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Is Acacia Wood Good For Patio Furniture

Acacia: A Tree Of A Thousand Names

Walker Edison Furniture Company Solid Acacia Wood Patio Chairs Review

The Acacia tree, also known as Mimosa, Thorntree, and Wattle, is a hardwood tree family native to Australia. Over millennia, Acacia spread to now be found throughout the Old World including Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. European settlers brought the tree to the Americas, where a new species began to emerge. There are now 1,350 species of Acacia worldwide!

The species of Acacia we use for our furniture is Babul . It’s native to Africa, India, and the Middle East, and is an invasive species in Australia. We use this species due to its hardness, density, and availability, detailed deeper into this article.

Factors To Consider For Outdoor Materials

Outdoor furniture frames, tabletops and upholstery need to retain structural integrity and their appearance over many seasons, and through a variety of weather conditions. Additionally, the time and effort needed to maintain materials throughout the year, as well as their green-ness and costs are important aspects to examine.

Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

  • Wipe the furniture daily with a soft cloth. A slightly moistened cloth is advisable to ensure all dust stays on the cloth.
  • Liquids like alcohol, deodorants, and perfumes will pull moisture from wood when left, causing cracking. Therefore, avoid exposing the wood to such liquids. Use placemats and coasters when resting drinks or hot dishes on the furniture.
  • Place your acacia wood furniture carefully so that it is not in contact with direct sunlight or heat. .
  • You definitely dont want to scratch your acacia wood furniture. Hence, avoid all cleaning cloths with a rough surface rather wipe down periodically with a slightly damp or dry dust cloth.
  • Do not use polish or cleaning products containing silicone, which can dry out natural wood over time. Furthermore, do not use detergents or any cleaning products that contain ammonia. These will take moisture out of the wood and wear down the finish much faster.
  • Despite all the care and maintenance if a scratch does appear, use a touch-up marker to hide the scratch. However, before using the marker be sure to test the marker on an unseen part of the table to ensure that the marker matches the finish.
  • Opt for acacia furniture that has water-based lacquer finish so that you do not have to worry about water spillage.
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    Coral Coast Bellora Chaise Lounger

    If youve seen how expensive teak chaise loungers can be, then youll understand how good of a value you get by buying this acacia lounge chair instead.

    Is it as good as a teak lounger?Probably not.

    But, is it an excellent hardwood lounger chair for your money?Without a doubt.

    Do yourself a favor and treat the wood with teak oil. Acacia doesnt have the same density and naturally occurring protective oils that teak has. So a little maintenance on your part will go a long way towards extending the life of your chairs.

    Its Durability And Strength Properties Make It The Ultimate Choice For Furniture And Decorative Woodwork

    Acacia Wood Patio Chairs with Cushions, Set of 2

    It doesn’t matter if you stain or paint it or if the seal has a sheen.

    Wooden Garden Table & Chairs Set Sydney Acacia Wood …

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    It will look beautiful on your wooden deck or concrete patio. This allows us to make beautiful acacia wood benches and buffets, dazzling acacia dining tables, and sophisticated side tables, all without sacrificing the high quality of our furniture. The Babul variety of Acacia wood is also very pliable when it is freshly cut.

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    Best Woods For Outdoor Furniture

    Not all woods are created equal when it comes to year-round outdoor performance. Only a few varieties, out of the hundreds available, are durable enough to withstand drenching rains or the harsh rays of the sun.

    For a piece of Outdoor Wood Furniture to stand up to the ravages of nature long term – even in a relatively mild, balmy climate – it must be made of a wood with some natural resistance to rot and insect infestation.

    Acacia Wood Is Not Waterproof

    Even though acacia wood is water-resistant, it is not completely impervious to water. A good amount of water can still cause considerable damage, such as swelling or warping, as mentioned earlier.

    So to keep your furniture protected, dont leave it under standing water. Cover it when it rains or store it in the garage or basement. This is important, especially during the winter seasons when theres a lot of rain and snow. You will be extending the useful life of the furniture by doing this.

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    Pros Of Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

  • Acacia wood as a whole and especially Babul, specie used to make furniture, has a naturally fine texture and gives a smooth finish.
  • Acacia wood is highly scratch-resistant in comparison to other hardwoods.
  • Affordability: There is a massive plantation of acacia wood in Asia and the Middle East, and is an invasive species in Australia. Therefore, the prices stay reasonable compared to other exotic hardwoods. This allows us to harvest the wood at a cheaper cost so we can pass those savings on to the consumers.
  • Workability: Babul is not only easy to work with but also hardens appreciably after it is dried. This characteristic allows us to make pleasing acacia wood benches and buffets, dining tables, and state of the art side tables, without compromising the high quality of the furniture. Its workability even before drying is commendable and allows us to craft beautiful live edge pieces.
  • Durability: The density and hardness of the acacia wood makes it the most appropriate material for heavy-use pieces such as dining tables and dining benches. Moreover, if the pieces are properly maintained, they can last decades.
  • Termite resistance: The heartwood is also known as hardwood, is the hardest and oldest central part of a tree. This part of acacia wood is pest-proof and is found in a number of the woods like Acacia. So this is the reason it is termite resistant.
  • Weight: Acacia wood furniture is lighter in weight than other solid hardwood furniture products.
  • Comparing Wood Types For Outdoor Furniture

    Tangkula Acacia Wood Loveseat, 3pcs Outdoor Table Chairs Set, Patio Conversation Set Review, Easy to

    It might have come as a surprise that there are so many options for buying wooden patio furniture.

