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Screened In Porch Doggie Door

Pet Products To Make Your Home More Pet Resistant Yet Friendly

PetSafeĀ® Pet Screen Door

We offer pet products to make your home more pet friendly and your screens more pet resistant. Screenmobile sells premier pet product items, such as quality heavy duty dog doors and cat doors, animal resistant screens, and screen guards that are a barrier between your pets and your screens.

Consult with your local Screenmobile for expert opinions on which products will best suit your needs!

Screen Doggy Door By Enjoying

This dog door by Enjoying comes with a magnetic flap you install into an existing screen. These are great for windows or porches and other sliding doors around the house. The doors dimensions are 13 inches high by 11 inches wide. Its black and made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.


You will have to install this into the door you already have by cutting a hole into the screen. You can use the inner flap the cut the screen down to the proper size and place it into the hole. This means you may need a little help to do this right and even. Also, make sure you base your measurements on the size of the dog.

The whole thing comes with six parts: two door frames, two flaps and two locks. Plus there are bolts with nuts to hold the outer frame and flap. This prevents the door from separating on its own and malfunctioning in the process. Plus, it snaps together for additional securing insurance.

Once installed your dog will be able to exit and enter freely so they can use the bathroom or have som fun out in the yard. The flap swings easily both ways, giving your dog the ultimate in comfort using the door. However, kittens and puppies shouldnt use this door since it may be too heavy for them to manage.


Type : With Screen Material On All 4 Sides

The measurements you took previously will be required for determining the size of the hole you will cut in the screen. First, take out the screen from the track and lay it on the floor. Take a pen to mark the rough edges that you are going to cut from. Take a look at the marking and make sure that the height is comfortable enough for your pet to pass through. Next, cut through the markings you made on the screen mesh using a sharp blade to create a space for your dog screen door.

After making the opening in the screen mesh, place the interior frame over the exterior frame and align them perfectly. There are many kinds of frames available that can be installed on the screen and each has a different way of fitting. However, you will only need to snap the ends together or screw them in. Your screen door will be ready to be reinstalled in its position now.

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How Easy Are Pet Doors In Screens To Install

Pet screen doors have an easy installation with only a few simple tools. Pet doors that install with screen material on all four sides usually only require a few tools to install, while the ones that attach to the corner of the screen require minor drilling. Pet doors for screens are easier to install than pet doors for doors or walls, but your ability to install one still depends on the tools you have available and your skillset.

Ownpets Dog Screen Door

Doggy Door In Screen Door  Knobs Ideas Site

The dog screen door brought to you by OWNPETS is a door flap measuring 12 inches long by 14 inches wide and about Ā½ inch thick. You can lock it and it comes with a magnetic self-closing flap. Its sturdy and durable too. The door comprises acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is suitable for small to medium sized dogs.

The locking mechanism helps keep your dog inside while preventing other kinds of animals from passing through. It comes with screw reinforcements to help create a sturdy and stable installation. The design and engineering lends itself to long use that wont easily fall apart.


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Chesapeake Wood Screen Door With Medium Pet Door

The Chesapeake wood screen door from Screen Tight features a medium sized, built-in pet door to allow family pets to pass through. This door is designed for durability and features a beautiful natural finish ready to be sealed, painted or stained to match your homes design. The pet flap comes with a rigid lock-out panel that slides into grooves on the inside of the frame and snaps into place to effectively lock the door.

  • Full 3 1/2 in. wide stiles with mortise and tenon craftsmanship for strength and durability
  • Premium clear wood construction ready to paint or stain
  • Pet door dimensions 7 in. x 11 1/4 in. and suitable for dogs from 13 to 35 lbs.
  • Flexible, tinted vinyl pet flap with floating bottom threshold for perfect seal every time
  • Removable lock-out slide to keep your pet inside when unsupervised
  • Charcoal fiberglass screen installed with .155 inch spline and can be easily removed for painting and screen repair
  • Easy-to-trim wood door frame allows you to trim 3/8 inch off the top, left and right sides and up to 1 inch off the bottom
  • Reversible handing for right or left-handed use

For larger pet doors and solid vinyl models check out all of our Chesapeake screen doors.

How Do I Choose Which I Need

Screen installations like the Gateway and PetSafe models tend to work best with cats and mellow, small dogs. With the Hale and Pride screen mounts, you attach them to the frame on two sides, making them much more durable. The large range of flap sizes makes it much easier to comfortably fit your dog or cat.

