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How To Store Patio Cushions

How To Remove Stains On Outdoor Cushions And Pillows

Toni’s Tip ~ Storing Patio Cushions

As with most stains, it’s best to treat stains on outdoor cushions as soon as possible. Use these instructions for specific types of spots:

  • Grass stains: If the above Borax solution doesn’t work on grass stains, use a liquid detergent that has stain-removing enzymes, such as Tide Heavy Duty Hygienic Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent . Use a soft brush to work the detergent into the stain and rinse with clean water.
  • Mold or mildew: Use a brush to scrape away as much of the mold or mildew as possible. Be sure to do this outside to avoid spreading the spores to other areas of your home. Spray undiluted distilled white vinegar over the affected area and wait at least 10 minutes. For stubborn stains, place a cloth soaked in vinegar over the spot. Scrub the cushions with a brush, then clean with a sponge dipped in water and a small amount of detergent. Rinse and let air-dry completely in a sunny spot.
  • Oil stains: Remove greasy stains from sunscreen, bug spray, and food by sprinkling cornstarch or baking soda on the fabric. Wait 15 minutes for the oil to be absorbed, then scrape off the powder with a straightedge like a ruler or credit card. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone.
  • Tree sap: Apply an enzyme-based stain remover to the stain, then sprinkle some powdered detergent on top to create a paste. Scrub gently with a brush and rinse with hot water. If the discoloration remains, wash with oxygen bleach to restore the color.

How To Protect Outdoor Cushions From Fading

Want to know how to protect outdoor furniture cushions from fading? It can be frustrating when the bright and beautiful patterns of your new outdoor furniture quickly fade. The trick to protecting your outdoor furniture cushions is to keep them out of the sun as much as possible. Bring the cushions inside when not in use and keep them clean with our custom furniture-cleaning sprays. This will help you keep the patterns and colors of your patio furniture as lovely as the day you first bought it.

Tips For Keeping You Cushions Safety

Before protecting your outdoor cushions in the safety of a deck box, we recommend you take some steps of action to keep your cushions at the best level of quality they can be.

These steps are simple so dont worry, and theyre not too time consuming either.

  • When winter hits, its more than likely your cushions will have been sat outside for the majority of the year, meaning they might be in need of some TLC. In the same way that you wash your clothes, your cushions will also benefit from a good old fashioned clean. You wouldnt wear clothing that had been sat outside for months on end, and your cushions deserve the same care.
  • Even though most outdoor cushion covers are designed to be weatherproof, having an annual routine that involves caring for them will keep that weatherproof function intact, and ensure you get the best of out of cushions. If they arent waterproof, then its ever more important to take care of your cushions!
  • Youll find that most cushions have removable covers, which makes the task of washing them quick and easy. Just throw them in the washing machine with some gentle detergent, make sure you read the label first to know what cycle to wash these on and youre ready to go.
  • You can give the cushions a scrub if you want to take extra care of them, especially if your covers arent removable. Always air dry your cushion covers for the best result, unless the label specifically states you can use a tumble dyer.

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What Is The Best Way To Store Patio Cushions

The best way to store patio cushions is by using an outdoor storage bag that has a zipper closure. You can also use cardboard boxes or plastic bins for this purpose. Just make sure the plastic and cardboard boxes and bins you use do not have any labels.

The cooling effects of patio furniture cushions can be calculated for an outdoor porch using information from all seasons and local weather conditions.

You can also predict the cost of air conditioning and humidity removal by looking at data regarding outside temperatures and rates of humidity in an area. For example, you could estimate the cost of air conditioning based on the outside temperature when your furniture is being used. If you have no air conditioning in or near where you are going to use patio furniture, then the cost of humidity removal may be higher than if you do have some form of AC. Using some AC wont erase the fact that the outside temperature provides some contribution to how humid it is, though.

Indoors Garage Or Shed

Patio Cushion Storage Bench

If you have the space to store your patio furniture in a garage or shed, you should still consider using a lightweight cover to keep it protected from water leaks and dust. You should always try to bring in plastic furniture if you live in an area that frequently faces freezing weather. Plastic will get brittle during long exposure to cold temperatures.

While it may take an afternoon or two to winterize patio furniture, its well worth it. Keeping it clean and protected with a durable cover while not in use will prolong the life of your furniture so you can rest easy during the winter months knowing your outdoor investments are safe and sound.

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How To Keep Outdoor Cushions Rodentfree

  • on Feb 12, 2018TY! Are squirrels and chipmunks considered rodents? Do you think the peppermint oil will work against them?
  • Sharon on Feb 12, 2018Hmmmm think I would mix some citris essential oils with water in a spray bottle, and throw in a few sprigs of mint too. Give them a spritz as that usually repels critters.
  • Geeswonderland on Feb 12, 2018Add spices white/black pepper and even more spicy spices etc the smell of certain animals will deter them animal urine mainly. mice hate peppermint!
  • HLMzuf on Jul 13, 2019

    I invented a material that, though looking like ordinary cotton, is VERY strong and easily prevents squirrels from chewing through it. It cant be sewn through but it can be welded together and easily made to copy and/or create ANY design and color .

