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What Is A Patio Door

Who Will Fit My Patio Doors

How to Install a Patio Door | BEST Tips To Save Time!

In most cases, patio doors are fitted as one of the last jobs on a build or renovation project in order to avoid the tracks or glazing being damaged by any other construction work.

A typical installation of standard bi-folds will take a professional team a day, although more complicated or larger systems can take two or three.

If you choose to buy your patio doors from a company specialising in doors and/or structural glazing, they will usually have their own trusted installation team.

If you have bought off-the-shelf your builder can fit your doors for you or you might choose to do this on a DIY basis.

So Which Ones Should You Buy French Doors Or Patio Doors

There are lots of factors to consider

Cost The cost varies, dependent on actual opening size you have. If you looked at cost per square metre of the opening, then sliding patio doors will work out around 10-20% cheaper at sizes bigger than 1800mm as locking mechanisms and hardware generally together with manufacturing methods are all slightly more cost effective than French doors. At sizes above 1800mm, the cost of French doors can become restrictive as additional windows or sidelights are required to fill the opening.

Security All types of exterior patio, or French or sliding doors come with security features, but here are some important features to look out for when buying:

Patio Doors . You need to ensure your doors have the following as a minimum

  • Multipoint lock, with security hooks to prevent the doors being levered open
  • Lockable drop bolts are a great addition on the sliding leaf
  • Anti lift devices on the doors to prevent them being forced upwards and lifted off their sliding mechanism
  • Lockable anti bump cylinder lock to prevent the barrel being forced
  • The doors need to have toughened double glazing and ideally need to be PAS24:2016 rated, meaning they must pass a variety of tests to ensure they meet required performance standards.

French Doors be on the look-out for these:

You also need to consider ventilation requirements of the property and what is offered with the product, in compliance with Part F of the UK Building Regulations.

Ideal Pet Aluminum Patio Door

When we think of the best patio doors, surely the first thing we want from them is to be durable. Ideal Pet is with relatively lightweight construction.

It is resistant to almost all harmful environmental impacts and is easy to maintain. This aluminum door has good thermal insulation characteristics and is not susceptible to temperature differences. It does not disturb the structure of the window frames. This makes the investment in it reasonable. Door installation and cleaning are more than easy.

Ideal Pet does not need additional steel reinforcements. Its material withstands load, so it is suitable for both interior and facade solutions.

If the color of your door bores you, you can change it without changing the door itself. This is done with a powder coating. In this method, the colors are stable, and do not fade over time.


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The Standard Size Of A Sliding Door Or French Exterior Door

There are some standard guidelines for the dimensions of a door. But just like how no home is the same, no door is quite the same either. The standard size of a patio door with a 2-panel configuration is 68 x 6. They also come in 5 x 8 and 8 x 8. But your door may require a custom fit be sure to start your project by measuring the rough opening of your doorway.

Best Patio Doors Whats Your Choice

Hinged Patio Doors

Choosing the best patio door is not always easy. Even more so with the numerous offers on the market. However, this choice must be right, as it will make your home an even more comfortable and cozy place.

When choosing, consider what you need. Choose the right material, as well as the type and design of the doors themselves. If you have pets, do not forget them.

It will be much more convenient for them to be able to go out into the yard without you having to open and close the door each time. It would be a great relief for you to walk through these doors without using your hands. In this case, select doors with magnets.

Whatever you choose, look at the price. High-quality materials are more expensive, but often they guarantee the door will be used for decades. Have in mind that the manufacturers of the best patio doors also provide warranties for their products.

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Pet Door Options For Your Champion Entry Door

Pet Door Option For Your Champion Sliding Glass Patio Door

We have a large selection of sizes so you can match your pets needs perfectly

Sizes Small Medium, Tall Medium, Tall Large, Extra Large

Highest Quality
  • Extruded aluminum frame is more durable than other plastic or pressed metal frames
  • Wont fade, crack, break or rust
  • Effciency and Protection
    • Double flaps, nylon pile weatherstripping, multiple alnico magnets for increased energy efficiency and to safeguard against wind, insect intrusion, and unwanted animals
    Safety and Security
    • Soft, flexible PVC vinyl flaps allow for easy pet access
    • No exposed screws to harm pets
    • Impact-resistant GE Lexan® security cover with positive-action pin lock
    Choice and Selection
    • 3 different colors to match your Champion patio door
    • Backed by a limited, no-fault 5-year prorated warranty

    Sliding Glass Patio Door Pet Door Specs

    Pet Door Size 6 1/2″ W x 9 1/2″ H Tall Medium 8 1/2″ W x 16″ H Tall Large 11″ W x 19 1/2″ H Extra Large 14″ W x 19 1/2″ H
    Sample Breeds German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Collie Rottweiler, Akita, Bulldog

    Whats The Difference Between French Doors And Patio Doors Which Should You Choose

    There are a number of considerations when buying either French doors, patio doors or internal French doors. Firstly, its vital that you understand the differences and constraints of each design.

