made ones that costs over $1000 per door. ;I had to figure out a way to get the width I needed on the cheap. I didnt want them to look like sheets hanging from the windows. I wanted them to have ample fullness when closed. ;I did lots of research in this post and came up with a way to semi-DIY what I needed.

After the pile of ready-made drapes I bought sat waiting all summer long to be transformed in my studioffice, I decided to hunker down and get them made before winter comes.

I am happy to report that I got the job done. Here is how I made them.

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There Is A Lingering Question: What Fabric Is Best For Outdoor Curtains

What fabric is best to use cotton or synthetic?

I say each has its place.

  • The cotton drop cloth is a heavy duty material, meant to take abuse. It holds up amazingly and you can dye to your liking.The drawback is that it doesnt dry quickly after rainstorms.
  • Synthetic is lightweight and dries quickly when wet. It is also fade and mold resistant.The drawback is they will blow furiously in the slightest wind.
  • Having already tried the drop cloth look, we switched to the fade resistant lightweight material.

    By Step Directions For Making Rods For Outdoor Curtains

    Another use for shower curtains. Inexpensive Way to Enclose Your Patio

    Our DIY curtain rods are made of cable wire that we fastened to our pergola. Lets break it down step-by-step:

    1.) Install Screw Hooks

    You want to install screw hooks at either end of the desired length of your curtain rod. We placed the hooks about 24 apart. That sounds really short, but these curtains are purely aesthetic since we are not going to be opening or closing them.

    Pre-drill holes into the pergola posts. Screw in the screw hooks by hand, but the process is much easier if you use a pair of pliers to help you turn the hook into the post.

    2.) Grab a Turnbuckle

    Extend it about 3/4 of the way into its fully extended position. This will allow you some play when you install the cable.

    3.) Cut The Desired Length of Cable Wire

    Use wire cutters and make sure to add extra length for the loops at both ends. Dont forget to take into account the length of the turnbuckle.

    4.) Loop Both Ends of Cable Wire

    Secure each end with a U-bolt cable clamp as shown in the picture.

    5.) Place Loop of Cable Over the Screw Hood

    As shown below in the picture see?

    6.) Feed the Curtain Onto the Wire

    Or onto your curtain rings if you are using rings as we did. Check out the picture below.

    I use these super inexpensive curtain hooks/rings from IKEA (if you dont have an IKEA close by, here are similar options via Amazon.

    7.) Attach the Hook

    Attach the hook portion of the turnbuckle to the other end of the cable.

    8.) Now Attach the Loop

    Thats it! Heres how ours looks completed .

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    How To Hang Outdoor Curtains Across Large Spaces

    As mentioned previously, rods and wires can droop in the center if holding several curtain panels. Adding center supports is the most commonly used option, but what if you dont want curtain panels lumped in the center of your space?

    A conduit tube may be the answer to your problems. Conduit tubing, also known as electric metallic tubing, will provide a sturdy outdoor curtain rod. However, you will need some DIY experience and tools. You can view full instructions at this blog post.

    You can also look into curtain tracks, available for ceiling and wall mounting.

    Contact Us To Order Vinyl Porch Enclosures Near You

    You can click the Quick Quote button at the top of the page to receive a FREE ballpark estimate online for our clear plastic vinyl patio curtains and walls. Were also ready to help you select custom vinyl curtains to make a unique outdoor space.To reach us directly, fill out our quick quote page;or call 445-4500.

    Thank you so much for all your help on this project.; I cannot speak to the payment process but I can say that the installation is complete.; The curtains look perfect and we are so excited to have this new feature.; This will truly open our opportunities!; Thank you again.

    We were so happy with our enclosures the other night with the tornado we had . Nothing even thought about sneaking in. They held up great through the wind, hail, rain and lightning!! GREAT!!!

    It was just about a year ago we installed our enclosure on the gazebo. Just thought Id let you know it has exceeded our expectations and held up perfectly even in some Florida storms and high winds.

    My other porch covering shrank and unlike your expansion panels, I had to move all the fasteners.

    I absolutely love my Enclosure! Thanks for all your help and a great product! Pouring down outside and we are great! Thank you for an awesome product. I just love my new living room!

    After more than 6 years in the Florida heat. Even Hurricane Irma couldnt hurt this great gazebo enclosure. So pleased we purchased from The Enclosure Guy.

    Michael B.

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    The Need For Outdoor Patio Curtains

    Today, Im going to give our outdoor patio curtains some much-deserved recognition for their contribution to our outdoor space. Its time for a curtain call for these DIY curtains.

    The deck got a major DIY overhaul a few years back on a pretty tight budget. We knocked down railings, stained, and painted some outdoor rugs.

