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Pizza Stone For Fire Pit

How To Use A Pizza Stone In The Oven Or On The Grill

BBQ Grill safe flameproof Pizza Stone Review | Trail Fire Grill Tests BBQ Pizza Stones
  • Preheat the stone until it reaches 550° F The correct oven temp for a pizza stone should exceed 500° F if possible.
  • Place room temperature pizza in the center of the stone .
  • Cook for 5 min with grill lid/oven closed.
  • Turn the pizza 180 degrees with a pizza peel and cook for another 5-7 min.
  • Let the stone cool in the oven or grill before removing to clean.
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    Best Stone Fire Pit Ideas For Your Outdoor Space


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    Adding a stone fire pit to your yard no longer needs to be a massive endeavor. While you can build your own stone fire pit if you’re feeling crafty, there’s also plenty of pre-made options that look equally as good in any outdoor space.

    Below, we’ve rounded up the best pre-made stone fire pits and DIY stone fire pit kits, along with some helpful tips on how to find the perfect one for your backyard.

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    How To Clean A Pizza Stone The Right Way

    The Spruce / Ulyana Verbytska

    • Working Time: 10 mins
    • Total Time: 4 hrs, 10 mins

    If your favorite pizza crust is thin and crispy, then a pizza stone is the right kitchen accessory to make that perfect crust at home. Whether making the crust from scratch, baking a pre-made or frozen pizza, or simply reheating slices from your favorite restaurant, a pizza stone will always give you the best results.

    You can’t ignore a pizza stone after its use remnants of cheese, tomato sauce, and oil permeate the porous stone, and over time, it can become rancid and impart sour or unsavory tastes and smells to all subsequent pizzas that you cook. A pizza stone will get dirty any time you make an overloaded, ooey-gooey pizza or, if you leave it in longer than you should, charring the dough and stone. The good news is that if you leave behind any food particles or bacteria, the high baking temperatures kill any bacteria from getting on your food.

    Most stones are made from a composite glazed or unglazed ceramic material that will help wick away moisture from the crust, leaving it crispy.

    Can You Use Smokeless Coal In A Fire Pit

    Stone and brick pizza oven

    Many people choose to use smokeless coal on their firepits, however you should always check the manufacturers instructions to ensure that smokeless coal will not damage the structure of the fire pit. Its important to be aware that all types of coal burn at higher temperatures than wood and can contain particulates which aggravate conditions such as asthma.

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    Sleep Easier With A Machine

    This deal is on fire. Literally.

    For those that love a backyard bonfire, fresh pizza or just a stunning statement piece, this sale is for you. In honor of the dog days of summer, Solo Stove is having a Summer Moments sale.

    For a limited time only, save up to 45% off fire pit bundles, over 40% off of elemental fire pits and over 25% off the Pi Pizza Oven that can crank out fresh pizzas in a snap.

    Since the Solo Stove is smokeless, it makes for a great centerpiece in any backyard, not disturbing the neighbors with smoke or smells. Plus, the stand protects your surfaces, allowing you to keep it on your patio without fear of damage.

    If pizza is what you crave, then the Pi Pizza Oven will satisfy. The oven is now $185 off, saving you a bundle that you can spend on ingredients for your next dinner party with wood-fired pizzas. The stove also comes with a pizza stone, so all you need is fuel and some dough and you are good to go.

    Shop the whole sale on the Solo Stove site here, or read on below for some product picks we think youll love.

    Top Considerations For Building A Natural Stone Outdoor Pizza Oven

    If your client is interested in outdoor fireplace pizza ovens made of natural stone, he or she will be trusting you to handle the specifics and make sure the project is done correctly. With that in mind, there are a few considerations you wont want to overlook as you begin the design process of an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven.

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    Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Firepit

    If you have an old washing machine at home or a washing machine drum that isnt being used, you can easily turn that into a nifty little fire pit. You may need to do a few tweaks before you can use this as your fire pit, which is incredibly easy to do and dont take up that much time.

    Can You Put A Pizza Stone On The Grill

    Amazing Pizza Cooked on a Hot Stone

    Preheating your Pizza Stone With your grill off, place your pizza stone on top of the grill grates. If you are cooking other foods with your pizza, make sure to place your stone off to one side of your grill. If youre using a charcoal grill, you will want to place your stone on the grates before your light your coals.

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    What Temp Do You Grill Pizza

    When grilling indirectly, the temperature of the grill should be around 375-400 degrees. You do not want the heat too high because that can cause the bottom of the pizza crust to overcook and burn. No one likes a burnt pizza! When using a pizza stone, keep the temperature of the grill between 450-475 degrees.

    Pi Pizza Oven $440 Original Price: $625

    You can skip the trip to the pizzeria when you have this in your backyard. The Pi Pizza Oven is an amazing outdoor staple, with options to burn wood or a dual wood and gas version. Save between $180 and $280 on these ovens now, and get the oven, burner and a Cordierite pizza stone so you can get cooking right away.

    Check out New York Post Shopping for more content.

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    Yukon Fire Pit And Stand $450 Original Price: $850

    Turn up the heat and the savings with the Yukon Fire Pit. This deal saves you $400, which is enough to buy a second fire pit for a buddy or the front porch. The bundle comes with the pit and the stand, protecting your floors and surfaces.

    This model also comes in the trendy Elemental series, which has a semi-gloss ceramic coating in your choice of color, including soil, sand or clay shades of brown.

