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Tongue And Groove Patio Ceiling

Tongue And Groove Outdoor Ceiling At Puchong

Installing Tongue and Groove Ceiling on Covered Porch in Cleveland TN

The above picture shows an outstanding family bonding corner, a place for kids to play and exercise.

The area looks wider by extending the tongue and groove from the top ceiling to the wall adjacently.

Keep in mind that the vertical lines will make the walls appear visually higher, so the area will look more spacious.

The natural-looking colour makes the whole area covered with warmth and a relaxed atmosphere.

What makes it more worries free is the maintenance required for cracked or peeling walls is LOW!

Install The Last Board

The last board is tricky because you wont have a tongue to nail through.You have to slip the groove end over the tongue as usual but how do you secure it to the joists?

Here are a few ways to do it.

  • If youre painting the ceiling, nail through the face. Cover the nail holes with Bondo and sand them smooth. Then prime and paint.
  • If youre staining the tongue and groove ceiling, secure the last board with glue. This leaves a much cleaner finish. Use a temporary 2×4 nailed to the wall to support the last plank as the glue dries.

You wont be able to tap the last board in place because its up against a wall. If it wont go in use a pry bar. Pry against the wall for leverage. But dont put the pry bar right against the wall. Use a block instead. Prying against drywall or plaster can damage the wall and/or the paint.

White T& g Ceiling In A Traditional Porch

If you want to create an even brighter look, you can choose white for the entire ceiling design. The picture above contains the example that you need.

It is a traditional porch with a quality T& G ceiling in white. The ceiling design also includes some built-in lights that will be functional when it is dark.

Another good thing that you need to know from this inspiration is that the white tone chosen for the ceiling is not something that stands alone. Instead, it indeed looks belong to the color scheme. As you can see, the door, the windows, and the columns are all in white. The red brick material even gets a whitewashing treatment to gain the same tone in it.

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T& g Porch Ceiling With Unique Square Design

If you want a more artistic look on your tongue and groove ceiling for the porch area, you can create a slightly different design as the one you see here.

The T& G material does not cover the whole area here. It only forms a square shape with two diagonal lines. It seems the material used here is painted wood.

Instead of leaving the center of the T& G ceiling empty, the designer added an exterior fan that can also add more convenience value in the outdoor place. Another detail that you should not miss from the tongue and groove area is the built-in lights that will be useful at night.

How Are They Installed

Our patio ceiling! Tongue / groove wood with a dark stain. Love it ...

Drywall ceilings require professional installation due to their complex nature. Watch this video to see how exactly drywall ceilings can be installed. The basic installation process is that the boards are screwed onto construction planks on your ceiling.

You will want to make sure that you have the correct measurements for your dry wall boards, otherwise the process can be extremely laborious and time-consuming!

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What Kind Of Wood Planks Do You Use For A Porch Ceiling

I like classic bead board planks too, but for this house, the tongue and groove design fits better with the existing molding and style.

You can usually find this tongue in groove in a few different styles at Home Depot, Lowes, or your local lumber yard.

Pick the style the works best for your home. This tutorial will work for almost any style tongue and groove planks that are a bit more than 1/4 thick and about 4 wide.

I would install 3/4 Tongue and Groove Pine or Cedar Planks a little differently. They are heavier and can be nailed differently.

So, only use the steps in this DIY Outdoor Wood Ceiling Planks Makeover with this thinner version of tongue and groove planks. And, good news, these are easier to install and a lot more affordable.

Stained Pine Tongue And Groove Ceiling In A Traditional Porch

In the picture above, you can see the image of a traditional porch. It has a vaulted ceiling design with stained pine tongue and groove boards as the material.

The use of T& G material for a vaulted design like this is excellent. The reason is that it can add a character to the ceiling as well as the entire porch.

Another benefit is the visual effect that makes the area looks larger and airier. The ceiling design can even allow more natural light to spread to the entire porch for a brighter and more comfortable atmosphere.

If the T& G ceiling looks like the one you can see in the picture above, including the exposed beams as the detailing, there is a big chance for you to create a rustic appeal too. It is something that makes the porch looks warm and welcoming, so it becomes an alternative place for sitting around and spend some quality time in also.

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Available In 2 Grades

Choose From 2 Grades Common Grade Cypress, or Select Cypress. Also available in V-Groove, Measuring 1 x 6.

  • Common Grade Cypress: A more rustic grade and a popular choice for a variety of general construction projects, where natural character variations are enhanced. Larger knots, mineral discolorations.
  • Select Cypress: A high-end, formal grade, with minimal defects and few color variations. Perfect for interior and exterior applications. Minimal knots, cleaner grain.

