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Fiberglass Roof Panels For Pergola

Diy Flat Pergola Roof

How to Install a Fiberglass Pergola

I love the pergola in my backyard. I like the light that the open ceiling provides. But I dont like getting rained on when Im under it. So I found a solution that lets me have a cover from the rain and still see the sky above clear polycarbonate roofing panels. Then all I had to do was figure out how to put a roof on a flat pergola, and I was all set!

A while ago I posted some waterproof cover ideas for pergolas because I was looking for some inspiration for covering the pergola over the grill area in my backyard.

It isnt an area that I use that much when its raining, so you might be wondering why I need a waterproof cover for it.

After every rain, the countertop and grill are covered with leaves and bits of flowers that have to be washed off before you can use the grill again. Which makes me not want to use the grill that much

Plus, it would be nice not to get soaked if a downpour happens to come through right when Im cooking .

All that to say, I finally made a decision on what roofing to put up and got it installed. And Im really happy with the way it turned out.

What I ended up going with is the clear corrugated polycarbonate roofing panels that you can install right over the top of your existing pergolawhich is exactly what I wanted.

Keep reading to find out how to put a roof on a pergola.

Translucent Patio Roof Panels Let In Light Shed Rain

Many homeowners want two things for their patio that would seem to be impossible with the same patio roof: a bright patio, even if the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and a dry patio, no matter how hard it rains.

Most solid patio roofs, whether pan roofs or insulated aluminum roofs are opaque: They dont allow rain to get through to the patio, and they block sunlight by shading completely. On the opposite end, a shade trellis allows ample light onto the patio surface, but it also lets the rain through because it has an overhead open-air shade canopy rather than a solid roof.

The alternative is a patio cover with solid but translucent roof panels. Elegantly styled and cleverly engineered, a translucent patio roof allows ample light to reach the patio surface but sheds rain thoroughly.

Roofing An Enclosed Building

For enclosed buildings, you can apply roofing felt before adding the panels by stapling every 3 inches on the outside of the felt and about 5 to 7 inches on the interior. Foil-backed single bubble insulation can also be used under metal roofing. Foil-backed bubble insulation has an R-value of approx. 9.2 and blocks 97 percent of radiant heat energy.

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Pergola Cover Ideas For All Price Points

When it comes to your outdoor space, there is never a one size fits all solution. Pergola covers are no exception. From differences in climate to differences in style, what works for one outdoor space may not work for the next.

Thankfully, no matter what your patio or deck looks like, theres a pergola cover solution that will work for you. From simple shade sails, to highly automated louvered solutions, everyone can access an option that looks great, without breaking the bank.

Do you have a pergola cover idea that we didnt mention? Let us know down below!

Using A Sail In Covered Pergolas

Pergola Ideas Stylish Covered Patio Ideas Clear Pergola Roofing With ...

One of the simplest ideas for a covered pergola is the Tensioned Canvas Sail . It offers full shade coverage that will keep you cool in the hot summer days – . Some are claimed to be able to withstand winds up to 160 MPH but we doubt it. In any case, we’ve been using it in CA, and it has worked great. It does take some re-tensioning, once in a while. And with two or three sails you can create a substantial shaded area which can be a life savior during hot summers.

This would be one of the least expensive ideas for covered pergolas. All you have to do is buy a good quality canvas sail. Plus your pergola design will cost less as it must be simplified to its basic rectangular framework. The main difference between a permanent canopy and a sail is that canopy requires an adjustment to your pergola rafters and a sail doesnt. It simply stretched between the four corners or three points. To install a sail, you just need to build a basic pergola design 4 posts and 4 rafters, that’s it. The sail creates consistent shade through out the day!To extend the life of the fabric, stainless steel cables should run the perimeter of the sail to reduce wind flap by evenly distributing tension. Go with the hardware that enables you to easily take it down in a windstorm. Talk about low maintenance! See more details.


  • Will sag eventually
  • Could be difficult to control in high winds

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What Should I Cover My Pergola With For Shade

A fabric cover provides shade, but for rain or snow protection youll need something more sturdy. You can purchase a pergola with a metal roof, or you can build your own waterproof cover out of corrugated metal or plastic. As a bonus, the raindrops will sound beautiful as they hit the solid pergola cover.

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Mounting The Patio Roof Ledger

Procedures for mounting a ledger depend on the type of siding on the house. Relatively flat siding can remain intact, but clapboard, beveled wood, metal, or vinyl siding should always be cut away.

