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How To Secure Patio Furniture

Using Steel Wire Or Bike Locks

How to Protect your Patio Furniture (3 steps)

If you want to lock your furniture down but dont want to use big chains, you can also choose to use much smaller and thinner steel wire steel cables made of many thin wires spun together. These are nearly impossible to break, even with bolt cutters.

Moreover, they are much smaller than chains, so they look better. These steel wires, which can come in the form of bike locks, are easy to use, and they wont ruin the aesthetics.

How Do I Anchor Outdoor Furniture To The Ground

There is always a constant fear of seeing your patio furniture get blown away by the wind in case of wicker or some other lightweight options. Then there is the prospect of thieves stealing your favorite lawn furniture. Thankfully, you can use ground anchors to keep your patio seats and tables securely in place.

Anchors and specialty stakes are available in hardware or big box stores. You can also place an order for any of these items on Amazon.

To anchor your patio furniture to the ground using these tools, start by drilling a hole into the patio using a hammer drill. Be sure to make the hole slightly deeper than the length of your anchors.

When you are satisfied with the size of the hole, drop the anchor sleeve into it and tap the anchor in place until only the ring is visible. Insert an anchor into the sleeve and twist it in place until only the ring is visible on the ground surface.

Finish off the job by passing a security cable through the ring and then the patio furniture that you want to secure, and lock it together.

You can use a combination lock or small padlock for this task. The choice should depend on what you have, or what you prefer.

It is recommended that you wear safety goggles during this 2-minute task to protect your eyes from any flying objects or debris.

If you do not want to drill the patio, you can also bolt the security anchor to your decking or wall. The rest of the procedure is the same.

Put It In Storage When Not In Use

You can also stop patio furniture theft by putting it in storage when not in use. We realize that this may not always be possible.

However, that said, keeping your valuables in a locked room, even a garage, is a great way to stop them from going missing.

Its just another layer of protection. You have to put the furniture away after every use, but at least it will still be there the next time you need it.

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Choosing The Best Material For Your Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furnitureOutdoor Teak FurnitureOutdoor Resin Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Plastic Furniture. The sleek texture of plastic is highly sought-after for its incredible stain-, fade- and mildew-resistant properties. Plus, because it is easy to produce, plastic along with eco-friendly recycled plastic is also one of the most affordable options for outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Iron Furniture. Heavy, long-lasting and vintage-chic, iron furniture offers a versatile, classic elegance that goes with every style. Perhaps its only downside is its susceptibility to rust but even that can be prevented with protective coatings and routine furniture maintenance.Outdoor Aluminum Furniture. Aluminum offers the same durability, longevity and vintage-inspired aesthetic as iron, but for a fraction of the price. Because it is so light, though, aluminum furniture is often recommended in areas with little to no winds especially if the piece is made entirely from 100% aluminum.

Place Warning Signs Around Your Property

Patio Furniture Weights. 11 Tips To Secure Your Outdoor ...

Increase this warning signs effectiveness by using it with a real or a dummy camera.

Most thieves avoid breaking into properties that are guarded by a dog, a surveillance system or an alarm system of any kind.

Its pretty natural why would they risk the chance of getting jumped on by a pit bull or caught quickly by the homeowner or the cops when there are so many other homes that are left completely unprotected?

Warning signs and dummy cameras can be used to convince the would-be intruders that your property is well guarded. This can prevent any unfortunate incidents or actual theft.

Having said that, I dont recommend using these deterrence devices alone, because an empty bluff is still empty, and if anyone decides to take their chances youre left completely exposed. But in combination with some other security measures mentioned in this article it can be a huge plus.

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How To Put On Large Covers

  • Find at least one other person to help. If you have no one to help, you will need to put on the cover one side at a time.
  • Have everyone take a side of the cover.
  • With your team, hold the cover over the top of the item you want to cover.
  • Stretch out and roll down the sides of the cover over the piece of furniture.
  • Secure buckle straps and tighten the drawcord if the cover has those features.
  • Use cover clamps for extra security.
  • Which Direction Does The Wind Usually Blow

    If you know the direction the wind is blowing, you can prevent your patio furniture from lifting off. This is a good solution if you dont have locks or anchors yet or dont want to splurge on them.Depending on the location of your patio relative to surrounding elements such as hills, trees, neighboring houses, etc, a wind tunnel may also launch that furniture across the road.

    Dont have a weather vane?Just stand outside on the patio on a windy day, close your eyes, and turn around slowly. Focus where the wind is hitting you on your face.You will get a sense of the exact direction it is blowing from if you can hear it in both ears and it strikes your whole face rather than just one side.

