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Oakmont Gazebo Replacement Canopy

Sunjoy Replacement Mosquito Netting For 1012 Ft Windsor Gazebo L

Trick to installing gazebo canvas top

The Windsor gazebo is one of the most popular ever sold at Big Lots and can be found in households throughout America. For that reason, it is so vital that there are aftermarket products so that you can replace any parts that break or even add something you may not have had previously, for instance, a mosquito net.

This mosquito net is designed for the Windsor gazebo, model number L-GZ717PST-C.

If youve read the other reviews of Sunjoy replacement nets, it wont surprise you to learn that this is very high quality.

It offers the same tight weave that much of the rest of the range does, and users tend to be very impressed by how well made and rugged this net is. It also comes with all the hooks you need to install it, and fits snugly as a replacement on a 10×12 ft Windsor. The part number it fits is L-GZ717PST-C.


  • Well made with a tight weave
  • Comes with the hooks needed for installation


  • A few customers have reported troubles putting it up, though this is rare

Sunjoy Replacement Mosquito Netting For 10 X 12 Ft Sonoma Gazebo L

You may be starting to notice a pattern! Another top-selling Gazebo from Wilson Fisher and another replacement product made by Sunjoy. Their mosquito nets usually hit the nail on the head and this is no exception, as the brand applies their excellent workmanship to the 10 x 12 ft Sonoma model, providing a great addition for those who have never had a mosquito net, and a replacement for those which have broken.

This mosquito net is designed for the Sonoma gazebo, model number L-GZ815PST-1.

Yet again this is extremely durable meaning it is rare to experience tears or holes which can render any mosquito net absolutely ineffective. It is designed to fit the L-GZ815PST-1 catalog number of the Wilson and Fisher gazebo, but some customers have reported this being a little bigger than the original. It is far better to have a product with a few extra inches than not big enough.

This netting has the added benefit of being easy to clean and wipe down which is not something that can be said about a huge amount of nets. With a flimsy net, you can run the risk of tearing it or compromising the weave when you are cleaning.


  • Tight weave design perfect for keeping bugs out


  • May not be a perfect fit in all situations as it can be slightly larger than the original

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy Set For Windsor Gazebo L

Garden Winds has hit the nail on the head with this replacement canopy set for the Windsor Gazebo.

This has a lot to offer and as well as being a perfect fit for the L-GZ717PST-C gazebo, it has some real plus points and is another canopy that may even be better than the included canopy when you buy the Windsor Gazebo.

This is just the canopy so the frame is not included and neither are the curtains for the sides of the gazebo. These need to be purchased separately if you need coverage on all four sides of your gazebo.

This replacement canopy is designed to fit only the Windsor gazebo, model number L-GZ717PST-C .

This is durable with a 350 denier polyester fabric material and is very easy to wipe down and clean when it gets dirty.

Garden Winds range of replacement canopies is generally very high quality. Most consumers have given this an exceptionally high review, and it is easy to see why when you look at the pros and cons.


  • Durable material with high sun protection of UPF 50+
  • Good value for money
  • No protective mesh between its two parts which can lead to bugs

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Sunjoy Replacement Canopy Set For 10x12ft Bay Window Gazebo L

Yet another offering from Sunjoy, this time its a canopy set for replacing that on their 10×12 ft Bay Window gazebo, which has catalog number L-GZ329PST-2 .

Not only does this look true to the original with its two-part design, but it also has a huge amount of durability which weve grown to expect from the company. This is simple to clean though it is a little more difficult to take down due to the two-part design.

The fit of this replacement canopy is snug and perfect for the Wilson and Fisher L-GZ329PST-2. It even ships at just 8.08 lbs in weight so it isnt difficult to carry around and fit onto your gazebo.

The Bay Window design of this gazebo means that the sides are not as important. However, having coverage on the top is nothing short of vital to protect you from the conditions and from sunlight which can cause burning over long periods in the backyard.

This replacement canopy is designed to fit only the Bay Window gazebo, model number L-GZ329PST-2.

Generally speaking, this is a very high-quality product and if your original canopy has had its day in the sun this can even offer an improvement on the quality and protection.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Simple to clean and wipe down


  • More expensive than some other replacement canopies.

Wilson And Fisher: Who Are They

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy Top Cover for Oakmont Grill Gazebo ...

Wilson and Fisher dont have a huge amount of an online presence.

In fact, they dont sell direct to customers and instead supply Big Lots stores who sell their products both online and in their many retail locations.

In spite of a modest web presence, Wilson and Fisher is a big brand that manufactures and supplies lots of different garden products including gazebos, furniture, lighting, and more.