If you have beveled horizontal siding, then use an inverted piece of siding, as shown in the illustration here, to create a plumb, flat surface for attaching the ledger.

If your siding is not beveled, you can simply screw the ledger tightly to it.

Remove enough of the siding so you can tuck flashing behind the siding above the ledger and allow it to overhang the siding below the ledger.

When cutting wood siding, adjust the blade of the circular saw so it cuts just the siding and not the sheathing underneath. Also, do not let the blade cut beyond the layout lines. If you are cutting vinyl siding, you can use a sharp utility knife instead.

A ledger should be affixed to strong parts of the houses framing, such as second-floor joists or wall studs. The strongest ledger connection relies on bolts that run through the ledger and the house sheathing and rim or band joist and then are fastened with nuts and washers affixed from the other side. When access to the other side is unfeasible, use lag screws with washers instead of bolts, as shown in the illustration.

If it is impossible to attach the ledger to a floor joist, then fasten the ledger to wall studs, which are generally located on 16-inch centers and doubled up around doors, windows, and other openings.

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Using Top Runners To Achieve More Shade

To gain more shade, you could simply install more top purlins by positioning them closer to each other.

How you choose to space the top runners on your pergola is a totally up to you, just remember the further apart the runners are spaced, the less shade the pergola will provide. A good place to start is by spacing runners 3 inches apart to provide a bit of shade. The first runner is attached at the exact center of the arch, with additional runners placed at 3″ intervals on each side. This is the most shade that can be provided with the top runners, so if you’re looking for more shade consider adding one of the other options we talked about above like a canopy or lattice top.


Covered Pergola Designs For Best Shade Ideas

How to Install Corrugated Polycarbonate Roofing | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

01-17-19Joe HatsDesign

If you want shade you need to establish some type of a roof on top of your pergola. In other words, youre looking for a covered pergola. Considering multiple types of materials that can be used and different construction options, we present these 8 shade ideasfor covered pergola designs that are proven to work climbing vines, retractable or fixed canopy, permanent corrugated roofing panels, decorative metal shade plates, shade sail and lattice panels, and even using top runners.

Each idea requires a different budget, and some are much less expensive than others. Also, all of them offer different looks. Just remember, what you put on top of your pergola will affect its look and by extension the look of your patio or backyard.

With some ideas, you’ll have to build an appropriate structure to be able to fit a canopy or a sail, so you would need to plan your pergola design in advance.

With others, a shade option can be added later, over any pergola design and without any modifications.

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Pergola Cover Ideas: How To Cover A Pergola

If you love your outdoor space, you probably want to be able to enjoy it rain or shine. Installing a pergola is a step in the right direction towards enjoying your patio or deck during all seasons. Still, theres more you can do. Enter the pergola cover.

Pergolas are meant to provide shade, but the standard options dont do much more than that. Rain, wind, and even sun during certain times of day can all penetrate the slats of your pergola and put a damper on your time outdoors.

Pergola covers can be created at home, or purchased online. They can be simple, or expensive, natural, or modern. Whatever kind of look you prefer, theres a way to achieve it and reach optimal functionality from your pergola in all kinds of weather.

Benefits + Uses Of Polycarbonate Pergola Roof Panels

Easy to Install: One of the main benefits of our multiwall polycarbonate pergola roof panels is that they are easy to install. Unlike wood & metal roof panels, our polycarbonate pergola roof panels are flexible and lightweight, making installation easy.

Tolerate Extreme Weather: Our pergola roof panels are manufactured to tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while maintaining their normal mechanical properties in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C. This property makes these sheets perfect to use in any kind of weather.

Transmit Heat & Light: Our pergola roof panels can transmit a maximum of 80% and a minimum of 25% light, at a significantly low heat transmission level which guarantees the most favorable illumination with utmost comfort.

UV Protection: Pergola roof panels from Acme Plastics allow high transmission of light and blocks harmful UV rays.

To learn more about our pergola roof panels, contact us by using the form below.

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Choice Of Column Size And Shape

Your columns can be round or square. Typically, if your house already has columns, the pergola is designed to share that architectural detail. In recent years, square columns have been gaining in popularity. Recessed panels are an option if you choose square columns. Flutes are an option if you choose round columns. If a pergola is larger then 180 square feet, large columns are recommended.

What Is A Fiberglass Roof Panel

Fiberglass Patio Roof Cover  Patio Ideas

A fiberglass roof panel, also known as a skylight roofing panel, is a thin, lightweight, translucent panel that is installed on a roof primarily to allow more light into the structure.