Determine The Direction Your Ceiling Joists Are Running

Tongue and Groove Ceiling Installation

Knowing which direction your ceiling joists are running is very important. The tongue and groove planks are installed in the opposite direction of the joists. Each board must lay across multiple ceiling joists. Butt ends should always land in the center of the joist.

This is easy if the ceiling is open but many people install tongue and groove over drywall. In this case, get a good stud finder.

You can also install tongue and groove on an angle but the same installation rules apply.

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Cutting The Tongue And Groove Ceiling Planks For An Electrical Box

Its common for a porch ceiling to also have some sort of light fixture. Creating the perfect gap for the electrial box is simple with the right measurements. We highly recommend adding a 1.5 metal box extender to your tongue and groove porch ceiling since the furring strips are about 1.5 deep as well, which will allow for a clean finish.

  • Attach your electrial metal box extender directly to the existing box using 9×2.5 GRK fasteners screws.
  • Since we pre-cut all of our boards to be the correct length, we were able to orientate the board in the correct direction. When you do your layout, you want to have all your makings on the back of the board.
  • Layout the opening you need to cut on the board by measuring the distance from the wall to the first edge of the box and transfer that measurement to board
  • Measure the overall width of the box, and transfer that measurement to the board.
  • Now measure the height of the box and transfer that measurement to the board.
  • Complete the measurements by creating a circle slightly bigger than the box. This circle will be your cut line.
  • Fun Fact: We used the lid of a 30oz Yeti Tumbler as our template which made a perfect size!

  • Cut the opening using a Jig Saw scroll blade. These blades are thin and sharp making it super easy for cutting tight and round openings.
  • Patio Wood Ceiling At Batu Caves

    Looking for an artistic patio wood ceiling? The above-shown sample will suit your taste.

    The custom made tongue and groove outdoor ceiling design is purposely not to cover up the whole ceiling area.

    Empty space between two rectangle-shaped panelling makes it less complicated when joined with the red brick wall.

    The built-in lights can bring more convenience to the owner if there is any activity out there during nighttime.

    For more details, please contact Maze Concept to design your home with endless possibilities!

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    Arched T& g Fir Ceiling In A Traditional Riverfront Porch

    The main idea that we want you to get inspired by this picture of a traditional porch is the shape of the ceiling. Although we cannot see much from the pic, the design used here is arched.

    A shape like this seems to prove that the T& G ceiling, particularly the one made for the porch area, is not always in flat or vaulted look. When paired with the right trims and columns choices, it can even create a luxurious touch but in a more relaxed way.

    FYI, the material used for creating this T& G ceiling is fir. It gets a transparent stain that makes the natural characteristic still visible and looks compatible with other materials used in the porch, including also the natural stone veneer material of the fireplace.

    Vinyl Slab Seeming Ceiling


    One of the most common porch vinyl designs of the ceiling resembles the brown wooden panels. Here, we are not talking about that one, but we will go for a more exciting and polished design. A pinewood ceiling resembling the vinyl slab ceiling will finish the look of the porch’s interior.

    There will be water features such as a small fountain with the reflecting lights installed on the porch. But here, do not go for the natural color of vinyl instead, opt for the color, which is the exterior color of the home. It will give a better visual appeal to the people who step inside the home.

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    Pine Porch Ceiling With A Square Texture

    The simple and straight cute pine wood gives a nice ambiance, but you can go more creative with the tongue and groove stuff by giving different shapes to it. Creating a square with pinewood all over the ceiling will give it a more artistic look than plain wooden texture.

    Go for creative options to make it look more artistic, like installing the same texture flooring. We suggest adding small LED lights to give it a fancy and classic finish.

    Trim Beadboard Around Openings

    If you come to a light fixture or speaker, you’ll need to cut an opening in the beadboard. For a square opening, measure the distance from the edge of the last board to the edge of the opening. Then dry fit a piece of beadboard in place, letting it overlap the hole. Mark the beadboard where it meets the opening’s sides.

    Step 8

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    Saw Off The Grooved Edge

    When trimming the first board to width, be sure to cut off groove side of the board. That will leave the tongue edge for nailing.

    If your calculations from Step 3 show that the last board will end up wider than 2 inches, start with a full board.

    Tip: When using a jigsaw, you can prevent chipping on the face of the board by first scoring your cut lines with a utility knife or by cutting on the back side.

    Step 5

    Which Way Should Tongue And Groove Ceiling Be Installed

    Installing Cedar Tongue and Groove Porch Ceiling

    When installing tongue and groove ceiling boards, you should apply a bead of wood glue onto the grooves before inserting them into each other.

    It is also important to make sure that you align the tongues along the length of a plank to a pencil line or mark painted on a joist or support beam. These guidelines will ensure that your seams are straight when youre done.