    Once you determine the direction of the wind, just turn your patio furniture the other way to prevent it from blowing over.If that doesnt work, stack the patio pieces in a corner to protect them from the brunt of powerful wind gusts.

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    When It’s Time To Head Inside

    After youve enjoyed a sunny afternoon outdoors, take a few minutes to clean up and put pieces away. Next time setting up for a day of play outdoors will be a breeze and your future self will thank you!

    Give lounge chairs and daybeds a good rinse with a garden hose to remove any sweat or sunscreen after use. Wipe down chairs and table tops with a clean soft cloth dampened with soapy water. Gently brush away any spills or stains with a little water and a soft brush. Remove any padding or cushions and set pieces out to dry.

    Once the furniture has completely dried, top each piece with its corresponding waterproof cover and store in a cool, dry place.

    What Do You Do With Patio Furniture In A Hurricane

    How To Care For Wood Patio Furniture

    outdoorhurricanepatio furnitureKeep your flamingos and other lawn ornaments from being stolen.

  • Secure lights with lightweight wire. Wrap lights as you normally would around bushes, trees and other structures.
  • Secure hanging decorations with wire or lightweight chains.
  • Hook larger ornaments to trees and nearby structures.
  • Make concrete bases.
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    Secure With Bungee Cords

    When you do not plan on using your patio furniture for awhile, you can keep it all secure by wrapping a bungee cord around all of the pieces. The elastic in the cords will help keep them bound together as one unit, and the combined mass of the furniture will work act as a natural anchor to prevent any of it from blowing away in the wind.

    In the case of extreme weather conditions, you can connect the ends of the cord around a permanent object in the yard, such as a strong tree or fence post. Or, maybe you’re not worried about your patio table but you have additional furniture on your patio that may be more prone to fly away. If so, bind those smaller items to the secure table with smaller bungee cords. For extra security measures, you can use a cable and a lock to keep it all in place.

    Get Heavier Patio Furniture

    Here is a simple solution to keep your patio furniture from blowing away, get heavier furniture!Patio furniture comes in so many different styles and materials. Patio furniture often comes in iron, wood, and various types of metals. Stay away from plastic furniture or you are destined to be running after it after the wind blows it away!

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    Clean And Cover The Grill

    Similar to outdoor furniture and d├ęcor, your grill is also susceptible to damage from winter weather conditions. When grilling season has ended, turn your grill on one final time to to burn off any existing residue and use a wire brush to remove grime from the grates. Clean out the grease tray and wipe down the grills exterior.

    If you plan to keep the grill outside, a grill cover is a smart investment. If youre storing your grill indoors, remove the propane tank first.

    How Do I Anchor Furniture To The Ground

    How to Protect Patio Furniture in the Winter

    Properly anchoring patio furniture to the ground will vary, as it depends on the item one buys. Virtually all require one to tie a cord to the furniture and secure it to the ground with a special anchor which can be put into the grass or another surface.

    If your patio furniture is on a deck, you may be able to use to anchor your furniture to the ground. These work pretty well to hold furniture down, though by themselves they do not deter theft.

    You should pay close attention to the directions of the furniture anchor you buy to ensure its installed correctly. Besides theft, anchors can also help to protect the furniture from flying away in heavy wind.

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    Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Cast aluminum patio furniture is one of the most durable and weather resistant pieces of patio furniture that you can buy. Cast aluminum is basically rust proof so you dont need to worry too much about moisture. There are plenty of covers that are available that fit all sorts of different shapes and sizes of patio furniture. Another added benefit of cast aluminum is that its super lightweight. If youre concerned about a big windstorm or crazy snow conditions, it should be easy to move this furniture into a place away from the elements. In our Choosing the Best Material for Patio Furniture guide, you can see that cast aluminum is top of the line when it comes to sub par weather conditions.

    San Michelle Sectional Set $4,165.00

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    Measures To Take If Your Outdoor Furniture Is Stolen

    If you wake up and find your outdoor furniture is gone, the first thing to do is contact your local police department and file a police report.

    The thief will be liable for a felony charge if they have stolen anything worth $500 and above in most jurisdictions. As you may know, law enforcement does not take felony charges lightly in most places.

    It is also recommended that you check with your neighbors to see if they have security cameras. Such cameras can capture footage of the criminals leaving your property. You can use the footage to identify the thieves with the help of local law enforcement.

    The police will be happy to use anything that could help identify the criminals.

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    How Do You Tie Down Outdoor Furniture

    Attach Cushions to Patio Furniture Keep patio furniture cushions in place and prevent them from blowing away in stormy weather. Simply attach them to your furniture with Scotch Outdoor Fasteners. The fasteners are easy to apply and virtually undetectable.

