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How To Weatherstrip A Sliding Patio Door

Install Rigid Foam Insulation Panels

Replacing an Interlock Weatherstrip on Gliding Patio Doors (Frenchwood and Narroline) | Andersen

Install panels of rigid foam insulation to prevent the development of frost inside sliding glass doors. Its easy to attach these panels on a poorly-insulated glass entry since its lightweight. The steps below will help you make a perfect installation.

  • Get a thin panel of rigid foam insulation so that the process will be more comfortable. Place it to cover the side of the window that doesnt open or the whole thing.
  • Take the dimension of the sliding door and choose the best length and width for your insulating panel.
  • See to it that the panel is sitting on the ground as well as extending above the door frame. Ensure that it expands beyond the windows sides and stops at the part of the door that doesnt open.
  • Afterward, shaken the panel to size by cutting out the excesses. Also, cut out four one by three-inch woods the same size as the sides of the board.
  • Join the woods together to make a frame, then affix it to the panel using a glue.
  • Place the panel on the window after painting it with a neutral color. Ensure that all sides fit in well.

Install Window Treatments And Insulated Drapes

We have various kinds of materials that help stop the cold air coming through sliding doors. Since glass doesnt keep out heat on its own, it will be wise to invest in insulated sliding doors with drapes or curtains. You can also achieve this shut out with cellular blinds or blackout curtains through these steps

  • Select an insulating material ranging from draperies to window quilts and shades with a honeycomb feature
  • Go through the product manual to know the R-value of each model the highest is the most insulated
  • Ensure you close your window all through the winter period if its facing the north
  • However, if the sun hits your window, try and open it to allow sunlight into the room

Window Weather Stripping And Sliding Patio Door Weatherstripping

The sliding door and window weather stripping fills gaps between the sliding doors and windows and where the sliding door or window comes in contact with the sliding door tracks and sliding door frame or window frame to keep the outside air out and the inside air in.

Sliding Door and Window Weather Stripping comes in various different sizes of “Backing” and “Pile” .

The 2 most popular sizes of weather stripping is .187 Backed and .270 Backed.

The main differences between our “Straight Backed” and “Zipper Backed” Weather Stripping are:

1) “Zipper Backed” is “Finned” or has a plastic barrier in the middle running the length of the “Pile” for additional protection. “Straight Backed” does not.

2) “Zipper Backed” can be placed over the “T” Channel and pushed in with a credit card or pizza cutter. “Straight Backed” needs to be slid into the “T” Channel.

Our Zipper Backed Weather Stripping is the newest in weather stripping technology. The backing is zigzagged so installation is simple and easy as it just snaps right into the channel.

Watch this video to see How to determine the size of weather stripping you need.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to Install Our Zipper Backed Weather Stripping

Need a FREE SAMPLE to insure the weatherstripping is going to fit properly? There is a slight shipping charge for the free sample.

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Best Replacement Weather Stripping For Pella Sliding Door

  • DDaleRC on Feb 15, 2015I have a Stain glass Bay window in my family room that was added by the previous owners about 15 yrs ago when the family room addition was built. My wife and I love this window but it seems to be a HUGE waste of heat. It feels like small air leaks are numerous around the all metal framing that the glass sits in. Am I correct that this is a regular problem with stain glass? What is a good solution and is this something that a general contractor could do or do I need someone with specific skills with that type glass? One thing I do know is that under that shelf where the plants are sitting, there is no insulation whatsoever. It’s just thin plywood and I can feel its very cold. Could I just attach some 2″ rigid foam board outside under that area and caulk around the sides? I don’t think that’s the main issue but that’s part of the cold. Is there a way I could make it double pane by adding clear glass on the inside, but without losing that shelf space? This room addition is not that old, but it’s so cold because it has three outside walls, a peaked ceiling and it’s built over a crawl space. Thanks for any insight.46541465424654346544

Use A Plastic As Insulation

Weatherstripping CRESLINE Patio door :

If youre in a neighborhood that experiences harsh winter, you may need to install a plastic to increase insulation. This material helps to reduce heat loss through a sliding patio door. One of the most affordable stuff to use for insulation is the shrink wrap.

Its easy to install and reduce breeze and your heating expenses. There arent so many sliding door insulation ideas, so if you can bear the mess, installing a film is not a bad idea. Below are the steps on how to insulate a sliding glass door.

  • Go to any home improvement store and buy a kit that contains all you need for the sliding glass door insulation. The plastic material should be transparent and allow the intrusion of light. However, it might prevent the free use of the door.
  • Wipe the window surface clean and place a dual-side tape around it
  • If necessary, cut the plastic down to size and affix the plastic to the tape from top to bottom
  • Shrink the insulator and take off the wrinkles with a blow dryer.