    Suddenly you’re not just concerned with aesthetics. Now you must decide about what type of tree your new decor came from.

    Teak, chestnut, acacia, cedar, meranti, poplar, tentu, fir, shorea, pine, redwood… There are so many options that you probably didn’t notice that tentu isn’t a real wood or that meranti and shorea are the same tree.

    Not all woods are created equal. Even within the same species, there can be quality grades that complicate matters even more. That’s why we’ve made this handy guide to help you choose the material that’s right for you.

    We can’t go over all the types of wood you might encounter without this turning into an encyclopedia, so we’ll cover some of the more exotic/uncommon woods you might not be familiar with.

    If you’re curious about one we didn’t cover, just pop your question in the comment section below.

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    What Is Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

    Acacia wood is an often used material in furniture and interior design. You might see it in kitchenware, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, and even flooring. Its a type of wood with a light tone and varying grain patterns.

    There are a lot of benefits to acacia wood, specifically, as well. Well go into this more in-depth later on that but it includes not only an attractive appearance but reliable durability and wide accessibility.

    Not to mention, with a number of different types of acacia, there are a lot of different varieties that you can choose from to find the best look for your home.

    Acacia wood is sometimes referred to as locust or monkeypod wood. However, monkeypod wood is not a true acacia and is from a different tree genus. Although both have similar traits that make them frequently used for outdoor furniture.

    See this 4 piece acacia outdoor furniture set at Pier 1

    Develop A Cleaning Schedule

    Frequent dusting can take care of dust and other solid particles, but it cant remove grimes and tough stains. So while you make dusting a routine, you should also have a cleaning schedule. We normally recommend cleaning at least twice a year depending on how much you use the furniture and where you have it located outdoors. But it would be better if you can do it more than twice a year.

    Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean. Focus on grime and dirt, as well as wet spots. Wipe down every part of the furniture, including hard-to-reach areas or corners.

    When youre done cleaning, you can rinse with another damp cloth soaked in clean water. Then, use a towel to dry.

    I recommend using mild soap . Avoid products that contain ammonia or silicone, as these chemicals can damage your furniture.

    For dark spots, tough stains, and mild, you can use vinegar solution . Baking soda also works. To clean the stains, you can use a soft brush. Dont scrub too hard.

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    How To Pick High Quality Wooden Garden Furniture

    Theres a wide range of outdoor wooden furniture you can bring into your garden and transform its look. Using wooden furniture gives your outdoors a sophisticated look, depending on how you display it and the ambience it creates. There are many kinds of good quality wood to choose from based on the following parameters:

    Style: Take the look and plan of your garden into consideration before choosing your furniture and match it accordingly. If your garden already has dark colored accessories, use dark colored wood, like mahogany.

    Quality: Do you plan to keep your outdoor furniture through the year? If not, you should think of a storeroom for it too. But if you do, choose wooden outdoor furniture that ages well and can withstand the rigors of every season. A few wood types that can stand adverse weather are teak, acacia and eucalyptus, so go with any of these.

    Cost: What you ultimately choose would largely depend on your budget, so bear your budget in mind while choosing.

    Size: How much space do you have in your garden for furniture? Chairs, benches and dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, so measure out your free space before investing in furniture.

    Function: What are your needs for outdoor furniture? Will your garden furniture serve as extra seating for when you throw summer parties? If you intend hosting parties for small groups of people, buy small tables for food and drinks and wooden benches and comfortable chairs for your guests.

    Tips On How To Care For Acacia Furniture

    Gymax 8PCS Acacia Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture Set ...
  • Practice proper cleaning.How to care for acacia wood outdoor furniture starts with proper cleaning. Wipe down your furniture often with a damp rag to eliminate dust and prevent dust accumulation. The routine attention to this breathing, living material will help preserve its integrity and eventually avoid drying or cracking.
  • Use a gentle soap to clean.Use products without silicone or ammonia products. These products contain properties that can create dryness in the wood that can eventually lead to cracking. A mild soap, warm water solution will keep your Acacia wood happy.
  • Always wash and wipe down wet spots.If your furniture is located next to the pool resulting in occasional chlorine-rich splashes, gently wash your furniture then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Also, set your furniture with enough distance from heat and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Use a preservative product.You can commonly find boiled linseed oil or tung oil in commercial goods as the base ingredient for oiling outdoor wood furniture for its natural drying properties. Acacia woods sensitivity to direct sunlight means that pigmented finishing oil is preferred over transparent, which will provide UV protection.
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    Western Red Cedar Furniture

    With its fine, highly textured grain and deep luster, cedar certainly proves visually harmonious with outdoor landscapes. And cedars natural weather resistance allows it to last 20 years or more with proper care perfect for your new favorite outdoor lounge chair on the deck.

