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How To Remove Dog Urine From Concrete Patio

How To Completely Remove Dog Smell Out Of Concrete Or Backyard

How To Seal Concrete Patio (Behr Wet Look Sealer)

Apply to dry surfaces only. Dilute 1:10 with lukewarm water for normal use in a low-pressure garden sprayer or watering can. Adjust dilution to maximise results.

Step 1: Thoroughly apply diluted mix onto the surface and scrub with a bristle brush to loosen dirt if needed.

Step 2: Wait 10 minutes then wash away with a water hose and use a squeegee to direct excess liquid to drain. Repeat as needed for stubborn stains.

Step 3: Allow the area to dry naturally & completely before letting children or pets to re-enter the area.

Step 4: Rinse out sprayer or watering can after use.

If you need to remove dog urine smell from your outdoor area, you cant go past our Outdoor Power Couple. Made up of our Urine & Odour Destroyer and Patio Cleaner & Deoderiser these will not only remove the smell of dog urine from your patio or courtyard but will also get rid of stains as well. Youll be enjoying your smell-free outdoor area again in no time!

How Do You Get Urine Smell Out Of A Patio

For Dog Urine This also works on concrete and other areas where your dog might urinate. A little bit of baking soda wont harm nearby plants. Vinegar mixed with water: Spray or dip a rag or brush in a bucket of the solution and scrub the deck. Reapply until the smell is gone.

How Do You Remove Dog Urine Stains From Floor

Pour the hydrogen peroxide over the stain and then cover it with a clean cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Cover the cloth with plastic wrap, weighting it with a book if necessary. Allow this to sit overnight or for at least 8 hours. The hydrogen peroxide should remove any stains and eliminate the urine odor.

Step 1: Saturate stain and/or odor with our Skouts Honor Patio Cleaner & Deodorizer or Urine Destroyer. Step 2: Let it soak into the surface like urine would. Step 3: Hit it with the hose. Step 4: Allow to air dry.

Thereof, How do you remove old dog urine stains from floor tiles?

Enzymatic Cleaners Work Magic on Pet Stains If you have ceramic, or porcelain, fill up a bucket with water and about 2 cups of vinegar. Mix well and then mop up the floor with this mixture. Vinegar works really well at neutralizing odors.

Also to know is, How do you get old dog urine stains out of tile? Soak up as much urine as possible by blotting with paper towels or cloth. Use a sufficient amount of stain remover to ensure that product soaks the area you are treating. After urine odor and stain are removed, remove residue by applying a small amount of water to the area and blotting it up with a paper towel.

Subsequently, question is, Does dog pee stain concrete? When the pores in concrete are sealed with a protective film-forming sealer or floor finish, pet urine cant seep into the floor and leave behind lingering odors and stains.

Also, What removes stain from concrete?

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Use An Ionic Cleaner If:

  • Youve already cleaned with another product but still detect a lingering urine smell, especially when wet.
  • You want an instant remedy because you dont have time to wait and check for days, and/or repeat the removal process. When ions re-balance in stains, its an instantaneous action, so the odor vanishes on contact.
  • You dont like fragrances that have the potential to temporarily cover up smells you mightve missed. The ion-cleaner I recommend is odor free allowing you to truly smell its actually worked
  • You want a 100% safe solution
  • You plan on keeping what you dont use for some time and depend on a very long shelf-life

Make Sure Your Dog Is Eating Well

How to Remove Dog and Cat Urine Smell from...

Your dogs poop can be especially pungent if theyre sick or eating low-quality food.

Sick dogs can have digestion issues. If they have less energy than usual, diarrhea, and less appetite, contact your veterinarian.

Dogs can also have smelly poop if their food isnt high quality. Cheap dog food is often made with more meat by-products and more fillers, which doesnt sit well in our dogs tummy.

If your dog gets low-quality kibble, it can be very hard on its digestive system. Make sure your dog is getting high-quality food with high fat so they can have healthy bowel movements.

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Firstly Use Water To Wash Dog Urine Away

The first thing you should do if you notice dog urine smell outside or have seen your dog urinate on concrete or tiles is to use water to wash it off with a hose. This will get rid of excess urine and should eliminate a lot of the smell.

Its especially important to rinse hard surfaces as soon as you discover urine as it can leave a stain if not removed quickly.

Using a sprinkler or hose on grass after urination also helps to reduce the chance of urine burn on grass from the nitrogen in your dogs urine. Nitrogen is actually good for your lawn, but too much can kill it. Encouraging your dog to drink more water can reduce the amount of nitrogen in their wee.