    Lets start with what is a patio door? The term patio doors, otherwise known traditionally as sliding doors, has morphed over time to cover all types of doors that open out either onto your garden/patio area, or in to your living area, or simply slide open/closed.

    What is a French door? There isnt really a difference between French doors and patio doors. Rather, French doors are a type of patio door, folding sliding and of course sliding doors. All types operate differently and offer you certain different benefits. In this article we relate specifically to the difference between French doors and sliding patio doors and what to look for when buying them.

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    Different Sizes Of Sliding Patio Doors

    It is essential to note the varied sizes of sliding patio doors before making a final decision on the type of door to have installed on your property.

    For instance, the standard height of the sliding patio door is 80 inches. But that doesnt mean you wont find other sizes.

    Back to the width, sliding patio doors have varied width sizes. These include two-panel, three-panel, 4-panel, 5-panel, and 6-panel.

    Lets take a quick look at the various sizes of sliding patio doors. Having a sound knowledge of the varied sizes will enable homeowners to make an informed decision.

    Is It Possible To Have A Level Threshold

    How to Measure For a New Prehung Patio Door | The Home Depot

    A level threshold means that the top of the floor track is at the same level as the floor and keeps the internal and external floor levels the same.

    Whilst it looks striking and is useful from an access point of view, care needs to be taken to ensure the whole thing remains watertight.

    It is crucial to incorporate good drainage facilities. It will also be necessary for the external floor to slope gradually away from the threshold so that water does not pool in front of the doors.

    If you are concerned about a level threshold but like the look of them, consider building up the external floor level using timber decking or similar until it is level with the internal flooring, and keep a 75mm or more upstand in order to protect against any water ingress.

    It is a good idea to talk over the drainage options with your supplier. Take a look too at the British Standard BS 6375-1 rating of your doors. This relates to air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance.

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    Magnetic French And Patio Door

    These strengthened fiberglass doors are thin, maintenance-free, and energy-efficient. They do not need to finish the coating and can be tailored to your needs.

    They will not scratch, damage, rust or warp no matter how long you use them. And when it comes to the best patio door, it has to be durable, right?

    The doors are made of thick fiberglass fibers with high density. They are more durable and with good permeability. They will not allow insects, flies, and mosquitoes into your home, but they will let fresh and clean air and sun in.

    You will be able to open and close it even without your hands. And going out and getting your kids and pets through it wont require your attention, they will do it themselves.


    • The material is strengthened fiberglass
    • They cannot be easily damaged
    • They do not let even the smallest insects in
    • Good air and light transmittance


    Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors

    Vinyl sliding patio doors offer energy efficiency and durability you can count on for your home. Our high-quality vinyl material is resistant to damage from the elements and is virtually maintenance-free. It provides excellent insulation to keep your homes interior comfortable in any season. Vinyl sliding patio doors are a proven and affordable option for new construction and renovation projects.

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    Wood Composite Sliding Patio Doors

    Our high-quality wood composite sliding patio doors deliver the traditional appearance of wood with improved thermal performance. The low maintenance composite cellular exterior is resistant to damage from moisture, protecting the genuine wood interior.

    Wood composite sliding patio doors offer a great deal of design flexibility. Paint or stain the stain-grade clear wood interior to match your homes décor. Improve your homes curb appeal by painting the exterior of your wood composite sliding patio door which comes primed and ready to go.

    The Office Garden Door

    Patio Doors &  Glass Sliding Doors in Cincinnati, OH.

    Take a look at this garden patio door in the homeowners home office. This garden patio door totally makes the office and gives the busy homeowner a chance to stretch their legs and take an afternoon walk. And notice the patio door is paired with a picture window above to increase the natural light in the space.

    Imagine transforming your own home office like this. Is your office adjacent to your yard and on a ground level? Or do you have a pair of windows that could be replaced with a swinging patio or garden door like this one? The possibilities are endless and the change will be dramatic.

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    How Do You Measure A Sliding Glass Door

    Measure the door starting at the inside of the side jamb and extend the tape measure to the center stile at the opposite end. This measurement is the width. The height is determined by measuring at the top of the bottom track, the center, and the bottom. The smallest of the three measurements is the correct height.

    The Sliding Patio Doors Size

    The size of the sliding door you are getting will affect your budget.

    So, try to measure your door area and consider the type of sliding door you think will be ideal for your wallet and property.

    A two-panel sliding door will be cheaper than a three-panel sliding door. Also, the bigger the door size, the higher the cost.