    Untreated cedar is a reddish auburn color when cut, and it slowly fades to a gray patina. Cedar is free of pitch and resin but does have an aromatic scent that doubles as a mild bug repellent.

    Best Types Of Wood For Making Outdoor Furniture

    Three of the most popular lumber choices for outdoor furniture include cypress, western red cedar, and redwood. Geographical location has a lot to do with influencing your choice of wood. For instance, if you live in the western United States, you would probably use redwood, due to its abundance in that area.

    Then, many other factors dictate the choice of wood for outdoor furniture. To know more about the factors that we need to consider and the best ways to preserve and maintain outdoor wooden furniture, we have covered it in another interesting post.

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    How To Care For Acacia Wood Tips

    It requires little maintenance but for best long lasting results, here are some tips

    Basic Cleaning:

  • Wipe down the wood with a soft cloth slightly moistened with warm water soapy water. Dry with a soft dry cloth or air drying is fine.
  • Avoid cleaning tools with a rough surface
  • Dont use detergents or cleaners that have silicone or ammonia in them, as that can dry out the wood and cause cracking. Mild, soapy warm water is all you need to clean it
  • Non-detergent liquid soap is best because it doesnt contain harmful chemicals that might cause deterioration
  • For an even more natural solution, try a mixture of water and white vinegar to remove tougher stains like bird droppings, sunscreens mould and mildewUse a Preservative for Acacia wood:
  • Acacia wood can be a little sensitive to prolonged direct sunlight, which means a pigmented finishing oil is preferred over transparent, this provides extra UV protection.
  • Boiled linseed oil or tung oil is often used in commercial goods as the base ingredient for oiling outdoor wood furniture for its natural drying properties.
  • You can also use a wax like Glitz furniture wax, furniture oil like Cabots Furniture OilUsing wax creates a harder finish and lasts longer. It does take longer than oils though, using oils is easier with a softer finish, but this needs doing more often.
  • Waxing can be done approx. once per year, oiling twice a year to maintain your acacia wood in top condition.
  • Types Of Wood Outdoor Furniture

    Sunnydaze Kenmare 4-Piece Patio Furniture Set – Rattan and Acacia with Cushions-GF-677

    Looking to spruce up your outdoor space, entertain, or create a place to relax? Wood patio furniture is a great way to create a warm, inviting look with pieces that will last for years. Finding the best wood for outdoor furniture depends on your budget and style preferences, including the wood color and how it weathers, as well as the furnitures style and design. Curious about eucalyptus vs. teak outdoor furniture? Want to know how acacia furniture will weather the elements? Lets examine the features of popular woods used in outdoor furniture

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    Requires A Lot Of Maintenance

    Acacia wood furniture requires a lot of care and maintenance when used outside. In fact, it needs more pampering compared to many other furniture materials such as aluminum. This is not only important to guarantee its long-term use outdoors but also to preserve its natural beauty and appearance.

    Acacia wood happens to be one of those materials that ages beautifully, but that is only when its properly maintained. It needs to be sealed and weatherproofed and constantly wiped to remove dust and grime.

    Acacia On The World Stage

    A variety of 18th century writers praised Acacia as a durable and valuable wood, being used for a variety of products such as tree nails, ship posts, beams, cogs, and, of course, furniture! One English writer, Ebeneezer Jessup, enthusiastically proposed the planting of 10,000 acres of the tree in order to provide an enduring source of building materials for the British Royal Navy. The British Royal Navy, in turn, responded. They valued Acacia for its durability and water-resistant properties, using it as the primary building material for their legendary Ships-of-the-Line. With their advanced Acacia hulls, these ships began to dominate the seas and help place Great Britain as the leading world power of the 18th century.

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    Easy To Shape For A Variety Of Furniture

    One thing that you will love about acacia wood patio furniture is the versatility. The true grow in different sizes and thicknesses depending on the origin, soil nutrients, and how long you allow the truth to grow. Depending on what you are planning to make, acacia wood is easy to shape and you can get unique furniture pieces for your patio.

    We have furniture pieces that are made from uncut acacia wood. This gives a beautiful unique look. You can also shape acacia to get a variety of beautiful and unique patio pieces. It is not as hard as other hardwoods and this makes it easy to shape to a variety of furniture designs and styles.

    Is Acacia Furniture A Good Value For The Money

    Costway 4 PCS Outdoor Acacia Wood Sofa Furniture Set ...

    Yes. Though it is more expensive than other traditional hardwoods used in furniture, such as maple and oak, the higher price tag can be justified by considering the durability and long-lasting nature of acacia pieces. While you might pay more up front, acacia wood furniture is nature-made to maintain its beauty for many decades, and can hold up to many of the elements that cause other wood varieties to become damaged.

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