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What Are Pergolas Made Of

Best Vinyl Pergola Kit

How to Build a Pergola

The dirty secret of vinyl pergola kits is that many require you to purchase extra lumber for the core structure inside the vinyl shell pieces. That is not the case with the Dura-Trel Kingston Pergola Kit , which comes with metal posts that fit inside the vinyl for extra durability.

Particularly lightweight and easy to assemble, this is also one of the few kits that doesnt require at least two people to put together. The crisp white vinyl is fade-resistant and maintenance-free. Once this pergola is assembled, youll have lots of time to unwind in its shade.

Pergolas Require Some Maintenance

While it depends on the type of wood, pergolas need to be cleaned, treated, and repainted over time if you want to keep them from looking weathered. If you live somewhere where the air is moist, youll need to watch out for mildew. If ignored, mildew could easily destroy your pergola, which is why youll want to use a mixture of bleach and water the moment you see any signs of mildew.

Wood needs to also be touched upits normal for columns to get dinged up or have scruffs over time. You can fill in the scratches or dips with wood or metal putty. You also want to watch out for wood and paint splinters peeling off . Sanding the columns down every once in awhile can protect against any injuries.

If the pergola has foliage on its canopy , make sure to trim it regularly to make sure the pergola isnt being weighed down

Best Pergola Kits Buyers Guide

Selecting the best pergola kit requires you to address certain crucial factors. We have listed all of those factors in this informative guide to help you pick the best product.

1. Materials

Perhaps the most critical factor to consider is the material used in the pergola. Above all else, it determines the longevity and durability of the structure. Pergolas use various materials, most common of which are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. The majority of our shortlisted products are wood pergolas as those are most popular with consumers.

As stylish as a wood pergola may look, it is high-maintenance in the sense that you would have to re-stain it once every couple of years . Thats where the other alternatives like aluminum and vinyl come into the picture. They provide a longer useful life with hassle-free maintenance.

Another factor to consider if you are going for a cedar pergola is whether the wooden pieces in the kit are pre-stained or unstained. While some people prefer pre-stained wood to avoid additional cost, others like to get unstained wood and customize it as per their tastes and preferences.

2. Ease-of-Assembly

All the wood pergolas we have reviewed come with pre-drilled and pre-cut wood. It is a prerequisite for an optimal pergola, as no customer wants to buy a product that is not ready to be assembled. As a general rule of thumb, you should go for pergolas that come from reputed brands to ensure easy assembly and installation.

3. Size

4. Intended Use

Till next time!

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What Kind Of Wood Are Pergolas Made Of

types of woodpergolasmake

Western Red Cedar and Redwood are the two most commonly used woods for pergolas, aside from pressure-treated wood. Western Red Cedar and Redwood are both naturally stunning woods and often lumped together.

Also, what are pergolas made out of? Wooden pergolas are either made from a weather-resistant wood, such as western redcedar or, formerly, of coast redwood , are painted or stained, or use wood treated with preservatives for outdoor use.

Also asked, what is the best material for a pergola?

The Right Material for Your Pergola

  • Wood: This is the most conventional and common material used to build a pergola.
  • Hardwoods are costly, but more durable and add an appeal to older homes.
  • Steel: Unlike wood, steel does not decay.
  • Aluminum: This alloy is lightweight and easy to maintain.

How long will a wood pergola last?

Since they are made of wood, which is vulnerable to both rot and mold, you’ll need to re-stain any wood pergola every year to keep it at bay. How much maintenance you do determines how long your pergola will last. If you stain it every year, you can expect it to give you 10 to 12 years of performance.

What Is A Pergola And What Is It Used For

Pin by Eric Frye on Pallet Pergola

The purpose of this article is to define what a pergola is, what it is used for, and to distinguish it from some of its architectural garden-dwelling cohorts, including arbors and gazebos.

To kick things off, here is a picture of a pergola just to provide a visual reference.

Movtotop Sun Shade Sails 185 Gsm Thicker Outdoor

So, the above example is what you might call a typical pergola. Why? Because it has four sturdy beams holding up the structure itself, including crossbeams with a stylish lattice across the top.

This pergola isnt enclosed, and, as it has a more minimal structure, it almost seems to have an unfinished look, depending on how you look at it.

The size of your ordinary garden-variety pergola is fairly large, spacious both vertically and horizontally, and rectangular. The space underneath, defined by the pergola, opens up many possibilities.

The lattice at the top, where the cross beams intersect, is not strictly necessary. It can simply have cross beams going one way without the lattice, with some sort of covering, like this:

As you can see from the example above, pergolas can be elevated off the ground, so long as they have a surface to sit on.

Visually, pergolas are usually large enough to be striking when people see them, drawing their attention visually, and, aesthetically, they can come in many different designs and colours.