    Its waterproof but will allow water, in the form of a gas , to come through thus preventing uncomfortable sweat build-up.

    Its one a many inventions of mine and was inspired by the same problem described in this conversation. But, because I refuse to patent any of them , it isnt being manufactured and is probably not worth purchasing by an individual as the cost is prohibitive.

    I use it myself and of course theres no squirrel issue, as there was previous to using this material. Ive laughed while seeing them attempt to chew through it.

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    Cleaning & Outdoor Cushion Storage Ideas

    Before packing up your cushions for storage, make sure they have been cleaned to Grandmas standards and are completely dry. Follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning cushion covers and scrub the cushion with a solution of water and mild soap, then let them both air dry.

    If its warm and sunny out, you can prop them up outside, rotating them from time to time to make sure all sides are completely dried out. If the weather is still nice, you can lie down next to them, also rotating periodically, and work on your tan.

    For outdoor cushion storage ideas, remember you want dry and temperate. Airtight containers are appropriate if youre sure theres no moisture inside and you wont be storing cushions for very long.

    Otherwise, its best to use garment bags or breathable containers and store cushions inside the houseare you noticing a pattern here?where theres not so much change in temperature. Deck boxes are also great for throwing cushions into overnight or during a rainstorm, but are not the best option for long-term storage.

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    What Storage Containers Should I Use

    You have a few options for storage containers.

    Airtight Containers

    Airtight containers are great for shorter storage periods. They protect your cushions against moths and other pests.

    Ideally, you want your cushions to be able to breathe storingthem too long in an airtight box, especially in humid conditions, isdetrimental to your cushions.

    In a similar vein, make extra sure the cushions are dry. Usemoisture-absorbing packets for good measure.

    Breathable Storage Bags

    Again, humidity is not good for cushions. Humidity can transferfrom outside an airtight container to the inside, leading to potential damage.

    If you live in a humid area, use breathable fabric storage bags instead. These ensure that air can circulate through the cushion. Use a humidifier for additional protection.

    Blankets, Tarps, or Sheets

    Blankets, tarps, and sheets can keep your cushions safe fromrodents if you store them in your garage or another rodent-favored area.

    Humidity is a factor once again, though. Use sheets instead oftarp if you live in a humid location sheets will allow more air circulationthan a tarp.

    When you take your cushions out of storage, you may consider spraying your cushions and covers with a fabric protector. This will help protect against dirt and stains from spills.

    The 3 Best Ways To Store Patio Cushions

    Patio Deck Storage Container | Keep Pillows and Cushions Protected from Wind & Rain

    If stored not correctly during the off-season, patio cushions accumulate mold, mildew, or musty, which will discolor them overtimes. And in the worst scenario, your fav cushion gets infested with pests. But you can avoid these annoying issues and costly purchases.

    For this, you will need to follow these storage stages-

  • Proper washing and drying
  • Appropriate wrapping
  • Accurate storing in a dry location.
  • Assuming that you are a starter, we will be discussing the three steps with details. Lastly, we will also leave some good suggestions for you.

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    How To Protect Your Patio Cushions This Winter


    If you havent done it already, it is time to store your patio cushions. Sounds like a chore, doesnt it? While it most certainly requires some work now, the effort will prolong the lifespan of your cushions and simplify your backyard reset come spring.

    Like properly storing your patio furniture, properly storing your outdoor cushions can be broken down into three steps:

    • Wash
    • Store

    Bring It Inside The Home

    Some people overlook the fact that wicker furniture is versatile and can be used inside the home as well. Dont give me that look! Synthetic resin wicker has a very contemporary look and many of the modular pieces can be rearranged to fit the layout of your home. You can check out this page to see some examples before you try it out yourself!

    Nesting furniture is stackable furniture that makes it easy to store your furniture. The 3 Piece Pineapple Stack Set by stacks vertically and saves space in your storage shed.

    More Patio Furniture Storage Tips:

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    How Winter Weather Damages Patio Furniture

    The excessive moisture from rain, ice, and mounds of snow can cause outdoor furniture to warp, rot, and rust. And some furniture, like plastic, will become brittle and more prone to cracking in the freezing temperatures.

    There are protective measures you can take to secure the longevity of your investment, big or small.

    How Do You Store Patio Furniture Cushions

    Patio Furniture Cushion Storage

    Patio cushionsputstoragecushionsputKeepcushions

    Store cushions in plastic bins to seal out moisture.

