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How To Repair Patio Chair Straps

The Problem: Worn Or Faded Cushions

How to replace broken patio chair straps

Unless youve got a minor tear, you might be hard-pressed to find a kit designed to fix problem patio cushions. However, you may be able to use that sewing kit to make some new ones or at least stitch the covers back together once you cut new foam for them. If your cushions sag and are uncomfortable but your covers look fine, you could just replace that. If your cushions are still comfortable but the covers have seen way too much UV light and too many rainy days, you can remove the fabric and use your needle and thread to cover them with something new.

Patio Chair Webbing Replacement Process

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We will determine the type and size of the vinyl webbing. Each manufacturer uses slightly different specs. Some brands, such as Tropitone or Brown Jordan, use a continuous weave of either 5/8 or 1 lacing for the webbing. Brown Jordan also uses 2 straps and other furniture lines may use individual vinyl straps with a width of 2 or 1 ½.

The next step involves removing the rivets that hold the existing straps in place and creating the new straps, which must be carefully measured and cut to size. Holes will need to be drilled into the ends of the straps at precise positions. Once the new straps are ready, its time to install them to the frame.

Installing the straps is a tricky process because they must be at a proper level of tension, and that tension must hold up even when the hot sun is beaming down on your furniture with you in it. The webbing must be attached in a symmetrical, repeating pattern. Some chairs have a simple pattern of single straps, while others have a more complex basket-weave pattern where a minor flaw in the installation process can throw off the entire design.

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Patio Furniture Frame Refinishing

Once youve decided to replace the webbing, slings, or cushions on your premium patio furniture, it also makes sense to consider investing in a brand-new finish for the frames. Imagine if you were able to customize and restore to new condition the bench from the Winston Marseille Manor collection, or an aluminum dining table from the Brown Jordan Swim collection that is starting to show signs of age or perhaps no longer matches your outdoor color scheme. Well, you can! There is no need to replace the furniture when the frame can be refinished for a fraction of the cost.

The frame refinishing process begins with a careful inspection of the frame and any needed repairs, like seized bolts or broken welds. Next, the frame is sandblasted so that the new finish can adhere to a clean, blank canvas which results in a final finish that is very smooth. A powder coat finish is applied electrostatically and then cured in a 400°F oven. The powder coating used is on average 3 to 4 times more durable than an equivalent wet coat, and the result is a gorgeous, unbelievably durable finish.

Did you know The Southern Company provides on-site pickup and delivery to the mid-Atlantic region? Find out if your state is in our service area!

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Is Your Patio Furniture Webbing Worn Out

Its just a fact of life that all things eventually wear out, and this includes the webbing and straps of your outdoor furniture. You might have noticed that your patio chairs dont provide the support they once did. Maybe the colors have begun to fade from exposure to the sun or are becoming discolored. The straps may have started to loosen.

Although the straps may be worn, the frames might not need much work especially when youve made an investment in premium outdoor furniture. The good news is that theres no need to replace the furniture, since the straps can be replaced and the frames repaired. This gives you the option to create an entirely new look with strap and frame colors.

How Do You Fix Patio Furniture Straps

How to Replace Vinyl Strapping for Patio Chairs ...

What is a double wrap vinyl strap?

  • Step 1: Remove the old strap. Pull off the old, broken strap until you have the frame with the empty holes underneath.
  • Step 2: Measure strap size. Hold your tape measure around the edge of one hole.
  • Step 3: Make the straps.
  • Step 4: Install the straps.
  • . Beside this, can you paint vinyl straps on patio furniture?

    Vinyl strapping is used as part of some exterior chairs. If you would like to paint vinyl strapping, you must combat a pair of problematic issues. Vinyl is poorly suited for paint adhesion. In addition, because vinyl strapping is flexible, it will cause ordinary paints to crack.

    One may also ask, how many feet of webbing do you need for a lawn chair? 39 feet

    Secondly, how do you measure a vinyl strap?

    How To Measure Vinyl Straps

  • Step 1: Measure Width. Measure the width of the strap in the middle , not on the ends where it is attached to the frame.
  • Step 2A: Measure Length for Single-Wrap Method. Place the tape measure at one hole and measure over the frame to the hole on the opposite bar following the placement of the strap. (
  • Step 2B:
  • What can I do with old patio furniture?

    Yes! Aluminum patio furniture is easily recyclable, but you cant place it in your curbside bin. To recycle your patio furniture, youll have to either take it to a local scrap yard or have it hauled away by an eco-friendly junk removal service like LoadUp.

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    How To Repair Outdoor Patio Lounge Furniture

    Prepping Steps for Replacement of Straps

  • Begin by measuring your furniture from one hole to the other on each side. Subtract approximately 10% from the measurement and this is the length you will need for your straps.
  • Count the number of straps that need to be replaced and mulitply by the length above. This will be the length you need to order.
  • Count the number of holes and this is the number of rivets needed.
  • Choose the color of strapping that best matches the old and place your order.
  • Once the materials arrive, youll need to trim the strapping down to the lengths needed and add a small hole to each end of the straps.
  • Main Steps for Replacement of Straps

    Start by cutting off the old straps that need to be repaired down the middle.