    Lastly, when installing tongue and groove boards that are more than 1/2 thick, its important to use nails that are longer than the width of the board in order to completely penetrate through both tongues at once. This will help keep your ceiling strong for decades to come.

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    Cedar T& g Ceiling In A Contemporary Porch

    In this next idea, we want you to pay attention not only to the ceiling but also to the floor. There is a reason why we want you to do so.

    If you look closely at the pic, you will know that the porch has the same material for both of the T& G ceiling and the floor. FYI, it is cedar.

    An idea like this provides a solution for you who do not know about the right choices to pick for the two porch elements. Instead of getting yourself stuck in confusion, you can choose the same material for both components, as done by the designer of the contemporary screened porch above.

    Mark Cut Lines On The Boards

    After marking the beadboard at the sides of the opening, mark the distance between the last board and the edge of the hole onto the face of the board. Take the board down and use a square to extend your marks to meet each other. Notch the board with a jigsaw. If the opening is big enough, install cut boards butted against the sides of the hole, then finish with another notched board.

    For a circular opening, dry fit each piece individually and reach into the hole with a marker and trace the shape of the opening on the back of the board.

    Step 9

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    How To Install A Tongue And Groove Porch Ceiling

    The term tongue and groove porch ceiling refers to the way in which certain types of lumber are milled for a porch ceiling . The resultant product is a board with interlocking boundaries, thus insuring a firm shape and a very narrow gap between each plank that is put in the place. If done appropriately, a completed tongue and groove porch deck creates a very strong solid wooden surface.

    Installing tongue and groove flooring on a porch ceiling is a similar concept of laying an interior tongue and groove floor, but there are a few important differences. The porch must be capable to endure varying weather conditions, hence it should be painted rather than being stained and varnished like an interior floor. Normally we lay the porch planks over bare floor joists instead of the plywood subflooring used under interior floors. Hence we would prefer to prime the underside of the boards before installation process so that they are protected from moisture. Therefore tongue and groove flooring is pre-primed and installed on the porch framing.Pre-primed boards ensure that the final coat of paint adheres the board properly.We can install tongue and groove porch flooring by performing the following set of steps.These steps tells us how to give new life to a porch in an easy-to-implement methodology.

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    • Tongue and groove planking

    What Is Tongue And Groove Ceiling And How Much Does It Cost

    Matot Mouldings Exterior Tongue and Groove Patio Ceiling

    Porch Sources: Rug | Galvanized Planters | Ceiling Fan

    One of the most asked questions we continuously get is about our covered porch ceilings. We currently have tongue and groove porch ceilings and will be using the same on our new house. We love the look of adding natural wood elements where we can, and porch ceilings are the perfect place for it. It adds a warm authentic look that contrasts well creating great visual appeal.

    Tongue and groove sometimes referred to as t& g are flat boards that have one protruding tongue side and one receiving groove side. The tongue and groove each run the entire perimeter of the piece, on all four sides. One board will fit into another adjoining each other. This process is actually pretty easy to DIY with little amount of gluing or nailing.

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    Summary: What Are Tongue And Groove Ceilings

    A tongue and groove ceiling consists of long wooden boards installed side to side across a ceiling. It looks a lot like hardwood floors. The boards are typically secured to the ceiling joists with trim nails. One nail per joist. I use at least an 18 gauge 2 nail. You can also glue the wood planks to the joists for even more support. This is a good way to install tongue and groove ceilings if your planks are wide, long and heavy. The planks can be any type of wood. The most common is pine but Ive installed oak, cedar, poplar and maple. Pine is great if youre painting the tongue and groove ceiling white. Poplar or maple looks fantastic with a light or grayish stain or just a clear coat. Oak works really well when you want a deeper rich looking stain.

    Tongue and groove ceilings are often refereed to as T& G. One side of the board has a tongue and one side has a groove. The tongue from the first board sits inside the groove of the next. Boards butt up to one another as they run across and cover the ceiling. Its a great way to add natural wood elements to a home and a lot of style points. Tongue and groove is definitely an upgrade from the usual drywall ceiling. And theyre not that expensive. But Id advise using them sparingly and not in every room.

    Tongue and groove ceilings can be installed inside or outside. However, if you use them outside youll have to weatherproof them or use a wood thats naturally weather resistant like cedar.

    Exterior Wood Cladding Panels At Subang Jaya

    Dont forget its a merit to own this tip-top tongue and groove for your selfie corner too!

    The example above shows how to create an aesthetic atmosphere that all people will love.

    The Sedona red coloured wood cladding panels on this porch looks so beautiful when paired with the white exposed beams.

    Not to mention the cost of using fluted wall panels is more economical than solid wood.

    Come get a quotation from Maze Concept if you have any doubt!

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