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How To Protect Patio Furniture

How To Secure Patio Furniture

Using 303® Indoor & Outdoor Protectant to Car For Your Patio Furniture

One of the drawbacks of a front patio setup is that furniture and other expensive items are susceptible to theft. Ideally, you would place any new furniture in the backyard, but if you have your heart set on a welcoming porch leading to your front door, take extra steps to ensure it will be there tomorrow! For one, try a steel cable lock at night or when not in use. Another smart tactic is the security camera above the front door, which will catch any wrongful intentions in the act and, more importantly, serve as a “warning” and ward off any thieves from the start!

How To Find The Perfect Fit

Adjustable Glides are threaded and screw into leg with thread that accepts. To determine the size of thread- take the leg to the hardware store and screw on sizes of nuts until you find the size that fits correctly. .

Stem bumpers are smaller glides generally used in smaller holes in the frame and average around 1/4.

How To Protect Outdoor Wood Furniture

If you’ve bought an outdoor furniture piece made of wood, you don’t have to worry about protection as much, since anything “outdoor”-labelled is designed to resist elements. If you’re wondering about placing a wood piece;not;made for outdoors in a backyard or patio, make sure to keep it under an eave or extended roof. Consider taking any pieces not made for outdoors back inside during colder months, and always use a form of protection, whether a sealant directly on the wood or a canvas covering.

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Patio Makes Backyard Beautiful

Whether people have a tiny balcony or an expansive garden, patio furniture is kind of those furnishing who add the essence of beauty in outdoor is an area of any individual. The patio has the charm to convert a boring backyard into a luxurious outside area which gives a sense of calming to its owner and will help them to take full advantage of their warm weather. Now according to different company reports it is found that people demand more stylish and crafted patio for their stylish backyard and want to make their outdoor area more soothing, refreshing, and colourful. Patio furniture adds style and comfort to people outdoor area.

Cleaning Tips For Your Furniture

How To Protect Patio Furniture in Winter

Regular cleaning protects your furniture from depreciation and erosion. At the time you purchase your furniture, create a plan to keep your furnishings clean. This will ensure their longevity and proper functioning. Consider the time spent cleaning as an investment in maintaining these items into the future.

There is a moderate level of financial investment necessary to purchase the right kind of cleaning supplies. However, it can be easy to maintain the furnishings if you buy a specific type of container for storing your cleaning equipment in one place. This will make it easy to get access to the cleaning supplies on a regular basis.

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Wash Your Cushion Covers

Learning how to wash outdoor cushions is easy. If the fabric care label allows for machine washing, head to the laundry room with your cushion covers and follow the directions on the label. To hand-wash your cushion covers, follow these simple steps:

  • Hand-wash the cushion covers in a sink of water and dish soap and use ¼ cup baking soda for stains and mildew
  • Let the covers soak for 15 minutes
  • Pile your wet cushion covers into a bucket and head outside
  • Gently rinse the covers with a garden hose
  • Roll the covers up in towels to remove some of the moisture, then lay them out to air dry
  • Once your outdoor cushion covers are nice and dry, put them back on your cushions and spray them with a fabric protector to keep them looking their best. Even using the best fabric protector only goes so far against foul weather and glaring sunlight. If possible, store your cushions out of the weather when youre not using them and they will experience less fading and wear.

Now that you know how to clean outdoor furniture and protect it, be sure to check out our other cleaning guides. Whether you are a DIYer or you invest in one of our popular residential cleaning services, The Maids wants your family to enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. Learn more about our healthy approach to cleaning with a free estimate from The Maids today!

How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture During Fall And Winter

Nov 5, 2020 | Lifestyle

If youre like so many of us here in Chicagoland, you probably spent more time outdoors this summer than ever before. Since we couldnt travel as much, many people went to great lengths to make their outdoor spaces, big and small, feel more like a comfortable, fun extension of home. That includes making a major investment in new patio furniture and outdoor decor, which have seen booming sales in recent months.;

Now, the leaves are turning red and gold and nighttime temperatures are making us feel just a little nostalgic for those warm summer evenings.;

Chicago winters can be brutal, and not just because of the icy cold or the biting winds off of Lake Michigan. Our legendary winters can blow snow, ice, and slushy rain onto your porch or balcony and cause damage to all of the brand new patio furniture you invested in this year. What should you do with it now, as cold temperatures and precipitation swirl closer? Here are a few things to keep in mind for transitioning your patio furniture and outdoor decor from spring to winter:

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How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons

Over time, weather good or bad can do serious damage to your patio furniture. A little wind, a lot of precipitation and too many direct rays can all turn your expensive patio set into a ramshackle pile-o-rust. Regardless of what type of outdoor furniture you use, its important to know how to properly care for it in any conditions.

