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Screen Porch Door With Dog Door

Best Dog Proof Screen Doors

Orlando Handyman installs doggie door on a screened porch

Dog-proof screen doors are available in several models and finding the best solution can be a challenging affair especially if its your first purchase. To ease the task for you we have done much of the work for you and compiled a review of the best dog-proof screen doors worth your consideration. Lets dive in!

Hale Pet Door For Screens

While the PetSafe Pet Screen Door is perfect for smaller dogs and cats as well as calm, larger dogs, it is a bit too lightweight and fragile for very large, active dogs. For a large active dog, the Hale Pet Door for Screens is ideal. Whereas the PetSafe is installed through your door such that there is screen material on all four sides, the Hale Pet Screen Door attaches to the screen frame as well for stability.

The Hale Pet Door for Screen Doors has durable aluminum framing and a lightweight, flexible flap for a lasting installation that your pets can enjoy for years to come. For larger flap sizes, it comes with a stabilizing bar for additional stability. See how to install the Hale Pet Door for Screens here.

Does The Type Of Screen That I Have Matter

If you intend to use the type that fastens to the screen framing, then the screen material type doesn’t matter. However, if you have a light-weight fiberglass screen, then the clamp-on type may not have enough support, and installing a pet door might cause the material to rip. With the heavier type of screen, the one issue with the clamp on style is that they use pins that go through the screen and into the frame on the other side. We have found that in situations where the screen material is more heavy-duty, that pre-starting the holes in the screen ensures that the pins go all the way through, which helps keep the two sides of the frame snapped together.

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About Our Tough Pet Screens & Doors

Are you tired of replacing your patio screen door, because of your pets?

Customers with pets will be sure to appreciate Metro Screenworks excellent pet screen & pet doors. Pet screen is made of vinyl-coated polyester, which is 7 times heavier than the traditional fiberglass and aluminum wire of patio screen doors.

Pet Screen is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets and is sold in full rolls of 100 feet as well as in smaller rolls. Standard pet custom screen colors are black and gray, but wide variety of colors are available in full rolls.

Save your patio screen door with pet doors which install right in to your screen so your dog can still get out, by himself.

Protect your home’s screen doors with METRO Screenworks Factory Direct Pricing. with any questions.

Not sure what size of custom screen you need? Read more about measuring for your custom screen or replacement window screen frame here!

Save your patio screen door with pet doors which install right in to your screen so your dog can still get out, by himself. Protect your home’s screen doors with METRO Screenworks Factory Direct Pricing. with any questions.

For all other questions about your custom screens, check out our FAQ page or Contact us! Want more ideas for your custom screens or sliding screen doors? Read our blog!

Is The Installation Easy


Screen mounted pet doors range in difficulty level. A pet door that is installed with screen material on all 4 sides is relatively easy to install, and the only tool you will likely need is a knife. Pet doors for screens that install into the screen’s frame are more difficult and may require additional tools. Screen pet doors are generally easier to install than through doors or walls, but you may still want a professional to get the job done right.

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Build And Install The Screens

The screens are fairly easy to build yourself using the screen frame kits and a spline roller. Put the corners from the kit in the corners of your screen door, and then cut the aluminum frames to fit using the hack saw. Assemble the frame, lay out the screen and then roll in the spline.

Once the screens are built, lay them in place and use the window screen clips and included screws to hold the screens in place.

Can I Install A Pet Door In Screen

A pet door in a screen is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and let your pet enjoy its freedom. They can be installed in sliding screens, screen doors, window screens and screened porches. There are many installation options, but keep in mind that many of the less expensive choices may not be such a bargain.

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Magzo Pet Proof Window Screen Replacement

If youre on the hunt for a good quality screen door that will last you ages, then look no further than MAGZO Pet Proof Window Screen Replacement. Falling under the heavy-duty screens this product is made of reinforced PVC and laminated polyester fiberglass14*11 mesh.

It is specifically designed for pets, therefore, thick and more durable than regular fiberglass screen meshes. It goes well with different kinds of windows and door screens. The black color absorbs light, therefore, making it visible to your dog. Without a doubt, the MAGZO pet proof screen is one of the best dog proof screen doors and as pet parents can attest, it gets the job done.

Key Benefits

  • Heavy-duty window screen roll reinforced PVC laminated polyester fiberglass
  • Ideal for a variety of windows and door screens
  • The black color makes it visible to your pet

Pet Doors To Install In Window Screens Sliding Screens Screen Doors & Porch Screen Enclosures

PetSafe® Pet Screen Door

Most of the dog doors and cat doors offered in this section are designed for installation through a screen as opposed to a pet patio door in your sliding door track. This could be a window screen, a sliding screen door with a pet door, or a screen in a screened-in porch. Outfitting your sliding screen door with a doggie door is often one of the easiest installation methods if you are not as handy, although large dog doors for screen doors generally require that you drill into your frame for stability. If you would prefer tools-free installation, ‘instant’ or hanging screen doors can be installed in regular doors, sliding doors, or French doors without drilling or cutting.