    Stone Firepit With Half Wall


    Stone fire pits look incredibly neat and go with almost any kind of home decor. They are incredibly easy to make and are the perfect way to utilize your backyard space. All you need to make this fire pit is stone bricks, some heavy duty glue or cement. Simply outline the area that you want to cover and work along that.

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    $75 Diy Firepit And Bench

    You can make an easy rectangular fire pit in under seventy-five dollars by simply using a couple of concrete slabs. If you want to make the entire area look more in sync with your fire pit, you can tile up the area around the pit and add a few benches and chairs around it. It will make a good spot for a nice backyard picnic!

    Allow The Stone To Cool

    Whether you serve the pizza right from the stone or move it to a different board, the pizza stone should be allowed to cool completely before cleaning. It can take two to three hours to get back to room temperature. Never submerge a hot stone in a sink of dishwater, or it may crack.

    The Spruce / Ulyana Verbytska

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    Will A Fire Pit Damage My Patio

    Due to the high temperatures and the ability of metal to conduct heat, a fire pit is likely to damage or stain a concrete patio over time. This can be a particular issue with certain types of patio tiles, that are especially porous, including sandstone. Using a fire pit on a stand, a fire pit that has legs, or a fire pit table will minimise or prevent any damage.

    Large Cinder Block And Stone Firepit

    Cooking a pizza over an outdoor firepit

    Fire pits dont necessarily need to be small, and sometimes can extend out, depending on the amount of space that you have available. By using larger cinder blocks stacked on top of each other, you can quickly create a larger fire pit, which is great for those large family barbeque parties.

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    Cast Iron Pizza Stones

    Cast iron stones should not be soaked in water for extended periods. Scrape away any food bits and, if needed, wash quickly in hot soapy water. Rinse well and immediately dry with a cloth or paper towel. Most cast iron pizza stones should be treated by wiping the surface with a light coating of vegetable oil after every cleaning.

    Inground Brick And Stone Firepit

    In ground fire pits look good and are especially useful if you have a limited amount of space available at your disposal. This one is easy to do and requires a few bricks and stones, and a lot of digging. You can quickly create this as per your preferences and in whatever shape you like!

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    What Can You Burn In A Fire Pit

    In an open fire pit, wood is the best choice of fuel. Kiln dried oak, alder, cedar and hickory are amongst the best types of wood to use. Wood pellets are also a great option, these are easy to light but are best used with thicker pieces of wood for a fire that is easier to maintain.

    Wood bricks are another alternative to logs. Wood bricks are made of compacting bark-free kiln dried wood and tend to get a fire going a lot quicker than logs made of wood from the same tree. Some people also use charcoal but it is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before choosing a fuel, as some fire pits can be damaged by a fire that is started with fuels other than wood.

    You should avoid using pressure-treated wood, flammable liquids or paper with gloss or ink. Green wood – wood that is still alive when it is harvested or gathered, is also difficult to burn and produces a large amount of smoke as it has such high moisture content.

    What Is The Best Fuel For A Fire Pit

    Outdoor Pizza Oven/Fire Pit

    As mentioned above, kiln dried firewood is the best fuel for the vast majority of fire pits, although the recommended fuel for each type of fire pit will usually be printed and outlined in the manufacturers instructions.

    Types of kiln-dried hardwood logs include ash, oak birch and hazel, whilst seasoned apple, rowan and sycamore are also touted as efficient firewoods. Experts suggest that kiln dried firewood is the best wood to burn in a fire pit as it has very little moisture which minimises the amount of smoke produced. It is also easy to light, burns at a steady rate and doesnt spit.

    When using kiln dried firewood remember that you will typically also need kindling wood to help get a fire started.

    If you use your fire pit to grill food, using different types of wood will produce slightly different flavours. Beech firewood for example, will add a zesty flavour, whereas alder firewood will add a sweet aftertaste.

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    What Is A Pizza Stone

    A pizza stone is commonly referred to as a baking stone and it is a flat cooking surface used in a variety of baking purposes. The main use of a pizza stone is to distribute the heat evenly so that all surfaces are cooked properly, without having to alter or flip whatever youre cooking. The other purpose is to extract the right amount of moisture so that your pizza is crispy and delicious every time.

    For the pizza stone to work correctly, it has to be preheated in the middle of the oven for about 30 minutes to an hour, or until it reaches the perfect temperature. This means that your oven will have to preheat for quite a while and you could see a bit of a spike in your electricity bill if you dont have an outdoor pizza oven. It needs to be preheated so that it will absorb heat evenly and retain its temperature this will ensure the entire surface will cook the underside of the dough evenly and thoroughly. It is also important to place the stone in a cold pizza oven, allowing it to warm as the oven warms. This will prevent potential cracking while using the pizza stone.

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    Enjoy A Night Under The Stars With Campfire Pizza

    DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven In 5 Minutes

    When planning the menu for your next camping trip, you should consider having pizza. And I am not saying you should check out the closest take-out restaurant.

    You can enjoy that delicious brick oven taste without leaving the campground by following a few easy steps.

    You will need to obtain a large 16 brick and 2 cinder blocks from your local hardware store to create an oven. Once heated by the campfire, the brick holds its heat for a long period of time.

    Placing the dough directly on the brick will allow it to cook quickly, providing an authentic brick oven pizza flavor and is a great replacement for a pizza stone or steel.

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    How Do You Make Toast On A Campfire

  • Put a thin layer of oil in the pan BEFORE putting it over the campfire.
  • Place your pan on your camp grill and put one slice of toast in the center of the skillet.
  • Use a spatula to lift regularly and check the bottom looking for hotspots.
  • Flip your toast and repeat the above step on the other side.


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