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Preston Solid Wood Pergola

The Solid Wood Pergola from Preston comes with three shade options without canopy, retractable canopy, and snap-on canopy. If you are looking to buy a pergola that can provide some protection from direct sunlight, this is an ideal option. Its arbor top measures 12 x 12 feet, while the interior space is 10 x 10 feet.

No products found.

  • Comes with three canopy options without, retractable, and snap-on
  • Can be permanently fixed on concrete or wood surfaces with included L-mounts
  • Offers adequate space for a dining table, hot tub, or multiple recliner chairs
  • 5-year limited wooden component warranty backs it
  • Re-staining it every year can prove to be expensive and complicated with all the angles and connections


  • It comes with three canopy options without, retractable, and snap-on.
  • It can be permanently fixed on concrete or wood surfaces with included L-mounts.
  • It offers adequate space for a dining table, hot tub, or multiple recliner chairs.
  • A 5-year limited wooden component warranty backs it.


  • Re-staining it every year can prove to be expensive and complicated with all the angles and connections.

Pergola Wood Comparison: Whats The Difference Between A Pressure Treated Pine And Rough Sawn Cedar Pergola

Western Red Cedar Pergola Kit

Western red cedar is a beautiful light amber color with a wonderfully appealing fragrance that adds another dimension to its qualities. Two of the top reasons for choosing western red cedar for pergola wood are: 1) that its highly resistant to decay, and 2) that it withstands severe elements. These reasons make this wood type ideal for outdoor use, and it is used in situations where exposure to the elements is continually severe. It is lightweight with close, even grain, and is easily worked and can be finished smooth with little effort. This type of cedar takes paints and stains very well. Paint or stain can be applied to western red cedar as soon as you receive the pergola kit. Western red cedar is sustainably harvested in North America.

Pressure Treated Pine Pergola Kit

Pressure treated pine, the most affordable pergola wood option, is also very rot and insect resistant and able to withstand severe elements. Pressure treated pine has chemicals added to give it those properties. This wood type comes with a green appearance. As it dries it will turn to a golden brown, then gray if it is not water sealed or stained. You will need to wait a few months before staining or painting the pine lumber since it will be saturated with the pressure treatment when you get it. Southern Yellow Pine is sustainably harvested in the southeastern United States.

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Best Pergola Material: Wood Vs Vinyl

Youve admired pergolas for years. You love the look and the elegance that they bring to a backyard space. Now that youre finally ready to buy one, you have one question: whats the best pergola material? Vinyl, pressure treated wood, or cedar you have a few options. The pergola material you choose determines the pergola price, the style, the maintenance needs, and how long your pergola will last. At The Backyard Showcase, we are the headquarters for all things outdoor living, and were here to help you find the best pergola for your yard and your budget!

A Pergola For The Corner

DIY patio PERGOLA – and it’s NOT made of WOOD Pt.3

If you have a small or oddly shaped backyard, you may think a pergola is out of the question, but you may not have considered installing a corner style. These triangular-shaped structures give you all of the style and drama of the traditional shape, but they can fit into a tighter space.

You can find corner styles that are attached to the home or that are freestanding. They can make a great spot for some seating in the corner of your garden or on the edge of a backyard pool.

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Pergolas Vs Gazebos And Solariums

Still, there is some protection offered by the lattice or the open roof of the pergola itself, but there is usually plenty of sun coming in.

There are generally no walls, curtains, or netting surrounding a pergola this is usually left to gazebos, solariums, and tents, to keep us fully separated from the elements.

Heres a picture of a typical gazebo for comparisons sake. Notice that it has netting you can extend to enclose yourself, keeping you protected from bugs, sun, and whatnot.

The other big difference here with a gazebo is the roof. Gazebos always have a roof over them of some sort, whether its hard top or soft top, while pergolas do not.

That said both are still usually square-ish or rectangular in shape, its just that a gazebo has a roof and a pergola doesnt.

Also, gazebos dont always have solid walls. Gazebos either have no wall between the struts, or a curtain or netting used to make a type of wall.

Some gazebos have solid walls. These exist, except the walls are made out of glass, and these structures are known as solariums, because they allow sunlight in, allowing for heat to collect inside, due to the walls and windows.

Heres a picture of a solarium, for reference.

A solarium is similar to a gazebo, in that it has a roof, but it also has the solid walls, kind of like a little cottage, or enclosed room, but often with a distinct octagonal shape that gazebos do not usually have, and which pergolas never have.

No Frills Modern Style

For those that prefer a contemporary design style, the simple lines of the modern pergola will probably be a safe choice. Those who want to incorporate a backyard fixture to seamlessly tie in with the clean, straight modern lines will likely prefer something that isnt too ornamental.

The use of straight posts, a flat top, and simple brackets keep the lines clean. Some modern styles also have a full roof as opposed to the traditional pergola slats. Whether you go with a natural wood color or paint it white, a no-frills modern style will be an excellent addition to a contemporary backyard.