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How Durable Will A Doggy Door For Screen Doors Be When Installed

The heavier duty screen material is recommended when installing a pet door, as weaker materials can certainly tear from frequent use of a pet door. Dog door for screen door options attaches to the corner of the screen so that two sides can be attached to the frame, while the other two sides attach to the screen material. The heavier doggie door screen material can usually be purchased from a local hardware store. A good example of this screen door dog door is the Hale. These kinds of pet doors are much stronger than options that have all four sides attached to screen material only and can tolerate much more useful as well as larger sized pets. If you are looking for a cat flap screen door, we also have a variety of options specifically for cat doors for screen doors. The Hale is also made with high-quality flaps to reduce chances you’ll need to purchase replacement flaps.

Screen Door With Pet Door

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A screen door to keep the flies and mosquitos out of your house is an excellent thing in summer, but having to open and close the door for your resident fur friend is not quite as enjoyable. A screen door with his or her own pet flap is the perfect solution to letting your darling exit and enter without human intervention. When it opens onto a screened patio or fenced backyard, you can give your fur friend the illusion of a little freedom without risking your baby to the terrors of the wide world.

When your pup or kitten has that extra bit of control over their own destiny they will be happier, and so will you.

Lily is a modern designer with great appreciation for sleek architecture, a love for art in its many forms, and a passion for sharing her experience with people. If youre looking for advice on how to modernize your old-fashioned place or make your new restaurant a visual blast, shes definitely the one to ask.

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Replace The Standard Screen With Heavy

If you love your screen door and dont want to mar it with a grill or pet door, you can actually remove your existing screen and replace it with a heavier-duty variety, which will withstand your dogs claws with ease.

Replacing the entire screen isnt the easiest task in the world, but it is well within the capabilities of the average homeowner.

To replace the entire screen, youll need to pull out the existing spline and remove the old screen.

Then, youll trim your new, heavy-duty screen a few inches larger than the door frame and lock it into place by inserting a new spline around the edge.

You can insert spline without any special tools, but it is much easier to spend a couple of bucks on a screen-rolling tool and use that. You can purchase the screen and spline separately, but it is much easier to just buy a kit, such as the Phifer Pet Screen Kit.

Replace The Entire Door With A Magnetic Screen Door

Pet Doors Screen Door with Pet Door Dog Screen Doorsâ¦

One of the easiest solutions for creating a dog-friendly doorway situation is through the use of magnetic screen doors.

These doors consist of a door-sized mesh screen, which splits down the middle, allowing you to pass through. To keep the door closed, long magnetic strips are attached to each half of the split. Yet while these magnetic strips hold the door closed, theyll easily separate when you or your dog tries to walk through.

The video below shows a nice example of how these magnetic door screen designs work:

There are a few different magnetic screen doors on the market, but youll need to be selective if you want to get one that works as intended. Poor-quality versions will feature flimsy mesh that wont hold up to long-term use and weak magnets, which will fail to keep the door properly closed.

The EazyMesh Magnetic Screen Door is one of the best-reviewed options available, so you should definitely give it consideration. Not only is it reasonably priced, but you wont need any tools for installation.

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How Do Dogs Damage Screen Windows And Doors

There are two basic ways in which your precious pup may damage your screened door:

He may scratch at the door, which can rip thin, fabric-based screens or bend the strands from metal screens. Some dogs may do this because they are trying to tell you they want to go inside or outside, while others may do so in response to some sort of irresistible stimuli, like a squirrel or cat running around outside.

Some dogs particularly those who are easily excited may not really register that the door is there while hauling tail toward the door. The result is a high-speed collision, an embarrassed dog, and a damaged door. These kinds of high-speed collisions often result in a torn screen and bent frame.

So, the first thing youll need to do is identify the way in which your pup is damaging your door and then decide upon a viable solution. There are a number of different ways to address these issues, so dont be afraid to experiment with different options until you find one that works well.

How Do I Choose Which I Need

Screen installations like the Gateway and PetSafe models tend to work best with cats and mellow, small dogs. With the Hale and Pride screen mounts, you attach them to the frame on two sides, making them much more durable. The large range of flap sizes makes it much easier to comfortably fit your dog or cat.