    Remove each side of old straps and rivets.

    Boil a large pot of water. Add new straps to boiling water to make them pliable.

    Types Of Patio Chair Repair For Your Outdoor Furniture

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    At this time of year, most of us are busy preparing for the frenzy of the holidays and doing our best to stay warm and out of the frigid temperatures outside. Patio chair repair is typically not at the top of your list of things to think about! However, this is actually a fantastic time to have your outdoor furniture repaired and refurbished.

    So, what can you do in the way or refinishing your patio furniture? Here are some options for sprucing up your set that will make your transition into spring and summer both easy and beautiful.

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    How To Order The Right Size Replacement Slings

    Click on the appropriate chair from the replacement sling page and have your measurements to hand.

    Now select the correct sizes from our drop-down menus.

    Select the rod size, then choose your desired fabric. We custom make your replacement sling from over 50 different designs: from cane wicker fabric to solid block colors, to fetching stripes and stylish patterns. View the swatches here.

    Delivery is free for orders over $150. Slings ship within two weeks and because they are custom-made are non-refundable and non-returnable once the order has been processed so its doubly important you get the measurements correct by following the steps above.

    The Problem: Damaged Wood


    Want to make scratches in your wood furniture less evident? There are kits that come with retouching crayons, which fill in and disguise scratches. Rockler has a Repair, Renovate, Revive kit. You can also use it on your indoor furniture to repair scratches, clean, fill nail holes, and more. You could also purchase a set of furniture markers like the ones at Harriet Carter. Find your perfect match and fill in the scratches. Normally the way the crayons work is by applying them with a putty knife, sanding them down, and then applying a top coat to blend everything together and effectively disguise the scratch or ding. For best results, consult the manufacturers directions.

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    Prepare The Vinyl For Stretching

    Since the vinyl straps were cut 10% shorter, you should prepare them for stretching. To do so, soak the vinyl straps in boiled water to soften it. This takes about five minutes.

    Afterward, remove it from the bucket with tongs, then dry it with a towel. Immediately work on stretching and attaching the vinyl straps while they are still warm and pliable.

    Measure New Straps And Slings Accurately

    Replacing straps or slings requires accurate measuring. When attaching new straps, the pieces must be precisely cut and then softened in near-boiling water for 15 minutes so they can be stretched over the frame.

    The worst mistake people make is not doing a test strap or two before cutting all the replacement straps. Do one or two test straps and attach them to make sure your measuring is accurate, Mattingly says.

    Wicker, engineered for open-air applications, is treated with a plastic resin, protecting it from nearly everything but wear and tear. It will eventually break down and generally cant be repaired.

    Melissa Hammer, a senior category manager at, says resin wicker is much less prone to damage than indoor wicker, but it does get dirty. It can be cleaned with a mixture of mild detergent and water.

    Cleaning is important to prolong the life of all types of patio furniture, and not just wicker. Patio pieces should be cleaned once a week, Mattingly says. Furniture would last much longer if people would just clean it more than they do, he says. Just clean it.

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    Replacing The Worn Sling

    Weather got to my patio chair slings. A few web sites were around $37 for a single replacement sling . Or $148+ total for 4 chairs and my labor. I checked out a few web sites and a great YouTube video by Sling Masters . After seeing what all is involved, like measuring, ordering, waiting, installing, I decided to resurface mine with wood slats. If you would rather replace with fabric slings, an Internet search will give several hits like these. you want to do what I did, then for each chair you will need approximately :1″x3″, I bought 20 for $1.92 ea. 1-1/4 self drill screw, 1lb box for $5.37. 1-3/4″ or so length screw, 4. Paint or stain. I bought 1 gal. exterior for $39.98. All supplies came from Home Depot and totaled about $100. If you already have paint or stain, you can do 4 chairs for about $60. I like the savings, the weather resistant wood and I got to paint them with my wife’s favorite color. That last one buys benefits well worth the $100 spent. Ok, if I convinced you then let’s move on.

    How To Replace Single Wrap Vinyl Straps

    Outdoor Furniture Restoration and Repair

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    Many types of outdoor furniture use vinyl strapping stretched over a frame to provide comfortable support for the seat and back. These straps become brittle and discolored over time, and may need to be replaced. This is an easy operation and will make your furniture look like new.

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    How To Repair Patio Chair Straps In 5 Easy Diy Steps

    Patio chairs are prone to becoming brittle due to prolonged exposure to the sun. However, you can easily remedy it by learning how to repair patio chair straps.

    To repair patio chair straps, you just have to cut the old ones and replace them with new straps. You can learn more about how to do them below, along with learning how to clean and paint patio chair vinyl straps.