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    Are Patio Doors Energy Efficient

    Yes! We aim to give you the best exterior doors and that means a focus on energy efficiency. All our external glass doors are double glazed and thermally efficient. Choosing to install an external glass sliding door doesn’t have to be a concern when it comes to thermal performance. All our sliding glass exterior doors have impressive U-values which meet or exceed the building regulations.

    Ideal Pet Vinyl Pet Patio Door

    How To Lubricate Clean Sliding Patio Door Easy Simple

    One practical solution for any home is a vinyl door! The Ideal Pet Products pet door is easily installed on the door without breaking its structure or integrity.

    Thanks to the locking system, you can decide and insist that the animal comes out and enters at any time or the door remains closed. An additional advantage is easy installation and cleaning. However, be careful with strong cleaning chemicals they can injure the vinyl.

    Ideal Pet patio door will allow your pet to move freely without you having to constantly go to open and close it afterward. This built-in door is the best patio door if you have a dog or cat.

    Whats more, its also available in several sizes that are tailored to your pets size.


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    Do You Want An Unobstructed View

    When you have a breathtaking view or a garden youre proud of, you want to show it off. Both French doors and patio doors are large glazed doors that will allow you to do that. With patio doors, you get a large wall of glass that allows you to view your outdoor areas. Similarly, French doors are also wide glazed doors.

    The difference is, while sliding patio doors give you more visibility in terms of area, they have a static frame. French doors, though they only have a glazed area the size of two door sashes, have a flying mullion. This is a central pillar that opens with the slave sash. Once both the doors are open, you have nothing obstructing the view.

    Therefore, if you want an unobstructed view once the doors are open, you should opt for French doors. If you are amenable to the idea of frames breaking up your view, you will find patio doors to be ideal.

    At Ultra Trade Frame, we offer both French doors and sliding patio doors. These beautiful double glazed doors are available in both uPVC and aluminium. Our Halo uPVC patio doors and Profile22 uPVC patio doors offer beautiful panels with sleek sightlines. However, we also offer Smart aluminium patio doors for slimmer frames, if visibility is your priority.

    Pick The Perfect Patio Door: 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right One

    Picking a patio door for your home seems simple until you try to do it. After all, its not an activity most of us often do, and it leads to a quest for good, concise data.

    Sunshine Contracting answers a lot of questions about patio doors since we have deep and detailed experience with them, as well as many other types of doors, windows and aspects of exterior-remodeling. Were glad to share information to help you pick the perfect patio door.

    The patio door does as much for the back of the house as the main door does for the front of a house. A great front door adds character, enhances curb appeal and creates a grand entrance.

    The patio door sets a tone for the back of the house and serves multiple purposes, too, such as:

    • Serving as an entrance and an exit.
    • Flooding a room with natural light.
    • Providing a view of the outdoors.
    • Adding to the style of a house.
    • Adding energy efficiency.
    • Creating a focal point.

    Patio door styles vary enough that everyone can find one to fit their style and character. The selection helps people create a welcoming entrance and that just-right visual impact.

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    Why Should I Choose Patio Doors From Turkington

    PVC patio doors from Turkington are ideal for any style of home. These high-quality doors contain thermally efficient double glazed A-rated glass with personalised finishes, such as frosted/obscured glass, to suit your taste and style. The frames are crafted and developed to reduce plaster cutback allowing for larger expanses of glass and giving you the best possible view of the outside world.

    Our doors are designed with the security of your home and family in mind. Our multi-point locking system keeps intruders at bay and gives you peace of mind. No matter your taste and style, weve also got you covered. We offer our patio doors in a wide array of colours to choose from, including a dual-colour option to complement the interior and exterior of your home.

    When You Are Working With A Manufacturer Installer Or Contractor Understanding Each Component Of The Door Can Help You Get The Final Product You Want

    5 Hot Choices in Patio Doors for Indoor Outdoor Living ...

    The door industry, from the manufacturers to the installers and contractors, uses a variety of terms when referring to the parts of patio doors. If you are working with one of them on a project for your home, it can be helpful for both of you if you are familiar with the essential components. You donât have to commit each part to memory, but a basic understanding of where each component is located and what function it serves can make a world of difference.

    Read on for a breakdown of the basic exterior and interior parts and hardware of hinged patio doors and sliding glass patio doors that Pella offers.

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    Double And Single Arched Entryways For Exteriors

    If your home is rustically styled, you may want to consider arched patio doors. Whether youre replacing an old door to fit into an arched entryway, or youre remodeling and prefer an arched door over a square top, there are many excellent options to choose from. The best-arched patio doors are both fire and impact rated, and look beautiful with the right kind of architecture and decor.

    Available as individual and in double door styles, an arched exterior door for the rear-facing entry of your home can really make both the interior and exterior design pop. Choose a solid wood arched door, or a double arched entryway made almost entirely of glass. Whatever style works for your home, there is an option in arched exterior doors for you.


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