Wondering how to protect outdoor furniture from rain? Need advice on how to clean your outdoor cushions? And does outdoor furniture need to be covered? At Eclipse Shading Systems, weve got you covered with simple answers to all your outdoor furniture questions. Protect your outdoor living space and prevent dirt, rot and rust with these simple steps.

1. Keep it clean. Even if your furniture is covered, its still going to accrue dirt and rot if you dont clean it every once in a while. Pick a sunny day and take the time to clean your furniture with mild dish soap and warm water. Use a sponge to break up grime and a hose to rinse away any soap residue. Give it time to dry out before replacing any cushions or moving it back to a shady spot. Note: If you have wrought iron furniture, your set is going to need special care to prevent rust.

Can you leave patio furniture outside in the rain without a cover? Technically, you can, but if you know heavy downpours are on the way, you should apply a cover to reduce the risk of rust and avoid overly soaked outdoor cushions.

How To Protect Patio Furniture At Your Beachfront Home

How to Choose Patio Furniture Covers

The global outdoor furniture market brought in over $18 billion in 2019. While the options are seemingly endless for patio and outdoor furniture, owners of beachfront homes need to take special considerations when buying patio furniture and maintaining it due to the unique weather conditions the furniture will face.;

Weve prepared a short guide for all of our beachfront and coastal homeowners on the types of patio furniture material available, plus special care tips for each to prolong the life of your furniture and keep it looking beautiful.

Types of Patio Furniture

Manufacturers of patio furniture use several different materials with different pros and cons. Some are better suited for a beachfront property. All of them have their own unique set of issues that you need to look out for to keep them in tip-top shape.

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When It’s Time To Head Inside

After youve enjoyed a sunny afternoon outdoors, take a few minutes to clean up and put pieces away. Next time setting up for a day of play outdoors will be a breeze and your future self will thank you!

Give lounge chairs and daybeds a good rinse with a garden hose to remove any sweat or sunscreen after use. Wipe down chairs and table tops with a clean soft cloth dampened with soapy water. Gently brush away any spills or stains with a little water and a soft brush. Remove any padding or cushions and set pieces out to dry.

Once the furniture has completely dried, top each piece with its corresponding waterproof cover and store in a cool, dry place.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum patio furniture is one of the most durable and weather resistant pieces of patio furniture that you can buy. Cast aluminum is basically rust proof so you dont need to worry too much about moisture. There are plenty of covers that are available that fit all sorts of different shapes and sizes of patio furniture. Another added benefit of cast aluminum is that its super lightweight. If youre concerned about a big windstorm or crazy snow conditions, it should be easy to move this furniture into a place away from the elements. In our Choosing the Best Material for Patio Furniture guide, you can see that cast aluminum is top of the line when it comes to sub par weather conditions.

San Michelle Sectional Set; $4,165.00

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Patio Seat Cushions Storage Ideas

Although patio cushions can be a great addition to your outdoor space, they often take up too much space. There are many ways to store them that will not only make the area look more appealing but will also make it more functional.

If you have a patio with a covered area, consider putting the cushions in a basket or in a large laundry basket. This way, they will be in a contained space and can easily be seen when you need them. If the patio is not covered, find a way to keep them neat and tidy by rolling them up in a large pillowcase.

Storage should not occupy too much space either, so you can use smaller baskets to keep the cushions in. The best thing about small storage is that it doesnt take a lot of room.

When storing the cushions, you need to remember that they are going to be used not only during the summer season. You can install a large shed or keep them under the patio where they are easy to access.

If you can find a spot inside the house, consider storing them there too. Look for boxes or baskets with lids that will be easy to close and protect the cushions from dirt and pests.

How To Care For Composite Stone Furniture

How to Protect Your Wood Patio Furniture From Sun Damage ...