    Then we built a pergola and made a DIY chandelier out of vintage cans.

    It was a project that truly transformed the outdoor space. However, the pergola needed a finishing touch to make it feel completesomething to soften all the hard lines and edges. Thats how the outdoor curtains were brought into the plan.

    We did the deck projects on an ultra-low budget, and one of the easiest, most inexpensive parts of the DIY deck equation was making the curtains and the wire DIY curtain rods.

    Order Clear Vinyl Roll

    DIY Patio Curtains from Drop Cloths (with no sewing ...

    When you purchase outdoor vinyl curtains from Enclosure Guy, we work together as a team to ensure your investment is carefully designed and installed to our high standards. We service the entire USA. Our entire team is comfortable jumping on a plane or in a car to make sure your outdoor vinyl curtains and clear plastic shades meet our level of craftsmanship. We find that each customer has unique needs, and our ability to go with the flow is one more reason why we have earned a great reputation and are considered the top vinyl curtain company in the industry.;

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    How To Make A Cozy Patio Door Curtain For Your House

    The best patio doors are built from high quality materials, with soft fabrics, thick fabrics, and sturdy wood that will last for years.

    The downside is that they require a lot of work, especially if you dont have the time to build them yourself.

    So how do you do that without getting your hands dirty?;

    The first thing you need to know about building patio doors is that if youre building your patio doors from the ground up, they are probably going to take a long time to assemble.

    Its important to understand this before you start.

    To do this, Im going to teach you how to make your own patio door curtains.

    First, youll need a lot more than a door and a curtain.

    Youll need some sort of sturdy fabric that will stand up to the elements, and some sort for the fabric to stick to.

    I use an old piece of cardboard for the door.

    It has a thick, waterproof fabric that Ill be building on top of.

    Ive made my own patio doors using cardboard, which Ive used in the past.

    You can use cardboard for doors too, but this time, youre going to need to build the curtains using a more durable material.

    For the curtain, you need a piece of sturdy wood.

    You want a thick piece of wood thats at least 6 long.

    Thats because it will hold the curtain firmly in place.

    Next, you will need a door that is 3 wide.

    If youre making your curtains from scratch, you might want to go with something shorter.

    This is because its more likely that your curtains will be too tall for the floor.

    Use Old Screen Doors To Create An Outdoor Art Privacy Wall

    This super adorable DIY tutorial shows you how to create your very own secrete outdoor tea room. The privacy wall within this idea is full of art, which is charming to look at and even better at protecting your privacy during this tea party.

    This is a great idea to try with kids who will be inviting their friends over for parties and sleepovers. This is also a great idea to try with a book club, if you have the space, or even just a cute sitting area.

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    Make A Patio Living Wall

    Do you think a simple lattice screen is boring? So why not build a privacy screen that is also a living wall? Lattice panels are just perfect for it, and this DIY tutorial shows you exactly how to create your very own living wall privacy screen. This is a super cute idea that features plenty of living plants that will not only add extra privacy, but will add some more life to the patio, as well.

    This is a more modern concept that helps you add some extra plant life to the patio without taking up too much space. Make sure all plant fixtures are fastened securely, as this tutorial suggests, to prevent damage to any falling plants.

    Easy Diy Curtains And Diy Curtain Rods


    Have you seen the price of outdoor curtains? Save yourself some money by making your own DIY curtains for your patio. Its easier than you may think!

    Sometimes its the easiest of DIY projects that make the biggest impact in our homes. And if you get very lucky, its the projects that are easy AND inexpensive that make the biggest difference.

    In the case of our outdoor DIY curtains and DIY curtain rods, thats definitely true. Find out how we made them , their cost, and all the materials youll need to tackle your own set.

    *This post contains affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure policy HERE.*

    Quickly before we get started if youre trying to transform your own home decor on a budget then you should definitely grab this free guide, Builder-Grade To Beautiful: 10 Totally Transforming Decorating Projects, All Under $100!

    or on the image below and Ill send your copy right away

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    How To Hang Curtains With Wire

    Setting up your outdoor curtains with wire can be an inexpensive way to decorate your backyard. For this method, you will need heavy-gauge steel wire rope, eye hooks, and wall anchors.

    First, use the eye hooks and wall anchors to secure one end of the wire to a nearby structure, such as a beam or post of your patio or the exterior of your house. Keep the wire taut as you secure it to an opposing structure. Before securing it, run the wire through the curtain grommets or panel.

    If you are using steel wire or rope to mount your curtains across a large space, you may want to add additional supports; otherwise, it could droop in the middle.


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