  • Plastic bins can be placed in areas that may be a little damp, such as a shed or basement.
  • Make sure the storage unit is clean before placing your cushions in it. You can rinse it out with soap and water if it appears dirty.
  • Also, can outdoor cushions stay outside in winter? Cushions. Many of the models of outdoor furniture use removable cushions. When not in use in the winter they should be stored indoors, in a shed, or a heavy-duty cushion storage box. The fabric can be easily damage by the freezing and thawing that occurs during the cold weather.

    Beside this, how do I keep my patio cushions dry?

    Cover the cushions with clear plastic to keep them completely free of moisture. If the cushions came packaged inside a thick, clear plastic cover, you can leave it on, or you can buy plastic protective covers. However, you may not find this solution aesthetically pleasing.

    How do you store indoor cushions?

    Treat each cushion to protect against moisture.How to store throw pillows:

  • Place each throw pillow inside a clean pillowcase.
  • Wrap each pillow individually in breathable plastic wrap, securing the wrap with packing tape.
  • Place each pillow inside a clear plastic tub.
  • Label the tub in detail.
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    Clean It Before You Put It Away

    Make sure you clean your wicker furniture before storing it away for the winter. You can follow these instructions to learn how to clean wicker furniture the right way. This will help preserve the finish and remove any dust or debris that may have settled. This will also keep bugs, spiders, and bees out of your patio furniture so that it looks brand new when Spring and Summer roll around next year.

    Additionally, its important to remove any cushions from your wicker furniture. Its common to put decorative throw pillows on the cushions, remove those as well. Removing these from the furniture gives you an awesome opportunity to clean them. We have a great blog post about properly cleaning cushions here! Clean patio cushions can really refresh your patio when summer rolls back around.

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    Store Outdoor Cushions In A Dry Location

    As we mentioned in the intro, outdoor cushions are made to withstand the elements. However, they are still susceptible to mold and mildew if they are stored outside or in a damp area. The location you choose makes the most significant difference when storing outdoor cushions. Ideally, you want to select a dry environment that maintains a consistent temperature and humidity.

    If you have the choice between storing cushions in a garage or a finished basement, opt for the finished basement. A garages temperature and humidity levels are constantly fluctuating due to the door opening and closing. On the other hand, a finished basement is likely drier, and the air quality is more consistent.

    Below are some more ideas to help you figure out the best place for your cushions in the offseason.

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    For Stylish Tufted Patio Cushions: Pillow Perfect

    These stylish tufted cushions available at Amazon are a great choice if you need plusher cushions on your patio.

    Pillow Perfect, in Georgia, has built a sterling reputation for producing luxurious cushions that feature several gorgeous designs.

    This tufted cushion set is made with up-cycled polyester, which is fade and water-resistant. While the cushion covers cannot be removed, they may be hand-washed with a gentle detergent or spot cleaned. Furthermore, they dont include cushion ties.

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    How To Store Your Cushions

    Patio Cushion & Umbrella Store

    Always put a protective cover on your cushions when you place them in storage. An airtight fabric bag can help protect your cushions and pillows from insects, rodents, and extreme temperatures. You should also make sure there isnt any moisture in your storage space that can potentially grow mold or mildew on or around your furniture.

    Additionally, store your pillows and cushions off the ground to prevent pests from easily finding them.

    No matter what kind of storage plan you may have for your patio cushions and pillows, make sure you choose climate-controlled storage.

    Unlike a standard unit, a climate-controlled unit provides a cool, dry environment for your patio cushions throughout the year. At Absolute Storage Management, we offer climate-controlled storage solutions in a variety of sizes to give you peace of mind for your pillows and cushions.

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    Choose An Appropriate Container Or Wrapping For Storage

    The main goal for outdoor pillow storage is to keep moisture and pests out. Outdoor cushions should not get wet, and if they do, they should be dried out thoroughly as soon as possible before mold and mildew have a chance to grow.

    Here are some general tips to keep in mind when picking out a patio cushion cover or storage box.

    How To Clean Outdoor Cushions And Pillows To Keep Them Fresh All Season

    Rinse away dirt and stains with these easy tips for cleaning outdoor furniture cushions.

    Cushions and pillows bring softness and style to outdoor furniture, but these plush accents endure a lot of wear and tear when exposed to the elements. The fabric can gather dirt, debris, mildew, tree sap, bird droppings, and other stains from outdoor use, so it’s important to know how to clean outdoor cushions and pillows to keep your seating area fresh and comfortable.

    Plan to wash your patio furniture and cushions before storing them away for the season, or more frequently as stains happen. Depending on where they’re stored, you might also want to clean outdoor cushions and pillows before using them for the first time each year. Follow the steps below for the best way to clean outdoor cushions, including how to remove common stains like mildew from outdoor fabrics.

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    What If My Cushions Are Exposed To Daily Morning Dew

    If you have protective, water-resistant covers on your outdoor cushions and the morning dew is minimal, you may not see them taking damage. However, its still best to store them somewhere dry and temperature-controlled overnight, just to be safe. Moisture of any kind can lead to mildew and mold, as well as attract pests. No, thank you!


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