Fiberglass roof panels, or FRP, are made of strong polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. The fiberglass in the panels makes them more durable compared to other plastic roofing panels options like PVC or polycarbonate panels. Heavy duty fiberglass roof panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are corrosion resistant , low maintenance, and easy to install.

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Solar Pergolas Vs Patios Vs Gazebos

Technically these three are different. A pergola is a structure that provides covering for a patio, while a gazebo is an area in the garden reserved for seating.

When talking about solar panels however, a pergola, gazebo, patio plus carports and awnings, are all called solar pergolas or solar lounge. It is an all encompassing term that describes any structure where solar panels are installed besides the roof. If you have solar panels at home and its not on the roof, it is a solar pergola.

There are many reasons why solar pergolas are gaining popularity. One is aesthetics, these structures just look better with lights on. They dont need a lot of space either, though not as small as solar fence lights. Once installed they work like regular lights except you save on electricity bills without compromising comfort.

Corrugated Plastic & Metal Panels

Your covered pergola is a living space just like any other part of your home, so why not get creative and think outside of the box with ideas like corrugated sheets of steel, polycarbonate or even PVC!

Some corrugated sheets may require special hardware to install, so it’s helpful to consider this in advance. Also remember, not all clear sheets provide great protection from the sun so when choosing materials for your pergola cover, pick material that is rated for sun control. Another thing to keep in mind is maintenance, some panels may show dirt which could be difficult to clean and takeaway from your design space. But overall corrugated sheets are a great way to protect from sun and rain, and are usually very affordable, with costs as low as two dollars per square foot.

Here’s a few examples of Solar Control Silver Polycarbonate Corrugated Roofing Panel from Home Depot .

Corrugated Polycarbonate is considered one of the longest lasting materials for pergola roofing panels and depending on how much sunlight you want to have you can choose from clear all the way to very deep colors.

Polycarbonate corrugated panels from Home Depot are installed using closure strips – watch this video on the installation.


  • May require to clean out debris
  • Dirt could be seen through

Shown above are two covered pergolas with semi-clear Polycarbonate roofing panels installed over top rafters.

Permanent pergola roofing made from corrugated steel .

Polycarbonate covered pergola roof detail.

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Putting The Construction Together

You will most likely need one more person for this step.

Firstly put the front support upright, 195cm away from the wall and in line with the foundation posts attached to the wall earlier. Now place one of the 195cm posts at the top of the foundation post and slot the other end into the front frame joint. Secure the construction with screws, making sure you predrill holes to avoid splits or cracks.

Now, take the remaining 3m post and place it at the top of the 195cm posts, against the wall. Secure it to the wall in the same way as the foundation posts.

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Pergola Installation Mistake No : Are You Up To It


Our pergola kits are easy to install, with plans that are carefully written. But for some, researching how to install a pergola isnt the same as actually installing a pergola. All of these pergola installation tips and instructions wont help if you or someone working with you isnt ready for the physical challenge of assembling it.

Not to worry! Were here to help you with that dream pergola so you can enjoy the best installation possible. If you dont feel that youre up to installing it yourself, or staining the wood once its up, we have resources to help you, including a list of pergola builders near you.

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Installing A Clear Pergola Roof Was The Best Decision Ever It Has Turned Our Side Yard Is A Three Season Patio That We Can Enjoy In Any Weather

We love our new patio pergola, but the only thing that could make it better was installing a clear pergola roof. Now even if it decides to rain for an entire month , we can still enjoy gatherings on the patio.

Adding a roof to a pergola seems like a big deal, but we partnered with the Home Depot to make it easy! Now we cannot wait for another storm so we can test out our new clear pergola roof.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

After installing the SunTuf corrugated roofing on the kids outdoor playhouse, I knew I wanted to use it again. It looks so nice and is absolutely DIY friendly.

But my favorite part is that it lets the light in but blocks out the UV rays. Blocking UV rays on the patio means all our patio furniture will last longer. No more fading and sun bleaching! And we can enjoy the patio even if the weather decides to rain out another of our parties!

The biggest decision we had was whether to use the same Solar Gray color on the patio as we had on the playhouse roof. I love that the playhouse has the extra shading so the kids can play in it all summer long and it stays a bit cooler.

Originally I had planned on using the shading color for the patio pergola too. Then I realized the patio is completely shaded by the house in the late afternoon on and our neighbors trees block most of the direct sun in the morning, so we would only have direct sun for a small portion of the day.


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