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How To Reupholster Sling Back Patio Chairs

How To Repair Patio Chairs

How to Replace Fabric on a Patio Sling Chair

The first thing you need to do to repair patio chairs is to lay your chair on the ground to find the bolt holding the seat in place.

There should be one towards the front and one towards the rear of the chair. Using a socket wrench, remove both of the bolts.;

Place the bolts aside, do not misplace them!;You will see that there is a cord ;inside each side of the mesh seat. This cord sits inside the track keeping the mesh patio chair seat in place. Or at least it should.;

Now that both bolts are removed you can easily remove the seat portion from the base frame.;

Remove the old cord.;

How To Order A Mesh Sling Replacement Kit

You do not have to be a home repair expert to replace your patio furniture slings. All you need is our kit, some spare time, and a few tools.

First, we will need the measurements of your furniture. Its important that you measure your furniture according to our guidelines so that we make the slings the proper size. You must measure the actual chair, chaise or ottoman.

***Please note: Removing the old slings from your furniture and measuring them will not provide accurate measurements as slings stretch over time!

Next, choose your new sling fabric. We offer a wide variety of fabrics from solid colors to florals to modern patterns. We will cut the fabric according to your specifications.

Complete this form and follow the instructions for the sling measurements.

Each of our replacement slings are sewn with a double hem on four sides using Gore Tenara thread. Gore Tenara is a premium thread made of durable fibers. Exposure to the sun, rain, snow, salt and cleaning chemicals will not cause it to degrade.

Your kit will also include 2 plastic sling rods or spines that you will insert into the left and right sides of the replacement slings. We will ship you the sling, the rods/spines, and easy to follow directions for installing the fabric onto the frame.

Outdoor Furniture Painting Instructions

Before:Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs

This is;my 15 year old outdoor dining table and chairs. The set is in great shape, but the green color has faded and no longer coordinates with my other outdoor furnishings. It needed a color makeover.

Armed with a few rolls of ScotchBlue Painters Tape and Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint in Hammered Brown;I set out to make it happen.

After:;Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs;

After some DIYing and a few rain delays, I am now the proud owner of what looks like a brand new set of outdoor furniture.

Without the use of; ScotchBlue Painters tape, I would have had to remove the seat slings from the frames way too hard.; I simply protected the slings before I painted with the tape and newspaper.

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We Have Been The Original Manufacturer Of Many If Not All The Repair And Replacement Slings You See Online For Patio Sets Chair Chaise Lounge Ottoman Love Seat Etc For Any Outdoor Patio Pool Garden Furniture Sets You See On The Market Today Including The Top Selling Companys You See On Your Search Engine All Our Patio Furniture Repair Replacement Slings Are Made Right Here In Our Factory Leaving You With The Top Of The Line Service And Quality As Well As The Fastest Response Time On Your Order To Get Your Patio Sets Back In Brand New Shape With The Newest 2014 Fabric Selection Faster Than Anyone Guaranteed

Proudly specializing in custom outdoor patio furniture guaranteeing the highest quality products and satisfying customers for over 28 years!

Helpful Hints for Replacement Slings

There are no cancellations of orders on custom replacement slings that have already been cut.;Please follow the old adage …;”Measure Twice — Cut Once”.

Depending on the original manufacturer of; furniture and the age of the old slings , installing new slings can be a couple hour job or as little as several minutes — to 4 or 5 hour job for 4 chairs.;; Very old slings often are ripped, frayed or mildewed and the old plastic splines can be extremely brittle.;Step 1:; Measure for the new sling.

To measure for new slings — we recommend taking the width measurement while the old slings are still on — and by measuring from Outside channel to outside channel of the two rails to the nearest 1/4″.; The length can usually be taken off the old sling.; We rarely use the width measurement by only measuring old slings once they are removed — as we have found that the old slings have typically stretched quite a bit or are torn — and if new slings are this same width as the removed sling — they are;too loose.; When you order your slings from Patio Direct, always provide your width first — then the length

Step 2:; Remove the sling rail end caps .

Step 3:; Remove the old sling and Spreader Bars.

Step 4:; Install the new splines into the sling.

Step 5:; Install the new sling.

How To Reupholster Old Chairs

Patio Dining Chairs Set Of 6

If you’re working with an antique and you’re interested in preserving its value, materials selection is key. You’ll want to select a material and a pattern that was in use at the time the chair was made so that your reupholstering effort preserves the authentic period look of the piece of furniture in question.

Otherwise, the process is not markedly different from reupholstering newer chairs, although you’ll undoubtedly want to take extra care when prepping the piece for reupholstering.

Here’s a tutorial to help get you started:

Note: If you don’t care about preserving an authentic look, by all means, do whatever you like with the chair. This is one case where we’d strongly recommend coordinating with an antique dealer who is familiar with the period and soliciting professional help if you’re interested in preserving the authenticity of the piece.