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Why Get A Pergola For Your Deck Or Patio

A pergola is a great way to extend your living space outdoors. The cross beams and greenery or roof provide enough shade to make your deck or patio comfortable during the hottest hours of the day, while allowing a breeze and sunlight to filter through.

If you cover your pergola with a waterproof material, or are patient enough to wait for your vines to form a thick, impenetrable canopy, a pergola can even be a functional outdoor space under a light rain shower.

Pergolas also offer additional privacy so you can relax outdoors without worrying about prying eyes. A traditional pergola is an open-sided structure, but you can add fabric panels, vine-covered latticework or even billowing outdoor curtains to one or more sides to create an open-air retreat.

Although they are permanent hardscaping, pergolas are relatively inexpensive and easy to build from scratch, or with a pergola kit that includes pre-cut wood and all the required hardware. There are a vast variety of materials and designs to choose from to fit your budget and complement the style of your home while creating a stylish centerpiece for your yard.

Finally, pergolas create a defined space that you can decorate for outdoor dining and entertaining as if it were an indoor room. With glowing lights, comfy couches and armchairs, soft outdoor rugs, hanging flower pots and other personalized accessories, you can create the inviting feel of an open-air living room.

Vinyl Vs Fiberglass Vs Wood: Which Is The Best Pergola For Your Patio

26 Pergola Plans Designs For A Stunning Inspiration ...

Posted by Chase Coates on August 14, 2015

Pergolas have been adorning landscapes for more than 3,000 years. In fact, the earliest known surviving garden plan, which was for an Egyptian high court official and dates back to 1400 B.C., included a pergola over a garden entrance.

Then the Great Italian Renaissance in the 17th century brought new life to pergolas as artistic garden elements made out of large, dramatic stone pillars.

During their long-lived existence, pergolas have served many purposes.

They have adorned landscapes as gorgeous hanging gardens. They have functioned as creative ways to grow climbing plants. They have dressed up garden or landscape entryways. And, most of all, theyve provided homeowners with elegant shade structures, protecting them from the suns harsh rays.

While pergolas have stood the test of time, they are not typically crafted from stone as they once were. While considering the style of pergola to choose for your landscape, there are three distinct materials we typically use: vinyl, fiberglass and wood.

You want to choose quality materials that coordinate with your overall landscape design scheme and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Each of these three materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best pergola type that is right for your situation requires careful understanding of these materials.

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So What’s The Best Pergola Type

Pergolas are seeing a resurgence in contemporary home and garden landscapes. They make for great entryways and gates, and can be especially spectacular when adorned with climbing flowers and vines.

While vinyl and fiberglass pergolas are clean and modern, require limited maintenance and cost less, they are also less customizable.

Wood, which is the stronger, more customizable material, can be more expensive and require some maintenance, but the reward is a long-lasting pergola that blends beautifully with the rustic landscape style typical of an Idaho Falls countryside home.

Outback Landscapes experts would be happy to meet with you and discuss your pergola design needs. Contact our landscape experts at 208-656-3220 or fill out the contact form to set up a no-obligation meeting with one of our team members. In the meantime, for more landscape tips, be sure to subscribe to our blog.

Durable In All Weather Climates

Vinyl pergolas, particularly those that have been reinforced by an inner core of aluminum, are also extremely durable. They hold up well in all weather conditions, including high winds and rain, and arent impacted by extreme cold or a high UV index. This makes them ideal for installing in all climates without worry about long-term durability.

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Typical Pergola Sizes & Accessories

Pergolas can be ordered or built in a variety of sizes to fit any outdoor space. Often, you may see them sized out perfectly squared, ie: a 10×10 pergola or a 12×12 pergola. Here at Homestead, weve definitely noticed that rectangular pergolas are more popular, and weve built a wide range of sizes, from a 10×14 arched wood pergola to a 10×45 radius pergola!

If youre buying an out of the box DIY pergola like from Lowes or Walmart, youll have less choice on size and style. These pergolas are all precut and packaged, all you have to do is put them together.

Custom pergolas from builders like Homestead Structures give you a huge range of options, from size/shape and materials to installed accessories. We have done straight, arched, and radius pergolas and some of the most popular pergola accessories include:

  • Retractable shades and roof

Id Like A Pergola For My Outdoor Space What Next

Build A DIY Pergola At Home – Garden Structures

Timeless, elegant, understated whats not to love about pergolas? But where to start If youre looking to save time, money and potentially stress, consider opting for a pergola kit for a superb, great-looking end product.

Our pergola kits are created from high-quality European Green Oak, with all components precision CNC-machined, mortise-and-tenon jointed as well as grooved and shaped. Coming with assembly instructions, labelled parts and pegs, youre guaranteed a quick, simple installation.

If youre looking to make your own from scratch, we stock a wide range of high-quality sawn timber and oak beams. Our team of timber experts would be delighted to advise you on your project.

Take your garden to the next level with Duffield Timber. Excellence, from forest to finish. Get in touch to discuss your vision.

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