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Bug Seal For Sliding Screen Door

The groove on my sliding screen door is too small for the strips that I can find locally. The one that is worn out measures 5/16″W x 3/16″ deep. the sweep was a total of 1 1/2″ W x 78″ long. The best that I can measure the groove opening is a tight 1/4″ x 1/4″.

i need to find the piece of rubber that seal the back of the screen to the glass slider door.its about an inch wide. any help would be great. maybe just the name of that piece.That piece of rubber is called a Bugstrip or bug seal and I could send you one in the mail if you cant find one locally. The one I use is about 1-1/2″ wide and has pre-notched strips that you can peel off to reduce the width to suit your own screen door.

I replaced the screen on my sliding screen door. I need to replace my screen door bug strip also. i searched every where with no result. i saw it on your website.My sliding door is columbiamatic 42″x80″. please tell me how to order the bug strip, the cost plus shipping etc., thank you!Hi Suban, My bugstrip is $1.00/foot and the shipping to California is $11.00 by UPS Ground.

Install New Weather Stripping

Put new weather stripping or replace the old one to prevent cold air from coming through the sliding glass door. This tool is a black rubber substance that helps to seal the space when the door shuts. We have various types of weather stripping to choose from, including V-strip, felt, or foam tape. Heres how to fix drafty sliding glass doors.

  • Endeavor to check these different stripping on your door to know the one that fits best. When youre sure of the top choice, go to the state and purchase it then follow the guidelines below.
  • When you open the door, check the rim where the stripping fits during the closure
  • If its damaged, take it out and install the new one you got from the store
  • Lay it into the channel meant to hold it and press it from the top to the bottom of the other way round.

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Pile/ Fuzzy Weatherstrip Door & Window

T-Slot, slide-in plie/ fuzzy weatherstrip for doors & windows comes in several backing sizes, shapes and materials. The most common backing widths are .187, .250, .270, .360, .430 The most common backing is flat, some older products were metal and the newest is Z-back with notches for the hard to replace weather seal. Skirting weather seal came in square and diamond back shapes, found in older patio doors and commercial doors. Slide In pile weatherstrip is normally found in aluminum or vinyl doors and windows. Products include, sliding patio doors, single hung and double hung window, storm windows & storm doors. Adhesive Back weatherstrip is typically found on commercial metal door frames. However, can be used for numerous other applications. Fin Seal is the plastic strip down the center of pile weatherstrip. The plastic sealing strip helps to enhance performance and reduce air, wind and water infiltration. Many other weather strips for windows and doors are available, If you don’t see what you want, we can order.

Weatherproof Your Sliding Patio Door For A Tight Seal

Weatherstripping a Patio Door

Use a weather strip to weatherproof your glass door. This can deal a deadly blow against the wind draft. However, weather strips are the best first line of defense against the cold weather as well as the debris from outside. Not to mention, they help keep the heat inside.

As a last resort, you can install a thick plastic sheet around the door. You might need to use a cutter and a hair dryer to fit it around the door. A little effort but the pay off is worth it.

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Where To Find Specific


I have been in my 30 year old home for 5 years. My dog knocked the screen door off . The “weather Stipping” came off. On the picture it is the piece in the middle . The plastic snaps onto the door and then the gray “brushes” go against the window. This part broke and I can’t find how to replace it. I don’t know the brand of the door. All that is on the door is a label with some numbers on that says do not remove. There is no name. can you help?Answer:Yes that is weatherstrip or a bug strip, I have black vinyl bug strips which are adjustable in size for different screen doors and I also have the white vinyl strip with the finseal as shown in your picture. Contact me if you need to get one.I have the same problem, different reason, but this piece of weatherstripping on my sliding patio screen door does not go all the way to the bottom and top of the door.Where can I get a replacement?DVGYes, I would definitely like to know how/where to get the the white vinyl strip with the finseal as shown in my picture. Please tell me how/where.Thank you

Drafty Doors Add Sliding Door Insulation With New Seals

If you spent the winter kicking up the thermostat just to be comfortable near the door, youve already wasted enough money on heat to buy several sets of weather-strip seals. If you open your patio door frequently or the door is exposed to sunlight, it pays to replace the weather stripping every 10 years. Spring is the perfect time to do this.

We bought all the seals for this early 90s Marvin sliding patio door for about $65 including shipping. Replacing the seals is a one-person job, but enlist a friend to help lift the heavy door in and out of the track. You just need a screwdriver, a hammer, hooks and picks, and a putty knife. The entire job takes just a few hours. Heres the process.