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How To Refurbish Your Old Chaise Loungers

I cringe when I see old patio furniture sitting near a dumpster. Tossed to the curb. What was once well loved outdoor patio furniture now is filled with holes, tears;and covered in;rust. People thought they had no other option then to just throw it away and buy something new. Wrong, so wrong. There are options and what I just want to tell you is,;it is actually quite easy and very inexpensive to recover your old chaise lounge chairs. So, today I am going to save you a trip to the outdoor patio furniture store and all that money in your pocket, and show you how easy it is to recover your old chaise lounge chairs.

Outdoor Furniture Repair And Refinishing

Furniture is a staple for making an outdoor space look beautiful, but what happens when good quality furniture begins to run down because of heavy use, rain, and UV rays? Over time furniture can chip, paint can peel and crack, and straps and slings can run down, fade, or tear. We saw a need for a better solution to this problem than just throwing away an entire set of quality furniture just because of surface level wear and tear. Good quality furniture can last a long time and has a strong structure, so here is the solution. We take existing furniture to its metal base by cutting off old strap and sling material and by sandblasting off old paint. Then, we powder coat on fresh new paint and install new straps and slings. Furniture comes out looking brand new since it went through the same process as it did when it was first made. The best part is that customers are left with furniture that looks new without having the expense of buying a complete new set of outdoor furniture.

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How To Reupholster Bar Chairs

Many bar chairs and bar stools are made entirely of wood, so it’s not so much about reupholstering as it is about refinishing in those cases. The process of reupholstering bar chairs will depend on what material you choose to reupholster with.

Here are two great video tutorials that step you through the process:

Reupholstering Bar Stools With Round Seats

Note that many bar chairs or stools have round seats. This adds several new challenges to the task of reupholstering them without leaving wrinkles or other imperfections. Here’s a great tutorial to help with that specific case:

Outdoor Patio Furniture Restoration And Repair

Sling Chair Cover Replacement (Pocket Envelope Style) for Patio Furniture

The Chair Care Company patio furniture restoration experts have be restoring high-end outdoor patio and garden furniture to its original beauty since 1985. By replacing worn or broken vinyl straps, replacing fabric slings, and powder coat finishing metal frames, Chair Care will have your beloved patio furniture looking brand new again allowing you to use it for years to come. Whether you are looking for a complete restoration, repair, cleaning, cushion replacement, or a place to store your furniture over the winter months, we’ve got you covered. No job is too big or too small.

Major brands that we restore include Brown Jordan, Woodard, Winston, Tropitone, Knoll, Cast Classics, Carter Grandle and more. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, we;pride ourselves on providing personalized service, outstanding quality and the quick return of your furniture.

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEEDWE WILL BEAT ANY QUOTEJust bring us a competitors written quote and we’ll beat it!


Patio Chair Sling Replacement

The Chair Care Company makes custom;replacement slings for your patio chairs. Mesh slings are designed to be durable and withstand the elements, Read more

Patio Furniture Restrapping

The Chair Care Company makes vinyl strap replacements using only the highest quality virgin vinyl. We have over 50 colors to choose from in four Read more

Metal Frame Refinishing

Winter Furniture Storage

Cushion Replacement & Cleaning

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Replacement Slings For Patio Furniture

Why toss that perfectly good outdoor patio sling chairs and chaises to the curb when you can repair and replace the worn and faded mesh outdoor fabric with a beautiful new replacement sling? Our patio chair mesh or replacement sling fabrics come in over 60 colors and textures to help you update your existing patio sling chairs and chaises. Order free samples of our patio sling chair replacement fabrics before you order. If you are simply looking for new lawn chair fabric or patio chair mesh, Chair Care Patio is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about patio sling replacement. We have the outdoor mesh fabrics and know how, to help you along the way.

Replacement slings are made to order in our sewing facility in Dallas, Texas.

Looking for outdoor patio furniture replacement cushions? Chair Care Patio specializes in custom made patio furniture replacement cushions. Our website offers replacement cushions for deep seating club chairs, seat pads for your outdoor dining chairs, replacement cushions for your chaise lounges and more. Each patio furniture cushion is custom made in our shops in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Fort Worth & North Texas Services

Our North Texas Services Include

Custom Outdoor Cushions

Complete Exterior Design Services

How To Reupholster Leather Chairs

Leather is a thicker material and it takes some specialized tools to work with. At a minimum, if any stitching is involved, you’ll need to get an industrial sewing machine as the one you use for day to day tasks will simply not be up to the task.

Other than that, though, the selection of leather as a reupholstering material doesn’t materially change the process. You’ll want to refer to the specific type of furniture you’re working with for tutorials on how to best approach the project.