In fact, their range extends as far as decorative items, plant stands and greenhouses. Many of their products are popular and well reviewed, and found in gardens all over the US.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Gazebo Replacement Parts

Wilson and FIsher gazebos tend to be structurally strong, and the frame itself is well made.

However, certain parts the gazebo such as the canopy, netting and side panels will be susceptible to damage and even just wear and tear as you use it. This leads to the gazebo not functioning as intended and you can end up with the bug problems or lack of shade you were trying to avoid in the first place.

This isnt something you should have to do every summer just to enjoy your garden to the maximum potential.

Purchasing replacement parts isnt an overly regular occurrence, but it is great to know that you have the option should something get damaged. It is only natural that over time the conditions can take their toll on your gazebo.

Replacement parts are also an option if you want to add something extra to your gazebo.

For example, if you have bought a model without netting or side panels and wish to add them for that extra bit of privacy from the neighbors.

Things to consider before you buy replacement gazebo parts should include:

The ideal customers for replacement parts are those whose gazebo is generally in good condition, but they have experienced problems with one part. The canopy or netting can often be the first sections to become damaged.

Garden Winds South Hampton Gazebo Replacement Canopy L

This replacement canopy is made by Garden Winds, a company who make a huge amount of replacement items for outdoor furniture. This canopy is a replacement for the Gazebo called the South Hampton which is sold at Home Depot and at Big Lots.

This model is made from a four-ply material that may well be even better in terms of durability than the original canopy which shipped with the gazebo. The dura pockets at the hem are designed to stop the corners and stitching form becoming work overtime. The ultraviolet protection is 50+ which can ensure you stay protected even in very bright conditions and avoid burning.

The model number of the original gazebo is L-GZ659PST and the model is South Hampton.

Make sure this is the model you have to ensure a good fit and compatibility.


  • Good quality rugged and offers protection from the sun and conditions


  • Can be a tight fit on your South Hampton, especially the 11-13 model

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Sunjoy Replacement Mosquito Netting For 11x13ft South Hampton Gazebo L

Having already featured a replacement canopy for the South Hampton gazebo, a popular choice which was sold at Big Lots, we wanted to include an excellent mosquito net, too. Once again, this is made by Sunjoy who have produced a huge amount of the replacement netting on the market for all kinds of different gazebos. This part is compatible with the Wilson Fisher model number L-GZ659PST.

The tight weave is something that can be expected from most of the Sunjoy range, and this is yet another product that has a great design for making sure no bugs can sneak through and ruin your fun. The product is durable, too. This is extremely useful and an important quality for any mosquito net to have, as one tear or hole in it can stop it from being effective at all.

This mosquito net is designed for the South Hampton gazebo, model number L-GZ659PST .

This is one of the longer-lasting nets on the market, and many seem to experience problems in the sun, but the Sunjoy range is great at avoiding this issue.


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How to Assemble Wilson & Fisher Oakmont Domed Small Space/Grill Gazebo

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Abccanopy Replacement Canopy Roof For The Sonoma Resin Wicker Gazebo L

  • Suitable for moderate weather conditions.
  • Strong and durable.

The ABCCANOPY Replacement Canopy Roof is arguably better quality than the original roof you get with a Sonoma Resin Wicker gazebo.

This impressive structure fits over the top of your gazebo, creating an attractive aesthetic and protecting you from foul weather.

It measures 10x12ft and does not include the side netting, curtain, or metal structure.

This replacement canopy roof is designed only to fit the Sonoma Resin Wicker gazebo, model number L-GZ815PST-1 .

The replacement canopy is made of high-quality polymer, resistant to water, UV light, and fire damage. Therefore, it is excellent if you have moderate weather conditions. However, the company does not recommend leaving it outside during a storm.

It comes with a one-year warranty and is low maintenance, allowing you to clean it in just a few minutes.

You should know that there are gaps in the top section that do not have covered screening. If you have mosquitoes in your area, you may like to attach some insect netting.


  • Resistant to heavy sun and rain.
  • Made of durable and high-quality material.

Garden Winds is one of the most reputable companies, and this replacement canopy is an excellent option for the Sonoma Riviera Wicker Gazebo.

It has dimensions of 10x12ft and includes the canopy but not the privacy curtains, mosquito netting, or metal structure.


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Sunjoy Replacement Mosquito Netting For 10x12ft Monterey Gazebo L

Shop Sunjoy Original Manufacturer Replacement Mosquito Netting for ...

