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How To Replace Plastic Straps On Patio Chairs

How To Replace Fabric On A Patio Sling Chair

How to replace broken patio chair straps

Sling chairs are a popular choice for outdoor seating. Theyre great for dining or lounging and are comfortable, weather resistant and low maintenance. If your sling chairs are looking faded, saggy or ripped, replacing the fabric is an easy DIY project that will give your chairs new life. Well show you how to replace that old fabric step-by-step in our how-to video.

Before you get to work on your chairs, youll need to decide on a new sling fabric to use. We stock two different brands of sling fabric here at Sailrite®: Phifertex® and Sunbrella® Sling. Both fabrics have been designed with sling chair applications in mind, are sturdy, and come in a variety of colors and styles. You can read our helpful guide Selecting Patio Sling Chair Replacement Fabric for a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of each brand.

Once you have your fabric picked out, use the Sailrite Fabric Calculator to determine how much yardage you need. The Fabric Calculator is an incredibly useful tool that we offer to our customers to help you estimate how much fabric you need for a project. We also show you a rendering with measurements so you know how to lay out and cut your fabric panels. We have a Fabric Calculator for pillows and cushions, awnings, canopies, shade sails, window treatments, sling chairs and more. At the bottom of any webpage in the blue bar, select Fabric Calculator under the Resources section.

Choosing The Best Webbing

Knowing the correct size and color before purchasing a webbing makes it easier for you to shop for it without hesitation. There are three common materials used for lawn chair webbings: nylon, vinyl, and polyester. All of them are strong and can be used in any chair, and are also waterproof.

Although these are very retro to look at, they are pretty hard to find. If you want to keep your lawn chair with the webbing design, you can think out of the box and look for cheap yet stylish alternatives. Instead of selling your chair, replace the damaged webbing, and youll be good to go.

The right size of webbing also contributes to the level of difficulty your re-webbing session will be. These may also come in rolls, so be sure to buy enough to avoid having excess webbings. If you do get extras, you can use them for future repairs, but they might not be enough.

Aluminum-frame lawn furniture with plastic webbing remains popular because of its relatively low cost, but the plastic parts often deteriorate in a few years from the effects of sun and moisture.

The furniture usually can be repaired or even improved with do-it-yourself materials sold by many outdoor-furniture dealers, home centers and hardware stores.

Better Bottom covers of plastic netting, made by Phifer Wire Products of Tuscaloosa, Ala., have a five-year warranty against disintegration, rotting or cracking. Conventional webbing often breaks or rots after only two or three years.

How To: Sling Install

How To Replace A Chair Sling

Learn how to replace your old chair slings and install new ones with this handy tutorial. If you have any questions just go to our site and ask us on the chat!

How To Replace A Chaise Lounge Sling

How To Clean Sling Furniture

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How To Measure For Replacement Slings

Today we’re going to show you how to measure slings on patio chairs and chaise lounges so you can order new slings for replacement with the measurements obtained.

Sling Replacement Troubleshooting

Today we’re going to show you how to troubleshoot the following problems you may encounter during sling replacement: The old sling is stuck to the rails and you can’t remove it, or the old bolts are frozen in place, and the rail is stuck to the frame, or the back brace won’t go back into the frame.

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How To: Caps And Glides

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How to Measure a Wrought Iron Chair Glide

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Patio Chair Webbing Replacement Process

How To Repair Patio Furniture Straps

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We will determine the type and size of the vinyl webbing. Each manufacturer uses slightly different specs. Some brands, such as or Brown Jordan, use a continuous weave of either 5/8 or 1 lacing for the webbing. Brown Jordan also uses 2 straps and other furniture lines may use individual vinyl straps with a width of 2 or 1 ½.

The next step involves removing the rivets that hold the existing straps in place and creating the new straps, which must be carefully measured and cut to size. Holes will need to be drilled into the ends of the straps at precise positions. Once the new straps are ready, its time to install them to the frame.

Installing the straps is a tricky process because they must be at a proper level of tension, and that tension must hold up even when the hot sun is beaming down on your furniture with you in it. The webbing must be attached in a symmetrical, repeating pattern. Some chairs have a simple pattern of single straps, while others have a more complex basket-weave pattern where a minor flaw in the installation process can throw off the entire design.

To replace webbing on any furniture piece, you need to remove the old or damaged webbing and replace it with a new one. This usually involves loosening the screws or rivets holding the old webbing, removing the webbing itself, and swapping in the new webbing with new screws or fasteners. It sounds pretty easy.