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Why Should You Weatherproof Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding doors are an attractive feature of any home. Unfortunately, they are a significant cause of heat loss and cold drafts. Therefore, if you want to control your heating costs and maintain your home at a comfortable temperature during the winter you need to ensure your sliding patio door is well-prepared.

Glass doesnt provide effective insulation it cannot trap heat inside or prevent cold air from entering. If you leave your doors unprepared, your home will become less energy-efficient, and your heating costs will rise.

Two: Install New Weather Stripping

Andersen Patio Door Weatherstripping

Weather stripping is an incredibly cheap product that does wonders for winterization. It takes an extra step after you remove the door of debris by sealing any other exposed edges.

Sometimes it doesnt matter how clean you keep a patio door of debris its still going to be drafty. Weather stripping can really make a difference as an insulator.

There are several different types of weatherstripping to consider such as foam tape, felt, or V strip. You may want to experience with different types until you find the right one that works for your home.

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Three: Insulate With Plastic

In places that experience exceptionally cruel winters many shrink wrap their windows to prevent heat loss. However, very few also do the same for their sliding patio door.

Though shrink wrap will prevent you from using the door during the winter months, its a good investment to consider. Shrink wrap is relatively affordable and is easy to install. In fact, a lot of hardware stores carry insulation kits that are specifically designed for sliding glass doors.

The barrier will definitely reduce drafts and make a huge difference in your monthly heating bill. Its a bit of an eyesore but if you can get past that then theres really no disadvantage to installing a shrink wrap during the winter months.

Extra Wide Bug Strip Needed

I have a gap of about 3 inches between my screen & glass sliding doors. Do you have an extra wide bug strip that would fit?Bug strips are usually 1-1/2″ wide at maximum. Wider than that, they get too floppy to be useful.Is there any way you can build out the door to meet the screen ? Perhaps by using wood strips and capping them with aluminum.

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Tubular Rubber Vinyl Or Silicone

Tubular rubber, vinyl, or silicone is an effective air barrier versions made of a narrow sponge rubber or vinyl tubing come attached to a wood or metal mounting strip. Silicone types are usually inserted into milled grooves.

Where It Goes

At the base of doors and windows top or bottom of a window sash bottom of a door between a door and its jamb.

How to Install It

Peel and stick, or fasten with screws through slot holes silicone seals are pressed into a channel you create with a router.

How To Weatherproof A Sliding Glass Patio Door

How To Replace Gasket Weatherstrip for Hinged Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are essential, yet preparing them for winter is often a neglected task. They can be responsible for a great deal of heat loss from the homes interior and allow cold drafts to enter the house.

Fortunately, preparing a sliding glass door for winter is easy and inexpensive. Below we list five steps to help make glass doors work to your advantage when the temperature drops.

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Five: Install Insulated Drapes Or Window Treatments

There are many different types of products on the market to help with drafts that go through sliding doors. Once again, glass is not a good insulator on its own so investing in something like insulated drapes, cellular blinds, or blackout curtains can help with cold air exposure.

It will set you back some money yet the difference may get offset by a lower energy and heating bill. Plus, youre just going to feel more comfortable when standing or sitting near the sliding door since many homeowners like to have their kitchen table close to a patio door.

Cut Your Insulation Panel

Most insulation panels are made from a thin sheet of plastic. It is very reminiscent of shrink wrap. Use the measurements made earlier to cut the plastic to size.

Follow the manufacturers instructions on how to properly install the plastic wrap once it has been sized correctly.

You may need to shrink the plastic with a hot hair dryer or other household appliance to create the energy efficient barrier against the cold that you need.

If you need to affix the plastic to the door frame, use a double-sided tape for best results.

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Ways To Winterize A Sliding Patio Door

During winter, people prefer to stay inside a warm and comfortable home until its summer again. But to get this comfort, you need to winterize your home to keep it warm during this season.

Even though its crucial to winterize your door, people tend to ignore the option if they have a patio door. Winterizing your patio door will help prevent cold air from getting in, thus keeping your interior space with a moderate warmth. The good a thing, its very easy to carry out if you know how to winterize a patio door.

In this article, we have put together the steps on how to winterize a patio door during the cold times.

Install Heavy Curtains To Seal Your Sliding Patio Door

Side Jamb Weatherstrip

One of the best ways to winterize your sliding patio door is installing drapes for better insulation. You can find cheap drapes or you can sew your own if you want to go frugal.

Next, you can choose to install thermal curtains. These can increase the value of your patio door. And you can even get them from a second-hand store.

If youre not using your patio door that much you can just hang a thick wool blanket it to cover it. This should do the trick.

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