The Wilson & Fisher Monterey gazebo, originally sold at places like Big Lots, is a very popular model of their gazebos. Aftermarket products such as this mean you can replace anything that breaks or starts to get worn and also get more of a long lifespan out of your gazebo in the process. You can also add little extras, in case you dont have mosquito netting.

Whether you are replacing or adding a mosquito net, this is worth considering on the 10×12 Monterey.

It has paneling for all four sides and even comes with replacement hooks for the installation of your netting. This is not something all replacement nets include as they may assume you can just use the original, but these can be prone to damage too.

This mosquito net is designed for the Monterey gazebo, model number L-GZ215PST-4.

The tight weave of the Sunjoy replacement net is designed to keep even tiny bugs at bay so that you wont get any mosquitos or other annoying creatures ruining your relaxed time in the garden. Some users have reported some issues with tightness around the frame, but this is often just the first time you put it on and the product will stretch to fit over time.

This is an aftermarket netting universal to product L-GZ215PST-4.


  • Some users have reported tightness when first installing

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Who Makes Wilson And Fisher Gazebo Replacement Parts

Have you been searching for Wilson and Fisher replacement parts and found none with the official branding?

To purchase replacement parts for your gazebo you will either need to go back to BigLots and search for a replacement.

Alternatively, you can use an external company, ordering from Amazon or other online retailers, which is often a cheaper and more efficient way of doing it. There are a couple of very prolific retailers who have built their businesses around replacement parts for gazebos and other garden furniture.

Sunjoy Replacement Mosquito Netting For Bay Window Gazebo

Are you finding that the mosquitos and other bugs are starting to find a way back into your gazebo? Perhaps your netting is not as effective as it once was. Theyre designed with a very finely weaved material which can over time become less tight and give way to annoying mosquitos, meaning bites ruining otherwise pleasant evenings.

This mosquito net by Sunjoy is designed for the Bay Window Gazebo , model number L-GZ120PST-9.

It does a great job of replicating the part which originally ships with the gazebo, so while it is not necessarily an upgrade it will return your gazebo to its original form.



  • None found

It is easy to fit and the perfect length to ensure that bugs dont have room to get in through the bottom. In spite of the slightly unorthodox shape of the Bay Window gazebo, you dont have to worry about any areas where the netting is less effective.

Like many other mosquito nets, this is made from 100% durable polyester. It is easy to wipe down and clean as well as being tightly weaved to stop even the smallest of mosquitos finding a way in. The perfect replacement for when the netting which came with your gazebo starts to wear.

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Garden Winds Bay Window Gazebo L

This replacement canopy is made by Garden Wings and is one of the cheapest weve come across in our search for good Wilson and Fisher gazebo replacement parts. It fits the smaller L-GZ329PST-2 gazebo though you will have to buy the mosquito netting set as it is not included.

The gazebo it fits was available at Big Lots. It was available in different colors but this replacement is only available in beige.

This replacement canopy is designed to fit only the Bay Window gazebo, model number L-GZ329PST-2.

In spite of being a bit more affordable than some of the other replacement canopies, it still uses the Garden Wings signature RipLock 350 high-performance fabric which is designed to be exceptionally durable with its ultra stitch design.

It offers more than double the strength of some of its competitors. The durable stitching style means that even if a tear or rip does occur, it is likely to be far smaller than it would have otherwise been on models with standard stitching.


  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Some users report it as being an upgrade on the original gazebo canopy


  • Not as perfect fitting on the original model as it could be

Garden Winds Replacement Canopy For Monterey Gazebo

Garden Winds How to Find Your Replacement Canopy – 2020

Have you got the popular Wilson and Fisher Monterey gazebo and the canopy is coming to the end of its life span?

This replacement canopy is designed to fit only the Monterey, model number L-GZ215PST-4.

This replacement canopy is a great example of the specialism Garden Winds has in this area. The RipLock technology that the brand has developed offers an extremely durable material.


  • Riplock technology prevents rips and tears


  • No cons found

The canopy is double-walled and offers four-ply stitching which gives a huge amount of strength even when pulled around by wind. The clever design continues with the double hem design for the pockets which stops them from perforating or tearing at the seam, a problem which can occur in many canopies, especially in the corners.

As well as its impressive durability, a sun protection factor of over 50 keeps you in adequate shade even on the sunniest days and ensures you arent likely to burn.

Though this canopy is only designed for the Monterey gazebo, it is the perfect replacement should you experience any problems with this design. We would even go as far as to say this is stronger than the original canopy so if you are looking to make your gazebo more resistant to tough conditions then this is a very wise purchase.

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