S For Removing Pet Urine Odors From Concrete

  • Identify urine areas in concrete using a U.V. light or black light
  • Clean the affected areas with proper cleaner to remove bacteria
  • Let affected area dry throughout not just the surface
  • Treat the affected areas with an enzymatic pet odor remover
  • Do not skip any steps or take short cuts
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    What Gets Urine Smell Out Of Concrete

    Wash the spots you find with one part vinegar and one part water, and two teaspoons of baking soda, then treat the areas with an enzymatic cleaner of the same type you used on your carpet. 9 Dont rinse the cleaner away. Cover the spots up and let the cement or concrete soak overnight for up to 24 hours.

    Smell The Roses Not The Pee

    How To Remove Dog or Cat Urine Odor From Concrete For Good – Step By Step

    When it comes to your dog relieving themselves, the yard is ideal. Whats not so ideal is a urine odor invading your backyard space.

    How to get rid of dog pee smell in the yard? Water can help light issues. Enzyme cleaners can be a simple approach but may be a waste of money. An ion odor remover is highly effective and gets the job done safely.

    Water may be all you need, depending on your yard size. Or, you might find bringing in a professional ion odor remover will solve your pee smelling yard problems once and for all!

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    How Do You Remove Old Urine Stains From Ceramic Tile

    Use a 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from ceramic and porcelain. For gentle surface cleaning you can make a paste with one part peroxide and two parts baking soda. Apply the paste and let it sit for about 30 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. You can also pour peroxide directly on stubborn stains.

    Oil And Grease Stains

    For fresh oil and grease stains, you can use cornstarch or dry kitty litter. Simply apply a layer of either of the two on the stained area. Then, allow it to sit for at least three days. This way, it has plenty of time to soak up the oil. After three days, vacuum or sweep away the cornstarch or kitty litter. Repeat if necessary.

    If the grease stain has been there for a while, use a brush and a strong detergent to scrub away the stain. For faster and more effective results, use a concrete degreaser.

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    Options: Enzyme Cleaner Or Ionic Odor Remover

    I suggest going straight to one of these two options, especially if you have a smaller area to treat.

    Enzymes or Ions, which is best?

    Enzyme Method

    If you dont already know, enzymes for dog number ones can help eliminate urine and other organic odors.


    Yes, you can use enzyme cleaners outside and on the grass.

    The natural enzymes in the formula eat and break down the smells at the source, and can be useful in clearing up urine odors outdoors.

    If your dog has a designated spot in the yard where they use the potty, youre probably proud of them its a good habit and good manners.

    You also know how the smells can get out of control when they use the same spot every day.

    The water method isnt likely to cut it in this case, especially when multiple dogs are using the same territory for bathroom purposes.

    The enzyme cleaner we recommend below comes with an adapter for the hose, so your job will be easy.

    All youll need to do is follow the instructions for attaching it to your hose, spray the area, and leave it to dry.

    The method is the same if you have a simple spray bottle. The only difference is you will need to find and spray the spots rather than treat the general area.

    While many enzyme cleaners recommend a spot test on any surface, they are generally safe on turf and grass.

    They work well if your dog missed the grass altogether and left a puddle on the concrete patios, sidewalk or deck, too.

    Ionic Method

    Its simple chemistry!

    For Cats: Treat Symptoms To Stop Cats From Peeing

    Remove Dog and Cat Urine Odor from Concrete: 3 Easy Steps ...

    If you have a cat that frequently misses the litter box and leaves a wet or poop stain behind you can actually address this behavior. There are methods available to try and help solve problems such as your cat peeing on carpets.

    One popular system developed by vet, Sarah Richards, is called Cat Spraying No More. to check out her page, and see how it can help you and your furry loved one. A lot of people have had success with it. Thanks, Sarah!

    *Note: If you click through to her checkout page, then attempt to go to another page youll get a special discount offer. Definitely worth it!

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    Use The Enzyme Cleaner

    Once the concrete has dried, follow the directions on the bottle of enzyme cleaner and pour it onto the stain.

    Some cleaners need to be mixed with water, while others can be used directly out of the bottle.

    Let the enzyme cleaner sit on the stain for 2-3 hours to get thoroughly soaked into the stain.

    The longer it sits, the better it will be able to remove the stain and the odor.

    If you are in a hot climate, you may need to reapply as the cleaner starts to evaporate.

    Just as in the previous step, scrub the stain while the enzyme cleaner is still on it.

    Does Dog Pee Ruin Concrete

    Concrete is actually porous like a sponge. If liquid is allowed to sit for a period of time, it will absorb most anything. This is why its hard to get stains out of concrete. When urine is introduced to concrete and allowed to dry, the uric acid crystals present in urine bond tightly to the concrete.