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For Bottom Corner Installations

  • Measure your pet from feet to shoulder to make sure you install the pet door at the proper height
  • Lay your screen door on a flat surface
  • Remove the spline if you have one, and use a small blade to cut your screen mesh according to the rough cut measurements
  • Place the frames on opposite sides
  • Drill/screw in the sides as directed per your instructions followed by screwing together the top of the frames
  • Cut any excess mesh to complete a finished look
  • Reinstall the screen door

These are general instructions–each pet door purchase includes unique installation instructions and necessary hardware.

Archadeck Of Central Ga Is Your Tried And Trusted Screened Porch Builder

Pet Door Installation Through Screen Patio – How To DIY

One of the many benefits of hiring Archadeck of Central Georgia to be your outdoor living builder, is that we can identify and correct challenges in building. This home in the historic district of Macon, was built in the 1920s. There was a challenge in that the brick was separating from the home. After tearing down the old deck, the homeowner fixed the brick, so we could make the proper home connection with the new porch and deck. The homes existing overhang also required a new post and beam system, which we installed. We also faced a difficult roof connection, which we were able to properly address when adding the new porch roof. The screened porch has a gable roof, which we tied into a flat roof. To accommodate proper connection, we changed the pitch at the back of the porch, and built a hip tie-in.

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Drill The Peg Hole In The Inner Stiles

Now that youve got all of your major boards cut, lets drill the holes in the inner stiles that will accept the pegs for the door to swivel on. My metal rod just happened to be 3/16 in diameter, so thats the size I drilled my holes. I made them about 1/4 deep. They should be located directly in the middle of the inner stiles, and 3/8 down from the top half lap. Make certain they are both located exactly the same or your door will wind up crooked.

Does The Type Of Screen That I Have Matter

If you intend to use the type that fastens to the screen framing, then the screen material type doesn’t matter. However, if you have a light-weight fiberglass screen, then the clamp-on type may not have enough support, and installing a pet door might cause the material to rip. With the heavier type of screen, the one issue with the clamp on style is that they use pins that go through the screen and into the frame on the other side. We have found that in situations where the screen material is more heavy-duty, that pre-starting the holes in the screen ensures that the pins go all the way through, which helps keep the two sides of the frame snapped together.

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One Space Becomes Two With A Screened Porch And Deck Combination

Many of our porch clients choose to add decks for a number of reasons. Its not only nice to have a choice to enjoy an enclosed outdoor space, or bask in the sunshine in an open space, but it also creates an open area, where homeowners can place their grills and smokers. This combination was built with traditional pressure-treated wood. The project also required adding a new gutter system on the porch.

Archadeck of Central GA installed a true exterior door for this screened porch, so the owner could add a doggy door. Full metal exterior doors are more accommodating for adding pet doors!

Even though the new screened porch and deck addition were built on the same footprint of the existing deck, the space is far more accommodating and enjoyable. Outdoor living upgrades do not have to be larger than what is already there they must be made better.

Look at the lush, natural view from inside the porch. These homeowners can enjoy the outdoors without the threat of pest invasions, inside the confines of the screened porch.

The screened porch offers two points of exit and entry. One goes directly to the backyard. The other goes onto the deck, which also leads to the backyard.

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor living space for more enjoyment? Archadeck of Central GA is ready to help! Get in touch with us by calling 478-745-2000 or via email @ .

Advantages Of A Pca Screen Door With Dog Door

Custom made screened doors with doggie door
  • Selection: Choose a screen door with a compatible dog door from their 55 aesthetically pleasing options. You don’t have to settle for a plain, traditional door style select one that adds both functionality and appeal to your home.
  • Durability: PCA Products solve the two most common and frustrating problems with typical screen doors – screens detaching from the frame and frames bending or twisting. PCA screens will never blow out and the frames will not twist or decay. The engineering behind their doors is second to none.
  • Built-in Dog Door: If the strength of the door and screen are in indication of quality, the built-in dog door has to meet that quality also.PCA Products dog doors feature locks, no extra panels to be stored, powerful magnetic flap closures, and a choice of two colors.
Hear what this homeowner has to say
PCA Products’ pet door sizes

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing A Pet Door In A Screen


  • Cost. Particularly the clamp-on styles are very inexpensive and easily installed or removed. All you would have to replace is the screen if you decide not to have the pet door anymore.