Just like some of the most state-of-the-art buildings around the world, Article uses composite stone in a selection of our outdoor furniture. With an industrial look and durability, its a great choice for most outdoor spaces. Loud patio dinner parties around the Atra table? Count us in.;

That said, there are things you can do to extend the life of your composite stone pieces. Adding a cement sealer every three to six months will give your piece that extra protection it deserves. If you notice the temperature dropping, its a good idea to bring your piece inside to avoid a natural reaction like cracking.;

To clean, simply use a soft-bristled nylon brush to wipe away dust and debris. Use the standard pH-neutral soap mixed with warm water to wipe away any dirt or grime, and then let your piece dry naturally before storing.;

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How To Protect A Glass Patio Table In Winter

Those large glass patio tables may be elegant all summer, but they are still delicate and can be a hassle to store in winter. Before you put the table in the garage, you should clean it, just as you would clean window glass. Use a glass cleaner and a dry cloth to clean it off without streaks. Be sure to clean the bottom and top of the glass. A glass repair kit can help you fill any scratches or chips that the table has suffered during the year. Then, place a large cover over the glass to keep it protected for storage.;

What Do I Search For Online

Many online retailers sell them under the names of dome inserts, cap inserts, multi-gauge ball insert, and even insert cup. We recommend you search for feet glides and then look for inserts and ask yourself where does this install?. This way you can narrow down the type you need since theres too much variety in the market.

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Protect Outdoor Furniture With A Protective Wax

If you dont want to use sprays or tarp but still want your outdoor furniture protected from rain, then consider using products such as protective waxes.

These can be applied directly onto the surface of any wood piece, giving them an extra layer of protection that will help keep moisture away for more extended periods than other methods! You should note, however, that this method takes more effort on your part.

Indoors Garage Or Shed

How To Care For Wood Patio Furniture

If you have the space to store your patio furniture in a garage or shed, you should still consider using a lightweight cover to keep it protected from water leaks and dust. You should always try to bring in plastic furniture if you live in an area that frequently faces freezing weather. Plastic will get brittle during long exposure to cold temperatures.

While it may take an afternoon or two to winterize patio furniture, its well worth it. Keeping it clean and protected with a durable cover while not in use will prolong the life of your furniture so you can rest easy during the winter months knowing your outdoor investments are safe and sound.

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How To Restore Sun Faded Plastic

Is there an odd chalky residue on your plastic? This develops from sun exposure and leaves behind a dull plastic surface that looks nothing like the shiny chairs you purchased. In order to resolve this issue, you should clean the chairs just as described above, but then finish them off with a boat wax or another substance that restores gloss, such as automotive wax.;

Remove Old Finish And Rust

Clean the metal with a vinegar and water solution or use water with a mild detergent and a scrub brush or rag to remove dirt and grime. Use a bleach and water solution or a commercial mold remover to remove any mold or mildew.

You need to remove both the old paint and rust for new coats of paint to adhere properly. Keep in mind that you dont have to remove every bit of the old paint. The surface just needs to be free of loose flakes of paint and other debris. Sanding and scraping the surface also raises the surface a bit for better paint adhesion.

You can remove both rust and paint using a stiff wire brush or an electric drill equipped with a sanding pad and abrasive discs. Emery cloths can be used when there is minimal rust. Emery cloths work well because they are sturdier and easier to use than sandpaper on items such as railings or fences because of their flexibility. Paint scrapers come in handy as well. Remove sanding dust as you go.

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S To Secure Outdoor Furniture On The Ground

1: Tie furniture parts with a steel chain and secure it with padlock:

If the owner is facing windy weather outside the window and scares to lose its patio. So, this is definitely one of the best safety measures taken by the owner to safe its garden furniture. Just collect the furniture parts and tie all parts with a steel chain and secure it with lock and attach the lock with any support provided in the backyard.

2: Alarms the Savior:

Sometimes people are not aware that bad weather is about to hit their area. So, for that time alarms are the best option to save their placed furniture parts from the area which are about to lose from the wind. Owners must install the alarm in any part of the furniture. So, when wind or storm about to hit the area the first move of the furniture by the wind notified its owner about the danger.

3: Heavy-Weight furniture cover:

To save, the furniture from bad weather heavy-weight furniture covers also used by the owner to cover the furniture on the spot. Once the furniture parts are covered owner stops worrying about the security of their furniture.

4: Keep the furniture inside the Garage:

When the owner stops using furniture or leaving the home for some purpose. They should settle their garden furniture in the safe place means inside the garage or shed which shows a sense of security of the owner about their furniture and this action also made them relax that their furniture will not blow away by the wind in their absence.

6: Plant a Barrier:


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