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How Do You Replace Plastic Straps On Patio Furniture

4.6/5What is a double wrap vinyl strap?

  • Step 1: Remove the old strap. Pull off the old, broken strap until you have the frame with the empty holes underneath.
  • Step 2: Measure strap size. Hold your tape measure around the edge of one hole.
  • Step 3: Make the straps.
  • Step 4: Install the straps.
  • Also, can you paint vinyl straps on patio furniture?

    Vinyl strapping is used as part of some exterior chairs. If you would like to paint vinyl strapping, you must combat a pair of problematic issues. Vinyl is poorly suited for paint adhesion. In addition, because vinyl strapping is flexible, it will cause ordinary paints to crack.

    Additionally, how do you repair plastic lawn chairs? Broken Plastic Patio Furniture

  • Clean surfaces to be repaired from dirt, debris and residues.
  • Mix Plastic Welder epoxy on a discardable surface as directed on package.
  • Apply a thin layer of epoxy to one side of repair.
  • Hold or clamp firmly the pieces in place for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Secondly, how do you fix a chair strap?

    Turn the chair upside down. If the damaged straps are held on by metal screws, remove the screws for plastic rivets, pop them off with a flathead screwdriver. For fasteners inside a slot in the frame, cut the strap with a utility knife very close to where it goes into the slot. The fastener should then fall loose.

    How many feet of webbing do you need for a lawn chair?

    39 feet

    What Is A Double Wrap Vinyl Strap

    The double wrap is the process of wrapping a vinyl strap over the top of the frame and around it once to hide the rivet of the frame. Its a bit tricky to get used to but once you get the flow of it youll be fixing all your broken outdoor furniture with ease.

    Tools & materials you will need: tape measure, vinyl to cut, or pre-cut replacement strapsrivetsfor a double-wrap chaise, a pot with a lid full of boiling water, tongs & heat-proof gloves or similar, a block of wood, a drill, cutters or tin snips.

    Time it will take: This is no more than a 10 minute job if you get that water boiling and ready to cook those straps right from the start.

    Step 1: Remove the old strap

    Pull off the old, broken strap until you have the frame with the empty holes underneath. If your lounger frame is a little dirty, nows your chance to give it a quick clean.

    Step 2: Measure strap size

    Hold your tape measure around the edge of one hole. Wrap your tape twice around the frame until it meets the edge of the second hole. Image. Then loop the tape measure around the other side of the lounger and wrap in a similar way. Pull it tight and measure the length.

    Now deduct 10%. We do this because the vinyl is stretchy and you want your straps to be tight around the chair. If we didnt deduct 10% and installed it, it would be sloppy and loose when you sat on it.

    In Jeffs example the tape was 33 inches. Minus 10% will mean 33-3 =30.

    Step 3: Make the straps

    Step 4: Install the straps

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    We Have Been The Original Manufacturer Of Many If Not All The Repair And Replacement Slings You See Online For Patio Sets Chair Chaise Lounge Ottoman Love Seat Etc For Any Outdoor Patio Pool Garden Furniture Sets You See On The Market Today Including The Top Selling Companys You See On Your Search Engine All Our Patio Furniture Repair Replacement Slings Are Made Right Here In Our Factory Leaving You With The Top Of The Line Service And Quality As Well As The Fastest Response Time On Your Order To Get Your Patio Sets Back In Brand New Shape With The Newest 2014 Fabric Selection Faster Than Anyone Guaranteed

    Proudly specializing in custom outdoor patio furniture guaranteeing the highest quality products and satisfying customers for over 28 years!

    Helpful Hints for Replacement Slings

    There are no cancellations of orders on custom replacement slings that have already been cut. Please follow the old adage Measure Twice Cut Once.

    Depending on the original manufacturer of furniture and the age of the old slings , installing new slings can be a couple hour job or as little as several minutes to 4 or 5 hour job for 4 chairs. Very old slings often are ripped, frayed or mildewed and the old plastic splines can be extremely brittle. Step 1: Measure for the new sling.

    To measure for new slings we recommend taking the width measurement while the old slings are still on and by measuring from Outside channel to outside channel of the two rails to the nearest 1/4. The length can usually be taken off the old sling. We rarely use the width measurement by only measuring old slings once they are removed as we have found that the old slings have typically stretched quite a bit or are torn and if new slings are this same width as the removed sling they are too loose. When you order your slings from Patio Direct, always provide your width first then the length

    Step 2: Remove the sling rail end caps .