  • If you have nowhere else to put your pet door then it’s nice to know that you can use a pet door through the screen of a regular or sash window, door or porch.

  • A door through the screen allows you to still use the screen for ventilation in the spring and summer without allowing bugs in.


  • Obviously, you let the weather in with the pet. This might not matter for a screened-in porch, but it could be very undesirable for household living in colder climates.

  • If you lock the pet in or out you may find that the pet scratches the screen in frustration trying to use the pet door.

  • With the clamp-on style the pet door, it is not nearly as supportive as the frame mount style. With a calmer pet it should be fine. However, an active dog may take the pet door out into the back yard as he goes through, even though the pet door may be large enough for the dog as the door is not as secure with only the support of the screen. Screen doors are great, economic options for pet owners, but you just need to be sure that the door youre buying is suitable for your pet! And as with anything, you are usually paying for what you get as far as durability goes.

Dog Doors: Convenience Isn’t The Only Benefit

  • You get a more active dog throughout the day to stay healthier
  • Reduces dog boredom alleviating some compulsive behaviors like chewing or clawing furniture, barking, etc.
  • Reduces accidents from prolonged sedentary periods of time
  • Provides a measure of safety for your dog to escape a fire or intruder
  • Allows your dog to check out suspicious noises to to scare off unwanted visitors
  • Allows your dog to escape bad weather

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Best Dog Doors For Screen Doors For 2022

We are reader supported. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Also, as an Amazon affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

If your dog is constantly whining to go back outside after you just brought him back in, its time to get a dog door. But, youre not looking to put one in a major entranceway. Is it possible to install one onto the porch screen door? Yes, it absolutely is!

These are the four best dog doors for screen doors for 2022. All of them comprise sturdy yet flexible materials with simple instructions. Regardless of which one you choose, youll be able to get it up and operational in 30 minutes or less. However, you have to expect to cut a hole into screen.

Even still, these are great options if you just want to let your dog decide for itself when to go outside. Review these here and see if its something that will be right for you and your pooch.


  • 5 Conclusion
  • What Are The Benefits Of Paying More For The Hale Pet Door For Screens

    Orlando Handyman installs doggie door on a screened porch

    If you want a pet door in your screen that will last and stay shut to keep out the bugs, investing in a Hale is a good idea. It’s a great product and since it secures to the frame itself, it will be able to tolerate active and large pets without tearing your screen. The pet door is made with sturdy aluminum framing that will not break apart even with years of use. And you get the added convenience of being able to fully use your sliding screen door with the dog door built right in.

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    Archadeck Of Central Ga

    Archadeck of Central Georgia was called on by these Macon homeowners to upgrade their existing wooden deck to create an attractive and more usable outdoor living space.

    These homeowners wished for an outdoor living area, which offered privacy and protection from the elements by way of a screened porch. Their existing wooden deck was aged, and structurally unable to facilitate the weight of a roof and walls for screening, so we replaced the entire structure to suit todays building codes.

    Chesapeake Vinyl Screen Door With Medium Pet Door

    The Chesapeake solid vinyl screen door from Screen Tight features a medium sized built-in pet door to allow family pets to pass through. The patented design creates an extremely strong door frame and allows for simple screen repairs, requires no painting and will never rust or corrode. The pet flap comes with a rigid lock-out panel that slides into grooves on the inside of the frame and snaps into place to effectively lock the door.

    • Constructed of maintenance-free solid vinyl with welded-joint frame for added strength and durability
    • UV-protected vinyl prevents fading or discoloration with age no painting required
    • Pet door dimensions 7 in. x 11 1/2 in. and suitable for dogs from 13 to 35 lbs.
    • Flexible, tinted vinyl pet flap with floating bottom threshold for perfect seal every time
    • Removable lock-out slide to keep your pet inside when unsupervised
    • Charcoal fiberglass screen installed with .155 inch spline and can be easily removed for painting and screen repair
    • Easy-to-trim solid vinyl door frame allows you to trim 3/8 inch off the top, left and right sides and 1 inch off the bottom
    • Reversible handing for right or left-handed use

    For larger pet doors and wood models check out all of our Chesapeake screen doors.

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    Can I Install A Pet Door In Screen

    A pet door in a screen is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and let your pet enjoy its freedom. They can be installed in sliding screens, screen doors, window screens and screened porches. There are many installation options, but keep in mind that many of the less expensive choices may not be such a bargain.


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