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Woodard Vinyl Strap Replacements In Tennessee

Attached are the before and after examples of our lounge restoration.We plan to do four chairs next. We started with the brown straps to see how it would go and it was not surprising how well they looked. This patio deck set is 28 years and counting. I dont know why I waited so long. The replacement was not difficult and results well worth the decision.Willie & Mary Ann NelsonFranklin, Tennessee

Welcome To Patio Sling King

Black Sling Patio Chairs

Do you have patio furniture with slings that are faded, torn or just tired of looking at the same old fabric pattern?

Well, we can make that old patio furniture look like new again. We know that you may have thought about replacing your old slings, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding the correct brand of furniture or taking the right measurements or deciding and matching on fabric choices. Not to mention the process of taking off old slings and installing new slings.

Our goal is to eliminate that long painstaking process by coming out to your residence or commercial site.

We will determine what kind of furniture you have, take the necessary measurements and present options with fabric samples to match your outdoor patio decor. Also we will take care of the uninstalling of old slings and the reinstalling of new slings on site. This means that you will not have to lift a finger throughout the whole process.

We use the top grades of Leisuretex® and Textilene® fabrics, which are recommended by the leading patio furniture companies like Tropitone, Winston, Woodard, Carter Grandle, Telescope and other fine patio furniture manufacturers.

We take pride in our expertise to ensure that the job and service meets or exceeds ours customer’s expectations. This results in a finished product that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Large Color Selection & Fast Return!

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How To Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

Also answered in this section:

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Dining chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but the fundamentals of reupholstering them are largely the same. Here are a number of video tutorials on the matter to guide you:

Dining Chairs with Fabric Upholstery

Here’s a video tutorial that focuses on how to reupholster dining chairs with fabric backs, which adds a few wrinkles to the process :

Additional Resources

Install The New Sling

Insert the sling spline through the sling pockets . Starting at the top, insert the sling into one sling rail; slide the sling to the end of the rail. Do not allow the sling to fold over the top of the sling rail, or it will tear. Detach the sling rail and install the sling in the other sling rail.


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How To Replace Fabric On A Patio Sling Chair

Sling chairs are a popular choice for outdoor seating. Theyre great for dining or lounging and are comfortable, weather resistant and low maintenance. If your sling chairs are looking faded, saggy or ripped, replacing the fabric is an easy DIY project that will give your chairs new life. Well show you how to replace that old fabric step-by-step in our how-to video.

Before you get to work on your chairs, youll need to decide on a new sling fabric to use. We stock two different brands of sling fabric here at Sailrite®: Phifertex® and Sunbrella® Sling. Both fabrics have been designed with sling chair applications in mind, are sturdy, and come in a variety of colors and styles. You can read our helpful guide Selecting Patio Sling Chair Replacement Fabric for a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of each brand.

Once you have your fabric picked out, use the Sailrite Fabric Calculator to determine how much yardage you need. The Fabric Calculator is an incredibly useful tool that we offer to our customers to help you estimate how much fabric you need for a project. We also show you a rendering with measurements so you know how to lay out and cut your fabric panels. We have a Fabric Calculator for pillows and cushions, awnings, canopies, shade sails, window treatments, sling chairs and more. At the bottom of any webpage in the blue bar, select “Fabric Calculator” under the “Resources” section.

Recover Sling Back Outdoor Chairs Without Sewing

Replacement Sling Cover for patio Furniture — Make your own / Jon’s DIY

Posted on :Posted in :Outdoor Fabrics|Uncategorized|Video Tutorial

In a recent video we used Outdura Marine & Awning Canvas to recover a chair for outdoor use. ;This approach will work on any sling back beach chair. ;Outdura fabric has 10 year warranty, so it was our first choice for ;long lasting results!

Materials Used:

Hot Knife for cutting the Outdura Solution Dyed Acrylic to prevent fraying on the exposed edge

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Sling Clearance Chair Replacement Sale


Offering the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED on Patio Replacement Slings for your Outdoor Sling Chairs, Ottomans, Patio Sling Love Seat and any other Patio Replacement Sling or Outdoor Replacement Sling you can provide us measurements with to get your Sling Patio Set back in style! Patio Direct offers the HIGHEST QUALITY Outdoor Custom Replacement Slings to repair or replace your outdoor patio furniture slings on your chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, love seats or ANY other sling you would like to replace –; with all of our slings custom made for you personally, from the highest quality outdoor furniture fabric, also having the largest selection of quality durable sling fabrics as of this year to give you the best selection to bring your outdoor furniture sling seating surface back to new — or even if your old slings are still in “good condition”, you can achieve a BRAND NEW look for your outdoor patio, pool, lawn. patio etc. sling furniture sets. Your replacement sling may also be sometimes called “mesh” or “webbing” or “seating surface” or “cloth”.


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