    Step 3: Remove the old sling and Spreader Bars.

    Step 4: Install the new splines into the sling.

    Step 5: Install the new sling.

    Types Of Patio Chair Repair For Your Outdoor Furniture

    How to Install Double Wrapped Vinyl Strapping on a Patio Chair

    At this time of year, most of us are busy preparing for the frenzy of the holidays and doing our best to stay warm and out of the frigid temperatures outside. Patio chair repair is typically not at the top of your list of things to think about! However, this is actually a fantastic time to have your outdoor furniture repaired and refurbished.

    So, what can you do in the way or refinishing your patio furniture? Here are some options for sprucing up your set that will make your transition into spring and summer both easy and beautiful.

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    Patio Chair Webbing Replacement Easy How To Guide

    Patio chair webbing will naturally fade and get damaged over time, with use, exposure to the elements, and exposure to the sun. You could always throw your pieces away and buy new ones, but does that make sense? Replacing the webbing on your existing patio chairs is often much cheaper than purchasing a whole new chair, and it is surprisingly easy. In this article, we have produced a quick guide to patio chair webbing replacement, and we look at several options for patio webbing materials and colors.

    Replacing your furniture webbing is an easy, fun task you can accomplish in about an hour per chair. You can make all of your chairs match with a similar fabric, or go wild with multi colors.

    Use your imagination and dont be afraid to be daring!


    How Do You Attach Webbing To A Chair

    To attach webbing to your chair, you can use either screws or pop rivets, or a combination of both. Clips also work fine, but you can always treat them as an option.

    As earlier indicated, I highly recommend choosing screws made of galvanized sheet metal, as they are less prone to rust. Make sure the screws fit the chair frame and do not have any physical deformations.

    Each strap end usually requires a screw. Most packages come with up to 20 screws.

    If youre webbing more than one chair, then get the total number of straps and multiply it by 2. That will give you the complete number of screws you will need for one chair. Multiply this number by how many chairs need webbing then, you get the total number of screws you need.

    To attach each screw, place it on the right spot on the chair frame as described earlier, then drive it in. Again, make sure you use a washer on each screw.

    To further secure the ends of the webbing, you can use clips. Clips help them prevent fraying, which is a common problem with webbings. Just like screws, replacement clips are also sold separately. The good thing about them is that they dont rust or fade easily.

    Unfortunately, attaching clips is a bit hard, so most people normally skip them. Its very important to use a washer on the screws if you are not using clips. This will go a long way in minimizing fraying.

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    How To Replace Vinyl Straps On Pool Deck And Patio Furniture

    Use tongs or gloves to pull out one strap and immediately install it before it cools. Push in a new plastic rivet through the hole on each end, both facing the same way. Pop-in the rivet on one side, wrap it twice around the rivet and stretch it to the other side, but not over the hole, so you can wrap it twice and push in the other rivet. Then pull up on the vinyl so you can slide it over the hole, as shown by this expert from our warehouse.

    Types Of Vinyl Furniture

    Patio Furniture Repairs: Install a Single Wrap Vinyl Strap ...

    There are several manufacturers of vinyl patio furniture that offer different styles within a range of prices. Brown Jordan and Tropitone both offer many styles of unique vinyl patio furniture that is at the higher end of pricing. There are a variety of additional manufacturers of vinyl patio furniture with pricing that is in the mid to lower end that is widely available at local home furnishing stores, patio furniture stores, as well as discount retailers.

    Vinyl Strap Each chair features a simple metal frame that is finished with a coating that prevents rust. Several strips of vinyl are pulled taut and wrapped around the metal frame to provide comfortable seating. Simple vinyl strap chairs have rows of equally spaced vinyl straps, while others have straps that are affixed in a basket weave pattern. A leading manufacturer of vinyl weave patio furniture is Brown Jordan which makes the Roma line. The Roma line includes not only vinyl strap armchairs but also vinyl strap rockers, loveseats, loungers and ottomans. Plus, the line includes coordinating tables.

    Resin Wicker While some wicker patio furniture is made out of plant-based fibers such as bamboo, rattan vine or cane, wicker patio furniture can also be made out of durable resin. The furniture is made out of a resin material that is tightly woven into wicker frames. Thick cushions are used to provide extra comfort.

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