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    Get Rid Of Grease Stains

    If your driveway or garage floor has become an easy place to do some Rorschach testing thanks to the grease, oil, and transmission fluid stains all over the place, take heartclean concrete is easier than you think. Rub some cat litter into the stain and let it stand for one to two hours before sweeping it up. The super-absorbent litter will soak up the stain.

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    How To Remove The Smell Of Dog Urine

    Removing Pet Urine from Concrete Floors

    Has your dog peed in the house? The smell of urine can be extremely strong and it is highly recommended that you remove it as soon as you notice that your dog has urinated. Otherwise, it will be far more difficult to remove it completely and your dog will probably do it again in the exact same spot. In this oneHOWTO article, well give you some tips and tricks on how to remove the smell of dog urine and, in addition, well provide some advice on how to prevent your dog from urinating in the house in the first place.

    As we mentioned above, its important that you clean up the urine as soon as you realize your dog has urinated so that you remove as much of the smell as possible. Note that a dogs sense of smell is a hundred times more powerful than ours, which is why theyll smell the scent after theyve marked a particular spot and will return to that very spot to do their business again. Therefore, removing the stain as soon as you notice it will eliminate the stain and ensure that the smell disappears completely. Nevertheless the first step we would advice you to take, is to prevent your dog from urinating in the house in the first place, however we will provide more information on this later on.

    As mentioned previously, once you have eliminated the smell of urine, it is important that you know how to educate your dog not to do it again in the house. Alternatively, you could make some DIY repellents that will discourage your dog from peeing in the same spot.

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    For Driveway Stains Caused By Dogs

    Lately, all the dogs in the neighborhood seem to think your driveway is the perfect place to pee. Neutralize the odor that is driving them to mark their territory there by mixing together 7 cups vinegar, 7 cups water, and 1 cup baking soda. Saturate the area with the solution, allow it to dry, then hose it off. The stains will be cleaned off and neighborhood dogs will find a different place to relieve themselves.

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    Does Vinegar Remove Urine Odor

    Use Vinegar on the Stain On the other hand, if you do not mind a vinegar -scented mattress , vinegar can be a very effective tool for cleaning up soaked-in urine. Put undiluted white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and dampen the stained area with it.

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    Ive Tried Other Methods For Removing A Urine Spot And They Didnt Work Will Enzyme Cleaner Work On Stains Which Have Already Been Treated

    In most cases, yes!

    You might have had some well-meaning advice from others about how to remove the pungent smells only for the method to be a bust.

    Enzyme cleaner can rescue flooring from carpeting to urine stained tile, furniture, and clothing from very old stains stains which someone has tried to remove through other means already.

    The only thing you want to be careful of is mixing enzyme cleaners with other substances.

    This means if you used a general cleaning spray or detergent, you should let it dry before giving the enzyme cleaners a try.

    Use An Odor Eliminator

    Removing the Smell of Cat and Dog Pee from Concrete ...

    Sometimes, water isnt enough to get rid of the dog poop smell in your yard. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider an odor eliminator. You can either purchase one or make one yourself.

    • Pre-Made Odor Eliminator

    Odor eliminators often use enzymes to absorb dog poop smells. Youll want to clean up any existing poop first before using it.

    Odor eliminators like Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator work on feces and urine smells with microbes and enzymes to neutralize odors. You can attach the sprayer directly to a hose and spray the affected area.

    • Homemade Spray

    You can make your own odor eliminator sprays by using some common household ingredients. Try mixing 4 heaping tablespoons of baking soda, 2 cups of lukewarm water, and 2 cups of white vinegar into a spray bottle.

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    Dog Or Cat Pee In Carpet

    If you have pet urine odor or stains in carpet and have tried using the typical cleaning products , then you should definitely try the enzymatic approach here too just like with a smelly pee stain on concrete.

    And as with concrete, you need something that will get in and penetrate the fabric , and break down the odor-causing elements of the stain.

    Good news

    Bubbas makes a wonderful enzymatic carpet shampoo solution that is as safe as waterfor you, your pets and your rugs.

    It works well to get dried cat urine out of carpet!

    Using these products is a very small investment to pay for removing pet odors and urine stains! Plus, your nose will thank you.

    Locate The Problem Areas:

    Identify if one spot or a broader area needs to be treated. If its just a small part of the yard, no need to treat all of the grass.

    If you cant easily tell, its worth investing in a black light. In the dark, this light will light up where urine is the most concentrated the places where your yard is getting most of its perfume from.

    Simply wait until dark, turn off lights around your house and shine the black light around like a flash light.

    Now youre ready to get to work!

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