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How Do I Measure

Measuring your pet for a screen pet door is slightly different than for some other pet doors. If you choose a screen dog or cat door that installs completely in the screen material, then it is the same as anything else, using these instructions. However, if you’re installing something like a Hale Pet Door for Screens, you will need to take into account that the pet door will be securing to the frame of the screen. This means that you may need a taller pet door flap than you would normally! The top of the flap should sit at least 1 inch above the tallest point of your pet’s back, and the width should be wide enough that their sides don’t hit the frame of the pet door.

How Easy Are Pet Doors In Screens To Install

How to Make a Screen Door Doggy Door

Pet screen doors have an easy installation with only a few simple tools. Pet doors that install with screen material on all four sides usually only require a few tools to install, while the ones that attach to the corner of the screen require minor drilling. Pet doors for screens are easier to install than pet doors for doors or walls, but your ability to install one still depends on the tools you have available and your skillset.

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The 5 Most Informative Larson Pet

Because you share your heart and your home with your dog, invite him to expand his independence and enjoy the ease of entering and exiting your home with a LARSON storm door with PetSafe pet flap. Not only do these doors add beauty and curb appeal to your front door, but they make your life and your pets a bit easier. Relax! Well let your pet out.

Imagine this Each day your dog wakes you up before the crack of dawn eager to go outside to relieve himself. You stumble to the light switch, make your way to the door, wait for Fido to do his business and let him back inside. Now you’re wide awake wishing your pup would have let you sleep 15 minutes longer.

Stop planning around potty breaks or feeling guilty for leaving your four-legged family member home alone. LARSON has a wide variety of pet-friendly storm doors that allow your dog to enter and exit your home on their own. Check out some recent reviews of our pet-friendly storm doors below.

My new LARSON storm door with built-in pet door has been a life-changer for our family! Our two Vizslas are so happy and content now that they can let themselves in and out of the house, as desired. At the same time, the rest of us can relax and spend less time catering to their schedules. It’s heavenly.

It was 1,2,3 easy to install – 1 woman, 2 men, and 3 dogs assisted in the installation. Dogs were particularly interested in the operation of the pet door. 100% satisfied.

Pet Screen Solutions: Making Your Screens Last

If you are a pet owner with shredded screens, you may feel that spending time and money fixing your screens is just a part of life. However, this isnt the case. Taking care of your home and having pets doesnt have to be mutually exclusive and we at Metro Screenworks have solutions for your window screens and screen doors, so you can spend less time and money on replacement window screens and more time with your pet and family.

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Pet Products To Make Your Home More Pet Resistant Yet Friendly

We offer pet products to make your home more pet friendly and your screens more pet resistant. Screenmobile sells premier pet product items, such as quality heavy duty dog doors and cat doors, animal resistant screens and screen guards that are a barrier between your pets and your screens.

Pet Resistant Screens

You love your pets and they love destroying your screens. Screenmobile offers heavy-duty pet resistant screens designed to put up with the rough treatment your pet may dish out from time to time. The size of your pet and the damage that he or she causes will determine the best screen to fit your needs. You can feel comfortable with loving your screens and loving your pets again. Our strong pet-friendly screens give everyone a sense of ease knowing they will not have to replace screens. Our animal resistant screens are the best solution to create a barrier between your pet and your screens.

Pet Guards

For more enhanced screen and door protection, Screenmobile can help you find the right pet guard to protect your screen doors. Pet guards are more attractive metal grates that block your pet from scratching at the screens. Our door guards not only protect your screens from the claws of your four-legged friend, but also family feet, knees and other items that can potentially ruin your screen door. The size of your pet and the damage that he or she does will determine which pet guard would best suit your needs.

Pet Doors

Sizing Please See Below

The 14 Best Screen Porch Ideas For Dogs GF16k9e https ...

Active Window Products


Extruded aluminum channel frame 1 7/8 x 1/2x.050 Flat Surface or the Super Duper 2 1/2×1/2×0.065


Patented heavy duty die case corners


Extruded aluminum handles with a superior lever latch housing and mortise lock

Bottom & Top Wheels:

Spring loaded steel ball bearing rollers with screws

Bug seal:

Black Vinyl Bug seal with flap and tear-off strips


Standard Screening: BetterVue Insect Screening Charcoal

Available Screening Upgrades: Pet Screen Black, Pet Screen Grey, Tuff Screen Black, Sun Screen Black, and Suntex 80 available in the following colors Black, Stucco, Grey, Brown, Beige, and Dark Bronze.


Most importantly its Fully Assembled! Yes! Best of all, Screen doors are boxed and shipped in an exclusive package system! To clarity it allows our company to ship Assembled Sliding Screen Doors to all the major cities in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, & Washington.

Rural areas and other states are available using the Unassembled Economy Sliding Screen Door also known as partially assembled.

Care & Use

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