    Benefits Of Professional Patio Chair Webbing Replacement

    The fact is, there are only a handful of artisans in this country with the skill and experience to perform quality patio chair webbing replacement. This process is best performed in what is called a hotroom and requires precise work and patience. A hotroom has a temperature of at least 95°F to ensure that your straps will not suddenly loosen and begin to sag once they are exposed to steamy summer temperatures.

    Imagine the horror of sitting down in your newly restored furniture, only to realize that after an hour or so in the summer heat, the webbing has begun to sag. This is something that you simply cant prevent if you attempt to perform the restoration on your own. Without the skills of a professional and the use of a hotroom, you run the risk of sagging, misshapen straps and webbing, as well as wasted time and money. Thats one of the reasons why professional webbing restoration is preferred over a DIY approach.

    In addition, by taking your furniture to a professional, you can update the finish on the framing to a fresh color, perhaps to match the new webbing. Achieving the perfect finish requires that the frame be sandblasted down to the bare metal and repairs made at that point. Next a long-lasting powder coat is applied and cured. Again, this is something that cant be accomplished in a weekend DIY project. Refinishing the frames the right way adds to the beauty of your furniture and extends its life.

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    Measure And Cut The New Straps

    Next, get your measuring tape and gauge the length you will use. You can do this by positioning it at the hole of the chair frame, and wrapping it around the same direction as the old vinyl straps.

    Then, measure the opposite hole by wrapping the tape around the frame. After this, the exact length of your new strap should be 10% shorter than what you have measured with your tape. Reducing it is required because the new straps should be stretched upon installation.

    After this, shift the measurement to your new vinyl straps, then cut it. Drill holes at about ½-inch from the end of each strap, then cut the corners to give the straps dog-ear ends.

    Can You Paint Vinyl Straps

    How to Replace strap on outdoor pool and patio furniture

    Yes, however you need a specific kind of paint for flexible vinyl. You would need a specific paint for flexible vinyl because its flexibility would crack ordinary paint. Also, paint normally does not adhere well with vinyl.

    If you wish to paint your vinyl, make sure its compatible first. Also, ensure that you apply it properly, otherwise sagging will occur.

    Research whether your spray paint needs a base primer. If it does, coat your straps with acrylic latex primer.

    Maintain appropriate distance about eight inches between the straps and the spray nozzle as you apply. After drying the straps, apply bonding primer, if your spray paint needs it. Otherwise, proceed to painting your patio chair straps, and then youre done!

    Wed like to warn you, however, that painting your patio chair straps is challenging and you would need to consider a multitude of factors.

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    How To Get Patio Chairs Restrapped

    Q. Can you recommend a local company to replace the strapping on my Brown Jordan patio chairs? The straps on mine have permanently discolored over 15 years outside. Id like to have them redone before spring.


    A. Youre smart to plan ahead.

    Urban Country, a Brown Jordan dealer in Bethesda, recommends having the chairs restrapped by Criterion Lawn Furniture Repair . The company is based in Keyser, W.Va., but picks up and delivers throughout the Washington area, including in Bethesda. The transportation fee, which covers both round trips, is $150. Restrapping typically costs $85 to $90 per chair. If you also want the chairs refinished, the total price might be $170 to $185 per chair.

    Q. How can I clean the slate tiles in my bathroom? They are sealed with some compound and show many splatters of paint as well as scrapes accumulated over the years.


    A. company that specializes in stone care can remove the sealer by applying a floor finish stripper. Potomac Stone Care uses the Hurricane stripper made by Daycon. The stripper will also take off whatever is on top, such as the paint spatters. Stripping may leave the slate slightly chalky, says Steve Kivinski, a stone technician for Potomac Stone Care, but the company then treats the stone to restore the color and bring back the luster. The complete treatment is typically a one-day job. The cost ranges from $450 to $1,500, depending on the size of the room.

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    How To Fix A Sagging Chair Cushion

    If your patio chairs have cushions, they will likely be the first components to deteriorate. After all, these have to bear your weight day in day out. This is also the case with your indoor couch.

    The sagging happens because the materials inside the cushions have deteriorated over time, and it can be one of the easiest things to fix. First, youll have to remove the material inside the cushion cover, and in most instances, it will be foam.

    As for the latter, youll take out the stitches on one end of the cushion case and pull out the insert as well. Youll also need to buy foam and have it on standby while youre taking out the inserts. After that, you can take measurements of the inserts and cut similarly-sized pieces from the new foam. A spray adhesive should be useful in attaching the old insert with the new one.

    Next, you stuff the now firmer insert back into the cushion cover. Alternatively, you can forego the old insert if you remember the size of your cushions before they got saggy. In this scenario, you can just buy and cut matching foam and use it to replace the old insert.

    Re-zipping or re-sewing the cushion cover is the last step in sagging cushion restoration before placing it back on the patio chair. This is one of the more straightforward approaches, although there are other ways to go about it. Of course, this is dependent on the extent of damage and the underlying issues.

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