    How do you keep outdoor furniture connected?

  • Use cushions with ties.
  • Cover your furniture when its not in use with covers.
  • Use velcro to attach cushions to the chairs.
  • If your cushions are sliding, consider using a non-slip pad between the cushion and chair.
  • How do you secure patio furniture in a storm?

  • Patio furniture sandbags
  • Sofa fasteners
  • Clear museum gel
  • Bungee cords
  • How do I keep my outdoor furniture cushions from sliding?

    Place Non-Slip Rubberized Mats Under the Cushions to Keep Cushions Secured. There are pre-cut, non-slip rubberized mats that can simply be placed under the cushions. These keep cushions secured to the furniture. These handy items do not require any sewing or effort, and they are incredibly affordable as well.

    Indoors Garage Or Shed

    Homemade Glides for Deck Furniture – Patio Furniture Feet Replacement

    If you have the space to store your patio furniture in a garage or shed, you should still consider using a lightweight cover to keep it protected from water leaks and dust. You should always try to bring in plastic furniture if you live in an area that frequently faces freezing weather. Plastic will get brittle during long exposure to cold temperatures.

    While it may take an afternoon or two to winterize patio furniture, its well worth it. Keeping it clean and protected with a durable cover while not in use will prolong the life of your furniture so you can rest easy during the winter months knowing your outdoor investments are safe and sound.

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    How Do You Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

    So how do you keep your patio furniture from blowing away? Ideally, you have time to stack up your furniture and put it against the wall or bring it inside. But if thats not possible, youll want to make sure its properly secured to your deck or patio. And how do you secure patio furniture to a deck? It starts with the right weights to hold down your patio furniture. Heres the low-down:

    • Size up your furniture. First you need to evaluate which furniture pieces are likely to take flight when the winds get crazy. If youre really thinking ahead, youve already chosen heavy outdoor furniture for windy areas, and you may not need to add weights to all of your patio furniture pieces.

    • Figure out where the wind is coming from. Now its time to figure out which way the wind is usually blowing. True, all bets are off in the chance of a hurricane, but in everyday life, youll want to figure out if you have a wind tunnel or predictable wind flow. You can go the cheap route and dip your finger in water and hold it up in the air, or go the more reliable route and get a legitimate weather vane.

    • Choose your weights. Now its time to figure out which type of weights you want to hold down your furniture. Here are your options:

    • Patio furniture sandbags

    How To Secure Patio Furniture From Theft

    It costs money to adorn your patio with outdoor furniture. Yet criminals can steal anything they can sell to make money. This includes your expensive patio furniture. For this reason, it is essential to know how to secure patio furniture from theft.

    To make sure thieves will not have it easy walking away with your patio items, use ground anchors to secure your patio furniture in place or thread multiple pieces of furniture together with a cable lock. You can also install high fences and gates for privacy. Security cameras, alarms, and motion-activated outdoor lights are great options too. Clear signage and letting your dog loose at night can also make criminals rethink the idea of approaching your property.

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    Keep The Patio Area Well Lit Or Use Motion

    Thieves work best in darkness. They use the cover of night to mask their identity. Lights are a deterrent to them in this regard. Keeping security lights on at night may leave the criminal with nowhere to hide.

    Criminals also tend to like breaking into homes that appear unoccupied. A well-lit patio area gives the impression of the presence of people in the house. Thieves will be hard-pressed to attempt to steal from such a place.

    You could also install motion detector flood lights that come on if someone steps into the patio area. Such lights can serve the same purpose as a security alarm scaring intruders away. The lights will turn on upon detecting any motion, making the impostor think they just woke the homeowner.

    They are low-priced, and most models allow you to program them for sensitivity and range. Such lights will stay off when there is no motion triggering them. This mechanism keeps them from running up your electricity bill.

    Is There A Type Of Furniture That Is Most Often Stolen

    How To Protect Your Patio Furniture

    The type of furniture stolen really depends on the culprit and what theyre looking for. However, some of the most sought-after items by thieves tend to be BBQ grills, portable fireplaces, garden art, plants, and even items like shovels. If one happens to have these items, its a good idea to watch them closely.

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    Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away In The Wind

    There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on the porch. You can spend quality time with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. However, as the season changes and the weather takes a turn for the worse, you may find your time on the porch limited. As these winter storms come in you may find a few problems facing your outdoor furniture. If you are not careful the bad weather, especially wind, can damage your outdoor furniture by tossing it around. Outdoor furniture can be expensive to replace when they break. This article will give you some helpful tips and tricks to stop your outdoor furniture from blowing away in the wind. So that come springtime, you will still have a nice and relaxing place to relax on your porch.


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